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The collapse of Western Civilization in a nutshell March 12, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, catachesis, Christendom, disaster, error, foolishness, General Catholic, sadness, scandals, secularism, sexual depravity, sickness, Society.

I found a piece that describes the ongoing collapse of Western Civilization as concisely and as well as I’ve seen.  The source is a Catholic convert and science fiction writer, John C. Wright. I was not familiar with his writings before, perhaps you are.  Even were he not Catholic, I would still endorse his analysis.  While we may have many theological disagreements with Protestants, Orthodox, and certain observant Jews, we can and should work with them to oppose those determined to destroy the remaining elements of Western Civilization. Our common cultural enemy is an anti-religious sexular pagan leftism that is utterly dominant in almost all cultural institutions, including many of our respective churches, at least so far as the leadership goes.  It is the rank and file of these religions who are often left to take up the fight to defend that greatest culture the world has produced, or is capable of producing, Christendom.

A bit from the intro, and conclusion, of a long post:

Perhaps, like me, you have wondered how it is that so many people, otherwise honest, can adopt without demur the Orwellian anti-language of Political Correctness; how it is that so many people, otherwise rational, can adopt without demur the paradoxes, self-contradictions and logical absurdities involved in relativistic morality, materialistic ontology, subjective epistemology, and the other nuggets of vacuous blither forming the foundations of modern thought; how it is that so many people, otherwise possessing good taste, can without demur fund and support and praise the blurry aberrations of modern art, praise ugliness, despite beauty; how it is that so many people, otherwise good and peaceful, can praise and support and excuse the hellish enormities and mass murders of figures like Che and Mao and Stalin and Castro; or can view with cold eye the piles of tiny corpses heaped outside abortion mills, and make such enemies of the human race into heroes; or can rush to the defense of Mohammedan terrorists with freakish shrieks of ‘Islamophobia!’ and ‘Racist!’ even thought to be wary of Jihadists bent on your destruction is rational rather than phobic, and even thought Mohammedanism is a religion, not a race; how otherwise happy, moral, reasonable and decent people can not merely excuse sexual perversion, but will be swept up in a fervor of righteous indignation even if someone points out the biological or Biblical reality of the situation; and likewise excuse lies in their leaders, and adulteries, and abuses of power, and abuses of drugs, and any number of things these otherwise ordinary people would never do themselves.

And, finally, Perhaps, like me, you have wondered why it is that these people who are otherwise civil nonetheless can neither explain their positions nor stop talking, and their talk consists of nothing, nothing, nothing aside from childish personal attacks, slanders, sneers, and accusation, accusation, accusation.   Why are they so angry? Why are they so noisy? Why are they so blissfully unaware of the vice, injustice, ugliness and evil they support?……..[And the dread temptation is that we, exhausted from defending ourselves from the angry, noisy criticism, stoop to their level.  This is an all too easy thing to fall into, and I’m sure I’ve fallen into it myself. It is good to be reminded that we are supposed to be better than that.]

………Despair is the key. It explains nearly everything that is so puzzling about the madness of modern life, the pack of self-contradictory dogmas that make up the default assumptions of the Dark Ages in which we live. [I so agree, we are heading into a period of time, a new technologically-enabled dark ages that will make the original ones seem like halcyon days of yore. Until the technological terror that’s being constructed finally collapses due to mass ignorance and inability to maintain it, rather like the end of the Roman Empire]

They have nothing else. No wonder they are bitter. No wonder they are irrational. No wonder they lie like dogs. No wonder they boast. No wonder they are full of envy and malice. No wonder they kill babies in the womb and fete socialist dictators and mass murderers. No wonder they love death. No wonder they admire, protect and love Islamic terrorists. No wonder they admire, protect, and love sexual perversion.

It is because they have nothing else. They live in a world of darkness, without hope, with nothing but their seven great friends to sustain them: pride, which they call self esteem; envy, which they call social justice; wrath, which they call activism and protest; sloth, which they call enlightenment; gluttony, which they call health food and legalization of recreational drugs; greed, which they call fairness in taxation; lust, which they call sexual liberation. [Just a great, great paragraph.  Mr. Wright can, uh…….write]

The modern age is suffering from spiritual and philosophical starvation in the midst of what should be the greatest feast of mind and spirit imaginable.  Someone has told them offal was food and food was poison, and so they gnaw on foul things which cannot satisfy them, which make their hungers grow. They are dying of thirst, and someone offers them seawater to drink.

———–End Quote———-

“The modern age is suffering from spiritual and philosophical starvation in the midst of what should be the greatest feast of mind and spirit imaginable.”  That is the great, satanic trick of leftism and all its attending philosophies, it has tricked man into selling his birthright as children of God for a bag of porn and dirty needles, but the bag has “Freedom!” scrawled on the outside, so everyone eagerly grabs it.

When Alexander Solzhenitsyn sought explanations for the mind-warping evil he found himself confronted with in the Stalinist Soviet state, the best he could come up with was “Men have forgotten God.”  In Western Civilization, founded upon mass acceptance in the Triune God and His Church, almost all men have forgotten God, and even most of those who keep some dim memory of Him do so in faulty, fruitless ways.  We have never overcome the splintering of Christendom that started in 1517.  When Western Christendom split from a monolithic block of belief into thousands of competing sects, it provided an enormous avenue for secularists to paint Christians as a band of squabbling, hypocritical, deluded fools.  And even those who call themselves Christian often believe and do things that continue to eat away at the fabric of what was once the glorious culture of Christendom.

Men have forgotten God. That is why we see such insanity around us.  And it will only get worse.  But we know the end of this story, at least so long as we remain faithful. So pray, hope, and don’t worry.


1. maggycast - March 12, 2014

Agree…well done writing…esp the seven vices paragraph. It’s a mix of lack of catechesis (so we’re dumb about ourselves and the nature of man/God), horrid/evil leadership EVERYWHERE but especially the Church, which leads us to become our own gods where feelings and doing whatever we want comes first…and we are bolstered by all of society doing it and a few techie gadgets that somehow prove we are above all previous men. Hedonism, cowardice, narcissism…spiritual drug addiction. It also doesn’t help that 1/3 of Americans are being chemically lobotomized on psych drugs by their “trusting” doctors/pharma/fda in white. And don’t get me started on the poisons in our food supply via GMO’s that are killing us slowly. Death/evil is doing a full assault…if I didn’t know better, I would assume end times. But you are right…God wins…thank goodness for that:+) God bless~

2. john - March 12, 2014

As someone with an education and training in the life sciences, I had to read that three times. But bravo.
I surely couldn’t have said it better!!

3. maggycast - March 12, 2014

Just made a list of the current assaults by the enemy:
-Food: GMO’s, processed, poisoned, addictions, there are toxins in food that have no reason to be there at all…so this is on purpose.
-Medicine: death by prescription drug is the second cause of death in the US…1/3 of Americans are on destructive, toxic psych drugs not to mention all the other drugs that harm the body
-Media: Hollywood, News, Magazines, Internet, literature is run by evil now
-Schools: run by evil except for the few exceptions and homeschooling
Businesses: support evil and sell it
Churches: all corrupt and infected esp our own
Government: Obama. Nuff said there.
Money: we’re beyond bankrupt–we’ve stolen from our kids and grandkids—they will live in poverty b/c of what we have done
War: Africa, Middle East, South America, Ukraine, anywhere Muslims run the show or want to run the show…and then there are the shootings.
Poverty: we’ve still got it
Technology: millions of porn sites, taking away face time, making us isolate
Family: contraception, divorce, adultery, sodomy, “day cares”, single parenting (by choice), invitro, artificial insemination, sodomite adoption, so called sodomite “marriage”, cohabitation/fornication, bigamy, sex education in schools, abortion, euthanasia
Slavery: 32 million slaves in the world…more than at any other time with 3.2 million as sex slaves esp children.
And that’s not counting the addictions (sex, drugs, alcohol, porn, hoarding, shopping, gambling, emotional, food, materialism etc) and the delusional assault on “gender” where men become women, women act like men and sluts, and some choose not to be either.

So…we are either in the end times…or are waking up to a time that collides the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Church/world wide heretical descent into Arianism, and the scandal of the Popes during the Middle Ages. Christendom has collapsed this time, not Rome. Rome never recovered…but thankfully, Christ won the whole show so it’s just His grace and our response that will help save others during this time of abandonment and betrayal by men of Christ. God bless~

RC - March 12, 2014

Agreed. As long as the Church crumbles, the world will crumble right along with it.
The Church is the protector of civilizations in my opinion. It’s no coincidence that as the Church has nosedived since the 1960’s, the world has too.
Call it Catholic intuition, but I have had this foreboding feeling since before Francis was elected, and exponentially more over this past year, it’s an uneasy feeling that something big is coming. I have a feeling that this “synod” might be the means which this comes about. But just my intuition and opinion for what it’s worth.

The barque of Peter seems to have sprung a leak

4. larry trasciatti - March 12, 2014

This is exactly the kind of message that has to get out these days

5. Frank - March 13, 2014

Every single assault throughout the ages is directed to destroy only one entity–the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. The evil one uses our weakness and stupidity to wage his war against God and his Church. Did not Pope Paul VI say that the smoke of satan has entered the church? Christ’s own have betrayed him, no differently than when He walked this earth. The great apostasy has begun but since Christ is the founder of his Church, (not we the Church) no power from hell can ever destroy it.

6. Observer - March 13, 2014

Professor Roberto Mattei says current civilization has not reached ‘the end of times’, but is definitely at the end of an epoch. How can it be otherwise when a bishop of the Catholic Church states the Church needs more ‘diversity’, ie., perversity! I’m still absolutely amazed by that bishop’s statement.
In a curious way we can thank ‘pope’ Francis and his facilitators for bringing the wrecking crew into the light of day. Also the accelerating pace of events will enable ordinary folk to see the intended destination and decide not to go along for the ride. The excuse of soporific incrementalism can no longer be made.
As the ship of Western Civilization starts to sink the groaning of the steel plates and popping of rivets will be music to the ears of assorted leftist/commies and Muslims. We can frantically man the pumps if we wish, but perhaps a better course of action will be to see to it that our people get on the lifeboats and thereby preserve our Faith and culture.

7. Branch - March 13, 2014

“We now can look back at the devastation which has been wreaked within the Catholic Church over the past few decades and can give our answer as to what has gone wrong. It is not, as has been proposed by so many traditional Catholics, that the Church has been usurped by an elite cadre of Modernist theologians, priests, and bishops. This certainly has happened to a large extent, but it is not the cause of this devastation. Rather, these men and their modernism are simply the fruits of a pharisaical and Manichaean-type Catholicism which had placed its heart and its treasure far from Jesus Christ.

How are we to bring our hearts back to Christ? The answer is very simple: we must listen to Him and understand Him. It is very possible, as Jesus has said, to listen and yet not understand. The Pharisees, for instance, heard, read, and studied the scriptures with great diligence; and yet they did not understand the most fundamental and simple truths concerning God and man. There are many scriptures scattered throughout the Old Testament (especially the one which we have already quoted from Isaias 53 concerning the “Suffering Servant”) which clearly foretold that the Christ would not be a worldly ruler, but rather a suffering Messiah. Yet when He came in the likeness of the Paschal Lamb rather than a worldly king, they scoffed at, tortured, killed, and rejected Him. It is easy for us to call the Pharisees hypocrites – we have the benefit of historical hindsight and Jesus’ own condemnation of them. We might well ask, however, if we are doing the same, with some slight variations which now make us blind to our own hypocrisy.”

Source: http://www.waragainstbeing.com/node/46

Branch - March 13, 2014

“any attempt to explain the current crisis in the Church as being the result of the imposition of these errors from the top (by modernist bishops, priests, religious, theologians) upon the faithful, while being true, is also profoundly superficial. A careful examination of the Beatitudes and their corresponding Gifts of the Holy Spirit necessarily draws us to the conclusion that before the crisis which seems to have been precipitated by Vatican Council II, Catholics were almost universally living in deep prostitution to the values of the secular world, especially in their pursuit of the “mammon of iniquity.” We are therefore faced with the further conclusion that God could no longer allow such hypocrisy and that the taking away of entirely gratuitous gifts, including the Traditional Mass, was a chastisement well deserved.”

Same source

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