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God will not be mocked March 13, 2014

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People, like our black women’s studies porn sex trade professor, like to think promiscuous sex doesn’t have consequences.  Or, if it does, they are at least easily manageable, a shot at the doctor’s office, or a few hundred bucks traded to a butcher to rip the growing life out of your body (such a choice).

If you get in real trouble, you might have to go on a cocktail of very powerful drugs for the rest of your life, to stave off the advance of a virus that seems almost tailor made to attack persons given over to a certain kind of filth.   There is even hope there might be a cure for such a disease.

And maybe there will be, for a while.  Maybe billions of dollars diverted from other diseases, afflicting far more people, will afford a temporary respite. But that’s all it will be – at best, a temporary respite for a few fortunate souls.

For others, new, very nasty, completely untreatable forms of the old diseases we thought we had vanquished will come raging back to afflict them with horrors that have been largely unknown in developed countries for almost a century.  Once all these old diseases come back – gonorrhea, syphillis, chlamydia, etc – in new, drug resistant forms, will people finally wake up and realize the “bad old ways” of virtue and chastity really did have a purpose, even a totally natural purpose (let alone supernatural) to protect people from the ravages of disease?

Who knows.  I pray they will, but I don’t hold out too much hope, at present. I don’t think even a two by four across the forehead could wake a lot of people from their drug and sex fueled stupors.

Untreatable gonorrhea is here to stay:

The CDC has issued a report detailing its findings in attempting to trace the increasing difficulty in treating gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that can cause severe discomfort, serious medical problems (such as sterility) for both genders and in very rare cases, death.

Gonorrhea is a that has been around for thousands of years, if not longer, plaguing . In more recent times, it’s had to evolve to survive as humans learned to treat it using penicillin and other . Over the past thirty years in particular, gonorrhea has evolved to the point that there are very few treatments left (ceftriaxone along with either azithromycin or doxycycline) and now, it looks like its poised to get the best of those as well, which will mean those who contract the disease in the very near future will find that doctors have no way to cure them……..

…..They note that currently, there are approximately 820,000 new cases of gonorrhea each year in this country. [Or, over 30 years, almost 10% of the US population will be infected. That is so gross]  The real problem is that there are now so few antibiotics that are able to treat the disease, and while no strains of the bacteria that are resistant to them have been found so far in the United States, the same cannot be said for other countries.

The overriding conclusion of the researchers is that the world is now sitting on the precipice of losing the ability to fight a major bacterial infection. Worse perhaps, is that it may mark the first of many others to come……

I think Johnny Cash says it pretty well.

Unfortunately, we all may get cut down by some superbacteria that spins off from these drug resistant STDs.

Finally, a truly honest political campaign poster March 13, 2014

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Courtesy sweasel:



Scary, but true.

I just can’t believe we’ll get two in a row.  Can God be so mad at us He’ll afflict us with Witch Hillary after Mobama?

Michael Matt gets it – with little leadership, when the persecution rises, faithful Catholics must band together March 13, 2014

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A new video from the Remnant Underground series explores Cardinal Dolan’s deplorable answer to question posed by extreme liberal David Gregory on Meet the Press regarding how he would approach the announcement of a middling NFL draft prospect that he is “gay.”  As readers probably already know, Cardinal Dolan gave about the worst answer possible, saying he “has no problem with it” and “bravo.”  Good Lord……..are these truly our shepherds?

Matt asks if the Church has changed Her teaching on moral theology.  I don’t particularly like that question being asked, even rhetorically, because these “teachings” – these beliefs, these Dogmas – are so surely founded in Scripture and Tradition that they are irreformable.  If Dogmas on the evil of homosexual acts and the whole lifestyle associated with it can be changed, then the Church would stand for nothing.  Matt later makes this plain, but some folks may not watch the entire thing.

Matt rightly notes that so many of our prelates today, going even to the highest levels of the Church, seem embarrassed by what the Church believes. They seem to seek out politically-minded formulations that will allow them to escape secular criticism, rather than boldly proclaiming what the Church has always believed and believes now.

They very apparently fear men more than God.  I believe our Blessed Lord had some words for those who fear men more than God.

But Matt later goes on to ask, should someone shove a microphone in our mouth, and demand of us that we speak on the topic of how the Church should approach those lost in grave, but currently culturally popular, evils, how would we respond?  How do we respond in our daily lives when confronted with these situations in our home lives, or at work?  Do we clam up?  Do we eventolerate perversion outwardly, while abhorring it in our heart?

The broader point is that this matter of granting cultural suzerainty to sodomites is going to be THE vehicle of the persecution (along with some allied matters, like abortion, but sodomite marriage will be the tip of the spear).

“So what we’re facing right now…..[obviously pained]……is the end of life as we knew it as Catholics living in America. This whole progressive movement to make the Catholic Church back away from Her moral teachings so that She can be more tolerant and tolerable in a secularist democracy is playing itself out to the point that the Catholic Church is beginning to come off as ridiculous to everyone.”

“This whole thing with homosexuality, especially since the legalization of “gay marriage,” has become very similar to the Oath of Succession of 16th century England, the same oath that brought St. Thomas More and John Fisher to the Tower of London and eventually cost them their heads.”

I think it is utterly brilliant to compare the present heavy cultural pressure to acquiesce – especially if you purport to be faithful – to the glorification of sodomy as normal and equivalent in every way to healthy relations between a married man and woman to the situation in England when Henry VIII wanted to terminate a perfectly valid marriage in order to satisfy his grotesque lust.  In truth, our bishops have no defense against this advance of sodomy, since they have been willfully dismissing what for 1950 years would have been considered perfectly valid marriages as invalid for decades.  And we expect them to stand up to the onslaught of cultural sodomy?  Do they have the faith for that?

The closing bit, from roughly 11:00 on, regarding internecine strife between traditional/conservative/faithful Catholics – I think that is utterly key.  That is a prime reason I have avoided such conflicts like the plague to the best of my ability, and why I hated the whole Fisher-More imbroglio.  I’ve been working on a post to explore some of these same ideas.  We – I – need to stop trying to one-up each other in our awesome holiness.

I asked the other day how we, the faithful, should respond to the obvious crisis of faith in the Church’s leadership.  I then asked a bunch of questions, but missed the obvious ones.  The obvious questions should be – how am I, Laurence Tiberius Roachenhoffenstauffensteinberggreensteinhausen-Jones (now you know why I blog anonymously!), going  to cooperate with Grace and practice virtue better?  What sacrifices will I offer for the sanctification, or even conversion, of so many of our bishops?  What extra prayers will I say?  Or what prayers will I say much better?  Etc., etc, you get the point.

Yes, we may have to make some public response at some point, but the key, the basis for anything we do publicly must be our taking care of our own sanctification first. Without a large well of virtue and sanctity to draw from, any efforts to restore the Faith are likely to be not only fruitless, but even destructive.

And let us focus on aiding and sheltering each other from the coming storm.  We will need as many friends as we can get when it really breaks.

“Feminist Studies” professor assaults pro-life student March 13, 2014

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What would one expect from someone totally immersed in an unhinged ideology, than unhinged behavior.  Wait till you see what this professor teaches.

The wounds, such as they are, are slight, but I’m sure the experience was extremely unpleasant, nonetheless.  A 16 year old girl witnessing to the sanctity of life and exposing the barbarity of abortion was assaulted on a liberal California college campus (is there any other kind?) recently.  There is apparent video of the assault, but it has not been released, yet.   I am afraid we can expect more of this, as the cultural battle lines harden into faithful, and diabolically sexular pagan camps:

 A department of feminist studies professor has been accused of going berserk after coming across a campus prolife demonstration that used extremely graphic displays, leading a small mob of students to chant “tear down the sign” before grabbing one of the signs, storming off with it, then allegedly engaging in an altercation with a 16-year-old prolife protestor who had followed the educator to retrieve it.

Much of the scuffle was recorded on a smartphone by the 16-year-old, Thrin Short. The yet-to-be-released video is now in the custody of Santa Barbara law enforcement officials, who are investigating the March 4 incident.

The professor at the heart of the controversy is Mireille Miller-Young, an associate professor whose area of emphasis is black cultural studies, pornography and sex work, according to her faculty webpage. She could not be reached for comment Tuesday by The College Fix.  [So, she teaches cultural animosity based on race and endorses the objectification of women as mere objects of lust.  Nice.]

The confrontation took place at the coastal, public university’s “free speech” area, a heavily traversed part of the quad. [These “free speech” areas are a crock. They were a crock 20 years ago when I was on a college campus, and they are even more so today.  The only “free speech” tolerated is the leftist kind.  They are actually Orwellian newspeak zones of leftist agitprop and PC groupthink.]

The roughly 3-feet by 5-feet displays included images of aborted fetuses, as well as diagrams detailing the abortion process and other “educational” information, according to Kristina Garza, a spokeswoman for 16-year-old Thrin. Garza heads up campus outreach for the nonprofit, Riverside-based Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust – a group that had trained the Short sisters and other students on how to conduct campus antiabortion events.

The article goes into some detail regarding the nature of the incident, which will surely result in absolutely no action being taken against the professor, seeing how steeped in leftism UC-Santa Barbara is.  She’ll be privately lauded, and publicly possibly be given some meaningless reprimand.

One of the pro-life protesters notes that it was shocking for a “women’s studies”  professor  (the hyphenated Young) to behave in that manner.  I would posit, no it is not, it is in fact perfectly in line with her warped, degraded manner of thinking and how she views both herself and women.  Feminism was always a badly disordered ideology, but current-day feminism is positively sick.  In their lust for power, in their desire to be “just like men,” these extremists have aped the very worst aspects of male behavior and insisted women have a “right” to behave just as badly.  Thus, promiscuity and general slutiness have become two of the most precious shibboleths of modern feminism, with abortion as the unholy, satanic rite that all “true” women, meaning radical leftist feminists, must accept as the greatest “good” in the known universe.

As we saw in the public destruction of Sarah Palin, any prominent woman who threatens this paradigm with a message much more wholesome and virtuous not only must be destroyed, but all must know that she is not even a woman.  The 16  year old girl just doesn’t count to your average radical feminist, because she engages in wrongthink and has the temerity to deviate from the elite feminist party line.

So feminism has actually become the very thing it purports to abhor, a lockstep ideology that perpetuates the subjugation of women as mere sex objects and crushes women who get out of  line. In essence, the “matriarchy” has become the perverse evil these leftist women project onto the “patriarchy.”  Young, attractive women who are pro-life are particularly grating to these new totalitarian matriarchs.

What is sad, is that it seems most opinion among the students at this very left wing university seems to be siding with the professor.  The students surely do not like being reminded of the evil they support.

The parallels between where elite, especially academic opinion is heading in this country, and the kind of ideology that brought us the greatest mass murderers and persecutors of Christians in history are stunning.  It should not be surprising, however, as feminism is simply another avenue of cultural agitation for the broader far left, and essentially all these women are out and out communists.  Thus, the echoes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler in their rhetoric.  But these people are forming millions of young minds, minds that are mostly either vacant, or already well-groomed in leftist ideology, when they step on campus.

That is why, in spite of their failure to reproduce, the percentage of leftists/liberals in this country continues to grow.  They own the system of “education,” if it can even be called that anymore, since it is really a system of political and cultural indoctrination.

Reason #987,949 to homeschool your children if you are at all able, and to be extremely, extremely selective in where you kids go to college. If they go at all.  Having the kids stay at home and attend a local college or take courses online is perhaps something worth considering.  And I have to say it, most Catholic college campuses are actually more detrimental to the Faith than overtly hostile, secular colleges. At least at the latter, you know who your enemies are.

A final note: It should come as no surprise that vehement supporters of abortion have little compunction committing other gravely evil acts.  What else would we expect from those so lost?  In truth, they need our prayers and pity, even while we defend virtue and the rights of God with all our might.

St. Alphonsus on aid to the souls in Purgatory March 13, 2014

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From The Great Means of Salvation and Perfection, pp.21-22.  As always with St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori’s books, make sure to get the versions translated by Fr. Eugene Grimm, CSsR.

St. Alphonsus notes our duty to the souls in Purgatory, arguing persuasively that failure to pray for them is not just a failure to perform a good act, but an actual sin of negligence and lack of charity:alph red037

On the other hand, since it is certain, and even of faith [that is, it is de fide – the highest level of belief required of Catholics, that the souls in Purgatory benefit from our prayers and penances on their behalf, something protestants violently deny] , that by our suffrages, and chiefly by our prayers, as particularly recommended and practiced by the Church, we can relieve those Holy Souls in Purgatory, I do not know how to excuse that man from sin who neglects to give them some assistance, at least by his prayers. [St. Alphonsus, the Great Moral Doctor, feels it is a sin not to pray for the souls in Purgatory]  If a sense of duty will not persuade us to succor them, Misa_con_ngeleslet us think of the pleasure it will give Jesus Christ to see us endeavoring to deliver his beloved spouses from prison, in order that he may have them with Him in paradise. Let us think of the store of merit which we can lay up by practicing this great act of charity; let us think, too, that those souls are not ungrateful, and will never forget the great benefit we do them in relieving them of their pains, and in obtaining for them, by our prayers, anticipation of their entrance into glory; so that, when they are there they will never neglect to pray for us.

And if God promises mercy to him who practices mercy towards his neighbor – “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy” (Mt V:7)- he may reasonably expect to be saved who remembers to assist those souls so afflicted, and yet so dear to God…….RIBBONS OF LIVING WATER

……So we may expect, that if any of us ever obtains, by his prayers, the liberation of a soul from Purgatory, that soul will say to God: “Lord, suffer not him who has delivered me from my torments to be lost.”………God will not refuse the salvation of a Christian to the prayers of a soul which is his own spouse.  Moreover, St. Augustine says that God will cause those who in this life have most succored those holy souls, when they come to Purgatory themselves, to be most succored by others. I may here observe that, in practice, one of the best suffrages is to hear Mass for them, and during the Holy Sacrifice to recommend them to God by the merits and Passion of Jesus Christ. 

—————-End Quote————–

There is a list of intentions I offer every time I assist at Mass, and the Holy Souls are one of the most prominent items on that list.  It is also vital to always have the intention at Mass of offering our assistance thereat in penance for our sins and for our heartfelt and total conversion to God’s Will.

But it is almost certain all of us have some souls near to us who are languishing in Purgatory.  Others are unknown to us, distant forbears, perhaps, who have been in Purgatory for centuries of time, even though time does not exist in eternity, from our perspective, they have been there a very long time. So have a general intention for all friends, family members, friends of family members, all the poor holy souls suffering in Purgatory.  But it is very helpful to have a list in mind of our deceased relatives.

And, of course, having Masses offered for the repose of certain souls is the most salutary way to aid them in completing their period of purgation.  Most souls are freed from Purgatory during Mass.

And Lord, please touch the hearts of all  your servant bishops that they may cooperate with Grace as St. Alphonsus did.  Make them great Saints – we desperately need them!