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Michael Matt gets it – with little leadership, when the persecution rises, faithful Catholics must band together March 13, 2014

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A new video from the Remnant Underground series explores Cardinal Dolan’s deplorable answer to question posed by extreme liberal David Gregory on Meet the Press regarding how he would approach the announcement of a middling NFL draft prospect that he is “gay.”  As readers probably already know, Cardinal Dolan gave about the worst answer possible, saying he “has no problem with it” and “bravo.”  Good Lord……..are these truly our shepherds?

Matt asks if the Church has changed Her teaching on moral theology.  I don’t particularly like that question being asked, even rhetorically, because these “teachings” – these beliefs, these Dogmas – are so surely founded in Scripture and Tradition that they are irreformable.  If Dogmas on the evil of homosexual acts and the whole lifestyle associated with it can be changed, then the Church would stand for nothing.  Matt later makes this plain, but some folks may not watch the entire thing.

Matt rightly notes that so many of our prelates today, going even to the highest levels of the Church, seem embarrassed by what the Church believes. They seem to seek out politically-minded formulations that will allow them to escape secular criticism, rather than boldly proclaiming what the Church has always believed and believes now.

They very apparently fear men more than God.  I believe our Blessed Lord had some words for those who fear men more than God.

But Matt later goes on to ask, should someone shove a microphone in our mouth, and demand of us that we speak on the topic of how the Church should approach those lost in grave, but currently culturally popular, evils, how would we respond?  How do we respond in our daily lives when confronted with these situations in our home lives, or at work?  Do we clam up?  Do we eventolerate perversion outwardly, while abhorring it in our heart?

The broader point is that this matter of granting cultural suzerainty to sodomites is going to be THE vehicle of the persecution (along with some allied matters, like abortion, but sodomite marriage will be the tip of the spear).

“So what we’re facing right now…..[obviously pained]……is the end of life as we knew it as Catholics living in America. This whole progressive movement to make the Catholic Church back away from Her moral teachings so that She can be more tolerant and tolerable in a secularist democracy is playing itself out to the point that the Catholic Church is beginning to come off as ridiculous to everyone.”

“This whole thing with homosexuality, especially since the legalization of “gay marriage,” has become very similar to the Oath of Succession of 16th century England, the same oath that brought St. Thomas More and John Fisher to the Tower of London and eventually cost them their heads.”

I think it is utterly brilliant to compare the present heavy cultural pressure to acquiesce – especially if you purport to be faithful – to the glorification of sodomy as normal and equivalent in every way to healthy relations between a married man and woman to the situation in England when Henry VIII wanted to terminate a perfectly valid marriage in order to satisfy his grotesque lust.  In truth, our bishops have no defense against this advance of sodomy, since they have been willfully dismissing what for 1950 years would have been considered perfectly valid marriages as invalid for decades.  And we expect them to stand up to the onslaught of cultural sodomy?  Do they have the faith for that?

The closing bit, from roughly 11:00 on, regarding internecine strife between traditional/conservative/faithful Catholics – I think that is utterly key.  That is a prime reason I have avoided such conflicts like the plague to the best of my ability, and why I hated the whole Fisher-More imbroglio.  I’ve been working on a post to explore some of these same ideas.  We – I – need to stop trying to one-up each other in our awesome holiness.

I asked the other day how we, the faithful, should respond to the obvious crisis of faith in the Church’s leadership.  I then asked a bunch of questions, but missed the obvious ones.  The obvious questions should be – how am I, Laurence Tiberius Roachenhoffenstauffensteinberggreensteinhausen-Jones (now you know why I blog anonymously!), going  to cooperate with Grace and practice virtue better?  What sacrifices will I offer for the sanctification, or even conversion, of so many of our bishops?  What extra prayers will I say?  Or what prayers will I say much better?  Etc., etc, you get the point.

Yes, we may have to make some public response at some point, but the key, the basis for anything we do publicly must be our taking care of our own sanctification first. Without a large well of virtue and sanctity to draw from, any efforts to restore the Faith are likely to be not only fruitless, but even destructive.

And let us focus on aiding and sheltering each other from the coming storm.  We will need as many friends as we can get when it really breaks.


1. cg - March 13, 2014

Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses.

2. Adoration Rocks (@AdorationRocks) - March 13, 2014

Happy to have become reacquainted with your blog. Beautiful post. What we are doing in our household to help, is more adoration. Throughout Lent, I’m adoring one hour a day, and my better half, Tom O’Toole, a Catholic writer, has been penning his latest posts in an adoration chapel. The very gifted Catholic writer, Michael D. O’Brien, inferred he does this, at least in regard to some of his writings, so a great devout guy to emulate. Onward to adore!

3. maggycast - March 13, 2014

Bravo:+) Yes, we need to shelter each other rather than attack. Michael Matt and Louie Verrechio have been good leaders in this area. I pray CMTV gets on board with it too. They are planning on doing a Dispatch that they hope will either force the SSPX to convert or leave CMTV alone. *sigh* We need each other…we all have good hearts…and mostly, we need Our Lord and His grace/power. Let us pray for unity…for it will be needed when the onslaught comes. God bless~

tantamergo - March 13, 2014

I’m sure some may have thought I was “attacking” Fisher-More. That was not my intent, but in defending Bishop Olson it may have seemed that way.

Anyway, not to bring up bad memories, let’s press on together.

4. TG - March 13, 2014

I hate to say this but I think there’s many homosexuals in the highest positions in the church. That’s why straight priests don’t preach about it. Only a few brave ones.

5. skeinster - March 13, 2014

There’s an interesting post at Ace of Spades HQ that touches on
social comptetiveness. I think that could be applied to many of us in the Trad/Conservative/Faithful realm .
It’s the one on Mel Gibson.

6. Baseballmom - March 13, 2014

All I can say to this post is AMEN. Yes, many of us are suffering, and will suffer more… But is that not what we are CALLED TO DO???? To suffer and die with Him? Our Lord has chosen very carefully our particular Cross. Let us bear our cross manfully and in addition, let us be Simons to one another, helping others to bear their Cross.

7. Hannah - March 14, 2014

Let us pray for Cardinal Dolan. He has to give an account for the souls entrusted to him. The man is a Successor of the Apostles! Every canonized Catholic Bishop must be rolling in his grave at the words that come from this man’s mouth!

May God have mercy on him and on us all. Keep fighting for the Faith!

8. Cindy Willmot - March 14, 2014

Very well said. I wrote about this same topic a few months ago. God Bless, and at all costs, keep the Faith.

9. Linda - March 15, 2014

Thank you Matt for your frankness, for your courage and the wisdom you have imparted here. You have called a spade a spade. We have become a ship without a helmsman. The ship is blowing about which ever way the winds happen to blow. What an easy target for the enemy who is destroying the Church from within. Those who have unwittingly given up leading and protecting the sheep must learn of what the consequences are of avoiding their tremendous responsibilities. If they run and hide, there is no where to go in doing so do so. The scattered sheep are hungry; they are thirsting; they don’t know the way and it is scary. They are so endangered! They are being gobbled up. Shall I name all of the ways that they are being gobbled up? Clearly, you know. What of the others that we have counted on for our very souls?
“To Jesus, Through Mary!”

10. Frank - March 15, 2014

The sin here is called Human Respect. Pilate, for fear of what would happen to him politically, gave over the Innocent One to those seeking his death. Is anything different today? We have to ask ourselves, who is it worse to offend, God or man and then pray that we act on the correct answer.

11. Marg - March 15, 2014

I’m not so sure about Matt’s solution to the current crisis. Didn’t the Lord say, there will mother against daughter, daugher against father, son against mother, etc.? Sadly, this is true even in the Church today. Unfortunately, the souls sitting in the Novus Ordo Masses have been convinced that “all we need is love”, hand shaking, and two-fingered “v” signs to get along and not doctrine. They are now part of the “we are the Church” mentality and are in dire need of re-catechizing.

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