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Awesome exegesis on why we must do penance for others March 17, 2014

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From Dom Prosper Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year (reading for Friday in Lenten Ember Week – I pray you had a good one!), a really good explanation for spiritual works of mercy for others:

Let us not forget the ancient discipline of the Church, during Lent.  We should frequently be at a loss to understand Her liturgy of this season, unless we picture Her to ourselves as preparing the public penitents for a renewed participation in the mysteries. But first they must be reconciled with God, whom they have offended. Their soul is dead by sin’ can it be restored to life? Yes’; we have God’s word for it. The lesson from the prophet Ezechiel, which the Church began yesterday for the catechumens, is continued today for the benefit of the public penitents. IF the wicked do penance for all his sins, which he hath committed, and keep all My Commandments, and do judgement and justice; living he shall live, and shall not die.  But his iniquities are upon him, and rise up against him, crying to Heaven for eternal vengeance! And yet God, who knows all things, and forgets nothing, assures us that He will not remember iniquities which have been redeemed by penance. Such is the affection of His fatherly Heart, that He will forget the outrage offered Him by His son, if this son will but return to his duty.

Thus, then, our penitents are to be reconciled; and on the feast of the Resurrection they will be associated with the just, because God will have forgotten their iniquities; they themselves will be just men. Thus it is that the Liturgy, which never changes,  [Ummm……until 1965, that is.  I think Dom Gueranger would be most dismayed] brings frequently before us the ancient discipline of public penance.  Nowadays, sinners are not visibly separated from the faithful; the Church doors are not closed against them; they frequently stand near the holy altar, in the company of the just; and when God’s pardon descends upon them, the faithful are not made cognizant of the Grace by any special and solemn rite. Let us here admire the wonderful mercy of our Heavenly Father, and profit by the indulgent discipline of our Holy Mother the Church. The lost sheep may enter the fold at any hour and without any display; let him take advantage of the condescension thus shown him,a nd never more wander form the Shepherd, who thus mercifully receives him.

Neither let the just man be puffed up with self-complacency, by preferring himself to the lost sheep: let him rather reflect on those words of today’s lesson: “If the just man turn himself away from his justice, and do iniquity….the justices which he hath done shall not be remembered.” Let us, therefore, tremble for ourselves, and have compassion on sinners.  One of the great means on which the Church rests her hopes for the reconciliation of sinners is the fervent prayers offered up for them by the faithful during Lent. 

————-End Quote———–

Such a powerful conclusion!  The Church rests her hopes on us, on our prayers for the reconciliation of sinners!  And perhaps for much more!  Perhaps we see here the duty incumbent on all of us to cooperate with Grace not only for the sanctification of ourselves, not even for the restoration of the Church we love so much, but for the restoration of the triumph of Faith and reason in the entire culture!

Yes, it can seem overwhelming at times.  How can a small band of faithful Catholics possibly make up for all the enormous cesspool of sin the world is awash in at this moment?  The point is, we can’t, but God can, if we allow Him to work through us.  And that is a great Lenten work, as Dom Prosper Gueranger notes.

Dominus vobiscum!


On muslims and homosexuals and pedophiles March 17, 2014

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I have mentioned reading Ace of Spades a number of times on this blog. I know I’ve linked to several of his posts.  In general, I like Ace a lot, even if there is some immorality there from time to time.  It’s hard to find secular news sites or blogs where there isn’t any immorality.  But he wrote something today that I think is really problematic, and reveals the great lapse in thinking so many political conservatives have when it comes to social issues.

Ace  has a post up lamenting how an Iraqi political faction is drafting a law detailing how men could divorce “wives” as young as 8.  Thus, we continue to see how pandemic immorality remains among muslims, but no surprise there. Sunnis love young girls, Pashtuns love to rape boys.  If the “prophet” could score with a nine year old, why not your average 50 year old 250 lb mullah?  But that’s not the main point.  The main point is the massive disconnect in Ace’s thinking when he rightly derides systematized muslim child rape:

The law doesn’t say that 8-year-olds can marry, per se, but the fact that it encodes the law as to how they may be divorced seems to be a sneaky way to legally endorse the unthinkable.

The law actually specifies 9-year-olds, but, due to the vagaries of the Islamic calendar (which is shorter than an actual year), “9-year-olds” actually means, at their youngest, girls 8 years and 8 months old.

That’s the thing about unthinkable ideas in our irreligious age, they don’t stay unthinkable very long.

Ace at least tacitly supports the idea that the state should recognize same sex couples as “married.”  That was an idea that was unthinkable 30, even 20 years ago.  Certainly, 100 years ago, the very idea that those who engage in sodomy have a “right” to do so would have been completely beyond the pale.  Ace is also an atheist/agnostic (as I list these things, I’m increasingly wondering why I read him!).  So I would ask Ace, why is muslim child marriage forbidden, when sodomite marriage is A-OK?

If you don’t have an external moral framework, one that is not based in will to power or just plain ol’selfishness, and if you are incredibly weak in natural law arguments as most people are (and so many people just discount the natural law because it goes against their preference), how do you impose your idea of morality on anyone?  Who is atheist Ace to say that muslim pedophilia is abhorrent, when sodomy is not?  And for how long will Ace continue to say pedophilia is unthinkable – until the cultural winds change a bit more?  There is no “there,” there.  With an agnostic mentality, you can accept anything – child rape, bestiality, abortion, whatever.

That’s the problem those striving to defend marriage have been faced with.  A solid majority of Americans are practical atheists.  They may even go to church, but they are either entirely indifferent or they will just roll over to whatever the dominant media/culture says.  These folks reject Revelation as a matter of course – it’s just some weird cult a bunch of desert dwelling camel jockeys made up, like, you know…..a hundred years ago or something.  Good luck reasoning with that mentality, they are completely swayed by how “mean” it is to say no to anybody, at anytime, over virtually anything.

Absent God and the natural law He established, you can justify anything.  Everything does come down to mere personal preference or will to power. It is a perfect situation for totalitarian states to come to power.  In fact, several totalitarian states could only come to power after the populace had experienced a profound crisis of faith.  It is a profoundly revolutionary ideal to reject God, even if it is so common today as to be boring.

I’m not sure why I read Ace.

PS – this post does not constitute blogfoolery as Ace is not Catholic.

Some salutary lessons for Catholic parents from tragedy of the Duke U. pr0n queen March 17, 2014

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Unless you have been living under a rock – or being a good faithful Catholic (better than me!) who manages to completely, utterly ignore the open sewer called the “popular culture,” you have heard by now about the Duke University freshman who decided that the only way she could afford Duke’s mammoth (and completely  unjustifiable, especially for a “women’s studies” major) cost was to engage in a fervent career in making pr0n.  This is a tragedy of immense proportions, not only for the young woman involved, but for her ostensibly “devout Catholic” family and for the Church and world at large.

I don’t think I need to spend much time highlighting the evil that this woman is engaged in.  She is committing the most diabolical form of prostitution satan has ever managed to devise.  Women now sell their bodies not to one  man at a time, or even a small group, but to thousands, even millions, with each one of these items of filth they create. And for any sexular pagans that come along, no, I am not a prude, no, I do not have “hangups,” I am someone who has been there and done all that and knows – KNOWS – the nightmarish repercussions that result – personally, culturally, you name it.

That this case has involved lies from the get-go should hardly be surprising.  The pr0n queen initially tried to blame the high cost of college tuition at Duke for her having to stoop so low.  Then it came out she turned down an total scholarship to Vanderbilt. She then tried to blame her parents, saying they had somehow cut off her school funding.  That was later dropped, and now she brags at how “empowering” it is to have complete strangers defile her body in ways that would have caused hardened prostitutes from a few decades ago to blush, if not hyperventilate. And that’s just the beginning – after the initial abuse she engages in, thousands or millions of men and women will subsequently abuse her by proxy in the exact same ways.  Porn is one of the greatest evils destroying what few remaining shreds of virtue exist in this culture.

But as I said, there are some salutary lessons for Catholic parents in this nightmarish episode.  First of all, this girl is the product of a lifetime of Catholic education (extreme content warning on this link).  While the problems with Catholic schools and universities are legion and exceedingly well documented, it is probably a bit much to blame them specifically for this fall.  However, we can say with certainty that Catholic schools, today, tend to turn out not good faithful Catholics, but thoroughly worldly and secularized young people who have been taught that monetary remuneration is the number one goal in life, and that religion, if one should choose to bother to practice it, is at best a sidelight to the real goal of being “financially secure.”  There are exceptions, but they are rare and did not come into play in this case. Rare exceptions aside, I continue to believe that sending kids to Catholic schools is one of the worst moves a parent can make, if they want their kids to be pious souls.

Secondly, this girl reports that she has been using pr0n since she was 11 and abusing herself for at least that long.  Parents, if this case doesn’t motivate you to get both a very strong internet filter AND accountability software, I don’t know what will.  Here we have a young woman who has fallen in the worst way declaring that her use of porn played a huge role in her degrading mind-warp.  Please get filters and accountability software on all your computers. Good priests will tell that that if you don’t, you will bear grave moral culpability should any of your children fall into this terrible habit. They can tell you, and I can confirm, that early exposure to porn and self-abuse take a near miracle (or an actual one) to overcome.

Victim on the left

Victim on the left

Thirdly, we see what kinds of evils radical feminist agitprop can lead to.  Acceptance of the diabolical ideas coming out of modern feminism lead to incredibly twisted thinking, thinking that can try to justify being used as a piece of meat as somehow a triumph for the dignity of women.  It seems incredible anyone could actually fall for this, but there it is.  Even more disturbingly, some of the most radical and mind-blowing thought in feminism has come from none other than truly whacked out lesbo-feminist female religious like Mary Daly, who was somehow managed to teach at a supposedly Catholic college for 30 years.

There are many other questions and aspects of all this.  Just because a paper like the Daily Mail calls people “devout Catholics” doesn’t mean they really are.  But it does seem at least one of this family’s other children is a pretty active Christian, so maybe there are.  The fact that the Daily Mail outed the family at all, and even included a photo of their house, is truly terrible.  I’m sure their life, already nightmarish enough, just got a lot worse.

Sadly, we can expect more of this to come.  The world is truly upside down, and it seems there are powerful forces within that want to turn the Church upside down with it.  Cardinal Caffara of Bologna rightly opined that the efforts to permit bigamist Catholics to receive the Blessed Sacrament will result in the total destruction of Catholic moral Dogma on human sexuality, marriage, and the family if implemented.  Yet, these efforts seem to have the support of many of the highest authorities in the Church.  We can be sure that any weakening of Church Dogma will only mean seeing more pr0n, more moral degradation, more evil, and more Catholic girls and boys falling into hideous, soul-scarring (if not destroying) sin.

This is a morality play for all of us to see, if we are willing to see it.

Offer Communions of reparation for Eucharistic sacrilege March 17, 2014

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Our Blessed Lord in the Eucharist suffers so much.  He suffers from indifference and neglect. He suffers from sacrilegious reception on a constant basis by Catholics who persist in an objective state of mortal sin, according to some sources in a sense suffering re-Crucifixion as a result. And He suffers unspeakable abuse when leftist (always leftist) governments and/or political movements start to get a bit cocky, and attack their true, root enemy, Jesus Christ.  Such has occurred recently in Venezuela, where leftism has driven a once moderately happy and prosperous country (but with the great divisions in wealth that are endemic in Latin America) into the depths of despair through 15 years of kleptocracy and Cuban-style communism:

“Some churches that are located in places where the conflict was high were attacked by violent groups,” said an official of the bishops’ conference.

According to a Fides news agency report, a church in Mérida, a city of 200,000, was attacked during the celebration of Mass. In Maracaibo, the nation’s second-largest city, security forces beat a priest.

In Aragua State, vandals broke into a parish, destroyed the tabernacle, and threw the consecrated hosts to the ground. El Periodiquito, a Venezuelan newspaper, reported that the altar was destroyed and that human waste was left at the site of the tabernacle. The newspaper reported that “common criminals,” who remain at large, are suspected in the nighttime attack.

That’s a bald-faced lie. They were leftist thugs armed and employed by the government to terrorize their opposition – another way of saying, the majority of peaceful, law-abiding Venezuelans.

Hugo Chavez, the man who brought communism to Venezuela, may be dead, but the government he has installed is not. They have completely crushed all opposition media, so all media is now nothing but state-run agitprop. Thus, you can throw out that comment that this atrocity was committed by “common criminals.”  Why would “common criminals” go to the extent of dumping human excrement on the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ?  Only enraged Christ-haters go to such lengths.  In Venezuela, those Christ haters are sexular pagan leftists, the worst scourge the Church has had to endure since Mohammedans first burst out of the Arabian peninsula.

A local priest recommended we make our principle, and perhaps only, intention for some receptions of the Blessed Sacrament atonement for this horrific blasphemy and injury to Our Risen Lord. We must make Communions of reparation for this unspeakable sacrilege.  I think it’s a brilliant idea.  I encourage you to do so!

And pray for the suffering Catholics around the world, those who truly do love the Church and strive to be faithful.  The Church is under attack as never before in Her history.  Never has She faced so many enemies, nor enemies so hostile.  We know the Church will triumph, She is, after all, Christ’s Body on Earth, but many will suffer, and  many will fall.  Pray for strength in faith, for yourself and others!  It may save your soul!

Venezuela's commie president

Venezuela’s commie president

The suffering of souls who desire the TLM is often immense March 17, 2014

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A good reader sent me a link over the weekend that outlines – for the umpteenth time – the anguish of some group of pious, if possibly a bit naive, souls who only desired to have the Traditional Mass a little bit available in their Diocese.  It’s a story that has been told many times in this country (even with respect to the Novus Ordo in Latin!) and even more in locations where the dominance of progressive “spirit of Vatican II” types is even more entrenched.

Outside Western Europe, the region of the world most suffering under this progressive dominance is Latin America.  Only, due to a history of greater authoritarianism, and much less experience with freedoms and individual rights (I say this universally, not just with respect to matters of faith) in Latin America, there are very few priests willing to step out on a limb and start to publicly re-embrace Tradition.  There are brilliant exceptions, of course, but, by and large, the region of the world in which Summorum Pontificum has had the least impact is in Latin America.

To cut to the chase, some faithful in Costa Rica started up a society of people dedicated to making the Traditional Mass available.  Over time, this became part of Una Voce International.  They have been working and struggling under two different bishops over the past 4 years to have public TLMs made available.  Some private TLMs were permitted under conditions of strict secrecy, but that is all.  There have been numerous letters sent to the archbishop and archdiocesan officials, letters hand-carried to Rome, etc., but still no public TLM.  Even when a priest of the Ecclesia Dei Commission came to San Juan, Costa Rica and was originally given “permission” to offer the TLM, that permission was yanked at the last minute and the priest told he could only offer a private TLM with no faithful present:

In general we have also witnessed how no parish priest dares to authorize the Mass without the express permission of the Archbishop, even when they know they have the general permission granted by the law of the Church (from Quo Primum Tempore to Summorum Pontificum). Additionally, no priest (with the exception of one) dares to celebrate the traditional rite without the approval of the Archbishop, even though the law of the Church is emphatic when it states that they do not require any permission from any higher authority.

It should also be mentioned that before we had our first meeting with the Archbishop, a priest from Ecclesia Dei, Father Mark Withoos, visited our country on his vacation time at the invitation of several faithful from our group and some outsiders. The Mass that he was going to celebrate was cancelled at the last minute, and after a meeting with the Archbishop he was told that he could only celebrate in private and without the participation of the faithful who had originally been invited to what should have been a public Mass.

Due to this situation, the faithful in Costa Rica can not enjoy through the Archdiocese the spiritual treasure of the Holy Mass, a treasure they are entitled to receive and a treasure that can not be prohibited by any archbishop, thus creating an outrageous state of need, unprecedented in the history of the archdiocese. In our country there is a silent ban, a de facto ban, against the Mass that sanctified all of our saints,

This is a sad refrain that has been repeated dozens or hundreds of times around the world.  The lay faithful, likely after experiencing years of abusive, unedifying Novus Ordo Masses, come to recognize the Traditional Mass as both their birthright and as the prime means to overcome the crisis in the Faith.  They forthrightly request that which the highest authority in the Church has granted to them.  They then meet with obfuscation, stonewalling, and outright denials of these rights.  And any priests who are sympathetic to their cause will likely find their career derailed if the powers that be become aware of their support.  This goes on constantly.  In places where the modernists are deeply entrenched, it normally takes either enormous pressure/will or an outright miracle to induce them to let go their death grip on power and allow a TLM.

I say normally, because there is an event that can occur that will often bring a sudden willingness on the part of the bureaucracy to suddenly liberate the use of the TLM.  That event is the opening of an SSPX chapel nearby.  Leaving aside any problems or concerns with the Society, one can see the response to SSPX chapels that attract a fair attendance by the sudden appearance of Ecclesia Dei community or other TLMs some time thereafter in the dioceses the SSPX draws from.  This may be an explosive comment, these occurrences could simply be mass coincidence, I don’t know, but there seems a fair correlation, nonetheless.

As it turns out, the SSPX has just very recently, in the past few months, opened up a chapel in Costa Rica. It will be interesting to see if this trend bears out in this case.  It doesn’t always.  In some dioceses, the hatred of the TLM is so inveterate that nothing will move authorities to permit the Mass of Ages.  But more often that not, it does.

Recognizing this visible tendency is not an endorsement nor a condemnation of the SSPX.  And certainly, the presence of a nearby SSPX church/chapel is certainly not the only cause for reasonable implementation of Summorum Pontificum, there are dioceses that have been receptive to varying degrees to the faithful’s request for Traditional Masses.  But where opposition to the Traditional Mass is most hardened, where the authorities are most accustomed to trampling on the rights of some of the most pious souls in their jurisdiction, there has often been a visible reduction in opposition when there is, for lack of a better term, competition in the form of an SSPX presence.  Such likely figured in the history of this Diocese of Dallas.