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Offer Communions of reparation for Eucharistic sacrilege March 17, 2014

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Our Blessed Lord in the Eucharist suffers so much.  He suffers from indifference and neglect. He suffers from sacrilegious reception on a constant basis by Catholics who persist in an objective state of mortal sin, according to some sources in a sense suffering re-Crucifixion as a result. And He suffers unspeakable abuse when leftist (always leftist) governments and/or political movements start to get a bit cocky, and attack their true, root enemy, Jesus Christ.  Such has occurred recently in Venezuela, where leftism has driven a once moderately happy and prosperous country (but with the great divisions in wealth that are endemic in Latin America) into the depths of despair through 15 years of kleptocracy and Cuban-style communism:

“Some churches that are located in places where the conflict was high were attacked by violent groups,” said an official of the bishops’ conference.

According to a Fides news agency report, a church in Mérida, a city of 200,000, was attacked during the celebration of Mass. In Maracaibo, the nation’s second-largest city, security forces beat a priest.

In Aragua State, vandals broke into a parish, destroyed the tabernacle, and threw the consecrated hosts to the ground. El Periodiquito, a Venezuelan newspaper, reported that the altar was destroyed and that human waste was left at the site of the tabernacle. The newspaper reported that “common criminals,” who remain at large, are suspected in the nighttime attack.

That’s a bald-faced lie. They were leftist thugs armed and employed by the government to terrorize their opposition – another way of saying, the majority of peaceful, law-abiding Venezuelans.

Hugo Chavez, the man who brought communism to Venezuela, may be dead, but the government he has installed is not. They have completely crushed all opposition media, so all media is now nothing but state-run agitprop. Thus, you can throw out that comment that this atrocity was committed by “common criminals.”  Why would “common criminals” go to the extent of dumping human excrement on the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ?  Only enraged Christ-haters go to such lengths.  In Venezuela, those Christ haters are sexular pagan leftists, the worst scourge the Church has had to endure since Mohammedans first burst out of the Arabian peninsula.

A local priest recommended we make our principle, and perhaps only, intention for some receptions of the Blessed Sacrament atonement for this horrific blasphemy and injury to Our Risen Lord. We must make Communions of reparation for this unspeakable sacrilege.  I think it’s a brilliant idea.  I encourage you to do so!

And pray for the suffering Catholics around the world, those who truly do love the Church and strive to be faithful.  The Church is under attack as never before in Her history.  Never has She faced so many enemies, nor enemies so hostile.  We know the Church will triumph, She is, after all, Christ’s Body on Earth, but many will suffer, and  many will fall.  Pray for strength in faith, for yourself and others!  It may save your soul!

Venezuela's commie president

Venezuela’s commie president

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