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Great videos on St. Joseph March 19, 2014

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Two great videos on St. Joseph. Today, of course, is his feast day. I can attest that devotion to this Saint is most edifying and efficacious of Grace!  He will help you, especially you fathers!

I pray you made your Novena to St. Joseph!  If not, you can always start today!

Please say three Hail Mary’s for this holy priest!

Cardinal Burke: We need better Catholics March 19, 2014

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He actually said, “we need Catholics without compromise,” but he makes plain, there has been a severe lack of such for a long time.  Will we – will I – stand up?

The Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura spoke with unmistakable clarity : “It takes uncompromising Catholics” to oppose the killing of unborn children, artificial insemination and the gender ideology. In an exceptional and very long interview with the monthly magazine Radici Cristiane by Roberto de Mattei, [It is a most significant statement to agree to an interview with Roberto de Mattei, whose criticism of Vatican II has made him nearly persona non grata in the institutional Italian Church – at least since things began to change rather radically a year ago this month]  the Cardinal treated in a  Catholic manner, the burning and controversial issues of the current debate over which, anti-Church circles exercise an increasingly radical   cultural hegemony and how  the thinking of Europeans is veritably brainwashed, which  begins in kindergarten. There is no more time watch idly or to talk about compromise.  Nor is it legitimate to resign. [That seems the approach of Cardinal Kaspar and other German prelates – we haven’t taught the Faith in 50 years, so let’s give up trying to ever teach it again!  People reject the Faith they haven’t been taught, so let them do what they will, damn the consequences] The tacit resignation in the face of a psychological, moral and spiritual destruction thus constitutes a form of compromise with evil, says the Cardinal.

The traditional Cardinal from the U.S. calls on the parents and teachers to decide to act against things  included in the school programs and curricula, which means the “injured innocence of children”. These include programs that already want to teach four or five year old children that marriage could have “different forms”.

An end to the silence, an end to the anxiety, an end to the  cowardice. It is necessary to bear witness to the truth of Christ to affirm the natural right to call the healthy Catholic doctrine into memory and stand up to the rampant perversions of relativism and secularism against the Church, against life and against the family, the cardinal said.

A certain laxity in the past decades [Laxity on the part of whom?  Just the faithful?  Or even primarily the faithful?  Or others, given even more abundant Grace and entrusted to sanctified offices whose main mission is to proclaim the Truth?]  have fostered the emergence and enforcement of false ideas. The fight against truth, beauty and goodness is in its present severity would have been unthinkable, if the half-heartedness had not come  into the Church, the cardinal said. “A real Catholic believes  entirely in every truth taught by the Church without compromise. The term  of , ‘partial catholicity’ and ‘part catholic’ is a contradiction in terms, ” said Cardinal Burke. [What we have seen in the Church in the past several decades is not the emergence of some new spirituality, nor some change to accommodate new “truth,” but a collapse of faith.  Faith falls away, and evils come in its place]

…..The schools and the families should have no hesitation to “fight against the dictatorship of decadent gender theory. Parents need to watch over the education of their children so that they are educated regarding human sexuality to the truth and to be protected from false messages that are to be implemented by schools and the media,” said Burke.  Parents should avoid having their children participate in classes and extracurricular activities that  undermine the truth about the nature of man as man and wife. “…..[Unfortunately, such classes are frequently found in Catholic schools and youth programs. Catholic education is as sexularized as anything found in the world.  This, to me, is at least a tacit call to homeschool]

…..The Obama administration has, said Cardinal Burke, “brought an acceleration of  perverse theories”. The policy of “U.S. presidents have become progressively more hostile to  Christian civilization. Many faithful Catholics have responded to the ever more increasing persecution. Unfortunately, there is still  the impression that a considerable part of the population is not really aware  of what is happening at present. “

————End Quote————

Or just doesn’t care.  Cardinal Burke, probably the most orthodox American prelate, understands matters quite clearly, but responsibility for the crisis in the Church – and thus, the world – extends from the lowest to the very highest levels.  A priest at catechism class last night put much of the blame for the calamitous state of our culture on lack of good fathers.  I agree, but fatherhood is also a foundational characteristic of the priestly life.

Pointing fingers won’t do any good now.  All that is left to do is to pray and offer penance as best as we possibly can.

Legalized abortion is a sign of government failing its most fundamental duty March 19, 2014

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The very reason people got together to form governments thousands of years ago was to surrender some freedoms in exchange for the protection belonging to a larger, ordered group could provide.  Starting with tribes, moving onto small cities, then into regions and whole nations, the prime role and justification for government (and the expense it involves) is to provide protection for its citizens.

But in our modern society with its warped senses of “rights,” governments around the world are not only failing in this primary duty, they are actively promulgating laws that permit the wholesale slaughter of certain disfavored groups. Even more amazingly, these disfavored groups are the most defenseless in any society, those government was originally intended to most protect!  I speak of the widespread killing of the unborn, the very sick, the elderly, the mentally limited, etc. In not only permitting, but encouraging this mass murder, the governments involved are enormously undermining their credibility in a human sense, and have completely abrogated any protection they should enjoy from God, right human government being something in accord with God’s Will for mankind.

Dom Prosper Gueranger spoke to this derangement of government 150 years ago in his The Liturgical Year series.  From the reading for the Feast of St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Vol. 5 Lent:

But it too often happens in our days that children are deprived of the protection their weakness really needs. Modern society has denied Jesus Christ, and strives by the hypocritical “neutrality” of its laws to stifle the divine seed in the baptized soul before it can grow and bear fruit. [Dom Prosper wrote these words when Western Culture was far, far more Christian than it is now.  I cannot imagine how dismayed he would be, to know that governments now not only prevent souls from enjoying their birthright in formation in the Faith into which they were baptized in public schools, but they prevent those souls from even being baptized due to government support for child-killing in the womb on a mass scale.]   Baptism, however, has its rights with regard to society as well as with regard to the individual, and our best way of honoring St. Cyril is to remind ourselves on his feast that this first Sacrament has just claims in respect of the education due to the baptized.

For fifteen centuries the western nations whose social fabric rested on the solid rock of the faith of Rome, have enjoyed a happy ignorance of the difficulties experienced by a soul in rising out of the abyss of error into the pure light of the Truth….[I don’t think this claim can be made anymore, at least for many people. More and more people are born into essentially pagan families and raised in a pagan environment, with few if any cultural influences to express the truths of the Christian Faith to them]….

…..The protection of individuals is a duty binding upon all princes and rulers, whatever be their title, and this duty is greater in proportion to the interests to be safeguarded. But this protection gives greater glory to the power which exercises it, when it is extended to the lowly and weak.  The law of man never appears more majestic than when standing before a little child – a new-born babe or a defenceless orphan – to protect its name, its life and its inheritance.  [And how our governments now disgrace themselves with abominable laws not just permitting, but often encouraging the killing of the sick, the elderly, the babe in the womb!  There is no limit to the depravity to which nations will sink when they reject God!]   A newly-baptized child possess advantages greater than all those given by noble birth, money, or the richest natural gifts. [And how many children are now denied baptism by abortion!  All those children are lost forever to God, and must exist in Limbo]…

[What those who are never permitted to be baptized miss…..] He who is baptized has a divine life within him; he is the equal of the angels in virtue of his name of Christian; his inheritance is that plenitude of Truth…..God Himself, possessed by faith here below until the beatific vision opens out the possession of eternal love. What greatness there is a little child!  But what responsibility for the world! If God does not wait for the age of reason before bestowing His gifts, this sublime haste is due to the impatience of His love, but at the same time He counts upon men to reveal in due time their dignity to these children of Heaven, to form them to the duties incumbent on them, and to educate them in a way befitting their divine lineage.

————End Quote———–

I have been amazed in reading Dom Gueranger how prophetic he was in observing where the nascent de-Christianization of Western culture of his day would lead.  We live in a veritable sewer, the result of “freedom of religion,” which in practice means government opposition towards religion, especially the Christian Faith.  Likewise, “freedom of conscience” has meant in practice, especially as democracies continue their inevitable leftward drift, the crushing of cultural supports for a virtuous, Christian life, and tacit (or vociferous) government support for sin and vice.

As Christopher Ferrara has pointed out so well, the “goddess Liberty” will brook no competition. All must submit to her frequently amoral dictates.  The very concept behind modern, areligious, libertine democracy was to find a way to overturn the Catholic-Christian basis of Western civilization.  Most of the leading proponents of the endarkenment that produced modern western government were virulently anti-Catholic. They deliberately sought to devise a form of government that would be most effective at eliminating the Church’s cultural suzerainty. They have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, and today, even many in the Church hold their errors as sacred shibboleths that rival if not surpass their adherence to the Faith.

Left wing types like to pretend that society devoid of religion, in particular, the Christian religion, will finally be freed from “superstition” and will be based on benign rationalism, human goodness, and scientific realism. As in so many other ways, they are completely wrong.  A de-Christianized West, as we already see, will be an amoral sewer where will to power dominates, the weak are crushed, and misery is rampant.  It will be a new dark age, a return to barbarian times, made 1000 times worse by all the cruelty technology enables.

But shining through it all, like the lamp it is, will be the Church, even if a small remnant.  And unless we be headed to the Parousia, the Church will once again emerge from the wreckage of persecution and collapse, and build again.

And so long as we remain faithful, we know how our personal stories will end.

What we’re up against: radical pro-abort calls babies “time-sucking monsters” – UPDATED March 19, 2014

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If you guessed Amanda Marcotte, you win the prize.  America’s most well-known baby hater strikes again:

“I don’t particularly like babies. They are loud and smelly and, above all other things, demanding. No matter how much free day care you throw at women, babies are still
time-sucking monsters with their constant neediness.”

Nice.  But wait, there’s more!

No matter how flexible you make my work schedule, my entire life would be overturned by a baby. I like  my life how it is, with my ability to do what I want when I want without having to arrange for a babysitter. I like being able to watch True Detective right now and not wait until baby is in bed. I like sex in any room of the house I please. I don’t want a baby. I’ve heard your pro-baby arguments. Glad those work for you, but they are unconvincing to me. Nothing will make me want a baby. . . .
I like not having a giant growth protruding out of my stomach. I hate hospitals and like not having stretch marks. . . .

This is why, if my birth control fails, I am totally having an abortion.  [I don’t think this is ever to be much of a problem for Miss Marcotte. Her descriptions of wild sexual abandon are rather sad exaggerations]  Given the choice between living my life how I please and having my body within my control and the fate of a lentil-sized, brainless embryo that has half a chance of dying on its own anyway, I choose me. [A “lentil-sized” child would be at about 5-6 weeks gestation. Very few women know they are pregnant at that point.  Most abortions occur at 10-12 weeks, when the baby has a beating heart, head, eyes, limbs, etc.  In short, not a “blob of tissue,” but a readily discernible child]

Obviously, this woman is incredibly wicked.  She just as obviously has severe, severe self-image and psychological problems.  This level of hatred for children is not normal.  But I tell you, there are more and more young people, especially young women, who are getting so twisted off in themselves and the leftist indoctrination they stew in, that the number of like-minded individuals is exploding.  Her kind of mind-blowing selfishness and lack of self-awareness  are spreading like a diabolical virus (and what if your mom had thought the same, Amanda? Then the world would have been spared your insanity.  That’s one of the strongest arguments in favor of abortion I’ve ever seen).

The very rationale behind civilization was to provide a framework where women and children would be protected from various threats and depredations, especially men’s.  Yet it is frequently women who are doing the most to destroy that rationale, and thus, the civilization that rationale supports.  It is so insane as to be unbelievable, yet there it is.

All this stems from being Godless.  There is no limit to the insanity, barbarity, sin, and degradation that people will fall into when they reject God.  What caused the Soviet Gulag that murdered millions of it’s own citizens – godlessness. What gave us abortion and contraception – godlessness.  What allows the government of China to treat its people like rag dolls – godlessness.  What is causing the collapse of Western Civilization – godlessness.

Know your enemy.  Ultimately, its satan, but satan uses people as tools.

UPDATE:  As I said, there are no limits to which godless people will stoop.  A leftist pro-abort organization (but I repeat myself) is giving away coat-hanger pendants to donors to their group:


Prayer Request March 19, 2014

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A tragedy afflicted a good Catholic family associated with Wyoming Catholic College yesterday.  Two of the children Dr. Sean Lewis, formerly of Dallas, were killed in a car accident.

I did not know the affected parties, but they have my prayers.  The girl’s names were Olivia and Emma, aged 6 and 3.

There is a fundraiser for the family to help deal with funeral and other costs here.

This is sure to be a time of horrific suffering for the Lewis family.  Please keep them in your prayers.