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“Stand with nuns in support of contraception” March 25, 2014

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Really, nothing to see here, it’s the same tired group of self-described nuns, really paid leftist political agitators, claiming moral authority and apostasizing for the umpteenth time.  Nevertheless, given the severe treatment the SSPX, Franciscans of the Immaculate, and others have received for allegedly being disobedient, how about we see one of these wacked out pseudo-religious excommunicated or otherwise punished?

“Stand With the Nuns in Support of Birth Control.”

This startling statement is the name of a petition to be presented to the Supreme Court this month when it hears the cases of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood. The owners of those two companies have religious objections to the HHS mandate to provide sterilization and contraceptive coverage to all employees. Some of the “contraceptives” covered can also cause an early abortion.

Behind the petition is a group that calls itself the National Coalition of American Nuns (NCAN) and claims to have 2,000 members.

Okay, not so fast: The NCAN is really a paper organization started in 1969 and now made up of a handful of sisters. Furthermore, the group does not have 2,000 “nun” members — and never did. By its own admission, NCAN is open to any person in any country, and the “membership” seems to consist of anyone who at one time subscribed to the NCAN newsletter, which is now defunct. At a 1994 NCAN demonstration at the Vatican, three sisters and three laywomen showed up. And the NCAN website has not been updated since 2009. Maybe it’s time for a new NCAN census.


And who are the “nuns” involved? A handful of familiar names have kept the group going, and they are sisters who have long expressed heterodox views. The main NCAN players have been these sisters:

  • Sinsinawa Dominican Sister Donna Quinn, who usually speaks for NCAN. Her photo is all over the Internet wearing her “Nuns for Choice” shirt……
  • Loretto Sister Jeannine Gramick also has been long active in NCAN. A founder of New Ways Ministry, she was prohibited by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 1999 from continuing any ministry with people with same-sex attraction because she had misrepresented Church teaching.
  • Sister Mary Ann Cunningham, also a Sister of Loretto, lists her ministry as “resisting patriarchy.” She and Sisters Donna and Jeannine were among the 26 sisters who signed the 1984 New York Times ad that advanced the lie that there was more than one “legitimate Catholic position on abortion.”

    So, this dysfunctional, heterodox handful of sisters (Why are they still sisters?) has succeeded in grabbing headlines, even in the mainstream media……it is outrageous that NCAN is being presented as a legitimate group with an actual membership.It is even more outrageous that a small group of women who say they are Catholic sisters are allowing themselves to be used by people who clearly have an agenda so contrary to Catholic teaching.

What is most outrageous is the damage to the image of all the women religious who support the teachings of the Church on human sexuality and the dignity of all human life.

No, what is most outrageous is that after decades of this constant left-wing agitprop masquerading as Catholic witness, these women are still allowed to present themselves as Catholic religious because, technically, they still are, even though their actions show them to be some of the most damaging heretics in all of Amchurch.  What should have happened long ago was for all these women to be excommunicated.

Why have they not?  Is it because the Bernadin bishops, progressive-modernists to a man (and many of them – over 2 dozen if Goodbye, Good Men is accurate – completely unsuited for the episcopate due to grave depravity), are so biased they simply cannot see the enormous scandal these women cause, over and over again?  Is it due to a simple lack of faith, and overwhelming focus on the bad PR that might result from minimal performance of duty?  Is it because, secretly, most of the episcopate agrees?  Is it because bishops fear reprisals from left-wing politicians, especially regarding the precious tax-exemption, should they act? What is it?

The double standard in the Church between endless permissiveness for left wing heresy and severe repression for any faithful Catholic “disobedience” is severely undermining the Church’s overall moral authority and wounding the Body of Christ.  This has been going on for decades. Dietrich von Hildebrand talked about this duplicity in The Devastated Vineyard over 40 years ago. When will some prelate, anywhere, take a formal action to confirm for millions of scandalized faithful that these women truly are not faithful and are outside the Church by word and deed?

This is something I pray for all the time, that ecclesiastical discipline be enforced once again.  But I won’t be holding my breath.

Today is the anniversary of the most solemn event in all history March 25, 2014

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Have a Blessed Feast of the Annunciation, when God the Holy Spirit entered into the only woman ever preserved from Original Sin, and first became man.  Dom Prosper Gueranger has some things to say about this most the-annunciation-1430auspicious day:

This is the great day, not only to man, but even to God Himself; for it is the anniversary of the most solemn event that time has ever witnessed. On this day, the Divine Word, by Whom the Father created the world, was made flesh in the womb of a virgin, and dwelt among us.  We must spend it in joy.  Whilst we adore the Son of God who humbled Himself by thus becoming Man, let us give thanks to the Father who so loved the world, as to give His only-begotten Son; let us give thanks to the Holy Ghost, whose almighty power achieves the great mystery.  We are in the very midst of Lent, and yet the ineffable joys of Christmas are upon us: our Emmanuel is conceived on this day, and, nine months hence, will be born in Bethlehem, and the angels will invite the-annunciation-1495us to come and honor the sweet Babe.

During Septuagesima week, we meditated upon the fall of our first parents, and the triple sentence pronounced by God against the serpent, the woman, and Adam.  Our hearts were filled with fear as we reflected on the divine malediction, the effects of which are to be felt by all generations, even to the end of the world. But in the midst of the anathemas then pronounced against us, a promise was made us by our God; it was a promise of salvation, and it enkindled hope within us. In pronouncing sentence against the serpent, God said that his head should one day be crushed, and that, too, by a woman.

The time has come for the fulfillment of this promise. The world has been in expectation for four thousand years; Annunciation02and the hope of its deliverance has been kept up, in spite of all its crimes. During this time, God has made use of miracles, prophecies, and types, as a renewal of the engagement He has entered into with mankind. The blood of the Messias has passed form Adam to Noah; from Shem to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…….and now it flows in the veins of Mary.  Mary is the woman by whom is to be taken from our race the curse that lies upon it. God has decreed that she should be Immaculate; and has thereby set an irreconcilable enmity between her and the serpent. She, a daughter of Eve, is to repair all ht einjury done by her mother’s fall; she is to raise up her sex from the degradation into which it has been cast; she is to cooperate, directly and really, in the victory which the Son of God is about to gain over His and our enemy.

annuncia22aA tradition, which has come down from the apostolic ages, tells us that the great mystery of the Incarnation was achieved on the twenty-fifth day of March. It was at that hour of midnight, when the most holy Virgin was alone and absorbed in prayer, that the Archangel Gabriel appeared before her, and asked her, in the name of the Most Blessed Trinity, to consent to  become the Mother of God. Let us assist, in spirit, at this wonderful interview between the angel and the Virgin: and, at the same time, let us think of that other interview which took place between Eve and the serpent.  A holy bishop and martyr of the second century, Saint Irenaeus, who had receive the tradition from the very disciples of apostles, shows us that Nazareth is the counterpart of Eden.annunciation-1435

In the garden of delights there is a virgin and an angel; and a conversation takes place between them.  At Nazareth a virgin is also addressed by an angel, and she answers him; but the angel of the earthly paradise is a spirit of darkness, and he of Nazareth is a spirit of light. In both instances it is the angel that has the first word. ‘Why,’ said the serpent to Eve, ‘that God commanded you, that you should not eat of every tree of paradise?’ His question implies impatience and a solicitation to evil; he has contempt for the frail creature to whom he addresses it, but he hates the image of God which is upon her.ave maria annunciationTheAnnunciation

See, on the other hand, the angel of light; see with what composure and peacefulness he approaches the Virgin of Nazareth, the new Eve; and how respectfully he bows himself down before her: ‘Hail, full of Grace! The Lord is with thee!  Blessed art thou among women!’ Such language is evidently of Heaven; none but an angel could speak thus to Mary.

Even imprudently listens to the tempter’s words; she answers him; she enters into conversation with one that annunciationdares to ask her to question the justice of God’s commands.  Her curiosity urges her on.  She has no mistrust in the serpent; this leads her to mistrust her Creator.

Mary hears what Gabriel has spoken to her; but this most prudent Virgin is silent.  She is surprised at the praise given her by the angel.  The purest and humblest of virgins has a dread of flattery; and the heavenly messenger receives no reply from her, until he has fully explained his mission by these words: ‘Fear not, Mary, for thou hast found grace with God. Behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and shalt bring forth a Son: and thou shalt call His Name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Most High, and the Lord God shall give unto Him the throne of David His father: and He shall reign in the house of Jacob forever, and of His Kingdom there shall be no end.’


The first Eve evinces no such prudence or disinterestedness. No sooner has the wicked spirit assured her that she may break the commandment of her Divine Benefactor and not die; that the fruit of her disobedience will be a wonderful knowledge, which will put her on an equality with God Himself; than she immediately yields; she is conquered. Her self-love has made her at once forget both duty and gratitude: she is delighted at the thought of being freed from the twofold tie which binds her to her Creator.

Such is the woman that caused our perdition.  But how different is she that was to save us!  The former cares not for her posterity: she looks but to her own interests: the latter forgets herself to think only of her God, and of the angelico_annunciationclaims He has to her service. The angel, charmed with this sublime fidelity, thus answers the question put to him by Mary, and reveals to her the designs of God: ‘The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Most High shall overshadow thee. And therefore also the Holy whihc shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God….

…..Mary has heard the angel’s explanation of the mystery; the will of Heaven is made known to her, and how grand an honor it is to bring upon her!  She, the humble maid of Nazareth, is to have the ineffable happiness of becoming the Mother of God, and yet the treasure of her virginity is The Angel and the Virgin of Annunciation - Bicci di Lorenzo - 1434to be left to her! Mary bows down before this sovereign will, and says to the heavenly messenger: ‘Behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it done to my according to thy word.’

Thus, as the great St. Irenaeus and so many of the holy fathers remark, the obedience of the second Even repaired teh disobedience of the first: for no sooner does the Virgin of Nazareth speak her fiat, ‘be it done,’ than the eternal Son of God is present, by the operation of the Holy Ghost, in the chaste womb of Mary, and there He begins His human life.  A Virgin is a Mother, and Mother of God; and it is this Virgin’s consenting to the Divine Will that has made her conceive by the power of the Holy Ghost.  This sublime mystery puts between the eternal Word and a mere woman the relations of Son and Mother; it gives to the almighty God a means whereby Heannunciation-1558 may, in a manner worthy of His majesty, triumph over satan, who hitherto seemed to have prevailed against the Divine Plan.

Never was there a more entire or humiliating defeat than that which this day befell satan. The frail creature, over whom he had so easily triumphed before, now rises and crushes his proud head. Eve conquers in Mary.  The result of so glorious a triumph is that Mary is to be superior not only to the rebel angels, but to the whole human race, yea, and to all the angels of Heaven. Seated on her exalted throne, she, the Mother of God, is to be the Queen of all creation and the Queen of Heaven, too…..the very Cherubim and Seraphim reverently look up to Mary, and deem themselves honored when she smiles upon them, for she is the Mother of God.

————–End Quote————–

There have been as many artistic representations of this moment as any event in the history of our salvation.  Keeping in my mold of occasionally filling in where the defunct Ars Orandi blog left off, here is some more:


Annunciation with Saints - Veneziano Lorenzo - 1371





01 Annunciation - Jacopo Torriti 1296

The Glory of Christendom: Saint-Chapelle March 25, 2014

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The following video is from TFP.  Irrespective of the feelings any may have towards that group, this is well worth sharing.  Saint-Chapelle was built in a time when there were no engineers, there was no such thing as formal architecture, when there was no calculus, no beam theory, no drafting tables, nothing!  And yet it was built, and is a structural marvel, given how massive the openings in the walls are for all that transcendentally beautiful stained glass!  This is one of the greatest glories of Christendom, and demonstrates irrefutably that the Middle Ages were hardly a benighted time of ignorance and superstition, but were in fact a time of sublime thought and highly refined culture, almost all of which was completely, thoroughly, visibly Catholic.

In fact, in many ways, the High Middle Ages were a pinnacle of culture, perhaps the highest pinnacle humanity has so far reached.  But since the Middle Ages and Catholicism were inseparable, the endarkenment philosphes – anti-Catholic to their core –  had to create a mythos of that time as a time of darkness, stupidity, religious “repression,” and misery.

They were successful for a very long time, up to the mid-20th century, at least, but now there is a growing academic backlash against this incorrect and propagandized view of that glorious time. More and more research demonstrates that the High Middle Ages were in actuality a period of immense flowering in the arts, in academia, in philosophy, and in industry.

In fact, as the video below shows, in many respects, there were much higher standards of art and philosophy in the High Middle Ages than we are currently enduring in our own darkened, post-modernist times.


Bill Gates, Catholic? March 25, 2014

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Not really.  In fact, it appears he humors his wife by tagging along.

Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, revealed in a recent interview that his family goes to a Catholic church and that religious morality inspires a lot of his charity work. He also shared his personal thoughts on God and the biggest issues facing the world today.

“The moral systems of religion, I think, are super important. We’ve raised our kids in a religious way; they’ve gone to the Catholic church that Melinda goes to and I participate in. I’ve been very lucky, and therefore I owe it to try and reduce the inequity in the world. And that’s kind of a religious belief. I mean, it’s at least a moral belief,” Gates says in an interview with Rolling Stone in the March 27 issue of the magazine.

When asked if he believed in God, he responded, “I think it makes sense to believe in God, but exactly what decision in your life you make differently because of it, I don’t know.” [Sheesh. Then you are an atheist.  If your understanding of God is so dim, and your relationship so dead, that you can’t imagine how faith in God makes you live differently, then you have none.]

At the same time, he said he agrees with “people like Richard Dawkins that mankind felt the need for creation myths.”  [Richard Dawkins is a sad, deluded creature.]

Melinda Gates is a product of Dallas Ursuline.  I’ve written on her scandalous beliefs many times.  She certainly is a proud alumnus of Ursuline, whose female religious leadership repeatedly defended the Gates’ collective efforts to foist contraception on Catholics in sub-Saharan Africa and other locales.  But of course, Gates has given millions to Ursuline, and she most likely learned her indifferentist heresies there.

An interesting aside: studies have shown, and a whole lot of anecdotal evidence tends to confirm, that children  mimic, or follow, their father’s religious behavior as adults.  That is to say, if a couple has a strong Catholic mom and an indifferent, non-religious dad, the kids will likely wind up indifferent non-religious themselves.  If the dad is strong and the mom is weak, the kids will tend to be strongly religious themselves.  So whatever the Catholic Faith means to Melinda Gates – she claims it means a great deal, but then she goes right on apostasizing – it is more likely that her children will be non religious agnostics or theists because that is what their dad believes.

That leaves aside, of course, the disorder that tends to creep in when being raised by globetrotting, fake-tan applying, ultra-rich power elite parents.  I used the example of satan winning away souls yesterday by taking them to the mountaintop and showing them all the “glories” of the world – well, these kids have been on that mountaintop since they were born.  Since almost all the people their parents hobnob with are super-rich worldly left-wing indifferentists, the likelihood of those kids remaining Catholic – even in a notional sense, like their mom – is slim.

So I’ll pray for those three kids.  The children of the very rich often lead troubled lives, and with all the enticements with which they are surrounded, it will take a miracle for them to be faithful Catholics as adults.

Thanks to friend and reader MFG for the linka!


Lesbian couple starves, beats, even chains 3 children March 25, 2014

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Don’t buy the packaged product the media is selling you, of loving, doting, oh-so-caring and, of course!, incredibly stable homosexuals who, garsh darn it, just might possess the ideal qualities to be parents.

Yeah, right:

Three children were rescued from a Monterey County home last week after deputies discovered that two women — one a former correctional officer — had starved, chained and abused the children, officials said Friday.

Sheriff’s deputies rescued the children from the couples’ residence on Russell Road near Salinas on March 14, citing horrific conditions and an 8-year-old girl who looked “like a concentration camp victim,” said Monterey County Sheriff Scott Miller.

Also in the home were two boys, ages 3 and 5.

Miller said Eraca Dawn Craig, 31, and Christian Jessica Deanda, 44, are accused of felony child cruelty, false imprisonment and other charges.

Deputies conducted a welfare check at the house after the children didn’t show up for an unspecified appointment, detectives said.

They found the children, who were home-schooled, living in squalid conditions and “fairly dire straits,” Miller said.

The girl appeared to have been the most abused, deputies said, though all three had bruises and other marks and appeared to be malnourished.

Officers said they found signs the girl had been chained to the wall about 4 feet above the floor and said she may also have been held in a closet. It appeared she had been shackled at times at the ankle and at other times by a collar around her neck.

Miller said it appeared she had “hardly eaten for months.”

The girl and a 5-year-old boy were adopted, he said, while a 3-year-old boy is the biological son of one of the women, who are domestic partners. [But wait, I thought you were born that way?  Maybe not?  Maybe you just sort of flit around to whomever gives you that thrill you seek at a particular moment?]

But wait, there’s more!  One of the lesbian super-moms used to work for a CCHD type AIDS “ministry” in Salinas:

Under previous jobs, she lists work as an HIV prevention case manager at John XXIII AIDS Ministry in Salinas from 2001 to 2004, and later as a psychosocial therapy manager at Valencia Counseling Services in Estancia, N.M.

You think they advocated much chastity at “John XXIII AIDS Ministry?” I will note, that organization keeps a very low profile online, the better, I have to suspect, from attracting attention from nosy Catholic bloggers.

Last year, there was a media flap when some leftists posited that lesbians might very well make the ideal parents.  And I’m sure we’ll hear, in seconds, how those not lost in this particular sin also abuse children.

But none of that changes the fact that negative life outcomes/afflictions are rampant in among those lost in the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. Among homosexual men in particular, but lesbian women, as well, rates of obesity, violence towards self, violence towards others, suicide, self-destructive sexual behaviors, and all manner of addictions are rampant.  And yet, these same people are being given charge of children they are incapable of producing themselves.

In this great cultural death wish revolving around not merely the acceptance, but the promotion and even glorification of sodomy, we are told so many lies.  We are presented with pictures of this lifestyle that are almost completely divorced from reality.  Very rare is the truly loving, monogamous sodomite couple.  More typically, there may be a long term partner but monogamy is a laugh.  Almost all of even the “committed” relationships are “open,” meaning they can mess around with whomever they wish, whenever they wish.  And the after-products of especially male-on-male intercourse are hideous to contemplate when children are in the picture – blood, fecal matter, semen, lube…..it’s hideous.

And it’s the children who, once again, will pay the ultimate price for the continuing fulfillment of the great leftist dream of a godless, hedonist society where sex – any kind, no matter how perverse –  is the be all and end all of existence.  I will posit that three precious souls have been traumatized past the breaking point, and will never be fully right.  Having experienced such trauma, they have a long, troubled life ahead of them.  But it matters not to the leftist ideologues, for them, children are simply future economic units, at best, or creatures to be bent and manipulated to further the cause.

We have already seen what devastation the promotion of divorce – at radical feminist behest – has wrought on millions of souls in this sick culture.  Now we have this.  If you feel any qualms about this issue, if you feel torn as to whether or not active, unrepentant sodomites and gomorrists should be given the enormous responsibility before God and man for the upbringing of children, I suggest you read this.  It is the first of a 4 part discussion between three adults raised by homosexual parents, and the trauma that experience inflicted on them.  That trauma had nothing to do with any “homophobia” or other ostensible “repression” of this perverse lifestyle, but stems entirely from children being force to grow up with profoundly unsettled, sick individuals.

And that makes sense, if one thinks about it, because “homosexuals” as individuals and as a group identify themselves around their sexual behaviors, and the entire culture is incredibly highly sexualized. It is not normal, it is perverse, and the impact on children is telling.  Given the sins and negative behaviors that same-sex attracted people engage in, it is little wonder that abuse of any children in the picture is very common.  You should really read the accounts linked above, they are very moving.

But again, children matter nothing to the radical left, save for their ability to be groomed into future little leftists.  And enabling perverse individuals to be parents almost insures a good number of future disordered individuals, prime targets for leftist agitprop.

That is the goal.  Everything must be in service of the ideology, and the collateral damage to potentially millions of souls is actually a good thing to them.  It’s just more fodder for the big leftist machine, slowly consuming what used to be Christendom.  But I pray for those little souls so traumatized, and for the adults lost in this panegyric of evil. What a nightmare.