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Help shut down an abortion mill – next Tuesday March 26, 2014

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Lamar Robinson runs his mill in a pretty shady part of Dallas, and has for years.  After the state legislature passed a law last summer banning abortion beyond 20 weeks and requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles, Robinson’s “Abortion Advantage” mill shut down for a while as he sought the privileges.  He reopened some months ago, and we actually thought for a while he may have done so even lacking the required privileges. However, investigation has shown that a hospital with a less than sterling reputation in South Oak Cliff – University General Hospital – has given Robinson his much sought-after privileges.

Their management has been contacted but seems uninterested in disassociating the hospital from a notorious abortionist. As such, local pro-life warriors are planning on stepping up the pressure, beginning the first in a series of “informative pickets” outside University General Hospital next Tuesday, April 1 at 9:00 am.  This hospital is located at 2929 South Hampton Rd in the South Oak Cliff section of Dallas.

It is hoped the hospital will not want the negative publicity that will surely come from being associated with a character as notorious as Robinson.  He has long been one of the latest term abortion providers in Texas, routinely killing viable babies up to 24 weeks.  Not that viability makes abortion any worse, all abortion is an evil straight out of hell.  But it does serve to indicate the extremity of Robinson’s acts, and the hospital’s complicity in them.

Hopefully many souls will be able to come out and witness for life.  And hopefully only one such demonstration will be necessary to get the hospital to revoke these privileges.

Please come out if you at all can.  Defending life is both a spiritual and a corporal work of mercy, as is doing penance for the hideous sin of abortion.

“We know so strict is divine justice that no sin will go unpunished; it must be expiated in this world or in the next. Far better is it for thee, O sinner, to atone for thy sins of thy own accord in this world than to leave it to the just Judge to chastise thee for them in the next.”

Even non-dogmatic revelation may require assent of human faith March 26, 2014

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I was at a catechism class last night, and the priest spent quite a bit of time talking about private revelation and the assent of faith required of Catholics with regard to such revelations.

I learned quite a bit.  I took a few notes, but didn’t record the talk, so I may mess some up, so please bear with me.

Hopefully my readers know what a private revelation is.  Public revelation is Sacred Scripture and ended with the annuncia22adeath of the last Apostle.  Certainly, the Church believes many things dogmatically that are not necessarily straight out of Scripture (like the Trinity), but all public revelation ended around AD 100 when St. John died.   The Magisterium has continued to understand the Faith better and better, however, through slow accrual of the assent of Faith on theological arguments and thoughts produced by many great Saints and Fathers.

Now, private revelation is something like the apparitions of Our Lady at Lourdes, or Quito, or the Lord to St. Margaret Mary, etc.  These are called private revelations because they are typically made to only one person or a small group at a time, and because they are outside the Apostolic Age.

There are different levels of recognition given to private revelations.  Some are recognized as being valid on a our-lady-of-fatima-4local level by a bishop or perhaps a regional synod.  Others, like Fatima, Lourdes, and Akita, are recognized by the Sovereign Pontiff as being worthy of belief by all Catholics.  But I had always thought even this declaration was strictly optional, meaning, you could leave it or take it and remain a fully faithful Catholic.

This priest last night argued differently.  While all Catholics must give the full assent of supernatural faith to all dogmatic beliefs stemming from public revelation, even private revelation requires at least human faith.  Supernatural faith is a gift of Grace, but human faith is something we can all assent to.

So, regarding Fatima, for instance, it is, according to this priest, a sin of pride and temerity to reject it or cast severe doubt on whether the apparitions occurred.  By so doing, one would basically be saying that the Holy See doesn’t know what it’s talking about and that it had erred by declaring this apparition as worthy of belief for the universal Church.  akita

I think this could also get back to that discussion I gave the other day on Limbo, when I said that because Limbo had not been dogmatically defined, Catholics were free to think differently.  By this logic, doing so would be at least imprudent, at best, because of the vast amount of theological opinion and support – even by popes and great bishops of the past – that has been given to belief in Limbo.  I have probably been imprudent – I pray not sinful – in telling people in the past they could take such belief or leave it and remain faithful.  It would seem, Catholics would need to strive to accept this belief, or at least not dismiss it.

Appari1Likewise then, for some of these really well known and strongly supported private revelations, we need to accept them at least as having a message worthy of belief.  And that’s the main key, not so much the details or miracles associated with the apparitions themselves, but the messages they have conveyed.

And what has Our Blessed Mother been trying desperately to tell us going back 4 centuries now, from S. America to Europe, to Japan, including the greatest miracle the world has seen at least since Christ walked this earth (Fatima)?  Penance, penance, penance.  Suffer for others.  Pray like mad.  God is very unhappy.  The first chastisement was by water, the last will be by fire from Heaven (Fatima, Akita).

After so many attempts to get our attention, we might out to listen to Her.

New pro-life blog to check out – prolife365.com – UPDATE, another good local blog! March 26, 2014

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A friend and fellow parishioner of mine has started a new pro-life blog.  It’s so new there is only one post but it should be good, because the author, Kevin Kukla, and his wife Melissa are pro-life stalwarts in the Dallas Diocese.

The first post discusses how Kevin played a role in finding aborted baby parts in the dumpsters of abortion mills.  That raised a ruckus when the news first broke in 2008, but I’m sure it still goes on, because abortionists are fundamentally immoral.  A priest last night at a catechism class spoke of how sin darkens the intellect and clouds one’s thinking, leading one further and further down a path of darkness.  Think of how much murdering a dozen or two babies a day would darken the intellect!  So, it’s little surprise abortionists have few scruples about improperly disposing of the babies they kill.  To them, they’re just the “products of conception,” anyways, and not a “real” human being.

As for me, perhaps it’s the abortionists who are not the “real” human beings.

Some excerpts from that first post:

I hope not much time would be needed to convince you that our culture is a mess:  Rampant promiscuity.  Widespread sexually transmitted diseases.  Commonplace pornography use.  A 50% divorce rate.  Fatherless homes.  Unabashed promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.  So-called “same-sex marriage.”  The list goes on and on of scourges on our culture.

I hereby propose that the cause of the majority of our cultural decline is a product of the acceptance of contraception use.  [Woot!  I think it is a major part.  Of course, I think there are also some deeper roots: such as the protestant exaltation of the self and the subsequent deformation in the proper understanding of the Faith viz a viz society (it is via protestantism that we got the noxious idea that religion should be compartmentalized into one’s private life and not be a matter of affairs of state), but contraception is one of the core causes for our ongoing societal collapse]

Such a thesis will be explored and, I believe, proven over time, in postings on this blog.

Widespread porn use? Well, why not? If sex is merely a pleasureful experience, according to the contraceptive mentality.

Rampant fatherless homes? Makes sense, does it not? I mean, raising children is not supposed to be a byproduct of having sex, according to the contraceptive mentality.

There is a lot more at prolife365.com.  Go check it out!

UPDATE:  I am such a jerk.  A long time reader has also started up a blog I have been meaning to intro for some time, but I have kept forgetting to do so.  And I did so again today.  Let me correct that.

There is another local Catholic blog that started up some time back – The Unfinished Tales of a Hunt County Catholic.  The reader who operates that blog has been kind enough to link to my blog several times, and I’ve been reading his for a while.  Unfinished Tales covers a variety of topics, not just strictly theological or directly Church-related, but also on the domestic church, raising a family in the country, livestock, and a host of other matters. I’ve been enjoying it a lot and could not kick myself for not having blogged on it earlier.  But now I have.  So go check it out, too!  Actually, I know some readers have, and I’ve seen they seem to enjoy it, too.

Humility key to knowing our place March 26, 2014

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Another post in a Lenten series on humility from Divine Intimacy by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen.  Humility is the key to knowing our place in the economy of salvation and in acquiring the practice of virtue which is truly pleasing to God and efficacious of Grace:

Among all the creatures in which we take pleasure and toward which our nature seems to be attracted the most, self undoubtedly holds the first place.  There is no one, no matter how limited in zurbaran23talents and good qualities, who does not love his own excellence, and who does not try, in one way or another, to make it shine forth to himself and to others. It is for this reason that we often spontaneously exaggerate our own worth, and as a result are demanding and pretentious. This makes us haughty and arrogant, as well as difficult in our relations with others.  Humility is the virtue which keeps within just limits the love of one’s own excellence. Whereas self-esteem often induces us to make ourselves too evident, or to occupy a place which is higher than our due, humility keeps us in our own place. [And think about how our culture constantly exhorts us to worry about OURselves, OUR self esteem, OUR needs, OUR wants.  It is endless, and profoundly disordered to the right conduct of the interior life]  Humility is truth: it tends to establish in truth both our intellect-by making us know ourselves as we really are-and our life, by inclining us to take, in relation to God and to men, our proper place and no other.

Humility makes us realize that, in the sight of God, we are only His little creature, entirely dependent on Him for our existence and for all our works.  Having received life from God, we 381_ blog  St Francis Meditation kneeling skull Bible F_ de Zurbarancannot subsist even one moment independently from Him.  He who have us existence by His creative action, maintains life in us by His conserving action..……

……It follows then that everything we possess in the order of being – qualities, gifts, capacities – and everything we have accomplished in the order of action, is not ours, but all, in one way or another, are gifts of God, all are acts performed with God’s help. [Save for our sins and failings, those are our own]  “What hast thou that thou hast not received?  And if thou has received it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?” (1 Cor IV:7)

In the supernatural order, where everything depends on Grace, the words of Jesus, “Without Me you can do nothing” (Jn XV:5), are more strictly verified. Although in Baptism, sanctifying Grace raised us to the supernatural order, and the infused virtues made us capable of producing supernatural acts, still St. Paul says: “No man can say the Lord Jesus, but by the Holy Ghost” (1 Cor XII:3). In order to perform even the tiniest supernatural act we need God’s help; we need actual Grace which prevents us by its inspirations and accompanies us in the act until it is accomplished.

The great theologian, who has profoundly studied Catholic doctrine, has as absolute a need of actual Grace in order to put into practice the most insignificant point of Catholic doctrine or to produce a single act of the love of God as does the peasant who knows nothing beyond his catechism.  Even a Saint, one who has received so many favors and divine lights and has attained to heroic virtue, cannot perform the smallest Saint Catherine of Siena 2virtuous act without the help of actual Grace. How total then must be our dependence upon God! We are very far from the truth if, trusting in our own knowledge or long practice in the spiritual life, we believe that our lights or our virtues are sufficient to make us act like good Christians [In fact, this is a condemned heresy, Pelagianism] …...Without God we cannot think, or speak, or desire any good, “for it is God who worketh in you both to will and to accomplish, according to His good will” (Phil II:13).

Of ourselves, then, we have only the one capacity which belongs to our limited nature, injured by original sin: the capacity to fail in our duties and to sin.  If we take away from ourselves what is of God, we will find that of ourselves we are nothing, or rather less than nothing, for nothingness is incapable of offending God, while we have this sad capability.

St. Catherine of Siena: “O omnipotent Father, God of Truth, God of Love, permit me to enter into the cell of self-knowledge. I admit that of myself I am nothing, but that all the being and goodness in me comes solely from You.  Show me my faults, that I may detest my malice, and thus I shall flee from self-love and find myself clothed again in the nuptial robe of Divine Charity, which I must have in order to be admitted to the nuptials of life eternal.”stjohn_eudes_lg

St. John Eudes: “Give m, O my God, a thorough knowledge of myself! Let me be really convinced that I am nothing and that You are everything! Do not let me think that I am anything more than the nothing I am. Let me do nothing more for myself, but all for You!  Grant that no creature may think any more about me, do anything more for me, give me anything more, but let all be done for You and given to You. And may my nothingness be reduced to nothing in the eyes of all creatures and in Yours, my God, that You, the All, may be all, in all and through all.”

————-End Quote————

Yesterday was the glorious Feast of the Annunciation, when God’s supernatural plan for the salvation of this lowly creature He, in infinite beneficence, made in His own image, first came to fruition in time.  Our Lady is the perfect catherine of sienamodel of all virtues, but especially the virtue of humility.  Think on how She, so exalted and sinless as to bear the inestimable honor to bear God Incarnate within Her, never once had recourse to pride or exalted Herself in any way.  Think on how it was Our Lady’s immense humility that made Her a fit Vessel to bear and raise the Son of God.  Our Lady achieved such immense heights by taking Herself into the depths of humility.  So many other great Saints, like those two above, did the same.

We must always bear in mind that any and every good we manage to do is only cooperation with Grace.  That is the sole good we are capable of:  to cooperate with that great torrent of Grace God constantly makes available to souls who are his through baptism and who have not committed any grave sin.

Lent is a great time to try to refocus our efforts on humility.  And Lent always reminds me that blogging is an endeavor uniquely opposed to humility!

Lord, have mercy!  I’m schizophrenic!


Apostolic Commissioner denying TLM to Franciscans of the Immaculate March 26, 2014

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The way the Church tends to operate tends to lead to a great deal of speculation and even misinformation.  Because the Church normally refuses to address matters of discipline (especially details) publicly, there tends to be a certain void in terms of finding out what’s going on.  That void can sometimes be exploited by miscreants on both sides – those outside a situation who may have a vested interest in how it plays out can present things in a certain way, while the blanket of silence that falls over disciplinary acts can sometimes permit those doing the disciplining to act very unjustly.

This situation regarding the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate is a perfect case in point.  We have been told very little over the past year and a half by the Apostolic Commissioner appointed, it seems, to radically change the FFI’s charism, regarding what is going on within the FFIs and what his future plans are.  And some of what has been said by this commissioner – Fr. Volpi, OFM Cap – has been shown to be rather removed from the true situation.

When all this came down, and it was plain that the action amounted to an insurrection by a very small minority of the FFI’s membership against the direction the vast majority of their confrere’s and the FFI’s leadership felt called to take the order – towards a much closer alignment with the traditional practice of the Faith – we saw that much of the effort to change the direction of this group centered around the TLM.  The TLM had been pretty freely offered within the FFIs before the intervention-cum-coup, and it was apparent that the availability of the TLM was going to be a focal point of the intervention.  This control over the ability to offer the TLM seemed in stark contrast to Summorum Pontificum, and scandalized many.

But no worries, we were told – the FFIs will only have to sue for permission to offer the TLM, and it will surely be granted.  Indeed, last summer, after news of this most severe intervention came to light, there were reports that permission was indeed being granted for the TLM.  Unfortunately, after that came numerous reports that TLM apostolates the FFIs had offered, particularly in Italy, were being shut down.  The situation became as clear as mud.

But recently an article appeared in the Italian press that indicates that all requests sent to the Apostolic Commissioner and the new leadership of the FFI (all of whom formed part of this coup against the FFI’s founder) asking “permission” to offer the TLM have not been refused, nor affirmed.  They have simply been ignored, in the vast majority of cases. Whereas there were 33 TLMs offered by the FFIs in Italy every Sunday before the intervention, today, there are 3.  There are only a couple others permitted around the world, so that the number of regular TLMs offered by the FFIs has been cut down by over 90%.  As any lay person who has requested the TLM or even the NO in Latin from a recalcitrant bishop can tell you, silence tends to be the modus operandi in such matters.  It’s much easier – although totally uncharitable – to just pretend the request never happened, rather than have to come out publicly denying the evil old Mass that so undermines dreams of modernist progressive glory.

The article at the link is long, and spends quite a bit of time the horrible false choice being foisted on all the FFIs – the Commissioner and his allies are apparently requiring all the Friars to make a choice (by swearing an oath and taking other concrete actions) between “the pope or Fr. Manelli” – and yet, Fr. Manelli has not as yet been accused as doing anything that would put him at odds with the Pope!  But the simple fact of the intervention itself, carefully engineered by a small group of disaffected Friars and their friends in the Congregation for Religious, is used as a justification to separate the Friars from their founder, and – and this has been the point all along – their growing traditional practice of the Faith.

This appears to be the “new rule:” no order or group not specifically founded to adhere to the traditional practice of the Faith will ever be allowed to migrate in that direction.  However, regarding the FFI’s, they on more than a few occasions received papal approval for the direction they were taking!  But not the approval of this pope, apparently.  Thus, the “new rule,” same as the old rule we saw back in the 70s and 80s.

Keep praying for the Friars!  Only intervention of the Holy Spirit can save them now.

UPDATE:  According to Pray for the Friars, there is also this:

It’s been reported secret meetings are being held between Fr. Fidenzio Volpi and some of the 5 petitioners plus some ”new wave” friars tied to them. They’re reportedly planning a complete paradigm shift in Franciscan Friars of Immaculate charism and a perpetual Vetus Ordo Mass limitation, to be inserted in constitutions.

Pray for the Friars also reports hearing that lax lifestyles are already entering into some FFI communities.  How much of this is true, I don’t know, but that sainted group of 5, including the two Angelos, have met with with the Fox running the henhouse quite a bit, and have been “evangelizing” FFI apostolates on the new order of things.