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Former communist states refuse to have sodo-marriage imposed on them March 27, 2014

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This is a good and interesting article via Tancred at Eponymous Flower on how many formerly communist eastern European countries are refusing to allow Western perverse interest groups to foist their immoralities on them.  Said differently, more and more East European countries are formally defining marriage as being between only a man and a woman in their constitutions, and some countries, like Hungary, have given Christian belief special emphasis in those constitutions.  There is an interesting comment below I think is the key to this phenomenon:

In Slovakia an historic agreement between the political left and the political right has been made. “We will anchor in the Constitution that marriage can exist only between a man and a woman,” says Jan Figel, Vice President of the Slovak Parliament. “It is a response to the attempt to seek to impose gender theory on us.”.

Last 24 February  the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and the Christian Democrat, Jan Figel (KDH) agreed on a constitutional amendment. The two leaders of the Socialists and Christian Democrats were considering to establish  marriage as a union between a man and a woman in the Constitution. “The constitutional amendment prohibits the legalization of marriage between same sex people,” said Figel…… [And it seems likely to pass, at present, 96 out of 150 members of parliament are in favor]

…….Already in 2012, the electoral program of the socialist-led government focused on supporting the family. Even then,   marriage was enshrined as a union between a man and a woman in the election program. With this line, which is different from that of the socialist president of France, Fico had success to date.

The Eastern Central Europe thus defines an open counter-position to the west. Croatia decided in a referendum to enshrine marriage as a union between a man and a woman in the Constitution. Romania recently rejected “gay marriage”. Slovakia wants also to change  its Constitution in this sense. The corresponding amendment has been introduced by Fico.

…..Figel is of the opinion that the former Communist countries are more sensitive to ideological monopolization. It can not be that a certain ideology should be imposed on all. “We have a clear idea of ​​marriage and family,” said Figel, “and we do not want to be lectured to from outside”.

But it seems we here in the wild wild west have forgotten what it is that made all these “rights” and “freedoms” we are so enamored of possible – the family, children, hard work, and above all the Christian Faith.  I pray we start to remember before it is too late.

This also shows how persecution and martyrdom tends to provide the seeds of future renewal in the Church. The Church was horribly subjugated for decades in Eastern Europe, but how there seems to be a new flowering, still quite nascent and threatened by all the errors afflicting the Church (relativism, indifferentism, coldness of heart…..), but there nonetheless.

Maybe the next great restoration will come from the eastern portion of the Church.  It would be fine with me….

But yes, I know, not something to hold one’s breath over.


1. discipleofthedumbox - March 27, 2014

What is amazing to me is how many folks I run into locally who still think that we are somehow locked in a cold war with the Russians and the other former communist countries and with all that that entails, i.e. belief that they are godless commies and what not. Yet we are seeing evidence daily that the reverse is actually true. While there appears to be a revival in Christian belief over there, we here in these oh-so-free United States of America are as a people turning our backs on the Sacred Heart of Jesus and embracing a practical atheist worldview. Looks to me more and more that our Lady’s requested consecration has indeed taken place.

Molly - March 27, 2014

Funny, this post also brought our Lady’s words to my minds, about the errors of Russia, but I thought the opposite – that either the consecration did not take place, or perhaps it took place to late to prevent those errors from being embraced by policy makers in the U.S. For example, I’ve learned much about the influence of Russian thought and pedagogy upon the American education system from reading Robin Eubanks’ blog Invisible Serfs Collar (aka the most in-depth analysis about the roots of Common Core that I’ve found).

It’s confounding to me that these former Eastern bloc countries are rejecting the errors of Russia, or at least some of the errors, while those same errors are embraced here. Perhaps the consecration came too late for the U.S.?

Sigh. Maybe it’s time to move to Malta.

discipleofthedumbox - March 28, 2014

The evidence seems pretty clear to me that it has been done. Due to the delays in properly performing the act, I believe that we have seen that the errors have spread to our continent and that also this has resulted in a great deal of strife over the years, however, in light of recent developments it seems that Our Lady’s promise that God will save Russia is being fulfilled though at a rate that I suspect many are not yet comfortable with. I take a rather long view of this. For me, it all started with the fall of the Berlin wall back in 1989 (which neither I nor many others did not see coming) and has been developing slowly ever since.

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