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A follow-up on episcopal palaces March 28, 2014

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I posted yesterday on the scandal of the cash-strapped Archdiocese of Atlanta spending nearly $5 million on residences for Archbishop Wilton Gregory and three cathedral priests.  My wife made a really good point last night that I thought worth sharing.

I think many faithful have the sense that situations like this – and they are legion* – are indicative of an episcopate that has really lost its way.  My wife noted this, and said how upside-down and inside-out things are: “we” the Church used to have glorious, beautiful churches and humble priests and bishops who lived very simply, now we have ugly “humble” churches and bishops (and some priests) who live in great opulence and extravagance.  

That says a very great deal.  It speaks to the worldliness that has crept so very deeply into the Church.  It reveals a highly disordered materialism that is extremely difficult to reconcile with the kind of interior life one would expect a faithful bishop to have.  And it shows how utterly misplaced priorities are, where parishes are often built to the lowest possible cost point with no thought of how to truly sacrifice and scrimp to make something lasting and magnificent, while lavish lifestyles are reserved for Amchurch’s local branch managers.

Some might think this is belaboring the point, but I don’t think too big a deal can be made out of this.  It is scandalous in an age of parish and school closures, declining attendance, and massive dysfunction in the Faith for such huge sums to be wasted on episcopal residences of this type, and, again, there are a LOT of them

In fact, there is a close correlation between how liberal a prelate is, and how auspicious his style of living.  See Robert Lynch, Joseph Bernadin, et. al., for details.

* – There are also opposite examples of bishops selling mansions and adopting very simple manners of living. They are to be applauded for this.



1. Woody - March 28, 2014

One more item that should be placed in all bulletins of all parishes in the Atlanta diocese. Please look for your invitation to the BBQ to be held at the Archbishop’s new residence in the near future. Mutton will be included on the menu.

2. TG - March 28, 2014

Good points made by your wife.

3. Baseballmom - March 28, 2014

Did anyone else read, a few years back, that some folks were promoting a cause for canonization for Cardinal Bernadin? I recalled chuckling quite a bit when I read that… I guess it was shut down rather quickly?

TG - March 28, 2014

Don’t make me laugh aloud at work.

TG - March 28, 2014

But I do hope he repented and is in purgatory. However, having that gay choir at his funeral speaks volumns.

TG - March 28, 2014

I used the word “gay” – meant homosexual

4. TG - March 28, 2014

Does anyone know why Father Z removed the “reading Francis thru Benedict” on his website?

5. Anna - March 28, 2014

Your wife is very wise. I never even thought of it like that. Something to contemplate.

6. Marguerite - March 29, 2014

That’s why I won’t give a cent to the Bishop’s Appeal in Tampa, Florida. Whether the money is used for good or naught I don’t know. After Bishop Lynch forsook Terri Schiavo I’m highly suspect. I also won’t contribute to the renovation of some of these churches, unless they put in real stained glass windows, instead of pieces of shard, and put the Crucifix (not the Risen Christ) and Tabernacle back on the main altar.

7. Brian Fahey - March 30, 2014

Why don’t churches spend some of that extravigance on church organs. Some of those old weezers malign the hymnody. When we sing we pray twice. Those nasty old organs don’t support singing. How can that underpin our praise of our Lord?

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