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I can share some absolutely amazing news on the local pro-life front April 1, 2014

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When HB2 was being debated furiously in the Texas Legislature last summer, and all the demonic/satanic forces came out of the woodwork to stop it, I was surprised to find some Catholic voices saying HB2, as positive as it was, still could not be supported because it supported the basic idea of keeping abortion legal.  Some folks said the only kind of law “true” pro-lifers could support was one that banned all abortions immediately.

That’s a lovely thought, and one I would fervently support (in addition to praying for on a daily, ongoing basis), but surveying the culture around us, the likelihood of such a measure passing is nil.  But HB2 provided measures that are sure to make abortion much, much less available in this state, and will result in the saving of many lives.  As such, it always had my support.

Let me relate to you what HB2 has achieved, and is in the process of achieving, just here in the Diocese of Dallas:

  1. Lamar Robinson has had his privileges at University General Hospital revoked, but I can also reveal he has sold his abortuary in Dallas to UT Southwestern Medical Center and the property will be razed.  Robinson plans to continue offering abortions in East Texas if he can get privileges.  He will exit the Dallas Diocese entirely, it is believed, as of Sept. 30.  It is certain, however, that his mill will be razed to the ground as part of UT Southwestern’s continuing expansion.
  2. Heavy pressure is being applied to Dallas Medical Center to revoke the privileges of the abortionists at Routh Street mill on Central Expressway.  We will have to see if Dallas Medical Center wants to be seen associated with filthy abortion mills.
  3. Planned Barrenhood shut down their abortion referral center in Irving last Dec. 31.  This is due in part to HB2.
  4. This last bit is not entirely confirmed, but will be most significant:  another measure of HB2, requiring abortuaries to meet the same minimum health and safety requirements as other ambulatory surgery centers, goes into effect Oct. 1.  I have been told that because of this measure, ALL abortion mills in the Diocese of Dallas (save one) will close on or before that date, because their antiquated, sub-standard, often filthy facilities will cost too much to upgrade to still allow abortionists that money they crave while providing at least a minimum of safety for the women involved in this barbaric practice.  I say all but one, Curtis Boyd’s Southwest Women’s Surgery Center will remain open, it was designed to meet those requirements, more or less, from the get go.  But I am told Planned Barrenhood will close their mill on Greenville (yes, even Planned Barrenhood, because the only thing they love more than abortion is money), Routh Street will shut down, and Robinson has already sold out.  From what I was told, these closures are a direct result of HB2 and the ambulatory surgery center standards it requires.  As of late this year, there will only be two abortion mills open in the metroplex, Southwest Women’s Surgery Center and Planned Barrenhood’s Fort Worth mega-mill.  All this info comes not from pro-life sources but from an insider in the abortion industry in the DFW area.

If this holds – if HB2 is not overturned (I sincerely doubt it will be), if pro-abort radicals don’t funnel money to some of these mills to keep them open, if the abortionists don’t change their minds, if new mills that meet the new standards don’t open to take the place of those closing (again, I doubt this will happen),etc – we will see abortions in the Dallas area radically reduced and made much more difficult to obtain.  Pro-life forces will be able to focus their energies on just the one mill in each Diocese, which ought to result in heavy pressure around these mills.

Curtis Boyd is quite old – 73 or 74.  I know he has trained some younger abortionists to step in when he finally retires or passes away, but I doubt they will have the ideological commitment he does.  Boyd is an unabashed pro-abort ideologue, he knows he’s killing babies but doesn’t care.  But will those who follow him be so committed?  Time will tell.

But if all this comes down, it will not be exaggeration to say that we could honestly look forward to the day when there isn’t a single abortion mill in the Diocese of Dallas.  I would like to take this opportunity to offer and challenge any priests reading this post to amp up their presence outside Boyd’s mill on Greenville Avenue in Dallas.  Heavy presence of priests, seminarians, and even the bishop outside mills got them shut down in the Diocese of Rockford.  There is no abortion mill in Rockford, but it was a long, hard, mostly spiritual fight.  There was a huge amount of diabolical activity associated with the process of getting that last, most militant mill shut down.  In charity, I would hope that priests would not leave their flock unguarded outside these centers of evil, but would do all they possibly can to both witness to life and engage in the mighty spiritual warfare that occurs around these altars to satan.

But for now, truly stupendous, amazing news.  It appears HB2 is doing much to radically reduce the availability of abortion in the State of Texas.


1. kuklakevin - April 1, 2014

Hallelujah! This is very encouraging!

2. discipleofthedumbox - April 1, 2014

Good. Keeping it local, working locally ultimately leads to local triumphs. Now, if our federal overlords just stay out of our business…

3. Molly - April 1, 2014

This is a terrific summary of all the positive benefits of HB2. I hope the priests and the bishop participate on the sidewalks. Sadly, here in San Antonio, the trajectory is the opposite – Planned Barrenhood is building a new facility that will obey the letter of HB2. This despite the fact that there already is an ASC abortion mill (non-PP) in San Antonio, so clearly PP wants market share (b/c if were so concerned about “rural access”, they would be building the new facility in a rural area). Will our Archbishop be out there, protesting? Unlikely. Will the local Saul Alinsky outfit, C.O.P.S./Metro, who is so eager to partner with Catholic parishes (and take their $), protest? Unlikely.

4. M P P - April 1, 2014

Deo Gratias! Sadly it may be a matter of time until PP with its mega-bucks does start to meet standards. But may no abortionists be found…

5. Paselma@aol.com - April 1, 2014

Sweet, sweet, sweet!

I’m continuing my prayers that PERMISSION to allow life from conception to natural death will return to the United States, and the world.

They say Stalin murdered 10 million, and look what that cost Russia in terms of war and destruction?



6. Hannah - April 2, 2014

Wonderful! Deo Gratias!

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