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Cardinal Brandmuller: Doctrinal chaos due to bad formation – of hierarchy April 2, 2014

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Cardinal Walter Brandmuller is one of the most tradition-friendly Cardinals in the entire Church.  He is the main competition Cardinal Burke has for offering the most TLMs.

So, he’s a pretty orthodox prelate, as such goes these days.  And he blames the current chaos in the Church, especially the idiocy emanating from Germany, on really bad formation.  And not just bad formation of the laity, but of most priests and bishops, too:

 Ignorance of Catholic doctrine among bishops and theologians is in the opinion of Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, the main reason for the current “chaos” in the Church. Given the internal Church debate on marriage and family the “unadulterated Catholic doctrine” is in danger, said the German cardinal and ecclesiastical historian of the Italian newspaper “Il Foglio” (Thursday). [There isn’t any “debate.”  What is being proffered is some way to ignore plain Dogma, revealed by Christ and constantly adhered to by the Church for 2000 years, even when such has brought enormous suffering to the Church, which could have been avoided if the Church just gave way on this matter of divorce. But She cannot, because we are dealing with a completely irreformable Dogma.  And it is both heresy and a mortal sin to either reject that Dogma, or to claim that it can somehow be changed, or is “debatable.”]
Under bishops, preachers, catechists and “especially among moral theology professors”, there often prevails an absence or lack of  clarity about the doctrine, complained Brandmüller. Adding to the resulting confusion are bishops who claim that the Catholic moral teaching is not up to date. [Apparently, for these men, the Truth is not something divinely revealed which we must accept, on pain of sin, but it is simply one of many opinions that compete for acceptance in the so-called market-place of ideas. Yet another reason why Our Blessed Lord instituted His Church not as a democracy, but as a monarchical institution.]
 Brandmüller also identified statements by Bishop Stephan Ackermann of Trier to a renewal of moral and sexual education. Ackermann might be right if he meant that believers are more motivated to live a life according to Catholic doctrine, and this needed to be better explained. He could, however, be wrong, if he wanted to have said that the Catholic doctrine no longer fits the times, says the cardinal. Ackermann told “Mainzer Allgemeine” early February declaring in an editorial interview that he saw the need for a change of morality and sexual ethics of the Church. It is no longer appropriate, to refuse divorced and remarried   admission to the sacraments permanently and consider premarital sex in general as a grave sin. At the same time Ackermann stressed he  is not about making fundamental changes in teaching. [HA!  That’s like saying, there is no Trinity, or, Christ really didn’t rise from the dead, and then saying “but saying such does not fundamentally affect “teaching.”]

Regarding heresy being mortally sinful: it is, if the person in question knows he is rejecting an irreformable Dogma.  Can bishops in Germany, the USA, and many other countries be so very badly formed that they are truly ignorant of what constitutes an irreformable Dogma, or are they only pretending such because it suits their purposes?  I don’t think we can truly know in this life, unless one of these men pens a detailed manifesto, which, if they are so ignorant, they are probably incapable of, anyway.

Either way, it is a scandal of the highest proportions that we could have a situation in the Church where prelates are either guilty of mass heresy, or they are so horribly formed they can’t even begin to speak to Catholic doctrine. But knowing what we know of how atrocious seminary formation was, especially in the period many of these prelates were being formed (and lets face it, these are men who obviously learned very well how to please their progressive masters in seminary, and afterwards – they really know how to play the progressive game, and may even honestly have accepted many modernist errors), it may not be improbable that many of these men simply do not know come here from sick ’em when it comes to Doctrine.

But I’m pretty dubious even of this.  If we were talking about fine details the nature of the Holy Trinity, or aspects of the generation of the Holy Spirit, I think ignorance could be seen as a viable possibility.  But we are talking about moral law which corresponds quite well to the natural law, which even non-Christians, without the light of faith that comes from Baptism, are able to comprehend from reason alone.  And these Dogmas relate to such all-important cultural touchstones, given our culture’s obsession with sex, it seems pretty unlikely that bishops and priests of the Church could truly be ignorant of Catholic Doctrine on these matters. Even most non-Catholics are aware of what the Church formally believes when it comes to matters revolving around the marital act.

Either way, it’s a scandal of terrific proportions. We haven’t seen mass heresy in the ranks of the clergy on a scale like this since the protestant revolt against the Church.

And once again, it is centered in Germany.  Surprise, surprise.



Persecution – faithful nun barred from Charlotte by homothugs April 2, 2014

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I suspect we’ll be seeing more and more of this, which is pathetic, because so much of this is just stupid tribalism of the most base kind.  People who 2 or 3 or 5  years ago were opposed to the sham sodomite rights agenda, or at least disinterested, realized they can signal their “elite status” by parroting opinions fed to them by the dominant media.  What is stunning is the degree of passion involved – from a matter that was on essentially no one’s radar ten or twelve years ago, to sodo-rights today being a matter of dire cultural import!  And that passion comes from tribalism and insecurity – a desire to signal one is on the “winning” team and fear that one someone just might find out that a year to two or three ago this now passionate supporter then thought sodo-marriage a bad thing.

Is this not one sick freakin world we live in now?  Where being opposed to perversion now makes your the freak?!?

To the details: a nun of the Dominicans of St. Cecilia in Nashville, TN – a solid orthodox order – gave a talk on certain aspects of marriage, the family, and chastity to a group of Catholic school students in Charlotte, NC.  This talk was based on theology of the body, which means it was hardly hardcore Thomism and moral theology from Liguori.  Leaving aside our personal opinions regarding ToB, this talk also apparently reiterated some aspects of Church belief regarding “homosexuality.”  Remember, these were Catholic school students.

Did most students receive the talk well?  Were most parents supportive of their Catholic school students, at one of the more orthodox parishes in Charlotte, getting basic, completely unremarkable formation?

In a word, no:

Parents of Charlotte Catholic High School students have been invited to a meeting at the school at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 2, after an online petition started by a student questioned the views of a speaker at a recent assembly who spoke on human sexuality. 

The petition was launched in response to a talk by Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, a Dominican from Nashville, Tenn., and a frequent speaker in the Diocese of Charlotte. She spoke to an all-school assembly March 21 on “Masculinity and Femininity: Difference and Gift,” which explains Catholic teaching about gender using Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. [So, again, this talk probably quoted the 1990s catechism and used very gentle terms when discussing certain sexual sins, including the sins of sodom and gomorrah.  But anything less that flowery, effusive praise for that particular perversion is, today, tantamount to secular heresy]

Sister Jane’s March 21 address to students, which was arranged by Father Kauth, was based on a series of instructional videos she created for Aquinas College in Nashville where she is an associate professor. She has a doctorate in sacred theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome.

Speaking last week about the purpose of the student assembly, Father Arnsparger said, “Our students are bombarded with confusing messages about sexuality. Our task in religious formation is always to help people understand the meaning of love and relationships.”

According to the www.newmanconnection.com website where Sister Jane’s videos are posted, her presentations focus on the differences between the genders, the role of the family in nurturing each child’s unique gifts, the importance of real friendships and emotional intimacy, and the impacts of contemporary culture and the media on our concepts of sexuality.

School officials said Sister Jane spent about half of her hour-long talk on homosexuality, including attributing a correlation between the decline of fatherhood in America and the rise in homosexuality.

It was that portion of her talk that sparked the petition and a counter petition, followed by emails, comments in social media and blogs. One email asked readers to contact school and diocesan leadership to express their support for Sister Jane. School officials said a majority of the emails they have received oppose the views expressed by Sister Jane.

Of course they do!  Because we live a sexular pagan sewer!

It turns out, in fact, that opposition was so intense, Sister Laurel had to cancel her planned conference next month.

Thuggery, it seems, pays, and handsomely.

So, let’s see: a Catholic nun gives a talk on some basic Catholic beliefs – from a very modern perspective – including the fact that so-called homosexuals are profoundly disordered (which can be proven by numerous means without appeal to any authority), and the result is people – ostensible Catholics – just beside themselves with sexular pagan scandal.  I would like to say I am surprised, but I am not.  Your average “Catholic” today is a manifest heretic.  Worse, they are an avowed enemy of the faith.

We can see what kind of opposition truly orthodox, let alone traditional, priests and religious face.  When a sweet little nun (a real one, not a fake agent of leftist agitprop) become the target of parental outrage and statements that SHE is the one that is somehow deranged – from Catholic school students! – you know we are truly well and far into some demonic territory.

Get ready for much worse. They intend to make us suffer for convicting them of their sin.  And the worst treatment of all will come from self-proclaimed “fellow Catholics.”  But we must always remember, if they’d had all the graces, good formation, and benefits we’d have, they’d be way holier than I am, whereas if I’d lived their life, I’d be way worse off than they are.

Clinging to Christ is the only thing to help us through the coming dark times.

Thanks to reader MFG.  I see Fr. Z and 18,000 other sites have already covered this, which I didn’t know because I hardly read anyone anymore!  What good am I, then?!?


First Friday at the Carmel This Friday April 4 April 2, 2014

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All Night Adoration with the good Carmelite nuns this Friday, April 4 starts at 5pm.  TLMs at 8pm and 3am, Confession before and after.  Vigil ends Saturday at 7am with a NO Mass.

Also, Confraternity of the Holy Face devotions Sunday, April 6 at 3:30 pm.

The Carmel of the Infant Jesus of Prague and St. Joseph is at 600 Flowers Ave, Dallas, 75211.

The nuns will storm Heaven!  Join them!

All details here——->>>>>Allnightcarmelites_march_april 2014



Great news! First TLM in decades to be offered in Brownsville Easter Sunday! – UPDATED April 2, 2014

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While this notice will most affect – and, I think, be joyously received – by readers in the Rio Grande Valley, it has import for all readers.  The first diocesan Traditional Latin Mass offered in decades in Brownsville will take place on Easter Sunday, at 9:30am, at the Sacred Heart parish at 602 E. Elizabeth St., Brownsville, TX 78526.  This is a fine, beautiful parish that has not been too heavily touched by modernizing, modernist influences.  It still retains much of its glory.  It should make a very fine setting for a Traditional Latin Mass.

I am also told that, since the Cathedral in Brownsville will be closed for renovations until well into summer, the Cathedral Rector is offering this Mass, and the Cathedral chorale will perform the Chant.

What a great, glorious blessing!  I had been told by a good, faithful local priest that Bishop Daniel Flores, who was installed as Ordinary in Brownsville, would be a “good one.”  I pray so!  This is certainly a most positive sign.  I pray this Mass is very well attended, and that it leads to a proliferation of TLMs in the Diocese of Brownsville and the entire Rio Grande Valley, where the Catholic population is very large but not terribly traditional.  This could do the entire area a great deal of good.

Heretofore, TLMs have been few and far between in the Valley, although  there is a weekly one in Pharr at a parish administered by the Oratorians.  Many people don’t know how big the Valley is, however,  but Pharr is about an hour from Brownsville and and hour and a half from Port Isabel and SPI.

UPDATE: So, I had some pics here from another blog, but the owner came by and complained loudly that I had used her photos without permission, even though I had given the customary return link, which had increased her traffic (which is how she found I had used the pictures, in the first place).  I tried to explain that this is perfectly normal practice, fair use, that blogs take and give all the time, using a bit of content from this site or that, and returning the favor by sending traffic to the point of origin, thus making it all a rather nice, comfy circle.  I also pointed out that she is the one that put her content on the internet without any notice of copyright, so it was pretty much fair game.  But she continued to whine, and it’s not worth the hassle, so the pics are gone as is the link.

Also an update, and much more importantly, a commenter from the Brownsville area informed me there actually is a regular TLM in Brownsville proper, on Thursdays and Fridays.  Sorry for my error.

 Resume original post: This does look like a very appropriate setting for a TLM.  I believe this church is in the old, downtown part of Brownsville.  If anyone attends this Mass, send me some pics if you can!  I’d be glad to post them and any report you have.  It is so moving to see tradition slowly creeping, returning back into the Church, in spite of all opposition.  Deo Gratias!

I am told the priests in Pharr would like to go all in on the TLM if they can.  So perhaps say a prayer for those Oratorian fathers!

Last Things – Invoke Our Blessed Mother on your death bed April 2, 2014

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God willing, this post may not be an immediate concern for any of us, but who knows?  It’s a good reminder, nonetheless, from the unjustly persecuted Fr. Stefano Manelli’s book Devotion to Our Lady:

If Our Lady was watching over us when we were newly born in Baptism, we ought to greatly 01 Annunciation - Jacopo Torriti 1296desire that She be at our side at our last hour.  Do we not ask this in every Hail Mary? – “Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.” It is on our deathbed that the final battle which determines our eternal fate is fought.  If we have Our Lady with us, we can be sure that then, as always, “she will crush the head” of the infernal serpent (Gen III:15).

For this reason, the Saints’ practice has been to pray and hope that they would have Our Lady at hand at the hour of death.  Note these touching words of St. Alphonsus in his Visits to the Blessed Virgin: “O Mary, my Mother, for the love You have for God I bet You to help me always, but especially during the last original_Praga-annunz-ai50-finalhours of my life. Do not leave me until You see me safe in Heaven, blessing and signing Your mercies for all eternity.  This I hope for.  May it come to be!”

St. Bonaventure wrote that “devoutly invoking the Virgin is a sign of salvation.”  A final prayer to Mary accompanied the passage of many Saints into life hereafter. Nor can we forget that Jesus seems to have said “Mother!” in the cry He uttered from the Cross before expiring (cf. Mt XXVII:50, Mk XV:37) –  a final, fond gesture of the sacred Humanity of the Son toward His sweet mother.  But let us consider the examples of some of the Saints:

  • St. Francis of Assisi died at the friary of St. Mary of the Angels at the feet of the heavenly Queen.
  • St. Anthony of Padua died singing the Marian hymn O gloriosa Domina! Escelsa super sidera…..
  • On his deathbed, St. Camillus of Lellis wanted a picture of Christ crucified with Our Lady at the foot of the Cross.  With what earnest he begged the Sorrowful Virgin to intercede for him!
  • St. Joseph Benedict Labre died afterr a final, lengthy prayer before Our Lady of the Mountains in Rome.
  • St. Joseph of the Cross was pronouncing his last words during his final agony when he said to a confrere, “Be mindful of Our Lady!”
  • St. Bernadette died as she prayed, “Holy Mary, pray for me, a poor sinner…..”
  • St. Vincent Gerosa, before expiring, said this final word, “Mary!”
  • A few days before her death, St. Gemma Galgani wrote a letter to Our Lady. At a certain point, addressing Jesus, she said, “Take my poor soul, O Jesus. Entrust it to Your Mother, and I shall not be afraid, even of hell.”  Just before she expired, she said, “My mother, I entrust my soul to you. Tell Jesus to have mercy on me.”
  • As St. Pio of Pietrelcina died, even up to his final inaudible breath, he kept murmuring the two names he loved, “Jesus-Mary.”

……Happy is the death of one who is calling upon Mary!  In those supreme moments one’s prayer to Our Lady draws down the heavenly comfort of feeling the presence of the Mother of all mercy. When one loves Our Lady, the recollection of that love gives him a filial confidence that he will be saved. St. Maddalena Sophia Barat in her pleasing way said, “The death of one truly devoted to Mary is a child’s leap into his mother’s arms.” 

————End Quote————

Always pray for the grace of a holy death!  So many people nowadays hope – or even pray – for a quick, sudden, Our Lady of the Expectation“painless” death.  This just shows how far detached so many people have come from consideration of their eternal destiny.  Praying for a holy death means that you pray you will have time to receive the Last Sacraments, Holy Viaticum, and all the graces and sacramentals possible prior to the soul escaping the body.  It also means having time to confess one’s sins!  And, as noted above, it provides time to exhort Our Lady and Our Blessed Lord to have mercy on us, to intercede for us, to aid us in being forgiven all our sins and dying in the State of Grace!

Pray for the Grace of a Holy Death, for you and all your family!  And remember, suffering born willingly, joyfully in this life will satisfy greatly our temporal debt due to our sins, and thus substantially reduce, or even eliminate, our sufferings in Purgatory!