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“New” home school resource: Queen of Heaven Academy April 8, 2014

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Queen of Heaven Academy is a new name for an online home schooling/Catholic education curriculum that has been around since 1995.  Formerly known as Regina Coeli Academy, Queen of Heaven Academy (QHA) offers an online curriculum that is faithful to the intellectual, moral, and spiritual traditions of the Church.  QHA maintains a proven classical curriculum and has very strong faculty.  It offers numerous online courses from the elementary to the senior high level (grades 4-12), as well as parent-led courses and others by e-mail correspondence.  The curriculum is rich and varied, but contains all the minimum prerequisites for college acceptance.

Many people have an interest in homeschooling, but some may feel overwhelmed by the task. Others may simply not have the time, or have part-time jobs or other activities that make the task of homeschooling daunting.  Queen of Heaven Academy, through its online courses and mail-in coursework, eliminates most of that burden and provides families with a teacher-led homeschool resource.

You can search the course catalog here.  Many classes are taught online by teachers with years of Catholic education experience.  You can attend a webinar that shows the classroom experience.  Textbooks for all courses are listed here (being updated).

If you’re wondering if this QHA’s courses are very expensive, they are not.  In fact, they are a fraction of what one might pay for a Catholic or other private school (let alone what we pay in property taxes here in Texas for the public schools).  Elementary and middle school courses are very reasonable, while high school courses are a bit more.  There is a substantial discount available for family enrollment of multiple children.

I have met the Pierce’s, the couple that has run Regina Coeli Academy/Fisher More Academy/Queen of Heaven Academy, and I can say they are a very committed, affable, well-informed and of course educated couple.  They have a passion for Catholic education that is readily apparent, and they care greatly about improving the state of Catholic education.  I can say that there are many, many Catholic families that will attest to how strong QHA’s courses are and how well the Pierce’s administer the academies they have run.

Summer and Fall semester enrollment are open now!  If you have an interest in online homeschool courses for your children, or a more formal and guided approach to the homeschooling your family is already engaged in, I think you would be well advised to check out Queen of Heaven Academy.



1. Suzanne Francois - April 8, 2014

We have 5 years of experience of children taking classes through Regina Coeli Academy (now Queen of Heaven Academy), and our children have been well prepared for college, as many of these online courses are taught by college professors. Our children have had the opportunity to continue being home schooled, while being challenged to meet the expectations of outside teachers, whose curriculum and approach are faithful to the magisterium of the Church.

2. Cynthia - April 9, 2014

We found Regina Coeli during years of hardship from frequent and long deployments of my spouse and father of our children. Our first daughter to graduate from high school will be leaving for college on a full academic scholarship this fall. Regina Coeli provided the academic challenge she craved and fostered the maturity and responsibility she needed to master and achieve success in her faith as well as her studies. We have six other children who will receive the same formation and academic guidance as our first child while they attend Queen of Heaven Academy. Queen of Heaven Academy has been a perfect match for our family and has helped us provide continuity for our children’s education despite deployments and yearly relocations.

3. Jacquie O'Neil - April 9, 2014

We have been homeschooling with Regina Coeli/Queen of Heaven Academy for 4 years. My children enjoy the positive and joyful atmosphere in the classrooms. The Catholic faith permeates the curriculum, the classes, and even the chat among the students. I like the fact that many students are “lifers” and journey along together throughout high school. Perhaps the best thing for us is that, along with increasing enrolment among Canadian families, we will benefit from some Canadian content this year.

This school, Queen of Heaven Academy, is as close to the experience of attending a very good Catholic brick-and-mortar high school as one could possibly come to. My children love getting to know their American and Canadian friends online. The teachers are very adept at tempering the serious task of educating our youth with the lighthearted charity that is evident among the faculty.

I highly recommend this school for Catholic families who would like their children to receive a solid Catholic education in the classical tradition. Students who graduate from QHA have, in my experience, a much better than average understanding of our Catholic Faith and Church history. QHA is helping our youth to engage confidently in the culture.

4. Terri - April 9, 2014

I would LOVE IT if my grandchildren could be homeschooled. At this point I’m not sure it’s possible, but…..my daughter and I have tossed around the idea. Especially now with “Common Core” being implemented in many states, and including in some “Catholic Schools”. Public schools and even some “Catholic schools” were bad enough even before “Common Core” came onto the scene. What a NIGHTMARE.

5. Sarah Schmidt - April 9, 2014

Do you want the absolute best education and spiritual quality in your child’s school? If so, Queen of Heaven is for you. Our son attended the on-line school 9th-12th and scored very high on the SAT, and is now thriving academically at Ave Maria University, which has very rigorous academic standards. The administration CARES about your individual needs and you will simply never regret enrolling your child in such an outstanding school.

Sarah Schmidt

6. Collins Schmitz - April 11, 2014

We started with Regina Coeli which is now called Queen of Heaven three years ago. I had decided that I couldn’t give my son the high school education he needed. Thank God we found Regina Coeli. I spent that summer talking weekly to Wendy, who was nothing but kind, patient and helpful. We entered school that fall and we have never looked back. My son has gotten a dream education! I cannot say enough about the teachers and the staff. Everyone was more than helpful and my son (who also has Asperger’s Syndrome) has flourished in this schooling environment. The 2nd year, we then put our middle aged children in Regina Coeli and they have done well. I have six children and they will all make their way through Queen of Heaven. I cannot stress enough – a quality education, a Catholic education and friendships.

Collins Schmitz

7. Bernadine Sanche - April 11, 2014

This program has been an answer to prayer for our family! We have homeschooled our other six children right through from Grades 1 to 12 who have all gone on to higher education and done very well, but this program has a method that surpasses any that we had done previously. This program is not just lesson plans to follow, it is a liberal arts formation which uses many novels and books that we already had on hand, and is very interactive with wonderful teachers and other students from around the world. We’ve enjoyed this our first year with three children in grades 6, 8, and 9. The program has had the flexibility we needed to travel a couple of times during the year. We are grateful to all the staff for their hard work in putting together this quality program and we look forward to the upcoming years.

8. KathiBee - April 12, 2014

While I don’t have personal experience w/Regina Coeli or QofHA, I’m part of a 700+ member Catholic homeschooling yahoo group whose membership consists of those looking into college for their homeschooled high schooler(s). Regina Coeli has been used by many of those families and they all laud it as an education that amply prepared their children for college, is solidly Catholic and had the side benefit of providing like-minded friends from across the country.

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