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Very scary – the coming “new world order church?” April 9, 2014

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That is what That The Bones You have Crushed May Thrill is calling the scandal of the spectacle surrounding the baptism of a baby – conceived using techniques that would have shocked Dr. Frankenstein – born into a lesbian couple in Argentina: the “new world order church.”  Those parents also received Confirmation, in spite of manifestly persisting in an unchaste relationship (there is no doubt these women are not chaste, the art they produce is pornographic).

If you want to see the “glorious” moment, watch this:

I know there are arguments on both sides of the debate on whether baptism should have been granted to this baby. Certainly, the child has done nothing wrong.  But infant baptism is supposed to be based on the idea that the child will be raised in a moral, virtuous Catholic home.  The faith of the parents and godparents is called upon to instill the same faith in the child until that child comes of age to develop their own faith.

Claiming that these women can somehow provide that basis in faith is, to me, ludicrous.  It is scandalous as all get out, like letting a satanist couple have their child baptized (Dear Lord, is that next?).  It seems to me to make a mockery of the faith.  An unchaste, porn-producing lesbian couple cannot be considered to be faithful! And their baby was produced by a method the church abhors – in vitro fertilization through the use of donated sperm!

The fact that this baptism was so heavily publicized (largely at the couple’s behest) indicates to me that this entire event was orchestrated strictly for advancing “the cause.”  We know adherents to “the cause” have many friends in the – far, far too many.  I also have to wonder if it is any coincidence that this baptism occurred in Argentina, certainly the first such scandalous baptisms to occur in South America, and quite possibly the world.  Is a none-too-subtle message being sent?

Is this the Church’s 21st century understanding of mercy, that sin, basically, doesn’t matter, all that matters is that people – no matter how distant their hearts are from Jesus Christ and His Church – go through a few public ceremonies of the Faith and give a sort of wink and a nod to Jesus, while their real god is themselves?  But I thought the pope was violently against this kind of crass formalism?

Dark days ahead.  The priest at the catechism class last night was explicating how the sodom and sapphos crowd are going to be the prime instigators of the persecution, within and without the Church. Be prepared to see those who loathe, hate, denounce, and torment you the most call themselves “Catholic.”

Lord, have mercy on us.



1. codephined - April 9, 2014

If this doesn’t scream Newchurch I don’t know what does. Certainly this is not what Novus Ordo means, while literally meaning New Order, you cannot help but wonder if that was the undercurrent the entire time.

2. Don - April 9, 2014

I do not believe that the confirmation was permitted.

3. Digger - April 9, 2014

My kids go to a “Catholic” preschool and at a birthday party I overheard one of the mothers that I recognize from carpool talking about her kids and whether or not they had the same father. I was both shocked and confused until I realized that the other woman attended to her kids was not their grandmother, but rather, their “other mom.”

I have no idea if these kids are baptized.

4. maggycast - April 10, 2014

I don’t know what the big deal is about this. My nephew was baptized in a Catholic Church…with my sodomite sister and the person she acts out with (ptaw) as the “parents”. They had artificial insemination done. Heck, the priest even put the ptaw’s last name as my nephews’ last name, since she formally “adopted” him via the state, on the baptismal certificate. And where did this happen? The Archdiocese of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The parish is located in New Hope which is a huge sodomite area. My sister and her ptaw were “married” in the state of New Jersey, the ptaw adopted my two nephews via the state of Pennsylvania, and the Catholic Church baptized my nephew treating it all like it wasn’t a big deal at all. Granted they didn’t call the tv networks…but that’s the only difference. My sister considers herself a “devout” Catholic…her ptaw isn’t. I guess they considered my lost sister as the way my nephew would be catechized? The Church is in shambles and if you already didn’t notice, so is the family I was born into. Prayers are needed for all of us. God bless~

tantamergo - April 10, 2014

Interesting. Then somebody obviously chose to make a big deal out of this, if it happens at least occasionally already. And is it revealing that it happened in Argentina?

Of course, Argentina has been a leftist fever swamp for well nigh 80 years, and yet the number of incredibly poor continues to grow! Funny, that.

5. Baseballmom - April 10, 2014

You said it -very scary. Yet as I read some of the articles on the very few who make it to Heaven I wonder where I will spend eternity…. I really do not know… And THAT THOUGHT is even scarier.

6. TG - April 10, 2014

I wonder what the Pollyana Catholic press is saying about this. (I’ve been preoccupied with moving so haven’t read much lately.) I wonder if Nat.Catholic Register has a story on it.

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