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More Minneapolis liturgical abuse – this time, with Moloch! April 15, 2014

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Amazingly, there is a tabernacle somewhere within what I am sure is called “the worship space.”  How you like these apples?:

1 gal PALM0401414

3 gal PALM0401414

What is the deal with progressives and puppets!

Do you think that leering bull-like figure above looks disturbing like the demonic god moloch/baal?  Do they know what used to happen to babies within baal’s searing arms?  Human sacrifice?

Oh wait……how many of these folks are perfectly fine with abortion?

Is that supposed to be the Consecration above?  Or is that a re-enactment of the Last Supper?  Why are their animals in the upper room?  Why are their women?  This makes no sense.  It’s like they crossed the Nativity with the Last Supper.  Maybe someone gets this better than I.  I’m also not sure how prevalent jackrabbits and raccoons are in the Holy Land.

Why does everything look so hideous and poorly done?

The group that put on this little exhibition is called “Heart of the Beast” puppet theater.  Revealing?

Sheesh……die nervous disorder, die.  Another 50 kids (or 15, or however many were there) pretty much lost to the Faith forever, invincibly convinced this, this stupidity, this hassattery, is what Catholicism is.


1. TG - April 15, 2014

I sent an email to the diocese. Probably won’t be read. I said they are causing scandal and we all know what our Lord said about scandal.

2. trueandreasonable - April 15, 2014

I thought surely someone is mocking Christians. Are these Catholics?

3. Mitchell H - April 15, 2014

Well, I hate to admit that this happened in my old hometown, but –

A couple of things that people should know. First, this happened at the infamous St. Joan of Arc, notorious as probably the most heterodox parish in Minneapolis. I don’t believe this is the first time they’ve had puppets there. Their pastor, whom I’ve met many times (he was an occasional fill-in at the downtown parish used to go to for daily Mass) would, to our eyes, be thought of as “out there” – and yet, the information I had from my insiders was that when he was appointed to St. Joan a few years ago, it was to pull the parish back from the precipice, to at least keep one toe in the Catholic Church. So as bad as it is, it could be much worse, if you can imagine that.

Your previous Minneapolis post, about Fr. Michael Tegeder, is also no suprise. Fr. Tegeder is an outspoken opponent of Archbishop Nienstedt, having been given a platform several times by the Star Tribune, largest paper in the state. You can read more about him by searching at Fr. Z’s site; suffice it to say, Fr. Tegeder has a fairly large following of his own.

I think everyone knows most parishes in St. Paul-Minneapolis (the proper name of the Archdiocese, by the way) are far better than that – there’s St. Agnes, of course, but also All Saints, the FSSP parish in :Minneapolis, Holy Childhood in St. Paul, Holy Family in St. Louis Park, and more. The seminary is producing more and more vocations each year, many of them very orthodox young men.

As to why the arch permits this? Well, if you’ve read the papers in Minneapolis and St. Paul, you know how Archbishop Nienstedt is under attack for everything from the sex abuse scandals to his campaign for a pro-marriage amendment. Put simply, he doesn’t have the political capital to do much. You can argue whether or not he should go ahead and do it anyway, but the price he would pay would be enormous. He is a very good man, and trust me – he does know what is going on. More than one “strange” parish has been moderated during his time there. Also know that this has been going on for a very long time, under at least his two predecessors. Though St. Joan (and others) does cause scandal, it’s also been somewhat (I think) marginalized within the archdiocese.

I know there are other former or current Minneapolitans in the readership; feel free to correct or chime in with additional details.

David - April 16, 2014

Mitchell H, my brother lives in the twin cities and attends a parish in Hopkins. His parish seems to have gotten better since it merged with another parish. The old pastor (who retired circa 2008) seemed to me like a “father Nice” who didn’t want to make waves. I recall one visit where the old pastor gave a homily before he started the readings (uh, that’s not in the rubricks) and most parishioners seem to show up 5 minutes before Mass. I also went to a first communion there and the attitude seemed more like a convention hall when I walked in.

A few years back, I told my brother not to attend St. Joan of Arc because of the liturgical abuses. I remember hearing about a Halloween Mass that was done somewhere in California – the puppets looked something like that, although I have been to some Life Teen Masses where I actually witnessed people leaving in the middle because of the dancing and hand motions.

Now, back to Hopkins. The newer pastor at my brothers parish is younger, and from what my brother tells me, he seems to be more orthodox. My brother likes him, but my sister-in-law (a one hour Catholic who in my opinion received a “watered down” RCIA) doesn’t like him, IMHO mostly because she was used to a “father Nice” who was not challenging to the flock.

Mitchell H, I will have to check out Holy Family in St. Louis Park on my next visit. I was impressed with what I saw on the parish website – male altar boys only, and no trouble finding boys to serve.

Say Mitchell H, do you know anything about Holy Trinity Catholic Church or St. Augustine Catholic Church in South St. Paul? I am impressed with what I have read and heard about the pastor there, Fr. John Echert. Fr. Echert is not afraid to stand up for the faith, and Fr. Echert is an Air Force veteran himself and currently serves with the Minnesota ANG as a Catholic Chaplain. Fr. Echert also does Mass in Latin.

Thank you. If I had not read this information, I would not have known about Holy Family in St. Louis Park.

Mitchell H - April 17, 2014

Hi David – Fr. Echert is an excellent priest; extremely knowledgeable about the faith and not afraid to preach it. (He used to teach Bible study classes at St. Helena in Minneapolis, another pretty good parish, while he was an instructor at the Seminary; this was prior to his assignment to St. Augustine.) He’s also thoughtful, easy to approach, and has a very dry sense of humor.

St. Augustine was the local indult parish prior to Summorum pontificum, so it’s had a long history with the TLM, and Fr. Echert was the perfect choice to become pastor after Fr. LeVoir (now Bishop of New Ulm). Fr. Echert removed the “table” altar (all masses, both OF and EF, are said at the high altar) and worked hard to make the OF as reverent as the EF.

My impression of Holy Trinity, the parish with which St. Augustine was merged a few years ago, is that it was slightly more of the standard OF parish. Doctrinally sound, though – Fr. Echert would see to that.

In short, he’s an excellent priest, a masculine man in the traditional sense of the word. a great role model, absolutely trustworthy in what he says.

4. Christopher Ekstrom - April 15, 2014

Any “catholic” that takes part in this travesty is a fool. Any “priest” & “bishop” consenting to this should be disciplined & removed to a monastery for life.

5. Terri - April 15, 2014

Yes, TG, I sent an email as well. Words just do not describe what a sheer mockery they made out of that Mass.

6. Lorra - April 15, 2014

Consider this: if a pastor decided to use the Catechism of the Council of Trent in their convert class, the pastor would be out of the parish in no time and transferred (after, no doubt, having to attend reeducation camp) to the far ends.

But, the above diabolical travesty is perfectly acceptable.

7. Lorra - April 15, 2014

Ah! I just noticed this is Minneapolis – “Weakland-ville.:

Tantumblogo - April 15, 2014

Weakland was in Milwaukee, no?

Lorra - April 15, 2014

My apologies to Minneapolis.

8. Hannah - April 16, 2014

Do these people have no qualms about defiling Our Lord?! This is sacrilege! I have no words.

9. Rosa - April 16, 2014

God will not be mocked.

10. Marguerite - April 16, 2014

Another example of the smoke of Satan in the Church. The diabolical one can’t change Church doctrine, so he attacks and mocks the Mass and the useful idiots go along with him.

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