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Did Christ Suffer, Die, and Resurrect in Vain? April 22, 2014

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Continuing with the accidental theme of the day, a good sermon below via Video Sancto.  This one isn’t really about relations with other religions, but whether we, by the conduct of our faith, make Christ’s infinitely valuable Sacrifice vain for us in particular, because of our coldness of heart?

The priest gives many examples of how we might be making Christ’s Sacrifice in vain, in effect, by rejecting what the Church believes.  Mortal sin, of course, cuts us off from supernatural Grace, kills Charity in our souls, and makes us unable to receive the saving fruit of that Sacrifice.

One small note: missing prayers, skipping meditation, foregoing religious reading – sometimes, these things happen because something upsets our day, because some unexpected event comes along.  This is perfectly understandable.  But if we get in the habit of skipping out on daily Mass, or prayers, or whatever, out of laziness or in preference for other more “fun” things to do, that’s an indicator we may be slipping in our interior life.  It’s a warning sign.

But there is a corollary to the above: we should not make such an idol of our prayer time, or reading time, or meditation time, that we behave uncharitably to others, just to insure we have time for our prayers.  If someone, perhaps, needs us to watch their child because they have a doctor’s appointment, or if they need help with some chore because their spouse just died, it could be a mistake to beg off just so we can have our prayer/meditation time.  Or if we have children and family, we should not let this prayer life become so all-consuming that we neglect our duties to others.  This is a trap I’ve seen some fall into, and will admit to having a bit of temptation towards that myself, so in all things, charity first.

Isn’t that priest’s voice wonderfully soothing?  I actually listen to some of these sermons to fall asleep at night!  I don’t mean that in a bad way.  If I turn the volume down so the words aren’t real distinct I just sort of hear a very soothing murmur in the background.  It just conks me out.


1. Anne Marie - April 22, 2014

I agree about the sleep inducing quality. He told me once I wasn’t the first to tell him that either. In fact, it works so well as an antidote for my insomnia that I’m not allowed to listen to his sermons on long road trips. 😉

tantamergo - April 22, 2014

That’s funny!

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