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Have you subscribed to the Catholic newspaper? April 22, 2014

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One of my biggest occasional treats is when the great Catholic newspaper put out by the Transalpine Redemptorists shows up in my mail 4 times a year. I just got the Easter edition yesterday, and it is so edifying, so wonderfully traditional, so gloriously Catholic that it just makes my day whenever it comes.

Many readers may already be familiar with this “newspaper,” but those who are not may be asking why I think it’s so great, and whether it’s worth $10 per issue.  The answer to the latter question is easy, it most certainly is, not only for the content, but also because this newspaper provides the prime source of income for this very devout, holy, traditional order.  They are constrained in many of their plans and ability to grow (for they have many vocations) due to financial considerations.

It’s great for too many reasons to list.  Each issue contains beautiful photographs of traditional Catholic piety from around the world, whether it be offering the TLM, a grand procession, a humble soul in prayer, or what have you.  The photos are so uplifting and moving they alone are worth the price of subscription.  But in addition to that, there is a good deal of news, often on subjects not often covered in the main media or even blogs, there is commentary, there are writings on Saints, and there are even some deep theological insights.

But more than anything it is just the profound sense of Tradition, in every sense of the word, that pervades each issue that makes it so special.  Not just Tradition, but also a marked sense of piety and sanctity that pervades each issue. I always come away from reading both edified, and convicted of some deficit in my practice of virtue. Not in a way that makes me feel beat down, but uplifted.

I even like how the paper describes itself in a small box on the back page of every issue:

Catholic is a quarterly newspaper published under the patronage of Our Mother of Perpetual Succor by The Desert Will Flower Press, organ of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer…….

This newspaper claims, so to speak, to be but as the lighthouse of Papa Stronsay which lighthouse is officially described by the Scottish Commissioners of Norther Lighthouses as a “minor light”……Without pretensions this newspaper is simply as a minor lighthouse on a small island in the vast darkness of this world and its oceans.

The light from this island’s vantage signals abroad news of the traditional resurgence in the Church, a renaissance that is evident in the increase of the number of Masses celebrated according to the Roman Missal of 1962; the boost in number of vocations to the traditional forms of religious life and priesthood; the reappearance of large families indicative of the sacrifices made by married couples to live according to the Church’s Magisterium concerning openness to the transmission of life’; and  the other manifestations of the recovery of traditional Catholic life in the Church, the longed-for New Pentecost burgeoning with blossoms of new life ungrafted, shooting skywards directly from the roots of the holy past.

Have I gone over the top in my selling it?  Ah, well……..the zeal of the converted.  Another little bit I like very much is this guidance also on the back cover of every issue:

0 R

Now, some scenes from the Vigil Mass on the holy island of Papa Stronsay, the Orkney home to the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer:

Papa Stronsay Easter 2014 (1)

Papa Stronsay Easter 2014 (2)

Papa Stronsay Easter 2014 (5)

Papa Stronsay Easter 2014 (7)

Here is the link to subscribe, again.


1. skeinster - April 23, 2014

Yes! It’s always a great day when “Catholic” shows up. A friend from M.D. and I were looking at it this afternoon.

You are so right about the photos- they make you proud, in a good way, to be a Catholic and make you feel connected by Tradition to others around the world.

2. skeinster - April 23, 2014

Plus, having tried out other groups’s calendars, I like theirs the best, finding it most useful for what I need to know.

3. Steve - April 23, 2014

Once upon a time, the photographs in question would have been familiar to Latin Church Catholics the world over.

Today, the photographs in question are unfamiliar to the majority of Latin Church Catholics.

However, our Churchmen insist that Vatican II and the Conciliar liturgical reform are in perfect harmony with Holy Tradition.

Something isn’t right.

4. Lynne - April 23, 2014

Their confraternity is a great idea too. Don’t you want people praying for you?


tantamergo - April 23, 2014

Thank you!

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