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Traditional Catholicism breaking boundaries April 24, 2014

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Many readers probably know that the traditional practice of the Faith has largely been a secret outside those who are attracted to that practice.  Even the vast majority of Church-going Catholics (let alone those who call themselves Catholic, but are not, in any practical sense of the term) have no idea that the TLM is still available, for instance.  Or they may know, but have no idea that it is available near them.  That was certainly my case up until a few years ago.

But in some respects, Tradition is breaking out.  Many are probably aware of the Economist article from last year on the TLM and traditional practice of the Faith, and the secular Breitbart site had some coverage just a few weeks ago.

I was surprised, however, when at dinner the other night a Baptist co-worker, a good guy in many respects, told me about these nuns he had seen on CBS Sunday Morning on Easter.  He asked if I had ever heard of them, these nuns who made albums and who had been at the top of the Billboard Classical chart for most of the past few years.  I told him indeed I had heard of them, and I shared with the group at dinner the incredible history not just of the order, but of their foundress, Mother Wilhelmina.

I am referring, of course, to the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles.  Regarding Mother Wilhelmina, I only just learned in their most recent newsletter that she was 90 years old, has been a nun for 70 of those years, and that she founded the Benedictines in 1995 at the age of 71. That’s very bold, and such an indicator of faith in God!  I had no idea she was so advanced in years.  Sr. Wilhelmina had been part of a teaching order that sadly, like so many others, lost its way after Vatican II and basically disintegrated.  She was one of the few who still wore a habit, and decided she wanted to get back to a traditional practice of religious life.  So, over the age of 70, she started a new order.  And how has her faithfulness been blessed!

It is so gratifying to see a true witness to religious life escape the bounds of the traditional community and share its glory with this fallen world!  People know authenticity when they see it.  They don’t see authentic nuns in pant-suited feminist culture warriors.  But they know they see the real deal in these nuns.  My baptist friend was very impressed.  Maybe, just maybe, those nuns planted a seed in his heart.  If not his, I’m sure they did in some of the others who saw that segment.

The good Benedictines can always use your support here.

Bishop Finn is so close to this order, it’s like his home away from home.  That says a great deal about him.

And, yes, I know Rorate just covered this, and it’s been on CMR, but because of my conversation with my co-worker I had planned on getting to this, anyway.


1. Evan C. - April 24, 2014

Lovely video & glimpse into their lives.

2. Baseballmom - April 24, 2014

Beautiful. Thanks for posting. 🙂

3. skeinster - April 25, 2014

Like TE and “Catholic” newspaper, I can’t recommend their CD’s highly enough.

There are six, at the moment. Three are seasonal, for Lent, Advent and Christmas. The others are more general, and I play those all the time in the car or working.

As I can’t remember who has my Ephesus Marian CD, it’s an opportunity to order another…

4. discipleofthedumbox - April 25, 2014

Evidence: My favorite radio talk show host, Mike Church, is a traditional Catholic who very often refers to Catholic councils, the popes and to the saints in his discussions, praises traditional Catholicism and is unashamed of it though his audience is as varied as the ‘melting pot’ of the Union, and admittedly listens daily to Catholic homilies (Audio Sancto?) instead of watching the boob tube. I cannot more highly recommend your audience to give this guy a listen to every now and again for news and politics (and not a little dose of traditional Catholicism as well!)

Sirius/XM Channel: 125
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