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Prayer to Pope St. Pius X for these difficult times April 28, 2014

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From one of my favorite bloggers, Boniface at Unam Sanctam Catholicam, a post with this prayer for the intercession of Pope St. Pius X, previously the last canonized pope, now one of three 20th century popes canonized, with Paul VI’s coming soon to a Church near you:KARDIN~1

O glorious St. Pius X, hammer of modernists, humble shepherd of souls and pastor of the universal Church, last sainted pope, pray for us and for the Holy Catholic Church in this dire hour.

Pray to the Lord for us, poor sinners, who have not fully appreciated your teachings and have rejected your counsels. We have seen your vision of where we are and where we are going and have shrunk back, preferring compromise with the world to the robust combat with the forces of evil that our Lord calls us to.

Intercede for your Church, that her pastors and princes will come to a profound realization of the truths enunciated in your great teachings Pascendi, Lamentabili Sane and the Oath Against Modernism. Pray that we will all see Modernism for what it is and understand what chaos it has already wrought in the Church and world.

Through your glorious intercession, may God, in His mercy, avert His wrath from us and instead turn and heal us. Let our hearts be turned that we can repent; let our minds be flooded with light that we may reject the errors of our age. May God in His mercy say that our exile is at an end, that our cup has been drunk to the dregs, that debt has been paid in full.

May we again value truth above all else, and reject the imprudent and false dichotomy that seeks to erode truth at the expense of a false tolerance. May our liturgies be ceremonies of reverent and humble of our Creator, our theology grounded in sound principles following the path laid out by the great St. Thomas. May our witness be bold and sure, our charity be fervent, and may souls flood into the Church.

May our leaders in the Church and State be deeply moved by the vision you set for the Church, and may God, in His great mercy, lead us towards a true repentance and restoration of the Catholic Church.

St. Pius X, last sainted pope, pray for us! May God have mercy on us.

———-End Quote———

I don’t know if Boniface composed that prayer, but I found it very moving.  It’s a serious prayer for a serious time.

We live in an age where relativism runs rampant, even (or especially) within the Church.  Truth is no longer set in stone as being a characteristic of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, it is now something that depends on time, place, and event.  It is not Truth, then, but falsehood, devastatingly masquerading as truth.

I think many of us feel that the process of these recent canonizations was overtly politicized.  I am far from the only one to note that the timing of these canonizations, occurring during this extended 50 year anniversary from the Council and prior to the upcoming, and seemingly critical, Synod, seems politically motivated.  Many fear it is not just a sort of unbiased, “isn’t it nice we had this council” mentality that is being pushed here. It is a very specific understanding of the Council, a very progressive vision, one that is exceedingly difficult to reconcile with the Church’s Tradition.

So now is perhaps one of the most pivotal moments in history to be praying for the intercession of a Saint like Pope Pius X.  He understood the deadly threat that modernism/relativism poses. He understood that the Church is most vulnerable to attacks from within.  And he understood that decoupling belief and practice from Truth has always been, and always shall be, devastating to souls.

So please consider offering this prayer. We have desperate need of the intercession of great Saints right now.



1. Baseballmom - April 28, 2014

Beautiful prayer, thank you for posting it!

tantamergo - April 28, 2014

Thank you, BBM.

Baseballmom - May 2, 2014

I am keeping this in my inbox and praying it every day. It really is an awesome prayer!

2. TG - April 29, 2014

I will print the prayer and pray it. I found a novena prayer by St. Louis De Monfort. It’s prayers he composed for the latter times. He was like a prophet and saw what was going to happen to the church. They are also very moving like the one I above. I found it in Tradition in Action. I don’t agree with everything on that website but they have a lot of good articles, devotions, etc. Thanks for sharing this prayer to St. Pius X – one of my favorite saints.

3. Brad J - May 2, 2014

If the Pope were to change the Church’s law on admitting those in adultery to Communion, what does this say about a) Papal Infallibility and b) our duty to obey this pontificate?

tantamergo - May 2, 2014

It would say a bunch of bad stuff. Many, like Fr. Z, are predicting schism.

But they can’t change Church Law/Dogma. What might happen is a practical destruction of that Dogma by admitting bigamists to Communion. I think we’re still looking at schism in that case. The problem is, at this point, the progressives have gotten so lathered up expecting a change, THEY may go into formal schism (They are already practically schismatic) if they don’t get their way.

That is the folly of this whole deal. Creating these expectations, causing scandal, no matter which way the Synod goes, there is likely to be chaos.

Which might be the point?

Brad J - May 3, 2014

What do you mean by “a practical destruction of that Dogma”? If bigamists are admitted to communion, is the change in the Church’s teaching on sexual morality going to lend a lot more credence to the SSPX’s take on Infallibility and its limits? (How exactly do the SSPX understand the decrees and teachings of the post-VII Church in light of Infallibility?)

Brad J - May 3, 2014

I had the feeling all along that Francis is going to be the SSPX’s biggest recruiter…

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