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Awesome video examines religious basis of “evolution” April 29, 2014

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It is amazing how Providence works.  Just yesterday I had some folks show up to comment on a post from last week.  The comment period was just about to time out, and yet I got two very hostile comments, one from what I think is a liberal Catholic/protestant type and another from a young atheist.  This atheist seemed rather proud that they were studying for a career in the “mental health profession” and that they were “fact-based, scientifically-minded,” not dumb superstitious religious people.

I left a very long response to the atheist this morning, wherein I questioned whether or not he does not accept many scientific principles as a matter of faith.  No one has ever seen evolution in action, for instance, nor is it possible to observe the so-called Big Bang, sub-atomic particles, quantum physics, the rotation of galaxies, “black holes,” or many aspects of modern science.  People just accept the claims of science on faith, and then, rather temerously, look down their noses at supposedly ignorant, superstitious religious people.  Even though the Truth of the Christian Faith has remained constant for far longer than the vast majority of accepted scientific “facts.”

The video below, from our nasally quick-talking, and even quicker-thinking, Aussie protestant friend exposes how many, many people have been carefully shaped in schools (propagandized might be a better word) to accept evolution as “fact,” when even scientific specialists in the field acknowledge their best evidence for evolution is only indirect and inferential.  It’s worth a watch, to see the scales of preconceived notions slowly fall from the eyes:

It is very revealing to watch people go from stating that evolution is “fact,” to making appeals to authority, to then claiming it’s basically all on faith.

Who knows if there was much editing here with the PhD types, but all evolutionary theory hinges on the claim that species can change from one type to another – a fish became a frog became a dinosaur became a bird, or a frog became a rat became an ape became a man, all that.  And evidence for that is very weak.  It’s all one giant assumption based on adaptation seen in some species.

Anyway, I wouldn’t say Darwin’s entire theory was obliterated with this video but it’s fun and informative watch.

We go by what we have been told.  But the existence of God can be proven from first principles and has been by Augustine, Aquinas, and many others.

And it is devastating how many people have fallen away from the Faith over this matter of evolution, which supposedly so “disproves” God’s role in creation.  Much of the modernist heresy and all of the Teilhardian variety was an attempt to meld Catholicism with belief in evolution, with evolution obviously dominant in that exchange.


1. skeinster - April 30, 2014

I like Creationism, b/c the math involved in anything else makes my head hurt.

I’m kidding.

2. Observer - May 3, 2014

Well, first of all I’m a ‘scientist’, that’s how I make my living, so ‘creationism’ doesn’t appeal to me at all, but neither does traditional evolution ‘theory’. Darwin was very much a product of mechanistic 19th century thinking, and as for Teilhard de Chardin he was a typical early 20th century French ‘intellectual’ who liked to make up new words and verb forms to give ‘body’ to his writings. If you can get past page 10 of his ‘The Phenomenon of Man’ you have stamina!
My personal view is that various species are ‘stationary states’, and the real mechanism of their progress through time is yet to be discovered.
Consider the noble and ancient order of palms, particularly the graceful Date Palm; it’s ancestors were on earth many millions of years before the tenacious pines or the enduring oaks, but the palms still flourish in semi and tropical climates.

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