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St. Peter Martyr April 30, 2014

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I read the following in Dom Prosper Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year on St. Peter Martyr.  It’s only sort of st-peter-martyr-1442tangentially about the Saint, and more about the struggles of being a good Catholic in a “free,” libertine Western nation. But it’s also about souls being led astray by false doctrine.   Mind, this was written in 1860 or so, I can’t imagine what Gueranger would think today,when the worst, most dangerous false doctrine comes……..from within the Church! (Vol. 8 Passion Time Book II pp. 379-80):

Protector of the Christian people!  What other motive hadst thou, in all thy labours, but charity?  What else but a desire to defend the weak from danger induced thee not only to preach against error, but to drive it’s teachers from the flock?  [Oh that we may have such Saints today!  Please give us them, Lord!]  How many simple souls, who were receiving divine truth from the teaching of the Church, have been deceived by the lying sophistry of heretical doctrine, and have lost the faith? [Millions in this country alone] Surely the Church St-Peter-Martyr-xx-Alonso-Berruguetewould do Her utmost to ward off such dangers from Her children; She would do all She could to defend them from enemies, who were bent on destroying the glorious inheritance which had been handed down to them by millions of martyrs!  She knew the strange tendency that often exists in the heart of fallen man to love error; whereas truth, though of itself unchanging, is not sure of its remaining firmly in the mind, unless it be defended by learning or by faith.  As to learning, there are but few who possess it; and as to faith, error is ever conspiring against it, and, of course, with the appearance of truth.  [How well this describes the current crisis afflicting the Church today!  Obviously, this crisis was a long time in coming.  But now we face princes of the Church and numerous prelates who seem to almost have a death wish in following the same embrace of error that has gutted the protestant sects.  How can this be?  How can they not see?  They are blinded by their ideology.]

In the Christian ages it would have been deemed not only criminal, but absurd to grant to error the liberty which is due only to truth; and they that were in authority considered it a duty to keep the weak from danger, by removing from them all occasions of a fall; just as the father of a family keeps his children from coming in contact with wicked companions who could easily impose on thCAN8ZXOXtheir inexperience, and lead them to evil under the name of good. [But now we hear of embracing the world, of corresponding with error!]

Obtain for us, O holy martyr, a keen appreciation of the precious gift of faith – that element which keeps us in the way of salvation.  May we zealously do everything that lies in our power to preserve it, both in ourselves and in them that are under our care. The love of this holy faith has grown cold in so many hearts; and frequent intercourse with heretics or free-thinkers has made them think and speak of matters of faith in a very loose way. [Is that not what “dialogue” does?  Is it not a dangerous intercourse with heretics?  Is that not why it was so assiduously avoided for so long. But so many today, in their pride, think they can get away with it, and not be contaminated by error.  And yet, they are.]  Pray for them, O Peter, that they may recover that fearless love of the truths of religion which should be one of the chief traits of the Christian character. If they be living in a country where the modern system is introduced of treating all religions alike – that is, of giving equal rights to error and to truth – let them be all the more courageous in professing the truth, an detesting the errors opposed to the truth. [Indeed, and it is passages like this that encourage to continue my own weak, trifling efforts to spread at least some part of that truth and to condemn error.  I pray I may find ways to do much more] Pray for us, O holy martyr, that there may be enkindled within us an ardent love of that faith without which it is impossible to please God (Heb XI:6).  Pray that we may become all earnestness in this duty, which is of vital importance to salvation; that thus our faith may daily gain strength within us, till at length we shall merit to see in Heaven what we have believed unhesitatingly on earth. 

————-End Quote————-

Such an excerpt for our time.



Report: environmentalists responsible for tens of millions of deaths worldwide April 30, 2014

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And this report is from a very surprising source: my old nemesis, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  They apparently commissioned a study to look into causes of death from disease, murder, and other vectors.  They found mosquitos the number one killer of humans worldwide, causing millions of deaths annually:

A new study supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation proves how deadly mosquitoes really are. According to research, the insect is the biggest killer of humans in the world, with human beings themselves a distant second.

I don’t know about the latter part, but why has this study been commissioned, and why are mosquitos so deadly?

Well, mosquitos spread many diseases, the most common of which is malaria.  Malaria has been mostly wiped out in the US, but in much of the world, especially underdeveloped tropical countries, it remains a deadly threat.  The Gates Foundation, when they are not pushing contraception, has fought to help eradicate malaria in Africa, or, at least, to help stop the spread of mosquito-borne diseases.

However, both The Gates Foundation efforts, and mosquito eradication generally, has been almost impossible since Rachel Carson wrote a highly leading and dubiously researched but incredibly influential book in the early 60s called Silent Spring, in which she claimed that the use of the pesticide DDT (among others) – incredibly effective against mosquitos, and responsible for more or less wiping out malaria in the US – caused bird egg shells to thin, meaning little birdies could not be born.  Somehow.  And thus spring would be silent, with no bird calls. The book received massive media adulation and was hugely promoted on all the major medial outlets of the time.  As a result, production of DDT was essentially banned in industrialized countries although it still sees some limited production and use in semi-developed countries like India.

The ban was totally unnecessary, however.  There is no conclusive, or even substantial, evidence that DDT negatively affected bird populations, and the often cited bald eagle population recovery was already underway before DDT was banned (another factor: if DDT was so toxic and posed such a threat, how did it get totally washed out of the ecosystem so quickly that bald eagles were taken off the endangered species list in the 1980s?  There is a good deal of evidence that the whole “bald eagle extinction” threat was fabricated).  Carson’s book was an early example of left wing agitprop being thoroughly mixed into a purportedly popular science book, and it was structured (and a media narrative crafted) to lead people to foregone conclusions.  It gave birth to the same environmental movement that pushes the gerbal worming scam on us today.

And the thing is, as pesticides go, DDT is really not very bad.  It is not very carcinogenic (or not at all, depending on who you ask), its connection to birth defects and health problems of any kind is very minor, at most, and it is cheap and easy to manufacture. It is superior in most respects to most of the replacements that have been developed.

This ban, according to the National Institutes for Health, has resulted in tens of millions of deaths. One scientist quoted believes 120 million may have perished unnecessarily due to the DDT ban.  And this is just one small area where the environmental movement has had a disastrous impact on human life. And what is remarkable is the silence of environmentalists on true threats to humans and the entire environment in the form of huge quantities of artificial sex hormones flooding water supplies due to massive chemical contraception use.

But when we look at the diabolical, maniacal rhetoric of leading environmental lights like Paul Erlich, Thomas Malthus, Crispin Tickell (no, really), Michael Mann, and many others, we can see that it has never been about true concern for humanity, but about control.  These population control (and global warming, and…..) zealots are ideological leftists who use environmental scare-mongering to advance their politico-economic agenda.  And the worst part is, their policies and advocacy hurt mankind in myriad ways.  Not just in babies never born through contraception, not just through babies killed through abortion, but also through economic impediments, onerous, scientifically unsupported regulations, and general misanthropy on a massive scale.  These zealots just do not like people.

But they have been incredibly successful, especially in the developed West.  The world’s total fertility has fallen from 6 children per woman in 1960 to 2.45 today.  Fertility rates in the West are universally below replacement levels.  The population of advanced countries is either already shrinking (Japan, Russia) or will start to shrink very soon (all of Europe, Canada, with the US faltering).  And third world countries are not far behind.  Outside a few countries in Saharan Africa, all muslim countries are experiencing massive decreases in fertility, with some of them already below replacement levels.  South America will start to see population decreases within a few decades.  World population will peak around 2050 and then begin to fall, inexorably, for the first time in recorded history.  While there are many factors in this falling fertility, radical environmentalist rhetoric informs and undergirds them all.  It forms an intellectual and emotional backdrop to all the selfishness that is driving this fertility collapse.

These people have a great deal to answer for.

I recommend supporting the Population Research Institute to oppose this Malthusian misanthropic heresy.

Early Flightline Friday April 30, 2014

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“Murderer’s Row,” Ulithi Atoll, December 8, 1944.


This famous photograph shows the awesome striking power of a good chunk of Third Fleet riding at anchor in the huge anchorage at Ulithi Atoll in the Caroline Islands.  5 Essex Class aircraft carriers dominate the center/right of the photo, with USS Enterprise (CV-6) in night camouflage to the upper left.  Two light fleet carriers of the Independence Class are also present.

All told, almost 700 aircraft would be embarked on those 8 carriers.

Because the US Navy’s carrier aviation had become so utterly dominant by the latter half of 1944 over their Japanese adversary, and particularly in the air combat arena, this anchorage became known as Murderer’s Row.  By this point in the war, US Navy fighters achieved a better than 12 to 1 kill ratio against the sad remnants of the Imperial Japanese Navy that had rode so high in 1941 and 42.

Also present in the background is a South Dakota class battleship, probably ol’ Battleship’X’ herself:


One of the incredible capabilities the US Navy acquired during WWII was the ability to operate for months at a time away from any home port.  As the war advanced, the US set up incredible logistical facilities in the western Pacific, with floating drydocks, repair shops, tenders of all kinds, ammunition dumps, etc.  Fuel was taken onboard fast tankers at Pearl Harbor and the West Coast and typically transferred from ship to ship.  This let the USN keep a huge forward presence without having to return to port, save for the most extensive repairs.  That made a huge difference, and was a capability no other navy had.  As the war progressed, the US advanced its anchorages steadily west.  The first was Majuro, then Ulithi, and the final one was at Leyte Gulf in the Philippines.

While few Americans ever heard of Ulithi, for seven months in 1944 and 1945 it was the busiest anchorage in the world.

Another fantastic capability the US developed to a high art in WWII, and still uses constantly today, was underway replenishment.  In this system, stores, munitions, fuel, and everything needed for war is transferred between special cargo ships and warships while steaming in formation at high speed.  The British were absolutely floored when the saw the degree to which the US Navy could operate for weeks at a time away from even forward anchorages like Ulithi.

USS Missouri (BB-63) in company of USS Shangri La (CV-38) takes on fuel from fast oiler Neches (AO-47) July 1945

USS Wisconsin (BB-64) in company of USS Shangri La (CV-38) takes on fuel from fast oiler Neches (AO-47) July 1945

Sometimes in unrep, one warship tops off another.  USS Missouri refuels USS Iowa (BB-61):


Yes, Virginia, there were such things as kamikaze’s (the attack did little damage, although some of the anti-aircraft crew pictured were burned to death by burning fuel):


This is more of a Full bore Friday than Flightline Friday.

Ah, well……


How wearing religious clothing publicly can work conversions April 30, 2014

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Wearing religious garb publicly, whether cassock, biretta, habit, etc., was at one time a no-brainer act for all priestly and religious vocations.  It was always understood to give a public witness to the Faith, and serve as a tool for evangelization.  Even Hollywood has picked up on this, and invariably portrays priests and religious in traditional habits.  But many in the Church have forgotten this elemental truth over the past few decades.  A verycd044211408170eeb8c72472be5eda00 handy post from Fr. Peter Carota – who you should read daily! – notes the conversion experience of one secular woman who found herself having a strange fascination towards nuns once she saw some habited nuns in Rome.  From that simple witness, a heart was gradually changed:

I went to live in Spain for the college “Junior Year Study Abroad” program. I was raised Protestant (though 3 of my 4 grandparents were Catholic), but I did not like religion much, and really didn’t care one way or the other about Catholicism — about which I knew nothing. I visited Rome during my Christmas break, and became completely mesmerized by the beautiful nuns in full black habits who seemed like angels to me. I was at the point of making a very big decision in my life. I was deciding, at the age of 21, that I did not need God. I never had felt any closeness to Him, and I believed it was time for me to decide whether or not I wanted God in my life. I decided, “no I did not.” Still I loved the nuns.

procession i[1][1]A few weeks later I found myself — traveling alone — in a train station somewhere outside of Madrid late one night. I had travelled out of this station a few days earlier and had boarded the wrong train because the trains came flying in, stopped for a few seconds, then disappeared into the night. I nervously watched the trains come and go, trying to understand the staticky Spanish over the P.A. system announcing each train. Suddenly two beautiful nuns came up to me and asked me where I was going. I said, “Madrid.” They said, “We are too. Come on.” They each took my by the arm, one on each side, and whisked me onto the right train. We arrived in Madrid in the middle of the night.The train station was full of a lot of scary-looking men, but the nuns held on tight to me as we sailed past. I was amazed to see those rough men cross themselves at the sight of these two holy women. The sisters saw me to my destination – at 3 o’clock in the morning.

I did stick to my plan of rejecting God. I became a very immoral college girl! But I always cherished those sweet sisters who took care of me. I collected all kinds of things with nuns — pictures, dolls, magnets, you name it. tyburn-nuns-romeEveryone who knew me bought me nun gifts because they knew of my fascination. So I guess no one was really surprised when I eventually converted to the Catholic faith. (That’s another story.)

Now I’ve discovered Tradition, and I pray that more nuns will wear those beautiful habits. That simple act of dressing in the habit will bring many souls to the Church. Cradle Catholics, especially priests, have no idea of the positive outcome they would have if more of them dressed like priests in public. People are fascinated by men and women in traditional Catholic religious garb. Sad to say that the last time I saw a “priest” wearing clerical garb in public was at my neighbor’s son’s birthday party. The “priest” was a woman from the Episcopal church sporting her black shirt and Roman collar, and shorts!” [Sheesh]

————-End Quote————–

Simply wearing the habit of one’s God-given vocation can make a huge difference in the lives of people outside the Church.  They see that cassock or that habit and they know they are seeing something beyond them, beyond normal experience.  It makes me sad when priests only wear their “clerics” around church, and doff them at the earliest opportunity.  And it makes my heart sing when I see young priests in cassock and biretta, giving public witness to our faith.  We need much more of that.

Fr. Carota has really been on a roll of late. Here and here are two more really good posts you should read.  I should really take up a Novena for Fr. Carota. Speaking the Truth so plainly, hitting so many of the forbidden topics and outrageous hypocrisies of the post-conciliar Church, I fear the hammer will fall on him at some point.



On the other hand….. April 30, 2014

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……now Pope Francis gives a strong endorsement of the sanctity of marriage.  One step forward, two steps back, or vice versa?

Pope Francis on April 25 stressed the need for bishops and priests to give a “consistent witness” to Christian moral teaching, including the lifelong nature of Christian marriage, and to teach these truths “with great compassion.”

“The holiness and indissolubility of Christian matrimony, often disintegrating under tremendous pressure from the secular world, must be deepened by clear doctrine and supported by the witness of committed married couples,” Pope Francis said.

“Christian matrimony is a lifelong covenant of love between one man and one woman; it entails real sacrifices in order to turn away from illusory notions of sexual freedom and in order to foster conjugal fidelity.”….

……Pope Francis noted the pastoral challenges presented by marital separation and divorce, even in Christian families, and the lack of a stable home for many children.

“We also observe with great concern, and can only deplore, an increase in violence against women and children,” [And where does that worst, most deeply ingrained violence towards women occur?  Where is it most institutionalized, formalized in the culture?  In the remains of Christendom?  Or in the muslim world?]  he continued. “All these realities threaten the sanctity of marriage, the stability of life in the home and consequently the life of society as a whole.”……

…..In his comments to the southern African bishops, Pope Francis also noted the damage caused by abortion and an attitude of disrespect for life.

“Abortion compounds the grief of many women who now carry with them deep physical and spiritual wounds after succumbing to the pressures of a secular culture which devalues God’s gift of sexuality and the right to life of the unborn,” he said.

In addition, the Holy Father acknowledged the bishops’ reports that some Catholics are turning away from the Church to other groups, as well as a decline in family size that is affecting the number of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. [So perhaps the Church in Africa is not the beacon of great growth and the great hope for the future it is often presented as being]

“In this sea of difficulties, we bishops and priests must give a consistent witness to the moral teaching of the Gospel,” he said. “I am confident that you will not weaken in your resolve to teach the truth ‘in season and out of season’ (2 Tim 4), sustained by prayer and discernment, and always with great compassion.”

A cynic might question the timing of this statement, after the most recent notorious phone call.  Fortunately, I am not a cynic.

Am I the only one having a hard time getting a handle on this pontificate?  Perhaps it is just my failings, reacting to small conversations and off-the-cuff statements that really don’t matter a great deal, when the more formal addresses are fine?

But then there was some disconcerting guidance in Evangelium Guadium, so I don’t know.  So confusing.