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Italian Report: new apostolic overseer of FSI nuns a dissatisfied liberal feminist May 30, 2014

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Oh, I’m sure she’ll fit in great, then.  Just two minutes to throw this out, I’m sure many people have already seen the report on Rorate (and I thank them for their continuing coverage of this tragic subject), but it appears the female religious “overseer” installed to work revolution on the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate has love for gender theory and other feminist notions radically at odds with a traditional religious vocation.  I found the final paragraphs of the Italian report especially revealing:

She doesn’t stake out her territory, doesn’t feel the need to make any distinctions, doesn’t hold back, doesn’t express any whys or wherefores; the danger – a very real danger – is that the whole order of things will be changed, and cheap sociology will take the place of transcendent faith. According to the Italian news agency Adnkronos, Sr. Barbiero, President in 1998 of the Pontifical Institute Regina Mundi, was asking for some very loose and ill-defined “overall reform” in the life of Nuns, and was asking the Nuns themselves to “set out on a path of liberation,” using a language more commonly found in feminist tracts than in convents.

In that article in 2012 she more or less preached the same mantra, shining the light of sociology on the life of Nuns and bringing out “women’s questions” with references to an ongoing “difficult period of transition.” The life she spoke of was one of alienation, frustration, and unsatisfied desires so far away from the spiritual fullness and internal calm of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate.

That statement “The life she spoke of was one of alienation, frustration, and unsatisfied desires….” is a brilliant summation of so much of what is wrong with religious life today.  So many religious, women religious in particular, are horribly confused as to what their vocation is.  They are lost, really.  They have been sold a false and wicked bill of goods regarding radical, worldly theories of “empowerment” and what service means, and their orders have suffered death and destruction as a result.

And now the poor Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate are going to have such a wonderful, empowering “vision” imposed on their peaceful, fruitful, faithful communities.  It is an epic tragedy and I do not believe this could possibly happen in a remotely healthy Church.  But the Church is not healthy.  She is dying, at least in the earthly sense.  From all appearances, it seems the tormentors of the Mystical Body from within seek to make Her suffer still more.

I am having such a hard time not having really ugly thoughts about one of the prime instigators of this nightmare. This individual clearly should have just left the order, instead of  making hundreds of thier confreres – male and female – suffer so horribly. This person is utterly assured of their invincible righteousness.  But I would not want being associated – and let’s say it was only a distant association, which I don’t think was the case, but I’ll even grant that – with causing so much gut-wrenching, soul-tearing suffering in so many good and faithful people. Even if, no, especially if ,I disagreed with those people on a whole range of very important matters.

It is an excellent demonstration of what pride run utterly amok can do.  It is also a useful reminder to me as to how blind adhering to an ideology can make a person.

Weekend Reading: “Ecumenism is the Church’s Bad Dream” May 30, 2014

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I am running low on time so I must be brief, but I have been planning on linking to Boniface’s post at Unam Sanctam Catholicam on modern ecumenism all week.  It’s a lengthy post but one very much worth reading.

Most people are probably aware that a major purpose of Pope Francis’ recent trip to the Holy Land was to advance ecumenical notions on a broad front.  But perhaps the most important of these was his meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew of the Orthodox Church.  However, as Boniface documents extensively, modern ecumenism is not oriented at all towards a return to true unity – that is, a return to Rome, an acceptance of the Primacy of Peter and a submission to the Doctrine of the Faith – but is in fact entirely about feel-good messaging and worldly conceptions of peas and happiness.

I think the main thrust of the post is pretty well encapsulated in this quote below, which also contains an explication on ecumenism from former Cardinal Ratzinger:

In the 2003 book God and the World, then Cardinal Ratzinger reveals that the “unity” the modern Church is seeking through the ecumenical movement is radically different from the concept of “returning to Rome” as traditionally understood. In the book, which is in the format of a lengthy interview with journalist Peter Seewald, Seewald poses the question: “The Church prays for Christians to be reunited. But who ought to join up with whom?” Cardinal Ratzinger’s reply is revolutionary and flips on its head the traditional understanding of what it means to belong to the Church:
The formula that the great ecumenists have invented is that we go forward together. It’s not a matter of our wanting to achieve certain processes of integration, but we hope that the Lord will awaken people’s faith everywhere in such a way that it overflows from one to the other, and the one Church is there. As Catholics, we are persuaded that the basic shape of this one Church is given us in the Catholic Church, but that she is moving toward the future and will allow herself to be educated and led by the Lord. In that sense we do not picture for ourselves any particular modes of integration, but simply look to march on in faith under the leadership of the Lord – who knows the way.” (God and the World, Ignatius Press, 2003, pp. 452-53)
“We go forward together.” Where do we go? Who knows, for “we do not picture for ourselves any particular modes of integration”, nor do we even will a formal reunion, because “it’s not a matter of our wanting to achieve a certain process of integration.” Ratzinger, speaking ten years after Balamand, agrees that formal reintegration is neither fathomable in its mode nor even desirable in the modern Church.
Ratzinger’s comment that “the Lord will awaken people’s faith everywhere in such a way that it overflows from one to the other, and the one Church is there” is particularly revolutionary, as it locates the Church not in an objective reality but in an exchange – a relationship. The concept of ‘Church’ for Ratzinger is more about becoming than being – it is located in the interplay between the various “churches”. It is fundamentally a dynamic reality predicated on relationship. 
This novelty is not surprising, given the centrality of change, relation and evolution to Ratzinger’s thought (see here). James Larson has also written convincingly on the centrality of the concept of “relationship” in the theology of Joseph Ratzinger………

A “different mode of being a church”, something based on a “new understanding”, located not in a physically identifiable body on this earth, but “in the dynamism of the Word” – the relationship of the people with God. This is the sense in which the concept of “Church” overflows between the various Christian groups, and in the interchange of these groups – what Cardinal Dulles called “an ecumenism of mutual enrichment” – “the one Church is there,” to quote Ratzinger. This is the ecumenical thought of the ‘Pope of Christian Unity.’
Ratzinger is no fool. He knows that this is a novel concept. Cardinal Dulles recognizes it as well. In the same article quoted above, Dulles paints a sharp contrast between ecumenism pre- and post-Vatican II:
Vatican II, therefore, represents a sharp turn away from the purely negative evaluation of non-Catholic Christianity that was characteristic of the previous three centuries…Regarding the ecclesial status of non-Catholic Christians, Pius XII had taught as late as 1943 that they could not be true members of the Church because the Body of Christ was identical with the Catholic Church. Such Christians could not belong to the body except by virtue of some implicit desire, which would give them a relation that fell short of true incorporation.From a different point of view, Vatican II taught that every valid baptism incorporates the recipient into the crucified and glorified Christ, and that all baptized Christians were to some extent in communion with the Catholic Church…Relying on the new ecclesiology of communion, Catholic ecumenists now perceived their task as a movement from lesser to greater degrees of communion. All who believed in Christ and were baptized in his name already possessed a certain imperfect communion, which could be recognized, celebrated, and deepened” [Dulles, First Things, Dec. 2007].
The meeting between Francis and Bartholomew is an expression of this “new ecclesiology of communion”, which proposes no “particular modes of integration” but simply speaks of moving towards an ill-defined unity grounded in mutual understanding which will somehow result in the Church becoming present in the dynamism of the faith-filled exchange between us. 

————–End Quote————-

Sorry, Boniface, I like what you have written so much I stole a whole bunch of it.  Forgive me.  But there is much more at Boniface’s site, I haven’t posted even third of it.

“The Church becoming present in the dynamism of the faith-filled exchange…..”……..this is nothing but modernism, pure and simple.  This is a complete and total redefinition of what it means to be the Church, and does a massive disservice to souls within and without the Church in its overwhelming novelty and doctrinal sterility.  I can think of so many problems with this “definition:”  who defines the exchange as “faith-filled?”  What faith?  Whose faith?  If there are such radical differences in belief and practice, how can we claim we are exchanging anything alike?  How does a nebulous “exchange” become efficacious of Grace?  How do you control the process?  Who defines the process?  If the process is the “Faith,” doesn’t it merit careful definition, and not nebulous pablum?

What in practice this means is that the Catholic Church comes down off its doctrinal high-horse and settles for the lowest common denominator, a very worldly, unitarianesque conception of faithiness.  This is one of the most foundational problems of Vatican II, and yet virtually no one in any real position of authority seems prepared to tell the emperor he has no clothes.

Please do read all of Boniface’s analysis.  It is very worthwhile, and should give us much fruit for prayer.

Flightline Friday: FlugabwehrkanonenPanzer Gepard! May 30, 2014

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Also known as FLAKPanzer Gepard……..which is just such an awesome name, how could I not blog on it?  There is one thing for certain, the German language is uniquely well suited for martial purposes.

In this Flightline Friday, we’ll look at one of the other sides of the airpower coin, land-based air defense against air attack.   The systems outlined in this post were all developed from the mid-60s on as mobile air defense systems intended to accompany units in the forward battle area and protect them from air attack.  They represent just one subset of such systems, in this case, armored air defense vehicles with guns as their primary armament.

Such vehicles were initially developed during WWII, developing from a few machine guns mounted in the back of a half-track to armored enclosures mounted on tank chassis with 20 or 30 mm cannon armament.  The Germans, as they so often did, led the way in the development of many of these systems, since having a forward based air defense made eminent sense with their doctrine of armored spearheads and quick penetration into an enemy’s rear areas.

After the war, development of such systems languished a bit, as priority shifted to surface-to-air missiles as seemingly a much more capable alternative.  However, combat quickly revealed the limitations of even “mobile” surface to air missile systems (and most of them were only mobile in theory), and interest in gun armed air defense vehicles surfaced again.  By that time, advances in radar, microprocessors, communications, and other technologies meant that these mobile air defense systems, instead of being aimed optically by a gunner, could incorporate all-weather radar directed fire control and a much higher probability of kill.

One of the first of these radar-directed mobile air defense systems was the Soviet ZSU-23-4 “Shilka,” a weapon system that when introduced into combat in Vietnam in 1972 caused quite a few surprises.  While Shilka was not really an all-weather system, it was radar directed and pretty danged accurate when it worked.  The Soviets built thousands of them and they are still in use all around the world.

Shilka, while not the most capable system in the world, is cheap and fairly effective.  Some are even in use in NATO countries, like the Polish units training below:

Developed at about the same time as the Shilka, but in many ways much more capable, is the main subject of this post, the Flakpanzer Gepard, or Leopard.  Developed from a Leopard 1 tank chassis, and incorporating a 3-D search radar and a danged good tracking radar, Gepard represented quite an advance when it first appeared in the early 70s.  One of the best aspects of Gepard is its armament, consisting of twin Swiss Oerlikon 35mm cannon each capable of firing about 650 rounds per minute.  35 mm is a pretty beefy anti-aircraft round, bit enough to permit the use of proximity fuses and hard-hitting enough to also serve in a limited anti-armor role on land.  The Oerlikon cannon is one of my favorite features of Gepard:

Good point in the video above, the guns are stabilized so Gepard can technically prosecute targets on the move.

A couple of videos of Gepard firing at targets.  It is pretty incredible to see guns so big firing so fast.  35 mm is about 1 1/2 inch in diameter.  The Bundeswehr upgraded the Gepard fleet by adding a box launcher for a couple of Stinger missiles on the side of the turret.  That’s what you see being launched below.  And sorry for the terrible music:

This last one of the Gepard has maybe the best footage but a horrible soundtrack.  German metal, Uff Da:

So what about the US Army?  If the Russians and Germans have systems like this, what must the world’s number one army of one have developed?  Laser cannons?

Actually, the US Army has for decades given short shrift to air defense of its own forces.  Today it’s particularly bad, there is basically nothing aside from long range Patriot/THAAD batteries (and very few of them) and shoulder fired Stingers.  But back in the 80s, perhaps feeling a bit behind the curve with all these other self-propelled armoured anti-aircraft guns (SPAAGs) in service, the Army did try to field an American equivalent.  Supposedly using “cheap,” off the shelf technology including the proven (if slow firing) Bofors 40 mm cannon and the radar from the F-16A, the M247 “Sergeant York” turned into a development nightmare that never produced even a remotely functional system.  There were all manner of high-profile embarrassing failures of the system, perhaps the worst of which was an attempt by the Army to impress reporters from the 60 Minutes news show, only to have the Sergeant York (also known as “DIVADS – divisional air defense system”) fail to hit even a helicopter in hover less than a mile away.  Pathetic.

The video below doesn’t really show the failures of Sergeant York (and what a shame to mix up the name of a great hero with such an abysmal failure), but I can tell you what conclusion was reached – the early 60’s vintage optically aimed M167 Vulcan gun air defense system and the Chaparral missile (using antiquated AIM-9D Sidewinders, only useful for firing AFTER the aircraft had passed over the missile launcher) were judged to be far more capable than the Sergeant York, and the latter was scrapped.  This was due mostly to the fact that the Sergeant York simply rarely worked as advertised.  There was quite a press witch hunt against it, but it simply had terrible reliability and frequently failed even very basic tests.

So there you go.  The awesome Gepard and the sad Sergeant York.

Some Pentecost Novenas for you May 30, 2014

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A really nice lady named MJD sends me (and many others) all kinds of Novenas from time to time.  Yesterday she sent out several Novenas for Pentecost.  All start today, Friday May 30.  From what she sent, I have chosen two to post here.  One is brief, included below.

O Holy Spirit, You are the Love of The Father and The Son. Inspire me always in what I should think. Inspire me always in what I should say and how I should say it. Inspire me in what I should keep silence about and how I should do it. Inspire me in what I should do for God’s Honour, for the good of souls and for my own sanctification. Holy Spirit grant me understanding to understand and recognise. Grant me a capacity to remember everything. Teach me the ways and grant me the ability to learn always again. Grant me the acumen to interpret and to discern correctly. Grant me the grace to speak efficaciously. Holy Spirit, grant me confidence and certainty at the beginning. Guide me and lead me during the accomplishment and grant me perfection at the completion. Amen.

The other one is a typically looong EWTN Novena.  Too long to copy and paste here, go to the link.

But the longer the prayer is, the more merit there is in praying it, I suppose.

Pray a Novena with your family!  Develop in your children a love for this great traditional practice!

If you have Fr. John Hardon’s Catholic Prayer Book, there is also a Novena to the Holy Ghost there, on pp. 309-10.  Lots of other prayer books have their own versions.

Dominus vobiscum!



Some quick hits May 29, 2014

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It has been my sad experience – and I think I am far from alone – that some of the most radical, heretical Katholycs around are to be found teaching RCIA, Adult “catechesis, CCD, and all the rest of the panoply of institutionalized Amchurch “faith” formation.  For just one more little bit of evidence to that end, a woman just excommunicated by Bishop Paprocki for undergoing a fauxrdination used to teach adult catechesis – at the cathedral!:

You might recall the story about the woman, Mary F. Keldermans, who was recently informed of her excommunication by Bishop Paprocki upon her recent attempt to get ordained.

Keldermans of Springfield, Illinois attempted to be ordained a priest for “Roman Catholic Womenpriests, Inc.” in a ceremony at the Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Springfield on May 5, 2014.

But here’s something that didn’t get a whole lot of attention. She had taught adult religious education at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception.

The horror stories are legion.  The priest of a local parish, who when vicar at another local parish occasionally dropped into our RCIA classes (way back in the way back), used to tell us how certain he was that the Church would have “female priests” in 10 years time (That was 15  years ago).  Just a little bit of heresy there.  Or the woman who sponsored people in RCIA at yet another parish who had to bring the Catechism, a Bible, and other books with her to every class to refute the instructor’s errors.

So, yeah, it’s common.

Quick hit two:  Hey, guess what?  When same-sex couples say “they are just like you,” they’re very, very wrong.  Unless you consider break-up/”divorce” rates 2-4 times that of even the worst heterosexual populations “the same,” or serial infidelity “monogamy.”  If you think about the numbers very long, what they mean is that essentially every same-sex fake marriage will end in fake divorce, and often after a trivial length of time.  It’s all about the party, and exorcising daddy issues.

Three: Here is an interview with my wife’s cousin Sr. Miriam James Heidland.  She gets really, quite a bit of press and I’m far from fully on board with the whole TOB gig, but, still, it’s nice to see.

It’s Ascension Thursday.  Forget the USCCB, go to Mass!


Tomorrow……..God willing………..Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard!



Pope denounces Kasper bigamy proposal! May 29, 2014

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The below would have been eminently suitable for April 1, but I don’t think the situation was quite ripe, then.  Nevertheless, via FideCogitActio, a most firm and direct rejection rejection of the Kasperite heresy from His Holiness:

This abuse involves dissolution without due cause or in violation of canon law, and threatens grave injury to the faithful. …

Certainly it is clear that these dissolutions of marriages … are a source of evil and an open door to crime. … [F]requent marriage dissolutions are not without the gravest offense and scandal to the upright. …

To remedy this pernicious evil, … [I declare] all pacts between spouses for the dissolution of marriages to be null, invalid, and ineffectual, both now and for the future. …

[The Church’s clear teaching on] matrimony … sufficiently informs the faithful of the sanctity of marriage. They may now approach this great sacrament with that reverence and piety which is fitting, and regard it as indissoluble. …

[T]he nullity of a marriage … may not be executed unless both judgments with their arguments are first examined and approved [in the external forum]. 

That is, of course, His Holiness…….Pope Benedict XIV.

Joke over, I do have to ask how a formal papal definition in Bull promulgated 270 years ago can be so easily forgotten – “all ‘pacts between spouses for the dissolution of marriage to be null, invalid, and ineffectual, both now and for the future.”

Pope Francis did address the “Kasperite heresy proposal heresy” on his flight back from the Holy Land, where he laid a wreath on the grave of the founder of modern Zionism, Theodore Hertzl, the first pope ever to do so (read about Hertzl’s meeting with Pope St. Pius X here, it is awesome).  The key comments:

It did not please me that so many people, including in the Church, priests, etc, spoke of communion for the divorced as if it were all reduced to casuistry.[How many people know what this word means?  It means to use rule-based thinking.] We know that there is a crisis of the family. Young people do not want to get married, or do not get married, live together… I do not wish that we got into casuistry: what can be done or cannot be done… That is why I am so thankful for this question, because it gives me the opportunity to clarify. The pastoral problem of the family is very, very wide, and should not be plucked case by case.  That which Pope Benedict said three times…….is that the procedures of matrimonial nullity have to be examined. [Yes, but I think he meant that the conditions for granting nullity were to be dramatically tightened] To study the faith with which a person enters matrimony, [but I thought we were not to look “case by case?”] and clarify that divorcees are not strange. [Hmmm…..] Oftentimes they are treated as if they were. [Double hmmm…they certainly aren’t treated as strange by society anymore.  The Pope must mean the Church, then?] I am certain that it was the Spirit of the Lord who guided us to choose this theme for the Synod. The family needs much pastoral help.

This is nice to see, in a sense, but the reason why so many people reduced the matter to casuistry is because THAT IS EXACTLY HOW CARDINAL KASPER HAS PRESENTED IT ALL ALONG!

I have seen some comments from folks like Dr. Ed Peters and a few others, can’t recall, I was kind of loopy late Tuesday, claiming this and some other bits of evidence they’ve seen make them think the Kasperite movement is losing momentum.  Maybe.  Is the above a walk back?  A reaction to external pressure? Is it just a straight-up clarification?  In charity, I guess we have to assume the latter.

We’ll see, but I have to say, after reading the above, I don’t feel like I really know what Pope Francis intends with this Synod.  Is that due solely to my hardened heart, my lack of obedience, my bad Catholic faith?  Or am I not alone in feeling like this clarification isn’t really clear?

I will say, however, modernists detest “casuistry.”  They do not like clear cut “rules.”  They like muddy, emotion-laden situations that are just so darned difficult to define.  Modernists reject Scholasticism precisely because it is an extremely good guide to Catholicism and essentially every moral situation, all based on……”rules,” or the Doctrine of the Faith applied to concrete situations.


Live Action ups the pressure on Planned Barrenhood May 29, 2014

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I know a bunch of places covered this yesterday, so I’m late!, but I try to be committed to the pro-life cause, and this is big news.  Live Action has further increased their pressure on Planned Barrenhood with a new video and much more to come soon.

The video is a nice, brief “highlight”, if that is the right term, of all the scandals Live Action has uncovered at Planned Barrenhood over the past few years.  That includes systematic coverups of child sex abuse, failure to report abuse (a felony in many states), racism, deliberate lying to patients, gleeful participation in sex-selective abortion, misrepresentations of fetal development, constant prevarication about the kinds of services they provide (like the mythical mammograms)…..it’s veritable master course on organizational deceit and lying:

But of course, we knew all that already.  What I did not know, was that the federal government’s support for Planned Barrenhood now exceeds over half a BILLION dollars a year, and that the Obama Administration has increased Planned Barrenhood’s funding by over 1/3 since entering office.  Which probably goes a very long way to make up for the shortfall to Baby Murder, Inc has experienced due to several states de-funding them.  But there is nothing more sacrosanct to a demonrat than abortion, so of course they’ll toss their buddies a few hundred million of our dollars when they need it.  No skin off their back!

From what I understand they have some explosive stuff on tap, so we’ll see what turns up.  At the federal level, the overwhelming leftist nature of the media-government complex elites have pretty much insulated Planned Barrenhood from any reasonable criticism or even oversight, but lots is being accomplished at the state level.

I want to be with Jesus in Heaven as soon as He wills, but part of me would really like to live to see Planned Murderhood gone.

Please pray for the Franciscans of the Immaculate May 29, 2014

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I am certain many of my readers already have been praying for the Franciscans of the Immaculate and that the seemingly unjust persecution of that order will end, but if you have not, I strongly commend Rorate for re-posting this Italian call for a worldwide prayer effort to support the FIs, both male and female:

After hearing the news about the appointment of a visitator to the Institute of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, we are more than ever convinced that these days being Catholic is a problem for some Vatican authorities. [Ouch. Wow.  But is such a strong statement wrong?] We have decided (at least for the time being) to suspend any comment or publication whatever related to this incredible and disconcerting affair: let this be a time of prayer and staying spiritually close to the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate.
 For this reason, we ae launching a Rosary Crusade appeal, requesting the help of everyone that intends to support the Fathers, Brothers and Sisters who are being hit and persecuted so unjustly, through the recitation of at least a decade of the Rosary every day, dedicated to the Franciscans of the Immaculate.
I will be proud to support this effort.  God bless the Franciscans of the Immaculate, their good founder, and may it be God’s will that their suffering may end immediately!
Foolish me, I hit the publish button too soon, without adding this important part. I have just started what looks to be a superb book called The Spiritual Combat by Fr. Lorenzo Scupoli.  Fr. Scupoli was a Theatine priest who was, by all accounts, incredibly holy.  His book on spirituality heavily influenced St. Francis de Sales and many other holy souls.  Yet, during his lifetime, Fr. Scupoli was the victim of a most wicked calumny, and was forced into a severely enforced retirement from any public role because of the accusations directed at him.
But Fr. Scupoli did not become angry, he did not chafe at the unjust restrictions placed on his conduct, he suffered in silence for 20 years, growing in virtue and compiling his advance in the interior life in his now famous book, The Spiritual Combat.  I pray the Franciscans of the Immaculate do not have to suffer for 20 years, even while the new leadership both inside and out are given free reign to fly around the world, give lectures, tell their confreres how fatally mistaken they are, and receive all manner of plaudits.  Yet God has a way of executing justice in His time.  Fr. Scupoli’s sanctity, and the falsehood of the calumnies perpetrated against him, was recognized almost at the moment of his death. He is now lauded and recognized, while his calumniators are forgotten. I pray it does not take the passing from this life of Fr. Stefano Manelli or many current menbers for the Franciscans of the Immaculate to receive just treatment, but having read Fr. Manelli’s works, I know that justice will be done in the end, for all involved.

Dom Prosper Gueranger, prophet warning of the attack on marriage May 29, 2014

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I try to read some of Dom Prosper Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year every day.  I intended to try to take up some of the slack left by the sad closure of Ars Orandi, but I am afraid I haven’t succeeded too brilliantly at that.  But I did read the following on Saturday that I thought really deserved to be shared, especially in light of the “Kasperite” attempt to basically undermine marriage and belief in the Real Presence by pretending that bigamy/adultery is no longer a sin.  Attacks on marriage have been one of the prime vehicles of the cultural revolutionaries gambit against the Church, as Dom Gueranger notes, along with some wonderful exegesis on the sanctity of marriage:

The angels were all created at one and the same time: but the members of the human race were to be born, each indeed from their respective parents, but yet so as that Adam and Eve were to be the common parents to whom marriage2all were to owe their origin. [Paging Fr. Barron, Fr. Barron!]  Such was our Creator’s design, and marriage was the means he selected for its fulfillment. An immense multitude of the angels having fallen, the places destined for them in Heaven were to be filled up by the elect of earth; again, it was marriage that was to provide these citizens for Heaven.  [Isn’t that beautiful?  We get to replace the fallen angels, should we cooperate with Grace?  I have never really heard this expounded before, but it is a beautiful thought] Hence, God blessed marriage at the very commencement of the world, and with a blessing which was to be permanent, for, as the Church teaches us in the Liturgy, “it was not recalled, either by the punishment inflicted on Original Sin, or by the sentence which destroyed the world by the deluge.” (Missale Romanum Frefatio super Sponsam)

Even before this second great chastisement came upon the earth, [The Flood] all flesh had corrupted its way (Gen VI:12), and marriage had fallen from the elevated dignity given to it by the Creator.  The end for which he instituted it was forgotten; it was debased into a mere sensual gratification; it lost the sacred unity, which was its glory.  Polygamy and divorce destroyed its primitive character, and two frightful evils ensued: family ties were at an end, and woman’s position was degraded into that of a being which must minister to man’s passions. [Does that not perfectly describe our situation today?  19th century sanctity and virtue probably prevented Dom Gueranger from relating what the tradition holds as the direct cause of the Flood – when they began to give men to men, and women to women, as “married” couples.  And worse.  Tradition has held that for over 2000 years, the great Fathers spoke on this, and yet we are giddily playing with the same fire.] The lesson intended to be conveyed by the Deluge was soon lost sight of; the world Weyden_Matrimonyagain became depraved, so much so indeed, that when the Mosaic Law came with its reforms, it had not power to restore to marriage the dignity of its first institution.  [And thus Mosaic Law permitted divorce, leaving marriage wounded.  The paragraph above deserves much meditation.  It is just packed full of deep lessons]

To effect this, it was requisite that God Himself should descend up on the earth.  When the miseries of humanity had reached their height, the Word, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, assumed our human nature, and dwelt amongst us.  He called Himself the Bridegroom (St. Matt IX:15).  The prophets and the Canticle of Canticles had foretold that He would take to himself a Spouse from among mortals. This Spouse is the Church – that is, the human race purified by baptism and enriched with supernatural gifts.  As a dowry, he gave her His own Precious Blood and merits; and then united Her to Himself forever.  This Spouse is One; He affectionately calls Her His Only One (Cant VI:8). On Her part, She has no other but Him.  Here we have revealed to us the divine type on which marriage was formed, which, as the Apostle teaches us, derives its holiness and dignity from its resemblance to the union existing between Christ and His Church (Eph V:32). The two unions are for the same end, and bear a mutual relation to each other. Jesus loves His Church with the tenderest affection; but His Church is the issue of human marriage, for it is marriage that provides the Church with Her children, and thus perpetuates Her existence upon earth. [Think on the glory, then, of being called to the married state and being given the gift of procreation!  Thus it is that Holy Mother Church has always counseled Her children that spouses should always be gratefully open to all the new life God provides for them.  And thus it is She has also directed that any means to frustrate the natural fecundity are gravely immoral, save for periodic continence, which can only be engaged in for grave reasons and with a matrimonyconstant openness to the receipt of new life.]  Let us not be surprised, therefore, that Jesus restored marriage to its primitive condition, and that He honors it as being His powerful aid in the accomplishment of His designs[How far from this exalted understanding, how perverse, has our modern conception of marriage become!]

We have already seen, on the Second Sunday after the Epiphany, how He selected the nuptial feast at Cana as the occasion of His working His first public miracle. By His accepting the invitation to assist, in company with His Blessed Mother, at the marriage, it is evident that He wished to honor, by His Divine Presence, the sacred engagement which was to unite the two spouses; it is evident that He intended to renew, in their persons, the ancient blessing given in Paradise.  Having, by His miracle at Cana, proved Himself to be truly the Son of God, He began His public life and preaching.  his object being to reform fallen man to the noble end for which He had been created, he frequently made marriage the subject of His instructions.  He spoke of its being divinely instituted on the basis of unity. He authoritatively repeated the command given at its first institution: They shall be two in one flesh (Gen II:24).  Two, and only two.  Speaking of the indissolubility of the marriage tie, He told His hearers that no power on earth, not even the unfaithfulness, however criminal, of the husband or wife, could sever the bond.  These were His getting-over-divorce_0words: “What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder, Cardinal Walter Kasper” (St. Matt XIX:6). Thus did He restore marriage to its normal state; thus did He abrogate the degrading liberty, or more correctly, the libertinism, of polygamy and divorce – those sad proofs of the hardness of man’s heart (St. Matt XIX:8), and of the need he had of a Redeemer. Thus did the New Law bring back to marriage its primal blessing, and make it once more a holy state, which, so far from being an obstacle, is a means to virtue, and peoples both earth and Heaven with the elect!……..

{leaving out a whole bunch of incredible stuff, but I can’t copy it all. It deals with marriage’s institution as a Sacrament, and what a glorious institution that is.  It further repudiates the entire Kasperite notion regarding bigamy/adultery and the Blessed Sacrament, which view I am pleased to see seems to be in at least a tactical retreat of late.  Go here, pp. 270-272, if you want to read what I’ve left out.  Picking up again midway through p. 272:]

Here is the secret of the world’s regeneration: it was Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself who created the beautiful existence of a Christian family, and implanted it on our earth.  Long ages passed, and this was the type which, in spite human frailty, was the only one acknowledged either by the conscience of individuals or by the public laws of nations.  But the pagan element, which may be repressed, but which never dies, strove to regain what it had lost; and at length the time came when it succeeded in falsifying, in the majority of “Christian” countries, the notion of marriage. [And the United States, founded on libertine “enlightenment” notions, long gave scandal to the rest of Christendom by its early permissiveness towards divorce, dating back very nearly to its founding.  Of course, the permissiveness towards divorce was an early, essentially a foundational, characteristic of protestantism]  Faith teaches us, that this contract, now become a Johnson172Sacrament, comes under the jurisdiction of the Church, in what regards the bond, which constitutes its very essence: but the modern world looks on the Church as a power incompatible with the progress of liberty and enlightenment; and therefore the state takes the Church’s place, as often as it is deemed good for society, and marriage has been debased into a civil act.  [Sound familiar?  I remind folks that the entire basis for the “enlightenment” philosophy developed in the 18th century was to find some form of government/culture that would finally and totally usurp the influence of the Church in people’s lives.  But of course, Dom Gueranger was writing before the canonized council.]  The immediate consequence of this has been, that the state can legalize divorce, and therefore paganize society.  The influence exercised over the weorld by the long predominance of the Christian spirit has not been entirely removed by this iniquitous secularization of marriage; still, from the principles laid down by our modern governments we have this logical and practical result: that a marriage may be indissoluble and sacramental in the eyes of the Church, and null in the eyes of the civil power……[Now, think on all the above, and then think about how the bishops in the US demand a civil divorce as the basis point for beginning the marriage tribunal process, which almost invariably leads to a declaration of nullity.  Does not such acquiescence show bishops who view the Church, in many respects, as subservient to the state?  It is an arguable point, perhaps, but that is one of the fundamental tenets of Americanism]………The rupture between Church and state is, therefore, consummated.

And yet what Christ has appointed cannot be effaced by man…….Therefore let Christians fear not: let them continue to receive from their Mother, the Church, the doctrine of the Sacraments; let them continue to look upon marriage as a divine institution…….and thus, they may save society and re-Christianize it, or, if that cannot be, they will save their own and their children’s souls….

———-End Quote———-

What a powerful, powerful exegesis!  What a condemnation of so many in the Church today, who seek continued rapprochement with, or even acquiescence to,  a horribly fallen culture!  Lord, give us a Dom Gueranger!  Raise up great Saints in Your Church to feed and save desperately hungry and lost souls!  Have mercy on us for our unfaithfulness, and soften our hardened hearts!

Please restore Your Church, Lord!  We beg you, night is falling around the world, and billions desperately need the light only You can provide!


Hall wins TX Senate 2; I be sick again May 28, 2014

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I don’t have a link right now, but the good guy won the Texas Senate District 2 runoff yesterday.  Bob Hall defeated a very embittered incumbent Bob Deuell.  Well, that’s what happens when you spend too long in office and you drift from your conservative roots.  Deuell’s behavior in this runoff has been thuggish and statist, proving he is not the small government conservative he claimed to be.

Anyway I am sick again.  The intestinal problem I have been fighting for weeks came roaring back yesterday.  This is not good.  Doctors haven’t been able to find anything.  Say a prayer, if you would.

God bless you.