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Easter Chant for you! May 2, 2014

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We’re still in Easter season. The Octave may be over, but it’s still Easter.


Thanks to JMJHF Productions for putting this up.

Something to consider May 2, 2014

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I pray this does not apply to me. I’m not looking for reassurance, I’m just saying. It’s easy to be bold on a keyboard.  It’s more difficult in person.  Just something to consider.



Do you ever think about being martyred?  About really suffering for the Faith?  I do. A fair amount.  I think I would take some kinds of suffering much better than others.

Again, something to consider.  If a persecution really gets going, are we prepared enough, do we love our Lord enough, to stay faithful?

The strength will not come from us, though.  It will come from Him.  The more Grace we have, the better we cooperate with it……that will decide matters. The Apostles gave such incredible witness because they were not speaking with their own tongues, the Lord spoke through them. I pray should a time of suffering come, we may do the same.  Without Grace, we don’t stand a chance.

Act of Humility by St. Alphonsus May 2, 2014

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I thought this a pretty good prayer yesterday.  One I think it would be good for me to focus on for some time:

Behold, O Jesus, I come to Thee in order that my soul may feed upon Thy Sacred Body.  But what art Thou, O my God, and what am I?  Thou art a God of infinite goodness, and I am a miserable worm, laden with innumerable sins,St. Alphonsus whereby I have again and again separated myself from Thee.  I am not worthy, O my God, to enter Thy presence; I deserve to be banished to hell, and there, far from Thee, forsaken by Thee, to burn in all eternity.  But Thou, Who art infinite in mercy, dost bid me come to Thee that I may receive Thee unto my heart.

Behold, O Lord, I come, humble and ashamed on account of the manifold offenses which I have committed against Thee, and yet full of confidence in Thy Mercy and thy Love. How bitterly I grieve, O sweet Savior, for having so often sinned against Thee.  Thou hast made the sacrifice of Thy life for me, and I have abandoned Thee for what is worthless,; again and again I have outraged Thy Grace and Thy Love. I sorrow most deeply for the transgressions against Thee, both great and small, of which I have been guilty; they are the greatest of all evils, because they have displeased Thee, O infinite goodness, and I abhor them from the bottom of my heart. I venture to hope that Thou hast pardoned them ; but if I am mistaken, I implore Thee, O Jesus, forgive me now, before I receive Thee into my heart. Let me at any rate be download (1)in a state of Grace when Thou comest to dwell within by breast.

Another prayer from St. Alphonsus, an Act of Desire:

Come, Lord Jesus, come unto the heart which is ardently longing to receive Thee.  Thou art my only, my supreme good, my love, my life, my all in all.  I desire to receive Thee this day with the love of those Saints who were most inflamed with love for Thee; I desire to receive Thee as Thy blessed Mother received Thee; I desire to unite my communions with Her communions.  O Mary, ever Blessed Virgin, my dearest Mother, do Thou give Thy Son to me.  Let me receive Him from thy hand. Tell Him that I am thy faithful servant, and then, when He vouchsafes to come to me, He will embrace me with grater tenderness and affection.

Lord, I am not worthy that Thou shouldst enter under my roof; but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.

May the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ preserve my soul unto life everlasting. Amen.


Which dystopian film does 2014 USA most resemble? May 2, 2014

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I found this the other day:


I posted this on Facebook, and the few respondents all chose Idiocracy.  And I can understand why.

However, I chose Brave New World with strong overtones of 1984 and a dash of Mad Max.  Because Mad Max is one of my favorite movies.

When people chose Idiocracy, they seem to be commenting on the lack of education and reason in our society today.  But what I think they miss is that Brave New World so fits our culture – including mass ignorance – that it is truly frightening.

In Idiocracy, culture has been dumbed down because educated but self-centered people failed to reproduce, while ignorant people reproduced en masse, leading to a future, really stupid culture.

In Brave New World, the vast majority of society is deliberately bred and raised to be servile, ignorant, low-intelligence worker-bees.  And from my point of view, I think the elite’s destruction of the educational system, their production of mind-numbing entertainment of lower and lower standards and quality, and their (possibly temporary) willingness to subsidize lives of great ignorance and self-destruction on a mass scale basically describes the Brave New World scenario.

It’s not a perfect fit by any means. But there are so many aspects that are so chillingly similar to what we see in our culture today, it is positively shocking:

  • human sexuality made completely sterile through powerful drugs and constant indoctrination.  People in BNW are repulsed by the idea of natural procreation
  • Government encouragement of mass fornication. Nobody marries. Everybody screws around with everybody else.  In fact, people were conditioned to hate the idea of family. Look at our marriage rates today.
  • babies are born in government labs by artificial insemination, and then raised in test tubes, never seeing a womb. People are revulsed by the idea of natural childbirth. Various classes of babies are either given chemicals and drugs to enhance their intelligence, or to dumb them down.  All education is done by the state. All children are owned by the state, their future career is determined by the state, and there are absolutely no rights and freedoms.
  • There is a one-world hyperstate that governs most of the earth.  There are feral regions outside the highly technologically advanced one-world state that are basically left to their own devices.
  • The one world government is thoroughly leftist and controls population in a draconian manner.  World population is limited to 2 billion people.
  • There is no freedom, no choice. Everyone is just a cog in the government-ordered plan, which determines who they are, what they will be, and when they will die.  Government encouraged fornication on a mass scale is the tradeoff to keep people happy – people are encouraged, nearly forced to fornicate with anyone who demands it, with giant government-orchestrated orgies held, etc.
  • Oh, and another method of control is mandatory drug use.  It’s a bit like THX-1138 in that sense, everyone is kept strongly dosed with a powerful depressant/hypnotic/mood-stabilizer called Soma.  It’s rather like Prozac.
  • The governing elites preserve privileges for themselves that the masses are denied, like being able to have books.

I have over the past few years found it positively chilling how much our culture has come to look like Brave New World. We are well on our way to being just that kind of nightmare, dystopian society.

Below is a very uneven film rendition of Brave New World.  Some good talent, but some scenes look like they were made by a college student:

When/why did America become a nation of slobs? May 2, 2014

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Worldwide, and especially in Europe, Americans are derided for overly casual, even slovenly dress.  Americans have made almost a fetish over being exceedingly comfortable at all times, at least when we are not all dolled up for a night of animal rutting date night.  In Europe, locals make sport of being able to identify the Americans from their short pants, crocs, T-shirts, spandex, and other items of comfort wear.  Or at least my snobby friend who lives in Czech says they do. Obviously, many people are not going to be able to afford dressing in Saville Row suits and Georgio Armani.  That’s not what I’m talking about.  It’s not about affordability – you can get slacks, button down shirts, etc., in any thrift store – it’s about choices.  Sloth remains a vice.  Many people are simply uncaring about not only how they dress, but how they live, and that indicates a profound demoralization at work in these people.  People with relatively high respect for themselves and others will make at least some effort to dress appropriately for being out in public.  I am mortified every time I choose to go to WalMart – which is rarely – due to the just pathetic level of dress. I am apparently not alone.  A secular blogger asks why Americans dress more like hobos, or worse, slatterns, than self-respecting (and God-respecting) people:

 ………there is such a thing as being too casual. To me, it’s not a question of bullying  [Oh Lord, not “bullying” again.  There is great value in cultural standards and pressure. The collapse of cultural pressure in a huge number of areas: fornication, having children out of wedlock, divorce, etc, that has helped mightily advance the ongoing decay of the culture.  There is something to be said for standards, many of which directly derive from the practice of virtue associated with being a Christian]  but of having respect for oneself and others when out in public to dress in a way so that we’re not subjecting innocent bystanders to seeing a body part where normally the sun doesn’t shine. This is the reason why sites like People of Walmart get the attention they do–many of the images on there are so unbelievably grotesque and repulsive (breasts, bellies, and butts spilling out of too tight fabric; underwear missing altogether; bodily fluids leaking onto the aisle floor) they make me throw up in my mouth.

It seems nowadays that the only time people make an effort to dress up is when they HAVE to, like at job interviews, weddings, [more on weddings below] and funerals. And from what I hear, slob nation is making its way into those social situations, too. People today just don’t seem to give a s— about their appearance and the way they present themselves……

….Whatever the reason, I refuse to believe that lack of money is the main cause for dressing like slobs. As Maher pointed out in his on-air editorial, if you can afford $17.99 pajama bottoms with the Budweiser logo on them, then you can afford the $11.99 jeans at Target. Or in my neck of the woods, if you have hundreds of dollars to drop on Red Sox tickets, beer, and hotdogs, you have more than enough for a decent coat or jacket. 

Again, it’s not about money. A lot of my wife’s and daughter’s wardrobe comes from thrift stores, because that is the only place they can find long skirts anymore, and they dress very, very well.

And of course, there are times when one is doing some hard physical labor and suddenly finds the need to run to the auto parts store or Lowe’s. I have been guilty of wearing filthy jeans and T-shirts to both because I was in the middle of some hard job and realized I needed something.

I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about a lot of people just not caring anymore. And I think that says something pretty significant about where they are spiritually and morally.

Regarding weddings: my wife and I have noticed a trend going back quite a few years (but I don’t think it was always this way), where weddings seem to cause single young women to wear the most risque, most revealing clothing possible.  It’s almost like it’s a competition thing, to steal the limelight from the bride.  There are also elements of desperation in that competition, as if there is a recognition that time is slipping away.  It’s really unfortunate, especially when it occurs in a Catholic church, which I have been mortified to see on a number of occasions.

So, do I sound enough like a grouchy old man, yet?