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Act of Humility by St. Alphonsus May 2, 2014

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I thought this a pretty good prayer yesterday.  One I think it would be good for me to focus on for some time:

Behold, O Jesus, I come to Thee in order that my soul may feed upon Thy Sacred Body.  But what art Thou, O my God, and what am I?  Thou art a God of infinite goodness, and I am a miserable worm, laden with innumerable sins,St. Alphonsus whereby I have again and again separated myself from Thee.  I am not worthy, O my God, to enter Thy presence; I deserve to be banished to hell, and there, far from Thee, forsaken by Thee, to burn in all eternity.  But Thou, Who art infinite in mercy, dost bid me come to Thee that I may receive Thee unto my heart.

Behold, O Lord, I come, humble and ashamed on account of the manifold offenses which I have committed against Thee, and yet full of confidence in Thy Mercy and thy Love. How bitterly I grieve, O sweet Savior, for having so often sinned against Thee.  Thou hast made the sacrifice of Thy life for me, and I have abandoned Thee for what is worthless,; again and again I have outraged Thy Grace and Thy Love. I sorrow most deeply for the transgressions against Thee, both great and small, of which I have been guilty; they are the greatest of all evils, because they have displeased Thee, O infinite goodness, and I abhor them from the bottom of my heart. I venture to hope that Thou hast pardoned them ; but if I am mistaken, I implore Thee, O Jesus, forgive me now, before I receive Thee into my heart. Let me at any rate be download (1)in a state of Grace when Thou comest to dwell within by breast.

Another prayer from St. Alphonsus, an Act of Desire:

Come, Lord Jesus, come unto the heart which is ardently longing to receive Thee.  Thou art my only, my supreme good, my love, my life, my all in all.  I desire to receive Thee this day with the love of those Saints who were most inflamed with love for Thee; I desire to receive Thee as Thy blessed Mother received Thee; I desire to unite my communions with Her communions.  O Mary, ever Blessed Virgin, my dearest Mother, do Thou give Thy Son to me.  Let me receive Him from thy hand. Tell Him that I am thy faithful servant, and then, when He vouchsafes to come to me, He will embrace me with grater tenderness and affection.

Lord, I am not worthy that Thou shouldst enter under my roof; but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.

May the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ preserve my soul unto life everlasting. Amen.



1. TG - May 2, 2014

I love anything that St. Alphonsus writes. Today in the new calendar is the feast day of St. Athanasius. With all that is going on in the church today, we should pray to him today. I prayed to him this morning to ask the Lord to send us courageous bishops like him.

2. Baseballmom - May 2, 2014

Interesting, I prayed for the same thing at Mass today….

3. Baseballmom - May 2, 2014

Actually, I particularly prayed for Cardinal Burke, his persecution is, I am sure, quite intense.

4. Steve - May 3, 2014

As usual, beautiful artwork, such as the images associated with this thread, are far removed from the Novus Ordo.

The artwork in question is very much at home, for example, with the Traditional Roman Mass.

But again, not with Novus Ordoism.

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