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Out sick May 6, 2014

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Posting will be light or nonexistent due to youf host being sick. I feel like I have the flu.


Prayer greatly appreciated.

Another stunning statement from Cardinal Rodriguez-Mardiaga May 6, 2014

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Cardinal Rodriguez-Maradiaga, “head” of the group of 8 cardinals hand-picked to advice Pope Francis, had this to say recently, regarding the direction of Francis’ papacy (I add some highlights to the statement):

The Honduran archbishop, who chairs the Council of Cardinals (C8) that advises the Pope, said Francis feels called to construct” a Church that is, among other things: At the service of this world by being faithful to Christ and his Gospel; free from all mundane spirituality; free from the risk of being concerned about itself, of becoming middle-class, of closing in on self, of being a clerical Church; able to offer itself as an open space in which all can meet and recognise each other because there is space for dialogue, diversity and welcome in it.

This is straight out of the progressive zeitgeist.  The bit about being “middle-class,” or bourgeoisie, I think tips the hand too much.  It’s not just “Church of the poor” boilerplate, it is something more significant.

But the last part…..”able to offer itself as an open space in which all can meet and recognise each other because there is space for dialogue, diversity and welcome in it“……that’s what the Church is for?  And I thought it was to save souls!

This is yet another disturbing, strongly left-wing statement from Cardinal Maradiaga.  There is nothing here about holiness of eternal salvation, just worldly do-goodery, which is certainly important, but not the primary raison de etre for the Church.  This is in fact a radical re-definition of how the Church has always viewed Herself.  It reveals yet again the degree to which the progressive elements in the Church feel empowered and liberated today after a few years of being stymied by the previous pope(s?).

I would argue that being “at the service of the world” and the Church serving as “an open space in which all can meet and recognize each other (what does that even MEAN?!?) because…….dialogue, diversity!” is a veritable definition of mundane spirituality.  Was there ever a time when spirituality was more mundane than the 70s and 80s?  And is this not a program to not just return to that tragic time, but to go beyond it in terms of banality and spiritual Barron-ness?  Heh.

And isn’t an effort to construct a new Church a sign of the Church, in the form of a few of its leaders, being obsessively “concerned about itself.”  Irony, anyone?  In fact, progressives have long claimed that the Church must cease being so concerned about itself, all the while keeping their gaze steadily locked on their own ideological navels.  This is not a fresh idea, this is the same progressive klaptrap that’s been pushed for over 50 years.

What kind of hubris drives someone, even a pope, to think he is called to “construct” or, put another way, radically reshape and “improve” what he received from a patrimony of 2000 years?  I pray this is just a badly misguided cardinal spouting off, and that he is not reliably reporting Pope Francis’ intentions.  If he is…….yikes.  And yet, this is not the first time Cardinal Maradiaga has said some disconcerting things, and there has not been even a slight rebuke of his advocating for further revolution in the Church.

Is the rhetoric about being an open space for “diversity” a sign of further collapse on the defense of moral Dogmas, this time regarding sodomy?  Is there to be “dialogue” and understanding for traditional Catholics?  How about the FFI?

I find this discourse hardly distinguishable from some of the worst pablum from socialist parties around the world.

I guess the real question is, does any of this matter?  How significant is it that it comes from the head of the elite eight cardinals?

Can these people really want to return, and even go beyond, the disastrous practices that served as the direct cause of millions leaving the Faith over the past several decades?

Is there anyone as blind as an ideologue?