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What are the miracles that most move you to believe? May 14, 2014

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“Miracles are the testimony that God bears to Himself.” (Gueranger, The Liturgical Year, Vol. 8, p. 201). “A miracle rouses man’s attention, for he knows that it is by God’s Will alone that the laws of nature can be suspended.”

I fully agree, and as Dom Gueranger goes on to note, it was the miracles of Christ and His Apostles that really convinced the first many tens of thousands to accept Jesus as the Messiah and join the fledgling Church.007

Gueranger notes that many people never witness a miracle directly, so we have to trust the accounts of history and Scripture.  Reading this, it got me wondering about the miracles that mean the most to me.   I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a miracle directly, save for that little thing that occurs on the altar at every Mass.  But that’s not really what Gueranger is talking about.

Gueranger is talking loaves and fishes, water into wine, raising the dead, healing at command, the dancing of the sun, and all those really amazingly visible miracles.

Since my readers are so knowledgeable and good, I thought I might canvass your opinions on the subject of miracles. What are some of the miracles that mean the most to you, or had the most effect on you?  Have you ever seen what you believe was a real-life miracle?  Do you ever find some miraculous claims dubious, or get put off by those who seem to get “excessively” hung up on details of miracles?

I can say that, for me, the Miracle of the Sun is a very big one, because it was witnessed by so many.  Also, the Eucharistic miracles from South America and places in Italy that involve the Sacred Host either showing characteristics of flesh, emitting fresh blood at certain times, etc.

But probably the greatest miracle that really moves me is the Resurrection, and the Shroud that gives such eloquent testimony to that universe-changing event.  I wish there were some similar direct evidence of the Incarnation/Nativity.  Maybe their is?

Just a sort of random topic that I thought might be interesting. I imagine you folks will come up with some good ones.



The new “culture:” Christianity gets you fired, sodomite incest celebrated May 14, 2014

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The post below is not for children or those with sensitive consciences.  I am sorry for the unusually high number of such posts of late, but that is an occupational hazard of cataloging the ongoing collapse of the culture.

I found the following quoted article on a secular site which is, most amazingly, written by a same-sex attracted man.  He is well versed with how the sodomite lobby (which is quite distinct from all those afflicted with same-sex attraction) works.  Even more, he sees how recognition of fake-homosexual marriage is simply a crack in the door for far worse sickness and perversion to follow.  At this point in the collapse of Western culture, being an afficianado of borderline underage sodomite incest pR0n is less controversial than publicly stating that you believe marriage is between one and one woman.  That is how quickly the left sexular pagan singularity has overtaken us:


Just in the last week, in the latest blitz ofgay über alles, at the provocation of groups like GLAAD and Right Wing Watch, a newspaperman was sacked in Iowa and an entire show on HGTV was canceled because of editors and two handsome blond brothers adhering to the millennia-old strictures about chastity.

If you are a pair of gorgeous brothers [ok, as I said, the author has issues]  dedicating your life to building homes for the poor, but you criticize homosexuality, you must be stripped of your life’s work and publicly humiliated.  But if you are a pair of gorgeous brothers who decide to have unprotected —- sex with each other in front of the camera, the gay community will shower you with praise.

Think I’m kidding?  On February 5, 2014, in the very mainstream gay publication Queerty, an article ran celebrating the marvelous fad of “twincest” in the gay community, or —- sex between brothers……….

…….Queerty’s paragons of twincest are two Brazilian brothers and two Czech brothers who made international headlines by declaring their sexual love for each other.  This isn’t hypothetical; gay pornographers were sure to capture both sets of brothers in flagrante delicto, and the photographic images have been published for all the world to see.  [OK, this is beyond sick.  These boys are either completely lost, morally, or if they were induced to do something so doubly unnatural and perverse for want of many and/or drugs, then they can look forward to seeing their formerly close relationship as twins completely shattered.]

The fact that Brazil and the Czech Republic are both target countries for exploitative pornographers, due to the countries’ high supply of, respectively, bronzed and blond young men kept thin by poverty and desperate for work, does not diminish at all from the prurient thrill that gay men get by watching barely legal identical twins sodomize each other.  [Those countries are also havens of child porn production, especially the latter.  Widespread availability of powerful drugs also generally plays a big role in the production of this kind of filth]

But as the author notes, sodomite interest in twinks is not limited to sicko porn fantasies:

Speaking of throwing stones…the stench of homosexual child abuse is growing strong over Los Angeles, [This refers to a recent rash of lawsuits filed by men claiming they were drugged and raped as minors by several very high profile Hollywood producers and directors.  The number of affected men may number in the hundreds, but I sure haven’t seen vicious news coverage as we saw during the Church boy rape scandal].

……But isn’t it amazing that gay activists don’t care about all the abuse heaped on women, Christians, and Jews by Islamic extremists, until it involves gay people?  [Narcissism is rampant among those who fall into sodomy.  Not that others aren’t afflicted as well, but it’s very nearly a defining characteristic of sodomites to be narcissistic.]

Putting aside the extremism of laws in places like Brunei, let’s ask a basic question: is our society much better, if we are so dedicated to pleasing the gay lobby that we end free speech, bring back McCarthyism, encourage incest and child molestation, and conceal the abuse of children placed in same-sex-couple homes?   [It has often struck me as amazing the degree to which left wing supporters of this cultural onslaught don’t seem to recognize how their own rights and privileges are being severely curtailed through this same process of glorification of perversion.  It’s like nothing else matters any more, and the 1-2% tail of perversion is wagging the majority dog.]

A last quote also moved in context:

When are gay people going to stop obsessing about what other people say about them, and start looking critically at what they actually do?

But that would require accountability, rationalism, and, most of all, limits on behavior, and where’t the fun in that when you can use your exceedingly well funded lobby and media pressure to crush your enemies and make even the most wretched taboos acceptable?

To some degree, I have to wonder how many “homosexuals” who ever felt slighted, ignored, laughed at, or abused, are now reveling in their new found power to make others suffer.  And I have to wonder if there is any limit to what to all appearances looks like a massive appetite for revenge.

Enjoy your persecution.

Some great Saints on the efficacy of Grace received in the Mass May 14, 2014

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I’ve been reading St. Leonard of Port Maurice’s great book The Hidden Treasure: Holy Mass, and thought I would share some of the quotes I’ve found helpful and moving.  Three main points to be gleaned from the below: always have many intentions whenever you assist at Mass, always ask God to use the great Grace received at Mass to make you a Saint, and have as many Masses offered for the poor holy souls in Purgatory as possible:

Take my advice, and in every Mass ask God to make you a great Saint. Does this seem too much?  It is not too lightmuch.  Is it not Our Good Master Who protests in the Holy Gospel that, for a cup of cold water given Him out of love, He will, in return, give paradise?  How, then, while offering to God the Blood of His Most Blessed Son, should He not give you a hundred Heavens, were there so many?  How can you doubt but that He wishes to give you all the virtues and all the perfections which are required to make you a Saint, and a Great Saint, in Heaven?…….

……..”It is most true,” says the holy Doctor St. Gregory, “that he who attends Holy Mass shall be freed from many evils and from many dangers, both foreseen and unforeseen.”  “He shall,” as St. Augustine sums it up, “be freed from sudden death, which is the most terrible stroke launched by Divine Justice against sinners.” [And yet how many people today hope, and even pray, for a quick, sudden, painless death!  With no recourse to the Sacraments, and no willingly accepted sufferings in this life to expiate the temporal debt due to sins!  It is a madness to crave such!] “Behold, a wonderful preservative,”  says Saint Augustine, “against sudden death: attend Holy Mass every day, and attend it with all possible devotion.”

……St. Bernard sums up thus, that more is to be gained in one single Mass (here we must understand him of its intrinsic value) than by distributing your means to the poor, or going on pilgrimages through all the most famous sanctuaries of the world…..it is possible for you to gain more favor with God by attending or offering one single Mass, considered in itself and in its intrinsic worth, than by opening the treasury of your wealth and distributing the whole to the poor, or by going as pilgrim over the whole world and visiting with utmost devotion the All Souls_Assumption Grottosanctuaries of Rome, of Compostella, or Loreto, Jerusalem, and the rest…….St. Thomas says that in the Mass are contained all the fruits, all the Graces, yea, all those immense treasures which the Son of God poured out so abundantly upon the Church, His Spouse, in the bloody Sacrifice of the Cross……

…..If I thought there was a chance of your being one of those so sunk in avarice, as not only to fail in charity by neglecting prayer for their friends departed, never hearing a single Mass for their poor suffering souls, but even trampling on every dictate of justice, by refusing to fulfill the pious legacies of their predecessors, or who, being priests, accumulate obligations to offer Masses, without ever doing so; oh, that I could take fire to cast at you, saying to your face – Away with you, worse than devil!  After all, devils only torment reprobate souls, but you torment the spirits of the elect; devils are only cruel to those foreknown by God as lost, but you to the predestined, the loved of God.  No; there you there is neither Confession that avails, nor absolution that is valid, nor confessor that can absolve, unless you do great penance for so great a sin, and accurately satisfy Gold_Spainall your obligations toward the departed.  “But my father, I cannot; I have not the means.”  Cannot?  Have not the means?  For all this external show there seems to be means; for extravagance of luxury you have means; for so much parade there are means; for the cost of parties, and of feasts, for filling country-houses with company….it would seem that you both have and can. And to satisfy positive debts not only to the living, but what is more, to the poor departed, how dare you say you have not, and cannot?

…….The example and authority of that great servant of God, Saint John of Avila, the oracle of Spain, should suffice.  Being asked on his death bed what he had most at heart, and what kindness he most longed for after death, he answered, “Masses, Masses.”  I should wish in this matter to offer you, with your permission, an advice of great importance.  It is this: to procure that all the Masses which you would like to have offered for you after death shall be of fact offered for you during life, nor to trust to those who remain after you on the scene of this world. If you need more convincing of this, heed St. Anselm, who declared that one single Mass heard or offered for your soul during life may perhaps be more profitable to you than a thousand after death.

———–End Quote———–

Good advice!  I need to have many more Masses offered for the repose of the souls in Purgatory.

One final note, yes, hearing Mass is the most efficacious means of obtaining Grace and obtaining the desired response to our intentions, but the arguments above in favor of that efficacy do NOT absolve us of our duty to provide for the temporal care of the poor and suffering!

But I’m sure you were clear on that, already.


Report proves the lie that a black mass can be held without consecrated Host May 14, 2014

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My wife stumbled on the following report from 10 years ago of his experience questioning a reformed satanist.  This man, so lost in satanism and demonic oppression/possession he was tormented with constant thoughts of suicide, was saved through the prayers of his mother.  bbe14e06c0280238d2f86133387f54e0

The priest reports that not only do satanists require a consecrated Host for their nightmare of blasphemy,
advanced satanists can discern between consecrated and unconsecrated Hosts.  Thus, it seems plain that the original report by the satanists in the Harvard case, that they intended to use a consecrated Host, was the correct one, and and that they simply lied in an attempt to reduce the righteous condemnation of Catholics everywhere:

I had never met anyone like Nicolas, openly admitting a past involvement in Satanism. After the initial shock, I bombarded him with three questions, one after another. First, how did they ‘worship’ Satan? I had always heard that it was not anything like worshiping an image of Satan or singing hymns, but by having a so-called “Black Mass.” In other words, their entire service is a mockery of the Catholic Mass. Was this true, I asked him? Not a Protestant preaching service, not a Buddhist temple ritual, but an explicit mockery of our Mass? “Yes,” Nicolas told us, “that is true.” [More specifically, what they emulate is the Traditional Latin Mass, at least in most places.  That is what I understand]

I had also heard, I continued, that Satanists steal consecrated communion bread from their local Catholic churches which they desecrate at these black services. For example, I have heard of Catholic parishes where this is such a problem that the pastor is forced to post special attendants during Holy Communion who watch to make sure that no one receives the Eucharist and walks away without consuming the host. [Yes, one of the major reasons why Communion in the hand was always seen as an abomination was due to the much greater likelihood of profanation and abuse that practice entails]  The Satanists take these consecrated hosts to their services—these wafers of “bread” that Catholics believe have been miraculously transformed by the Holy Spirit into the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ—and desecrate them with spit, bodily waste, and other such unimaginable blasphemies. [This doesn’t even begin to mention the worst part]  Before your conversion, I asked Nicolas, did you and your fellow Satanists steal consecrated hosts for this purpose? “Yes,” Nicolas answered, “we did.”

48f787ba1109ceef887795921e5a8276….. I asked Nicolas one final question. I told him that I had also heard that those who were very deep in Satanism could actually tell whether a communion host had been consecrated or not. For example, they will not steal communion bread from Protestant communion meals, nor will they steal unblessed communion bread for desecration at these “Black Masses.” It would not work because some of the Satanists would immediately recognize that it was just ordinary bread. They would be able to tell that Jesus Christ was not sacramentally  [Yes, sacramentally, but also really, truly, Present there, as the account below attests] present there.

I asked Nicolas whether this also was true. He again replied that it is, and he told us that he could do this himself before his conversion from Satanism. A chill went down my spine. If someone were to put ten identical communion hosts in front of him, nine unconsecrated and one consecrated, he would have been able to point directly and immediately to the host that had been consecrated. I asked him in amazement, “But how were you able to know?!?” He looked at me and the words he spoke are forever burned in my memory: “Because of the hate,” he said. “Because of the burning hate I would feel toward that host, apart from all the others.”  [Which statement puts to the lie that the Harvard black mass had anything to do with “re-enacting a cultural event.”  It is always about hating Jesus Christ and His Church.]

His words hit me like a baseball bat. Some of the saints also had this mystical knowledge of the Lord’s Eucharistic presence, but this knowledge flowed from their deep union with Christ. Nicolas, on the other hand, knew Christ’s presence because his worship of Satan had worked the opposite mystical connection to the Eucharist—he knew Jesus was there not because of his love for Jesus, but because of his deep hate. 

———–End Quote————m_mass

There is one good that can come out of this monstrous evil.  That good is this: the very existence of the black mass itself testifies to the Divine Reality that the Church, under the authority of an unbroken line of Supreme Pontiffs dating back to Pentecost Sunday in the Year of Our Lord 33, is truly the Mystical Body of Christ endowed by the Second Person of the Trinity to be His chosen vessel of salvation and only font of that Truth which is necessary for salvation.  All other religions and sects separated from the Church of Peter are deficient and deranged in that regard to varying degrees.  It also confirms that the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, the Source and Summit of our Faith, is truly real and not just a spiritual or imaginary presence, a sign of our unity, or anything else.

d45ba48232bafe6aef710370af1197faThat wafer that is so casually treated by so many Catholics, those particles of myriad Hosts which are scattered about on the floors and restrooms and toilets and Lord knows where else because of Communion in the hand, are all literally the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ.

I don’t need a satanist to attest to the veracity of all the Church’s claims about Herself, nor to believe in the Real Presence. I am unalterably convinced of both.  But many people do need such convincing, and I pray this most recent public episode at Harvard brings forth spiritual fruit in encouraging Catholics – and others – to meditate on the reality of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and the manner in which they receive the Blessed Sacrament.  We are given a Gift beyond measure, and yet so many folks treat it so casually, even disdainfully, because they have never been taught to respect and reverence it.  The very Rite so many Catholics assist at undermines at so many turns that reverence.

Lord, you take evil and turn it into good. Touch many hearts, even if they aren’t moved to assist at the Traditional Mass, to receive You as You Catholics knew to receive You for almost the entirety of the past 20 centuries, kneeling, and on the tongue.