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Singing nun Sister Christina jumps the shark May 16, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in abdication of duty, Basics, disconcerting, error, foolishness, General Catholic, sadness, scandals, secularism, sexual depravity, Society.

Yeah, it’s like that:

I remained sort of ambivalent when I first saw Sister Christina on the Italian version of “The Voice” TV show.  I thought, while I didn’t really think what she was singing was the most appropriate material, maybe she could give some witness to some lost souls, but that temptations would be great to give into the dominant sexular pagan sensibilities.

Well, see the below, and see if you feel like I do, that Sister Christina, whatever her intentions, has jumped the Catholic shark:

So……mocking religious life?  Is it too harsh to say that this nightmare sort of sends the message that inside every religious is a scantily clad pagan dancer just waiting to burst out?

I find this offensive. I really do.  I haven’t bothered to dig into Sister Christina’s order, much, the habit is on the orthodox-but-not-traditional side.

But the above is just a trainwreck.

I have no idea if the producers choose the songs they have to sing, but I’m not sure the message in the song below, an old Cindy Lauper hit, is the best one to communicate to youth, Catholic or otherwise:

It really just goes to prove my point, that unless you are an incredible Saint, when it comes down to trying to engage the culture on its terms, the culture will eat you every. single. time.

And the culture is eating the Church, too, since the Church decided to try to play footsie with it.

That is why, for centuries, the Church kept itself around but not in the culture.  It remained very carefully, deliberately aloof, at least as a sort of high-level philosophical orientation.  The Church did this because she was full of wise men and women who knew that the temptations of the world are overwhelming for all but the most advanced in the spiritual life.  And it knew those temptations the world (and the flesh, and the devil) loves to lay at our feet were overpowering for most souls.

I pray for Sister Christina, as I said in my original post, it’s going to be a miracle if she doesn’t lose her vocation over this.

And if Pat Archbold reads this, how much does this confirm your own post?

I will admit, this nun has an incredible voice. It’s just a shame it’s being put to such poor uses.


1. Patrick Archbold - May 16, 2014

Quod erat demonstrandum

tantamergo - May 16, 2014


God bless you.

2. Woody - May 16, 2014

Yes, those girls just want to have fun….on the bus. In the world, not of the world.

3. Dismas - May 16, 2014

Does she have a vocation to lose?

Yes, no doubt this is a real tragedy, and a real scandal. But it has to come crashing down and what we are seeing is the bits and pieces coming down here and there.

Personally I just believe this sort of thing has to happen, and so I am perversely glad to see it when it does – and I say, “the quicker the better.” Lets get it over with. Cut off the dog’s tail with one whack.

4. Laurence England - May 16, 2014

Just found your blog it is great.

5. Marguerite - May 19, 2014

The Church has been accused of being a “ghetto” church. Well, if it was a ghetto church to prevent this kind of ridiculousness, then we were truly blessed. Even the Singing Nun who was more reverent than this Sister, lost her vocation back in the 1960s. The culture has to acclimate itself to the Church and not the other way around. Otherwise there will be tragic consequences.

6. Frank - May 19, 2014

Does Sr. Cristina realize what kind of fun girls want to have in this Cindi Lauper song? I doubt it. Even in the movie, Sister Act, the song, “I will Follow Him”, although not sacred, was directed to the Lord. I wonder if it occurs to Sr. Cristina that she is a Bride of Christ first and that she is embarasing her Bridegroom by her unseemly music and manner.

7. discipleofthedumbox - May 19, 2014

Ugh. To quote the 80s hard rock group, Extreme: “Stop the world, I want to get off.”

Those singing contest videos were difficult to watch and listen to. It is one thing to engage the secular culture. It is a wholly different thing to become like it.

Still. Jesus did eat with the sinners though I am sure that He appeared in stark contrast to them instead of becoming just like them.

8. Pseudodionysius - May 19, 2014

The oxygen masks just deployed from the overhead compartment but I seem to have run out of air sickness bags. If girls just want to have fun then there’s really no point in joining a religious order is there?

9. Frank - May 20, 2014

Does Sr. Cristiana know what kind of fun these girls want to have? I’m sure she is very naive in that regard. Even the song from Sister Act, I will Follow Him, was directed to the Lord and, although not sacred, was poignant. She’s embarassing to watch.

10. Josephus Magister - May 20, 2014


Contrary to many of the previous replies, I find Sister Cristina enjoyable, full of “joie de vivre”, faithful to her order and very talented. She has not “jumped the shark” yet, but with each song I hold my breath. Maybe you have not heard her explain what she is doing on the show. She hopes to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the masses. She wears her habit on every show. The songs she has chosen so far are not blasphemous (like the singer Madonna would sing). She is accompanied by two other sisters in the audience. She hopes to bring Pope Francis’ message of God’s love to all.
I have my concerns about a secular show, but with each win, Sister Cristina is showing a young face of Catholicism to the world.
Our church is a big church. Was it St Augustine who said to be faithful in essential things, but open minded in other, non-essential things?
Pax Christi vobiscum! – Vester frater, Joe

tantamergo - May 20, 2014

Yeah, it’s a point of view. But when they start mocking that same habit, and when the songs start to go into problematic areas, she lost me. At first I was, as I said, kind of ambivalent. I thought you could spin the Keys song she sang at first as being directed towards Christ. But “Girls just want to have fun” and the other stuff is just pure secular.

Time will tell. Will you feel the same way if she walks away from her vocation?

discipleofthedumbox - May 20, 2014

Yeah, it would not have been so bad if she instead was allowed to sing another Lauper tune like ‘True Colors’ or even ‘Time After Time’. Christian vocalist, Nichole Nordeman, did a masterful job with the latter song. Through her interpretation one cannot but realize that the subject of the tune was none other than our blessed Lord Jesus Christ. Truly beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone.

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