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Cardinal Schoenborn supports Euro bearded lady contest winner May 20, 2014

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Shame on me, I must simply lack the elevated consciousness and extreme tolerance of Cardinal Schoenborn of Vienna.  Longtime favorite of Pope Benedict XVI, he has reminded us ham-headed traddies that diversity, in and of itself, is a wonderful thing (I add some cleanup and comments):

In the “colorful garden of the Lord there is room for all the multitudes.” Word of Christoph Schoenborn, who spoke yesterday on the case that is causing earthquakes [in] Austria. The influential Cardinal of Vienna wrote in her [zuh?  her?  Are they telling us something rather significant about Cardinal Schoenborn?] regular column in the newspaper “Heute”, that “not all those who were born men, even men feel, and the same can also apply to women. They deserve our respect as all other human beings. ” [Self-serving claims of those engaged in great perversion aside, I don’t know about “respect.”  That’s a very nebulous statement.  We must have charity for all, certainly. But by respect, some might say that implies no criticism, or that rejection of perversion is impermissible.  The whole “tolerance” meme is just a tool to cut off criticism or, more significantly, block any reminder that perversion of the sexual faculties into abnormal directions still constitutes sin.  But Cardinal Schoenborn fell far short of making that clear]  The reference to Conchita Wurst, the drag queen that has swept the ‘”Eurovision song contest” is explicit.

The crux of acceptance, that the artist would have brought on the stage of Europe’s most popular singing competition, “is a great theme, a royal theme,” according Schoenborn, especially for people like Wurst, forced to suffer injustice, discrimination and malice. [Again, is that “injustice” really unjust, or is it concern for the state of their soul?  Many people like this contest winning character might feel that being told their actions are sinful is a terribly unjust insult.  Does that make it so?  Why does Cardinal Schoenborn seem to accept uncritically the talking points of this most damaging minority, a minority whose existence and glorification is a rebuke to vast swaths of Christian morality?]  “Tolerance”, has annotated, meaning “you have to respect people, even if you do not respect their opinions.” [But in some cases, likely including this one, the opinion is the person. “Homosexuals” define themselves by their sexual proclivities, as abominable as they are.  That doesn’t mean we don’t love the person, but it does mean that this kind of language is frequently used to cut off criticism of this damaging, gravely sinful lifestyle]   Thus, the cardinal was “happy” for “Thomas Neuwirth, who with his stage name Conchita Wurst has been so successful.”

The statement is sensational, but reflects the transverse climate of euphoria that you breathe at home since the drag queen twenty-five years has swept the Eurovision.

And I fear that last bit is the only really important part.  Cardinal Schoenborn’s statements are self-serving tripe desperately trying to tie the cardinal, and, by extension (and disgustingly), the Church along with this wave of popular opinion. He may as well have said: “Oh, the people love this bearded drag queen of exceedingly questionable talent?  Well, I love him too!  See how modern and ‘with it’ I am?  See how open-minded the Church is?!”

Meanwhile, another precious soul is allowed to slide down the well-worn path of the world, the flesh, and the devil, a path that has only one destination, and it ain’t Heaven.  Goodness, I guess Cardinal Schoenborn doesn’t read much of St. John’s Gospel, because he sounds to me like the jaded Caiphas, saying it is expedient that one man die “for the people,” rather than fight the will of the people by proclaiming the Gospel Truth.  So sad, and yet so typical.

I say prayers for the conversion of prelates like Cardinal Schoenborn, Cardinal Mahony, Cardinal McCarrick, and so many others every day.  I guess I need to redouble (triple, quadruple……) those prayers…….

Scalia kept kids Catholic by attending reverent Mass May 20, 2014

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The lede to this post is just one of many revelations made by Catholic Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  I did not know he had 9 kids.  That is fantastic.  God bless him, and his wife.

Scalia gave a long interview to The Remnant.  That says quite a bit right there. But as the interview shows, Scalia is no trad.  He’s a product of his generation.  (I add emphasis my own comments):

As a young boy, Scalia’s mother was the devout Catholic parent in the family; his father did not attend Mass, not an uncommon trait amongst Sicilian men of that era, but as he aged, Gene Scalia became increasingly devout and conservative, a rarity amongst the professoriate at Brooklyn College to be sure. [Most kids tend to follow the father’s religious behavior.  If dad is devout, the kids will be too. There are exceptions, of course]

It was at Xavier, a Jesuit high school in New York City, that the young Antonin Scalia became “a serious Catholic,” very much influenced by the “thoroughly religious atmosphere of the school” and the many young Jesuit priests who taught him.[Boy that’s a rarity nowadays.  In fact, Catholic schools are where faith goes to die]  Attendance at the school’s retreat held at the end of the school year deepened his Catholic convictions to the point that Scalia, who was to graduate as class valedictorian, thought seriously about entering the priesthood. However, the recognition that he was an only child with no cousins on his father’s side meant the disappearance of the family name, something that the future Justice recognized would deeply upset his parents, and which led him to consider another profession.

That decision would be made at Georgetown University: the law. “Georgetown University is not Catholic anymore,” the Justice said,[nice to hear such clarity]  but in the 1950s, “they rolled you out of bed to attend Mass. Not anymore.” ……

……At his final oral exam prior to receiving his degree (History), Scalia was breezing along when Dr. Wilkinson, the chairman of the department who presided over the three professor panel, asked this question: What was the most important event in the history of the world?

The confident candidate thought, “I have done very well up to here and there is no wrong answer to this one,” but as he responded Prof. Wilkinson continued to shake his head signaling that the student had it all wrong. Was it the Battle of Waterloo, or the Greek valor at Thermopylae? The panel member remained unimpressed with the candidate’s answers.

Finally, Dr. Wilkinson replied: “Mr. Scalia it was the Incarnation, when Christ became a man that is the correct answer.”[Once again, the contrast with the Georgetown – or virtually any “Catholic” univeristy – of today is shocking]  One seriously doubts that Dr. Wilkinson’s question is ever asked at Georgetown examinations today, and if it were, clearly his response would no longer be considered correct. Despite his answer, Antonin Scalia graduated from Georgetown U. summa cum laude, no mean feat in those days in which grades were not “curved,” and no one had ever heard of “grade inflation.”…….

……..The Justice was, however, unequivocal in stating his belief that a major reason his nine children are devout today is that he and his wife made a conscious effort to travel long distances to attend “a reverent Mass, not a guitar Mass.” The vernacular Mass in many churches has no sense of reverence, and was similar to “going to a club.”  [No argument there.]

It’s not all beer and skittles, though:

Regarding the current state of the Church and, to quote Roberto de Mattei, “the profound crisis that engulfs it,” Scalia, whose son is an ordained priest in the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, believes the Church in the US is not in a similar condition to that of Europe, which is, he claims, “post-Christian.” Further, although no fan of Vatican II, the Justice appeared to be unconvinced that a great many of the problems facing the Church are a direct result of the Council’s impact, an oft-repeated theme of de Mattei, as well as other observers of the Church today.

————–End Quote————–

So I’ve stolen enough, but in another portion of the interview, Scalia maintains that it would be unconscionable to allow his political or religious beliefs to guide his decisions as a jurist.  Too bad his left wing confreres don’t hold such “high” principles.  If the 5 Catholic justices really adhered to a traditional understanding of the Faith, how different, how much better, could this country be?!?

The article also discusses how rigidly Scalia believes he must adhere to the original intent of the Constitution.  While that has made Scalia a darling of conservatives, both his Originalism, and his refusal to use Catholic belief to guide his judicial rulings, seems highly problematic to me.  He even goes so far as to say that if it is the will of the people that abortion should be legal, then abortion shall be legal.  This is a gross perversion of a proper Catholic understanding of the role of government and government’s duty to provide for the true common good (as guided by the Church) and protect the most vulnerable  of its polity, even if they cannot yet vote.

It’s yet another sign of how very far from the Catholic ideal the current governmental system of the US and most other countries really is.  If a majority decides that a minority can or should die, well, then, that’s just the democratic will working itself out, and the poor minority be damned. That is the entire rationale behind abortion, euthanasia, and other moral travesties.  It’s not just that the cult of Liberty is far from ideal, it is in so many ways violently opposed to the right understanding of authority and the Sovereign Reign of Jesus Christ the King.  That is to say, Scalia’s juridical viewpoint seems deeply in conflict with Quas Primas.

I wonder if he has ever been told that?  That maybe, his rigid adherence to the Constitution might be a very grave impediment to the right practice of the Catholic Faith and his performance of an amazingly exalted and influential office?

What if he did allow his Catholic Faith to inform his rulings?  How many natural and supernatural benefits could have flowed from that?  Does his preference for Originalism over Catholicism constitute the creation of a monstrous idol?

But what do I know?  I’m just a boring blogger.

Do as I say, not as I do….greenies live lavish, “unsustainable” lifestyles May 20, 2014

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This is a bit off topic for this blog, but I do occasionally stray into more political matters, and I think the link below actually has a significant religious aspect.

The crux of the article below is that the whole environmental movement is predicated on the old saw “do as I say, not as I do.”  Most of the top environmental extremists like Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and others, are fabulously wealthy and live lavish lifestyles commensurate with their wealth.  For people like Gore, global warming scare-mongerer Michael Mann, and many others, their wealth is actually built on a pseudo-religious environmental huxterism, and their high living makes their demands that the rest of us go back to a 19th century level of existence all the more maddening.

People who are worried about climate change emit far more carbon dioxide in their daily lives than the average American, according to data gathered by a new app that can track one’s carbon footprint…..

……Something that comes as a shock to a lot of our users: The average person who says they care about climate change actually has a substantially worse than average footprint. Generally that’s because they tend to have a bit more money, and they tend to be people who like to think of themselves as multicultural and like to get out and see the world. Which means that they’re flying around a lot, and all that flying generally outweighs any other green lifestyle choices that they’ve made. You have a lot of people who are using reusable bags and water bottles, driving a Prius, maybe eating a bit more of a veggie friendly diet. But then they’re flying to Bali or South Africa or something once a year. They end up having a larger carbon footprint than a conservative guy who drives an SUV in the suburbs of Atlanta but doesn’t fly anywhere.

How many tens of thousands of miles does a Gore or Pelosi rack up in a single year?  How about Gore’s 16,000 sq. ft mansion with a dozen AC units?  And isn’t Nancy Pelosi the woman who threw a fit when she was Speaker of the House and the Air Force only had a Gulfstream IV or V for her to fly back to Marin County, instead of the 757 she demanded?  How many tons of CO2 has she alone generated flying back and forth across the country in largely empty aircraft?

Not that I accept any of the conceits of “anthropocentric global cooling warming climate change climate diversity.”

It was Chesterton that said that those who rejected Christianity would not believe in nothing, they would believe anything.  And so we have what amounts to a new, pagan religion starting in our midst, with its own priests and acolytes (Gore, Mann, etc), a vengeful goddess who must be appeased (“Gaia”), sacrifice, threat of earthly damnation and promise of paradise, virtue (being a greenie), sin (not being one), terrible, threatening demons (Koch Brothers, Exxon, etc).  I shouldn’t say starting, this new religion is actually well advanced, and has millions of adherents, almost every single one of which takes it claims every bit as much on faith – nay, more so – than do adherents of Christianity.

How many greenies have any real personal experience/knowledge of global warming, ozone holes, melting ice caps, or any of the other sacred shibboleths of the environmental movement?  The answer is virtually none.

But millions of Christians believe they have had personal experience of a transcendent force in their lives, have felt touched by Grace, or even witnessed a miracle.  And yet, we are the “unscientific” knuckle dragging neanderthals.

God created man with a hunger for religion, a belief in something larger, beyond himself.  “Modern’ man, under profoundly leftist influences,  has rejected God (by and large) but still has that basic human need, so people find all manner of replacements – environmentalism, sodomite activism, wicca, outright satanism, whatever.

Should I be amazed that the most extreme adherents of this new religion are blatant hypocrites?  Is that one of the attractions of the new religion – that there is no one to hold you to account, no real final Judge and Arbiter of the conduct of your life, so you can get away with whatever you want, so long as you spout the right BS, and/or vote the “right’ way?

Do I love loaded questions?

I would be remiss if I did not mention how much of the leadership of the Church, especially in the United States and other already wealthy countries, has bought into this new religion.  You can search the USCCB website (and that of many dioceses, and religious orders, and parishes) if you don’t believe me. Is this the new ecumenism in action?


Dedicate Saturday to devotion to Our Lady! May 20, 2014

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I have been singularly impressed by the writing of Fr. Stefano Manelli, founder of the Franciscans of the Immaculate.  God in His infinite wisdom has seen fit to test many great Saints.  Fr. Manelli and the order he

Happier times

Happier times

founded is certainly undergoing an absolutely brutal test of faith at present. I pray they may weather it in true virtue, and I pray the vicious repression of this holy order may cease immediately.  Given the obvious sanctity Fr. Manelli exudes in his writing, I pray this suffering may be the flames that temper this order, and its founder, for future glory.

Having said that, I have been given the gift of developing a great love for Our Blessed Mother.  But I have been deficient in expressing that love through consistent partaking of Saturday devotions.  We “tithe” every week of the year by our (minimal) participation in Sunday Mass, and keeping the Sabbath holy.  Our Blessed Mother is worthy of similar devotion, and while certainly not of Precept or absolutely necessary for salvation, there is enormous merit in taking part in Saturday devotions to Mary, as Fr. Manelli notes in his very helpful book Devotion to Our Lady:

One day a week dedicated to Our Lady meets a need to offer her something special and particular in the course of luciasvisionthe week.

The Church has always realized this need, and has satisfied it by giving Saturday a special place in the Liturgy, with the weekly offering of a Mass and Office in honor of the Blessed Virgin.

The experience of centuries has approved this holy custom, which the Christian people, in particular the Saints, have loved and cherished.  We may be sure that the practice of dedicating Saturdays to Mary finds clients of great holiness, including St. Catherine of Siena, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Alphonsus Liguori – to name a few.

The association of Saturday with Mary is found among the Saints, even in their loftiest mystical experiences.  Every Saturday – unlike other days – St. Gemma Galgani had an ecstasy that involved Our Lady.  This had becomeour-lady-of-fatima-4 so customary with her that sometimes it was only when she had an apparition of Our Lady that she realized it was Saturday!

After the example of the Saints, we, too, should endeavor to be particularly fond of Saturday as “Mary’s Day” – as St. Catherine of Siena called it.  Let us hallow it with specific prayers, especially the Rosary (if possible all 15 mysteries). Let us not fail to make some personal sacrifice (for example, abstaining from fruit, or from meat, or from smoking).  Let us add other acts of veneration for Mary, according to our preference; for example, letting Saturday be the day that we finish an important project, or make a decision, or celebrate a particular event. St. Louis Grignon, as a boy, went to Holy Communion every Saturday in a church dedicated to Our Lady, our of devotion to her. We may be sure that Our Lady is the better pleased and bestows special favors during this day consecrated to her.

———-End Quote———-photo

While I am certain most readers are already aware, I would also be remiss if I did not include the promises Our Lady made for those who maintain a Saturday devotion to her for 5 consecutive First Saturdays:

 “See, my daughter, my Heart encircled by thorns with which ungrateful men pierce it at every moment by their blasphemies and ingratitude. Do you, at least, strive to console me. Tell them that I promise to assist at the hour of death with the graces necessary for salvation all those who, in order to make reparation to me, on the First Saturday of five successive months, go to confession, receive Holy Communion, say five decades of the Rosary, and keep me company for a quarter of an hour, meditating on the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary.”

Much more here.

LCWR releases new Credo for Womyn Religious May 20, 2014

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A reader sent in the following that is just genius.  I think it was actually created by a friend of the reader, but no matter.  It just goes to show how awesomely creative readers of this blog are.

What did they make?  A very accurate, very telling, very hilarious “credo” of the Leadership Conference of Women’s Religious, or LCWR:

The Creed of the LCWR (also known as the Creed of Isis)

I believe in one Cosmic Consciousness, ever-evolving, The Mother-Being of the Matrices and Noosphere, And the Logos, her multiplicate Son-Being, our interiorized Light-Source, Who was presenced by the Pleroma of the Sophia, Proactively suffered under the World-Tree of Self-Actualization, Was crucialized, diffused into Stardust, And on the Third Epoch of Aquarius, S/He apotheosized into Nirvana, And sits at the Meal-Table of the Mother-Being.

I believe in the Akashic Records,

The Maslowian ecclesiology,

The Great Togetherness of all Nurturing Covens, The Absolutory Abilities of Women Religious (though Sin is really an Abstraction), The revivification of the Overself, And Cosmic Consciousness, ever-evolving.  A(wo)men.


That is just great.  It was so important to slip in the “noosphere.”  Barbara Marx Hubbard (who addressed the LCWR meeting last year) would be proud.  Another critical detail was the repeated use of pretend verbs made up of nouns.

What else does LCWR stand for?:

Lesbian Confab of Wacked-out “Religious”
Little Crybabies Want Recognition
Leftist Consciousness Wrecked Religion
Life in Christ Womyn Reject

I’m not nearly as funny or creative as the original.

Thanks to reader KL!