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Words Fail: Kasper calls Francis “radical pope,” says he has papal support on divorcees receiving Eucharist May 21, 2014

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Well I’m certain Cardinal Kasper, quite radical himself, certainly hopes Francis is radical.  I guess we’ll see what develops in the next 6 months.

Find below an amazing set of quotes from Cardinal Kasper via FideCogitActio (emphasis from Fide, I lied, I do have comments):

“This pope is not a liberal pope. He is a radical pope! … This pope goes back to the gospel  [But great Saints like Pius X, Pius V…….apparently they did not go back to the Gospel!  What a calumny!]  . … I told the pope, ‘Holy Father, there will be a controversy [after the consistory]. … The pope laughed and told him, ‘That’s good, we should have that!’ … I do not know if my proposals will be acceptable…. I made them in agreement with the pope, I did not do them just myself. I spoke beforehand with the pope, and he agreed.” …[This is extremely troubling if true. And I’m afraid we have more than just the self-serving claims of one modernist, we do have a great deal of evidence that Pope Francis is quite sympathetic to Kasper’s “novelties,” which aren’t novelties at all, but yet another form of the endless temptation to create “god” in our own image]

Kasper said he was confident that the process of debate that Francis had launched on the topic of family life and sexuality would in the end produce some significant reforms, in part “because there are very high expectations.”  [And so you see how the process works.  Create “expectations” by publicly undermining Dogma.  Create expectations through a very heavy PR campaign.  Use a friendly media to advance your campaign. Then say the “popular will” must be satisfied, no matter how erroneous it is. This has been the primary strategy of the modernists since 1958]

He noted that the church has often changed, or “developed,” over the centuries, and quite recently in the 1960s when, for example, the Second Vatican Council reversed long-standing teachings against religious freedom and dialogue with other believers[No, the Church has never “developed” like it has in the past 50 years, which many faithful souls see as a terrible retrograde development.  Dogma cannot change.  But if you make up fuzzy definitions of what constitutes Dogma, you can get away with a great deal, and that is precisely what modernists have done. UPDATE: I wanted to add a bit about this statement in bold above.  “Reversed long-standing teachings”…..that is certainly what many traditional Catholics think.  Many modernists, of course, think VII did, too, for opposite reasons.  This is one of the critical areas of VII that really needs to be worked out by holy popes and theologians, to reconcile this novel approach to “religious freedom,” if possible, to the entire Magisterium.  I won’t hold my breath.  But here we have a prince of the Church arguing that Vatican II did indeed attempt to change Church Doctrine.  While others say no, that can’t happen.  How are the faithful to make heads or tails of such a situation?  Perhaps that confusion is the point?]

Kasper reiterates that he’s not advocating a change in the church’s dogma on the sanctity of marriage, [I’m sorry, but this is just BS] but a change in the “pastoral practice” about who can receive Communion. “To say we will not admit divorced and remarried people to Holy Communion? That’s not a dogma [noumenon]. That’s an application [phenomenon] of a dogma in a concrete pastoral practice. This can be changed.” [Absolutely it’s a vast change in Dogma, and essentially argues that the State of Grace no longer exists, or doesn’t matter.  Kasper is saying anyone, regardless of sinfulness, is fit to receive the Blessed Lord in His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. This is directly counter to Scripture (perhaps Cardinal Kasper has forgotten 1 Cor 11:27-29, since it has been excised from the Novus Ordo) and the constant Tradition of the Faith.  As FideCogitActio notes, the modernists are conducting their campaign of practically obliterating Dogma in the exact same manner that the Arians did 1700 years ago.]

Kasper said it is the voice of the faithful that has made the difference. “The strongest support comes from the people, and you cannot overlook that,” he said.

“If what people are doing and what the church is teaching, if there is an abyss, that doesn’t help the credibility of the church,” he said. “One has to change.”

———End Quote———

OF COURSE!  And so we see a prelate, who has spent absolutely NONE of his time in the past 50 years since the Council trying to get the “faithful” to adhere to the constant belief and practice of the Church, now just give up!  Maybe that was the plan all along, eh?  Modernists want the Church to be indistinguishable from liberal protestant sects that have embraced every modern error conceivable, and at the same time committed effective suicide in doing so.  What a great future they have planned for a billion souls!

There’s an old joke in The Simpsons. Ned Flanders had beatnik parents, and when young Ned begins acting out due to lack of discipline, the exasperated parents tell a child psychologist: “We’ve tried absolutely nothing, man, and we’re all out of ideas!”

Does that not describe the leadership we’ve seen in the past 50 years?  “We haven’t tried even a little bit to teach you people the Faith, and now that you’re lost in error, we give up!”

Don’t you like it when a plan comes together?  First contraception, now divorce.  From these two you can essentially unwind all Catholic moral Dogma.  This modernist approach is very much like their approach with the fake, ginned up “vocations-crisis.”  Modernists fomented the crisis by blocking thousands of young men from ordination, in order to force a situation where the priesthood would, in effect, no longer exist.

I will remind people that this matter is really NOT about divorce, remarriage, or any of the rest of the smokescreens.  This is about redefining either/or/both the Church’s belief about sin and the State of Grace, and the reality of the Blessed Sacrament.  The entire moral Dogma of the Faith can essentially be destroyed through this “pastoral” application.  There will literally be nothing left of sin, and we may as well be unitarians.

None of the above is to accept Kasper’s claims regarding Pope Francis’ support for his errors as factual.  But a number of events would suddenly make much more sense if Kasper is being truthful, or even somewhat truthful.

But then again, Pope Paul VI really wanted to change the Church’s stance on contraception, but something – many think the intervention of the Holy Ghost – prevented that from occurring.

Not that we should be complacent and simply trust in the Holy Ghost, as laudable a thing to do as that is.  These guys are maneuvering to do to bigamists receiving the Blessed Sacrament what they did to contraception, if not worse.  They plan on making the Doctrine meaningless, practically speaking.  So much prayer is called for, and possibly, more concrete action. I’m not sure what that would entail, but sending a letter Apostolic Nuncio and the Holy See probably wouldn’t hurt.

Lord, we surely must be great sinners to deserve shepherds such as these.  Have mercy on us!

Texas Catholic Conference launches nasty attack on pro-lifers May 21, 2014

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For those who do not know, the Catholic bishops of Texas have long had a mini-USCCB for the State of Texas, the Texas Catholic Conference.  One could spend a lot of words examining the psychological drivers behind the formation of such a minime organization, but I will move on, save for saying, bureaucracy is not real indicator of faith.

Irrespective, TCC has not had a sterling reputation as a beacon of orthodoxy and strong defender of the Faith.  In fact, TCC has frequently remained conspicuously silent as pro-abort “Catholics” continue to vote for baby killing and other moral monstrosities.

However, when it comes to pro-lifers, TCC has plenty of criticism for them!  And not just criticism, but really vile, nasty assaults on pro-life groups like Texas Right to Life.

I will try to provide some brief background on a fairly complex issue.  SB303 was trotted out last year supposedly as a means to “reform” end of life care and provide better protections for critically ill patients.  While Texas Catholic Conference and some pro-life groups endorsed this bill, many pro-life groups (the ones that studied it in depth) found that the bill actually gave doctors a huge amount of power to terminate care, and life, while badly undermining patient and family rights.  Bishop Rene Gracida, retired, but still probably the most orthodox bishop in Texas, blogged extensively on this subject last year.  He strongly opposes SB303. Kassi Marks, who I know and respect as one of the most dedicated pro-life warriors in the entire state, has a  long post at Bishop Gracida’s site explaining her opposition.  Her analysis makes sense to me.  Based on the opposition of Bishop Gracida, Texas Right to Life, and other pro-life groups – and the analysis these groups performed – I agree that SB303 is a very dangerous law that will likely result in quiet, back-door euthanasia.

But let’s pretend Gracida’s, Marks, and TRL’s analysis is arguable. Even if that were the case, why the hateful invective in the below, TCC?  This appeared on your website, quoting other harsh comments elsewhere on your website:

State Sen. Bob Deuell of Greenville and a leading anti-abortion group are sparring this week over a negative radio commercial that the group is airing against Deuell’s re-election bid in his North Texas senate district. Deuell filed a cease-and-desist demand letter with multiple radio stations that have been running the ad by Texas Right to Life, asserting it contains false and defamatory statements.The commercial alleges that Deuell, a family physician, “turned his back on life and on disabled patients” in sponsoring an end-of-life bill last year that passed the Senate but failed in the House. The ad also raised hospital “death panel” claims previously used by the group against Deuell and his legislation.

The Texas Catholic Conference and Catholic Bishops of Texas, who supported Deuell’s bill [SB303], have debunked  the claims.[No, they argued a different viewpoint, none too convincingly according to many pro-life groups] They said that Texas Right to Life “has tried to stoke fear through ridiculous claims of non-existent death panels and assertions that doctors are secretly trying to kill patients. Both claims are absurd.”[It’s nice to know Bishop Gracida is “absurd.”] The Catholic Conference also ripped Texas Right to Life for spreading “fabrications” about the position of Catholics on the issue.[Yes, we can’t have Catholics quoting the authentic Magisterium, instead of faceless bureaucratic organizations]  Deuell, who said his bill would have given patients and families new safeguards and lengthened the time to find a new facility when treatment for an ailing patient ends, attached a letter from the Texas Catholic Conference to his cease-and-desist letter. Deuell said other groups that will [but they haven’t yet?] corroborate the “false and slanderous nature” of the ads are the Texas Alliance for Life, Christian Life Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention [not necessarily pro-life on euthanasia] and Texas Medical Association  [absolutely not pro-life, and the very source of the problem.  The fact that TMA supports this bill is a very strong argument against its passage.  TCC also fails to mention in rebuttal that almost 20 state and national pro-life groups opposed SB303] .Texas Right to Life responded to Deuell’s action by saying it was “alerting voters that Deuell’s allegiance is to the medical lobby and not to families and their ailing ones. That’s why he is trying intimidate RTL with baseless legal threats.” The group is backing retired businessman Bob Hall of Edgewood against Deuell in theMay 27 runoff in Senate District 2, which includes eastern Dallas……

———-End Quote———-

So, is TCC saying they support Duell’s lawsuit to strip Texas Right to Life of their First Amendment rights?  But I thought there was nothing more sacrosanct than our liberal freedoms?!?

As Bishop Gracida notes on his blog:

 Ironically, the TCC overlooks Texas Right to Life’s efforts in helping patients victimized by the law so as to escape medical futility panels.  Sadly, too, the TCC has no public statements to address the professing Catholics in the Legislature who support abortion, yet the TCC makes time to attack the leading prolife organization in our state. [Exactly.  But pro-aborts are members of the progressive team, which is what TCC, USCCB, and all the other ten thousand bureaucracies are all about.]

Politics are bad enough when individuals like George Soros, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates supply billions of dollars to organizations that provide abortion on demand, euthanasia, the definition of death as brain death, the transplantation of human organs taken from living donors, etc.  But when Catholic organizations join these death peddlers in supporting legislation that serves to advance their questionable-at-best agenda, the faithful can only wonder if we are indeed on the brink of the end times. [no, we’re simply in the post-conciliar times.]

Strong words from Bishop Gracida. But I know of no one, priest or prelate, who has followed this bill and the end of life issues with the intensity of focus that Bishop Gracida has shown.  And even though long retired, he remains by far the most orthodox bishop in this state. He is a big friend of the TLM.

This Bob Deuell character faces a runoff election May 27.  This is for state senate district 2.  This includes most of the counties to the north east of Dallas. Bob Hall is his opponent.  Hall is supposed to be stronger on life issues. He has the support of homeschoolers.  The race is apparently quite tight (hence the panic from Duell and his supporters?).

The Dallas Morning News may try to portray Duell as an uber-conservative and anyone to the right of him as just plain nuts, but this is simply false. To a lot of conservatives in Hunt, Fannin, Dallas, Van Zandt, and other counties, Deuell is yet another in a very long line of Repubniks who run for office as ultra-conservative types, but then once in office, suddenly adopt much more liberal positions.Perhaps that is why there are such nasty attacks coming from the Duell camp.

Here is a quote on the Texas Senate 2 race from Dr. Joseph Graham, head of Texas Right to Life:

We are very troubled by the smear tactics launched against Texas Right to Life by Bob Deuell. We used to enjoy a productive relationship with Bob Deuell, until 2007, when his commitment to the medical lobby proved to be stronger than his commitment to protect vulnerable patients.” He continued, “While Bob Deuell may oppose abortion, his efforts to expand euthanasia and give more power to hospital panels over the lives of patients disqualify him from Texas Right to Life’s support. With Obamacare on the horizon and health-care rationing on the rise, Texas must be the leader in shielding patients from futility policies and practices. Regrettably, Bob Deuell worked to pass measures that jeopardize patients, not protect them.

Does Bishop Farrell stand pat on TCC’s rather argumentative position?  This matter bears directly on the Dallas Diocese.

Searches of the bishop’s blog for euthanasia, SB303, and Deuell turned up nothing.


Start Novena for St. Rita today, plus Novena for Ascension May 21, 2014

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Sorry folks, I failed to put out a reminder to start a Novena for the Feast of the Ascension yesterday.  Shame on me.  I just forgot.  But you can start today and finish on the great Feast next Thursday.  Here is one short Novena for the Ascension:

Jesus, I honor You on the feast of Your Ascension into heaven. I rejoice with all my heart at the glory into which You entered to reign as King of heaven and earth. When the struggle of this life is over, give me the grace to share Your joy and triumph in heaven for all eternity.
I believe that You entered into Your glorious Kingdom to prepare a place for me, for You promised to come again to take me to Yourself. Grant that I may seek only the joys of Your friendship and love, so that I may deserve to be united with You in heaven.
In the hour of my own homecoming, when I appear before Your Father to give an account of my life on earth, have mercy on me.
Jesus, in Your love for me You have brought me from evil to good and from misery to happiness. Give me the grace to rise above my human weakness. May Your Humanity give me courage in my weakness and free me from my sins.
Through Your grace, give me the courage of perseverance for You have called and justified me by faith. May I hold fast to the life You have given me and come to the eternal gifts You promised.
You love me, dear Jesus. Help me to love You in return. I ask You to grant this special favor:

(Mention your request).

By Your unceasing care, guide my steps toward the life of glory You have prepared for those who love You. Make me grow in holiness and thank You by a life of faithful service.

The Novena for the Ascension is here—->>>>Novena St Rita

God bless you!


The blind leading the blind in Michael Sam “kiss” debate May 21, 2014

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A reader (D) sent me a link to the video below yesterday.  It was a segment of a DFW morning show called “The Broadcast” that is, um, broadcast on little known Channel 47 on weekdays at 9am.  I had never heard of this program before, not that such is very significant, I couldn’t recognize 98% of programs on TV today.

But this segment and the show itself has gotten a tremendous amount of PR in the past week or so, since they discussed the really unfortunate kiss shared by NFL draftee Michael Sam and his male lover, when he got drafted in the last round of the NFL draft (scouts are very dubious of his prospects, Sam appears one of those very common players who excels at college but doesn’t have the stuff to make it at the NFL level.  Colt McCoy is a very similar example).

This show has a format rather like “The View,” with a group of women sitting around a table, in front of cameras, and pontificating (if that term can really be applied) on various matters of the day.  This being a local show on a very minor UHF channel, the level of talent is…….well, see for yourself.

But in discussing this infamous kiss that has both turned a bunch of people off, while at the same time energizing the radical sodomite lobby to continue their push to destroy civilization, these women……..well, there is not much that I can say.  It was truly a case of the blind leading the blind.  Naturally, two of the women thought the kiss wonderful or at least unobjectionable, while two thought it icky and gross.  But neither of the opponents was able to articulate anything resembling a cogent argument against this kiss, because they apparently don’t have a comprehension of either the natural law nor Sacred Scripture.  So their opposition was just based on annoyance and an “ick” factor, which made them look like unthinking bigots, which they may, or may not, be.

In a surprising turn, the younger “conservative” lady finally walked off the show, apparently, for good:

This segment encapsulates the crisis facing the culture in microcosm.  There are still many people who know, in their gut, that this whole advance of sodomite pseudo-rights is very wrong, but few are able to articulate why they feel that way.  And that is because the vast majority of people, even very conservative people, are illiterate with respect to reasoning from the natural law, and, of course, Sacred Scripture. Not that many people even respect arguments from Scripture anymore (as I have experienced on this blog).

There were really two issues being discussed: the kiss itself, and whether it is appropriate that people who have expressed their disgust/dismay at it, publicly, should rightly be receiving heavy pressure to change their beliefs, or at least remain silent in the future. Such has happened to several NFL players who made negative comments on Twitter after the kiss was broadcast coast to coast, scandalizing millions and doing Lord knows what to the moral foundation of the children who witnessed it (which reminds me, the local priest is right, shoot your TV, or at least unplug the cable/satellite/antenna).

The entire exchange is sad, based on unreasoning appeals to authority (the main argument in favor of “the kiss” seems to be that “times have changed” and these things are simply acceptable today, when they haven’t been in, say, 1700 years or more) and rank sentimentality.  For that, apparently, it is OK to obliterate moral standards that supported and led to the advancement of Western civilization over the past 2000 years.  And not just that, we know that every one of these little publicity stunts serves the larger agenda of getting fake same-sex marriage legalized from coast to coast.  So it serves as an attack on marriage, the fundamental building block of all human society.

The reader who sent me this link indicated that it’s time to batten down the hatches.  My thought was that we’re way past hatch-tightening time, and need to be taking to the lifeboats and rowing like mad away from the massive whirlpool that will result from the sinking of SS Western Culture.

I don’t know about you, but I found the shout-down, talk over the other format of this show frequently incomprehensible and incredibly annoying.  I’ll admit I had trouble following along, but I never did quite get why the one woman stormed off.  Other than the fact that this unthinking acceptance of rank immorality is getting more than tiresome.  Too bad she couldn’t express better why this is so wrong.  I did find it funny that one of the women somehow took it to be “racism” that people were opposed to seeing two men kiss. That may have been unintentionally revealing.

Michael Matt had a video on this imbroglio a few days ago.  This post is already getting pretty long, so I’ll just say in brief that Matt argues that Michael Sam and the whole cultural collapse is the inevitable result of the amoral, libertine foundations upon which this country has been built. Sam is just the sad result of a culture that centuries ago declared war on God and His Church.  Matt then goes on to note that to the degree that the Church has turned away from Her roots, Her constant beliefs, and failed to proclaim that Truth which never changes, She has helped bring about the Michael Sams of the world.  It’s a very good, heartfelt analysis:

“When we turn against God, when we turn against natural law, when we turn against the Catholic Church, all we can expect is cultural mayhem.  You can’t vote this down. You can’t lay claim to your ‘religious liberty.’…..[when you have a person like Michael Sam receiving mass cultural accolades and wall-to-wall, almost universally positive media coverage]……it’s all over.”

I had not heard of the Dolan quote on this Sam imbroglio until I watched this video.  My Lord, a Prince of the Church saying “Bravo!  Good for him!” when it comes to a man destroying his soul through amoral sexual appetites……my goodness what a sad excuse for a prelate.

Really great quote at 12:15.

You know, just one last thought, when a local program comes out on a subject like this, would that not be a great opportunity for a bishop, or a priest he designates, to make some kind of reply, to give the real Catholic position on matters like these?

Yeah, I know…..I’m off in fantasy land again.

Please pray for good friends and readers TE and MFG May 21, 2014

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I have known readers TE and MFG for some time offline, and I have grown to value my friendship with these two readers tremendously.  Both are facing serious medical procedures in the near future.  One has more of a long term illness that has recently taken a turn for the worse, and the other is undergoing something of an unexpected procedure.

At any rate, would you please keep them in your prayers.  These two readers are very faithful traditional Catholics and have both taught me a good deal about the practice of virtue.  I have been praying for them for some time, but would like to ask you to do so, as well.  The really critical timeframe is between today and next Wednesday.  One is having a procedure tomorrow.

Please pray that the doctors discover the cause of MFG’s health problems and can get him on a path of recovery!  And pray that TE’s procedure next Wednesday is successful and that he recovers quickly!

I am sorry to make demands of your charity, but I know these prayers will be greatly appreciated and constitute good corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

If any priest reads this and feels they can offer a Mass for these intentions, that would be enormously appreciated.

Thank you and God bless you!