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Texas Catholic Conference launches nasty attack on pro-lifers May 21, 2014

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For those who do not know, the Catholic bishops of Texas have long had a mini-USCCB for the State of Texas, the Texas Catholic Conference.  One could spend a lot of words examining the psychological drivers behind the formation of such a minime organization, but I will move on, save for saying, bureaucracy is not real indicator of faith.

Irrespective, TCC has not had a sterling reputation as a beacon of orthodoxy and strong defender of the Faith.  In fact, TCC has frequently remained conspicuously silent as pro-abort “Catholics” continue to vote for baby killing and other moral monstrosities.

However, when it comes to pro-lifers, TCC has plenty of criticism for them!  And not just criticism, but really vile, nasty assaults on pro-life groups like Texas Right to Life.

I will try to provide some brief background on a fairly complex issue.  SB303 was trotted out last year supposedly as a means to “reform” end of life care and provide better protections for critically ill patients.  While Texas Catholic Conference and some pro-life groups endorsed this bill, many pro-life groups (the ones that studied it in depth) found that the bill actually gave doctors a huge amount of power to terminate care, and life, while badly undermining patient and family rights.  Bishop Rene Gracida, retired, but still probably the most orthodox bishop in Texas, blogged extensively on this subject last year.  He strongly opposes SB303. Kassi Marks, who I know and respect as one of the most dedicated pro-life warriors in the entire state, has a  long post at Bishop Gracida’s site explaining her opposition.  Her analysis makes sense to me.  Based on the opposition of Bishop Gracida, Texas Right to Life, and other pro-life groups – and the analysis these groups performed – I agree that SB303 is a very dangerous law that will likely result in quiet, back-door euthanasia.

But let’s pretend Gracida’s, Marks, and TRL’s analysis is arguable. Even if that were the case, why the hateful invective in the below, TCC?  This appeared on your website, quoting other harsh comments elsewhere on your website:

State Sen. Bob Deuell of Greenville and a leading anti-abortion group are sparring this week over a negative radio commercial that the group is airing against Deuell’s re-election bid in his North Texas senate district. Deuell filed a cease-and-desist demand letter with multiple radio stations that have been running the ad by Texas Right to Life, asserting it contains false and defamatory statements.The commercial alleges that Deuell, a family physician, “turned his back on life and on disabled patients” in sponsoring an end-of-life bill last year that passed the Senate but failed in the House. The ad also raised hospital “death panel” claims previously used by the group against Deuell and his legislation.

The Texas Catholic Conference and Catholic Bishops of Texas, who supported Deuell’s bill [SB303], have debunked  the claims.[No, they argued a different viewpoint, none too convincingly according to many pro-life groups] They said that Texas Right to Life “has tried to stoke fear through ridiculous claims of non-existent death panels and assertions that doctors are secretly trying to kill patients. Both claims are absurd.”[It’s nice to know Bishop Gracida is “absurd.”] The Catholic Conference also ripped Texas Right to Life for spreading “fabrications” about the position of Catholics on the issue.[Yes, we can’t have Catholics quoting the authentic Magisterium, instead of faceless bureaucratic organizations]  Deuell, who said his bill would have given patients and families new safeguards and lengthened the time to find a new facility when treatment for an ailing patient ends, attached a letter from the Texas Catholic Conference to his cease-and-desist letter. Deuell said other groups that will [but they haven’t yet?] corroborate the “false and slanderous nature” of the ads are the Texas Alliance for Life, Christian Life Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention [not necessarily pro-life on euthanasia] and Texas Medical Association  [absolutely not pro-life, and the very source of the problem.  The fact that TMA supports this bill is a very strong argument against its passage.  TCC also fails to mention in rebuttal that almost 20 state and national pro-life groups opposed SB303] .Texas Right to Life responded to Deuell’s action by saying it was “alerting voters that Deuell’s allegiance is to the medical lobby and not to families and their ailing ones. That’s why he is trying intimidate RTL with baseless legal threats.” The group is backing retired businessman Bob Hall of Edgewood against Deuell in theMay 27 runoff in Senate District 2, which includes eastern Dallas……

———-End Quote———-

So, is TCC saying they support Duell’s lawsuit to strip Texas Right to Life of their First Amendment rights?  But I thought there was nothing more sacrosanct than our liberal freedoms?!?

As Bishop Gracida notes on his blog:

 Ironically, the TCC overlooks Texas Right to Life’s efforts in helping patients victimized by the law so as to escape medical futility panels.  Sadly, too, the TCC has no public statements to address the professing Catholics in the Legislature who support abortion, yet the TCC makes time to attack the leading prolife organization in our state. [Exactly.  But pro-aborts are members of the progressive team, which is what TCC, USCCB, and all the other ten thousand bureaucracies are all about.]

Politics are bad enough when individuals like George Soros, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates supply billions of dollars to organizations that provide abortion on demand, euthanasia, the definition of death as brain death, the transplantation of human organs taken from living donors, etc.  But when Catholic organizations join these death peddlers in supporting legislation that serves to advance their questionable-at-best agenda, the faithful can only wonder if we are indeed on the brink of the end times. [no, we’re simply in the post-conciliar times.]

Strong words from Bishop Gracida. But I know of no one, priest or prelate, who has followed this bill and the end of life issues with the intensity of focus that Bishop Gracida has shown.  And even though long retired, he remains by far the most orthodox bishop in this state. He is a big friend of the TLM.

This Bob Deuell character faces a runoff election May 27.  This is for state senate district 2.  This includes most of the counties to the north east of Dallas. Bob Hall is his opponent.  Hall is supposed to be stronger on life issues. He has the support of homeschoolers.  The race is apparently quite tight (hence the panic from Duell and his supporters?).

The Dallas Morning News may try to portray Duell as an uber-conservative and anyone to the right of him as just plain nuts, but this is simply false. To a lot of conservatives in Hunt, Fannin, Dallas, Van Zandt, and other counties, Deuell is yet another in a very long line of Repubniks who run for office as ultra-conservative types, but then once in office, suddenly adopt much more liberal positions.Perhaps that is why there are such nasty attacks coming from the Duell camp.

Here is a quote on the Texas Senate 2 race from Dr. Joseph Graham, head of Texas Right to Life:

We are very troubled by the smear tactics launched against Texas Right to Life by Bob Deuell. We used to enjoy a productive relationship with Bob Deuell, until 2007, when his commitment to the medical lobby proved to be stronger than his commitment to protect vulnerable patients.” He continued, “While Bob Deuell may oppose abortion, his efforts to expand euthanasia and give more power to hospital panels over the lives of patients disqualify him from Texas Right to Life’s support. With Obamacare on the horizon and health-care rationing on the rise, Texas must be the leader in shielding patients from futility policies and practices. Regrettably, Bob Deuell worked to pass measures that jeopardize patients, not protect them.

Does Bishop Farrell stand pat on TCC’s rather argumentative position?  This matter bears directly on the Dallas Diocese.

Searches of the bishop’s blog for euthanasia, SB303, and Deuell turned up nothing.



1. discipleofthedumbox - May 21, 2014

Deuell needs to be fired. Plain and simple. Hmmmm…I wonder if ol’ Bob Hall is amenable to Texas independence. No word yet from his office…

Of course, if you are in District 2 and you would like to vote for an unashamed tradition-loving Roman Catholic who supports all of what the Church teaches, is an agrarian organic rancher/farmer and who supports Texas independence I encourage you to write me in.

2. discipleofthedumbox - May 21, 2014
3. Don - May 21, 2014

Most of the Catholic Bishops in America are lifelong Democrats. That is obvious, the Democrat Party above Catholic Doctrine. That is the error spoken of long ago about the Church in America. Amchurch.

4. discipleofthedumbox - May 21, 2014

Sadly, I just got off the phone with Bob Hall’s representative (course, it could have been him for all I know. The responder certainly did not divulge his name) and have discovered that Mr. Hall does not support Texas leaving the Union. Looks like I’ll be voting for yours truly this year.

skeinster - May 22, 2014

Local priest on end of life issues:

[audio src="http://www.romans10seventeen.org/audio-files/20101114-May-We-Donate-Our-Organs.mp3" /]

[audio src="http://www.romans10seventeen.org/audio-files/20130811-Living-Wills-are-from-the-Culture-of-Death.mp3" /]

discipleofthedumbox - May 24, 2014

Yes, I was quite affected by his talk on the organ donation so much so that I have removed the approval from my TX driver’s license. I don’t recall the latter. I’ll have to download it and give a listen.

skeinster - May 22, 2014

“I’m voting for yours truly.”
“Well, I’m voting for yours truly!”
(Look to third party)
“I’m with you fellers.”

discipleofthedumbox - May 22, 2014

I love that show for I AM a man of constant sorrow…

skeinster - May 22, 2014

Glad you caught the reference! One of our all time favorites.

5. Kassi Marks - May 21, 2014

Thanks so much for your kind words! I appreciate it. Bishop Gracida’s post was his kind welcome and support of my new blog: http://kassiblog.blogspot.com

I will be posting much more about this and related issues over time. Many pro-lifers, both Catholics and Protestants, are very confused by end-of-life and denial of treatment issues. Our local CPLC supported and lobbied for SB 303, despite my attempts (private and public) to convince them to do otherwise.

We cannot rely on groups to tell us what to do no matter what their name. We are going to have to dig deeper than that. It can be confusing, but I hope to do my part to bring clarity to legislation and our moral obligations.

Thanks for engaging on this issue! It is not over. While we killed SB 303 last year, it, or some version of it, will be coming up in the next session that begins January 2015. Stay tuned.

skeinster - May 22, 2014

Your blog is an excellent resource. I heartily support your decision to not have comments. Life, as you say, is too short.

Kassi Marks - May 23, 2014

Thank you very much! Appreciate it.

6. Woody - May 21, 2014

Where does TCC get their money from? Why do the bishops of Texas need a lobbying group?

tantamergo - May 21, 2014

From us, naturally. They tax the dioceses, and no, you and I were not asked about that.

Reason #989 why I am very careful about where my money goes.

Woody - May 21, 2014

Do we know how much each diocese is “taxed”? Anyone from the Dallas diocese who is monitoring this blog want to tell us how much money the diocese is giving to the TCC.

tantamergo - May 21, 2014

It’s not nearly so much as they give to the USCCB, I don’t think, but it’s not insignificant. I don’t know the numbers, but for a big diocese like Dallas, I’m sure it’s well into six figures.

7. Woody - May 21, 2014

Let me try this. HELLO, BISHOP FARRELL. I know your techies just became aware of a blog that mentioned your name. Would you mind, as our bishop, letting us know how much money the diocese gave to the TCC and the USCCB last year, 2013, and this year, 2014. I know you’re reading this. What say you.

8. Manny - May 22, 2014

On a side note, I think every state has a Bishop’s/Catholic conference for lobbying the state government..

9. Carl Anderson knights of Columbus - May 22, 2014

Useful information about Catholic bishops ,members of catholic church are appointed for the peoples who has great faith on catholic church and follow the Catholicism they should set good example in front of the people with their disciplined behavior and helpful nature.

10. Andrew Smith - May 22, 2014

If Bob Hall is “pro-life” then I have yet to see a shred of evidence. His website lists nothing that he has ever done to earn this title and although I have contacted his campaign I have not heard anything.

It stands to reason that if he did nothing before than he will do nothing after.

On the other hand, Senator Duell has a very long history of shepherding pro-life legislation through the Legislature.

If people are going to vote for Hall or fire Duell simply because of SB 303 then that is an indication of how badly this issue has gotten out of perspective. Regardless of what the pundits say, this is not the most important issue for pro-lifers.

We are closer than ever to ending abortion in Texas, shutting down abortion mills and banishing this holocaust forever. Come September 1st, we should be down to just a handful of abortion mills in the entire state of Texas. We can thank Senator Duell and the others in the Senate for taking the lead on making this possible.

I pray for unity in the movement!

discipleofthedumbox - May 22, 2014

Good point. Exactly what has Mr. Hall done in support of pro-life and even homeschooling? Not that it truly matters to me…I’ll be voting for me this year and thus reward myself with a valuable commodity: a clear conscience.

11. Gerard Neumann - May 22, 2014

I had a priest unfriend me because I posted pro life stuff on his Facebook page. Weird.

12. Kassi Marks - May 22, 2014

Actually, Bob Hall has a record of pro-life work. I talked to him today. Read more about it here: http://kassiblog.blogspot.com/2014/05/bob-halls-pro-life-record.html

discipleofthedumbox - May 24, 2014

Just what I was asking for. Thank you, ma’am. Still, one ain’t a true Texian unless one is at least sympathetic for Texas independence.

13. Kassi Marks - May 25, 2014

Well, I can’t help you there. 😉 But you’re welcome. You should attend a Life, Liberty, and Property Tour event and hear about how dependent on federal money Texas is. I doubt we could afford independence, which is just one more problem w/ some of these folks still in office.

discipleofthedumbox - May 25, 2014

The reality is that that ‘federal’ money actually is Texas money. Every year Texans send nearly $300 billion into the federal coffers and while other states see at least a 1-to-1 ratio of the money they send returned to them, Texas sees less than half of it coming back.

We have the 15th largest economy in the world, just Texas! Houston alone has the 30th largest. Imagine what we could do if we stopped sending Texans’ hard earned money to Washinton, Devil City.

We can certainly afford independence.

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