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Special request May 22, 2014

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I have another prayer request from my good readers.  It is a bit unusual.  I cannot reveal many details. And if you know more than I am sharing, please keep that to yourself and do not reveal anything in the comments.

I have become aware that two traditional priests have asked to be released from their vows and laicized.  They are the first of their “group” to have ever made such a request.  I have been told the decision is not final, but that the request is very serious.

Would you pray for these men, that they may discern God’s will for them fully, and that whatever direction they take may be truly what He desires for them?

These are very trying times.  We in the laity are troubled by so much of what is happening in the Church, but can you imagine what it must be like for a priest, for someone who has totally dedicated their life to serving God and His Church?   I pray these men are not acting rashly, and are not reacting to any external events.  I pray they are really prayerfully discerning their life and God’s will for them.

Oh it is so sad to contemplate that men who have gone through so much to obtain such an exalted office, and have the ability to confect the Blessed Sacrament, would walk away from that!  I have no idea of the motives, they may be perfectly sound, but it always troubles me when priests leave the priesthood, and even more so, when it is traditional priests involved! At the same time, on some occasions, it is really best for a man to formally seek termination of his priestly life, when he may have left in spirit some time ago.

Lord help our priests in these times.  Keep their faith strong, and their charity stronger!

TLMers, stop “scurrying around like ecclesiastical scavengers” May 22, 2014

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It has been widely reported that two prominent New York parishes, one of which being the only parish in Manhattan to offer the TLM on a daily basis, are on the chopping block in a round of parish closures.  One of these two parishes, St. Michael’s (which does not have daily TLM), is home to Fr. George Rutler.  Should it be closed, it would be the second time Fr. Rutler has been moved within a year or so, not a good sign.

So Father Justin Wylie, reacting to these events (part of a broader trend in the Church?  How many TLM parishes have been closed or under threat in the past year or two?  I can think of nearly a dozen), gave a sermon the other day in which he challenged those who love the TLM, whether they call themselves “traditional Catholics” or not, to stop acting like step-children and to start claiming their birthright.  From the Facebook page of the indefatigable Christine Niles:

Knock-out homily by Father Justin Wylie yesterday, speaking at Holy Innocents, on the upcoming closing of the only parish in the diocese that offers a regular TLM: “New York no longer appears, in my view, a very felicitous place for Traditional Catholics….” [Well it’s only the second largest Archdiocese in the country, right?  How many traddies can there be?]

Yes, the archdiocese *tolerates* the Traditional Latin Mass here…but responsibility for the TLM rests only on the responsibility of the laity who have to source priests hither and thither as though they were still living in Reformation England or Cromwellian Ireland. [Bam!  Great point. I must remember that.  And is it not true?  If the TLM is allowed, it is almost always ghettoized, which is how most Fraternity parishes are treated.  A ghetto for “problem” Catholics other many priests and bishops just don’t want to deal with] Isn’t it HIGH TIME for the archdiocese to take pastoral responsibility also for these sheep? Do they not deserve a shepherd, a parish, some sense of juridical security? 

BASTA! This is deplorable. This is an exclusionary injustice, which should be brought…to the attention of the Cardinal.  [Well, I thought the Cardinal Archbishop would OK parish closures, but maybe he’s ignorant.  Maybe he’s too busy congratulating Michael Sam for his sodo-kiss]

Why are you scurrying around like ecclesiastical scavengers, hoping for a scrap or two to fall from the table for your existence?… Whatever happens to Holy Innocents…you will accept it with obedience–but you do need to bring to [Cdl. Dolan’s] attention an elemental fact: You belong to the Church as fully as any other community…. No good shepherd would dispossess you of your home without providing for your shelter. [Yes, but it remains an open question if many of our shepherds are good.] No longer should you be squatters, dear friends…nor should you be turned out as if you were squatters.

By all means, shepherds have to make difficult decisions about the erection and suppression of parishes, and in all of this, we owe them our obedience and our charity. But never shall they open the sheepfold and watch the dispersion of the sheep in a world full of wolves. Charity is a TWO-WAY street.”  [Another great line. But isn’t that precisely what has happened under aggiornamento?  How many former Catholics have fallen to the wolves?]

The homily was public. Please feel free to share.

Your wish is my command.

I love the TLM.  I do want it to be as widely available as the Novus Ordo, if not more so.  But at the same time, having had the enormous blessing of belonging to a traditional parish over the past several years, instead of being at a parish where the TLM is available on occasion as an act of appeasement/tolerance, I can say there are enormous benefits to being at a parish where the priests and faithful are dedicated to practicing the Faith as it has been practiced for 1700 years or more.  I love the TLM, it is the very core of my faith, but there is so much more to the traditional practice of the Faith than the TLM alone.  There is an entire traditional mentality that, once exposed to, is so intoxicating and transformative that once one has experienced it, it is very difficult to go back to what is offered at the vast majority of Catholic “communities.”

So while I do think the faithful should demand, and receive, the TLM however and whenever they want it (within very liberal reason), at the same time I do see advantages in being consigned to a traditional “ghetto.”  In the ghetto, a critical mass of pious practice can be achieved that really helps souls advance in virtue. This could happen outside the ghetto, but in my experience, that critical mass does not exist at parishes where the TLM is available, but not central.

What I would like to see is a whole bunch more Fr. Michael Rodriguez’s and Fr. Peter Carota’s, diocesan priests who not only offer the TLM but embrace the entire “traditional” practice of the Faith, which is to say, the Faith as it has always been, until very recently.  Such priests are rare and precious gifts, and should really be a bishop’s proudest boast and example, instead of a persecuted, hounded minority.

Sadly, that is where we are as a Church today, many of the best priests have to hide who they are and what they believe, while men who lead souls horrifically astray are free to act openly, proudly, defiantly.

I guess I’ve been depressing today!  Sorry! Keep on keepin’ on!  If we remain faithful, we will have a happy ending, so don’t let this stuff get to you to much!

“There is more support for official Roman Catholic Church ‘positions’ among evangelical protestants than Catholics” May 22, 2014

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So said the man from Public Policy Research Institute, as quoted in the liberal magazine The Atlantic and picked up by Pertinacious Papist:


I think I’ve blogged on this topic in the past at least a couple of times, but I am once again left stupified not only by “Catholics” rejection of not just Church Dogma, but fundamental aspects of the natural law.  But even more, I am unable to fathom how 50% of Catholics can say sex between adults of the same sex is wrong, but only 38% oppose fake same-sex marriage.

What, on earth, do these people think the fake-married people do?  I think we can see here the extremely successful impact of the sodomite “After the Ball” propaganda machine, which has apparently convinced millions of people that “homosexuals” are just very hip and witty (in a narcissistic way) celibates with good fashion sense and a lot of free time.  I think people have been very successfully propagandized to forget the sodomy that is not just part of all these people’s relationships, but that these people define themselves by that very act.

More people need to read about how filthy and nasty sodomy really is.

So not even half of “Catholics” think abortion should be illegal in most cases!  Sheesh…….folks, our leaders in the Church have done an absolutely abysmal job of conveying the Faith to the souls in their charge. May God have mercy on them.

And yet, faithful religious orders must be crushed, while the most rabidly heretical, dying orders continue to receive a pass!

You know what’s really sad, is I now had to tell a really great young lady who feels she has a vocation to religious life to cross the FSI off her list.  There are so few traditional women’s orders, and while the FSI weren’t traditional, they leaned that way and some of their monasteries had the TLM pretty regularly.

I know another girl who joined the FSI in Italy a few years ago. I wonder how she is bearing up in all this.

Have you ever gotten the sense that traditional Catholics can’t win?  If you love the TLM and the practice of the Faith as it’s been done for centuries, you’re a damnable schismatic, but without Tradition we get what we see above, Catholicism-lite.  So we’re just supposed to grin and bear it?  I saw some comments on another site talking about the latest action against the FSI, and the gist was that all traditional Catholics are suspect because some have fallen into “schism.”  But what of the millions of schismatics/heretics on the left?   Shouldn’t basically all Catholics be suspect, then, since people on the left, right, and middle have fallen into schism?

Just ranting.  Don’t listen to me, I am nobody:

Not satisfied with crushing FFI, Vatican moves against Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate May 22, 2014

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It took 10 months, but now the other shoe has dropped.  The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate are to be crushed exactly as the Franciscan Friars have been:

The Congregation for Religious announced the terrible decision last monday, 19th of May. The general house located near Frattocchie (Rome area) is now ‘chaired’ by Sr. Fernanda Barbiero – Institute of Teaching Sisters of St. Dorothea. I don’t have exact infos on her stances, but at a first glance and for what I read from her, she seems moderately progressive-leaning. Whilst Sr. Fernanda has just a visiting tenure, it seems she’s been provided with vast power to rule the Order. [Pray for the Friars, in their charity, I think made a typo.  I think they meant to say “provided with vast power to ruin the Order.”]

What’s happening is really unbelievable. [Dang right. At this point I don’t think any traditional-leaning religious order is safe, and that includes the PCED communities.  This could just be a radical cardinal run amok (and he is radical), but I think that strains credulity. ] The Franciscan Sisters of Immaculate are – if possible – the most similar thing to Heaven you’ll see around: their chants, their faces, inspire peace and desire for holiness. Let’s start praying for them, but let’s consider some  vibrant protests to legitimate authority. The Pope should prevent Congregation for Religious from causing more havoc with further dubious interventions, in order to prevent painful lacerations and confusion in the whole Catholic Church. [What if the Pope is behind the havoc?  “Make a mess?”] I hope Sr. Fernanda will have the chance to sincerely and properly know and experience the holiness of Franciscan Sisters of Immaculate and be enlightened from them , so to report the Vatican authorities that yes, if a reform of religious life has to be done, well, the FSI are a model to imitate[And many, many faithful souls would agree.]

More from the great Roberto de Mattei, via Rorate (my emphasis and comments):

There can be no further doubts for anyone who still had any. There exists a plan for the systematic destruction of the Franciscans of the Immaculate and Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, the two Religious Institutes founded by Fr. Stefano Maria Manelli currently caught up in the storm.

On Monday 19 May 2014 João Cardinal Braz de Aviz, Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life, informed the Superior General of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate that he was to appoint, with immediate effect, a “Visitor” for the Institute with utmost powers which would make her a sort of “Commissar.” At the Generalate in Frattocchie near Rome, Sister Fernanda Barbiero of the Institute of the Sisters of St. Dorothy, a “grown-up” and “up-to-date” nun with moderately feminist tendencies and a follower (although somewhat later than all his other followers) of Jacques Maritain, has already been installed. [Indeed, every adult Catholic knows that practicing the Faith in a traditional manner, embracing true virtue, eschewing vice, engaging in mortification, and performing dastardly acts like “counting Rosaries” is just baby faith.  Real, “adult” faith involves loving modernism, rarely praying, engaging in all manner of vice, focusing on the world, and never, never denying oneself in the slightest]

On 11 July 2013, Cardinal Braz de Aviz entrusted running of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate to an “Apostolic Commissar” who, in less than one year, has shattered the Order and forced some of the best Friars to ask for dispensation from their vows and to leave an Institute which now looks like a bomb site, and they have tried to live their vocation to the Priesthood elsewhere. [Yes, the most faithful are forced to obey while the heretics are given free reign and never even slightly challenged!  The frustration is immense and never gets better!]

The situation for the Sisters is now even more serious. The pretext for the “visitation” and “commissioning” of the Friars was the presence of a tiny but highly aggressive group of “dissidents,” encouraged and fired up from the outside. There have been no dissidents among the Sisters, who have been living in a spirit of perfect Christian charity. Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Immaculate are to be suppressed, mainly because they are so close to Tradition and are thus in conflict with the general procedure in other Institutes of Consecrated Life. I use the word “close” very guardedly, because these two Franciscan Congregations were born and live completely away from the “traditionalist” environment. [The FSI remain bi-ritual and while they have deliberately rejected the stultifying, inefficacious “modern” practice of religious life, they remain completely faithful to the Magisterium.  Perhaps they were fools to have been so]

In the light of all the theological and pastoral disasters which came in the wake of Vatican II, they have shown their love for that orthodoxy which is in complete contrast with the prevailing doctrinal and liturgical creativity in today’s Church. The Congregation for Religious considers this “traditional” thinking with the church incompatible with any Vatican-II equivalent.

The Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life clearly committed an abuse of power when it forbade the Franciscans of the Immaculate from saying Mass according to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. And the Friars themselves committed another error by accepting that anyone could stop them saying the Tridentine Mass. [Interesting.  That could have forced a necessary crisis, revealing whether ecclesiastical authority truly does have the right to deny a legitimate form of the Mass to a group or even individuals.  This acquiescence set a dangerous precedent, perhaps?]

Now a really interesting argument, which is seconded by Patrick Archbold:

Perhaps Cardinal Braz de Aviz wants to push the Sisters en masse into the Society of St. Pius X, and thus show that there is no room for “schismatic” traditionalists in the “post-conciliar” Church. If His Eminence did so, he would be showing two things: firstly, that many Bishops – and indeed Bishops’ Conferences – are now much more separated from the Church in matters of Faith than the Society of St. Pius X is from the Authorities; and secondly, that Canon Law allows Sisters and Friars to be released from their vows and to reorganise as a private association of faithful, thus living their vocation away from any arbitrary imposition (Canons 298-311).

This latest intervention gives me the sense of a doubling down, of the kind of scenario we’ve seen police get involved in, where they start with a massively wrong assumption (a person is guilty of infraction X), and then go to further and further lengths to try to prove the original, wrong assumption, all of which involves a massive violation of the accused’s rights.  In this case, the assumption was that attraction to tradition = SSPX/schism, and they set to work crushing the FFIs to try to force some souls into taking a “schismatic” act (I would argue even the definition of schism being assumed here is highly dubious).  That didn’t work, so now they will try with the FSIs.  The further in they get, the more desperate they become, and the more severe and egregious abuses of authority they are willing to commit in order to justify the original abuse.   Eventually the whole thing falls apart and in the secular world, some agency or individual gets sued and/or jail time, and very rightly so.  But this being the Church, and especially the ultra-clericalist post-VII Church, there are few internal checks on authority.

The only human way to provide a check, then, is outside pressure.  Which gets me back to my post yesterday, and this helpful bit from commenter skeinster:

His Holiness, Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City

Remember: short gets read, long gets thrown in the trash.

Prayer, yes, certainly, but maybe also it’s time for other voices to be heard, and in great numbers.

Something along the lines of:

Holy Father, please stop the unjustified and abusive intervention against the Franciscans of the Immaculate. They are a holy, growing, and vibrant religious order that, on the basis of the evidence provided by the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life, have not deserved the severe treatment they have experienced under the expanding apostolic intervention.

Please act on their behalf and end the apostolic interventions against both Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate before it is too late.  Such scandal is being raised by this intervention, and constitutes a wound to the unity and integrity of  the Mystical Body of Christ, our glorious Holy Mother Church.

I must say, in all charity, the contrast between the severe treatment being meted out to the Franciscans of the Immaculate, and the decades-long policy of mercy and dialogue towards the far more problematic orders of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious is extremely difficult for many Catholics to understand.  Why the severity in one case, and leniency to the point of indifference in the other?

Again, please stop the draconian intervention which is wounding so many good and faithful souls.

Sent in a spirit of charity and obedience, with the utmost respect, please be assured of my constant prayers, etc.

More on this later, God willing.

Act of Consecration to the Immaculate May 22, 2014

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I know there are several forms, or acts, of consecration to the Blessed Virgin.  Many readers are probably familiar with St. Louis de Montfort’s method (Jesus through Mary). But I liked and thought I would share the immaculataAssumpcionone below by St. Maximilian M. Kolbe, since I don’t think it is as well known as some of the others.  This one is a little different in its focus on Our Lady’s Immaculate nature:

O Immaculate Queen of Heaven and earth, Refuge of sinners and our most loving Mother, to whom God chose to entrust the distribution of His mercies, I, a wretched sinner, kneel at your feet, begging you to accept my whole being as your property and possession.

I offer you, O Mother, all the powers of my soul and body, and I commend into your holy hands my life, my death, my eternity, so that you may henceforth dispose of my whole being just as you please.  O dispose of me, Immaculate Virgin, as you see fit, in order to achieve what was written of you: “She shall crush they head” – the serpent’s head; and “All heresies in the world have been overcome through glory4you.”

Grant that I may be an efficient instrument of your pure and merciful hands to make you known and loved by those numerous souls who are lukewarm or have gone astray.  In this way do you increase as much as possible the number of your true admirers and lovers of that the reign of Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart may extend everywhere.

I will see the achievement of what I ask, O holy and Immaculate Mother, only with your help; for where you are, with the graces that you obtain, there alone does one achieve the conversion and sanctification of souls, and there alone can the sweet reign of Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart be established. Amen.

———-End Quote———–

When I started this post, I was unaware of the shocking news that the Congregation of Religious Life has now determined to wreck the female side of the Franciscans of the Immaculate.  Perhaps it is providential that I found this prayer moving on this particular day, when such heart-breaking news would surface.

More on this development in a few minutes.