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St. Bernard on Our Blessed Mother May 23, 2014

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St. Bernard did much to advance Marian devotion in the Church.  He was in many ways the first 2nd millennium apostle of Our Lady.  This being Mary’s month, I thought I might try to honor Our Lady by quoting one of Her most devoted advocates.  St. Bernard wrote in such gorgeous prose for Our Lady’s glory (taken from Divine Intimacy):tumblr_m83rp0dF1U1roniu7o1_500

“Oh! How sublime is your humility, which never yields to the seductions of glory, and in glory knows no pride.  You were chosen to become the Mother of God, and you call yourself servant!  O Blessed Lady, how were you able to unite in your heart such a humble idea of yourself, with so much purity and innocence, and especially such plenitude of Grace?  O Blessed Lady, whence comes such humility?  Truly, because of this virtue, you have merited to be looked upon by God with extraordinary love; and you have merited to charm the King with your beauty, and to draw the eternal Son from the bosom of the Father.

O Mary, you are holy in body and mind. You can say in a special way: ‘My conversation is in Heaven’ (cf Phil The Icon of the Three HandsIII:20). You are the garden enclosed, the sealed fountain, the temple of the Lord, the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit; you are the wise Virgin who not only provided herself with oil, but filled her lamp with it. O Mary, how were you able to reach the inaccessible majesty of God, if you did not knock, ask, and seek?  Yes, you found what you wree looking for, and that Angel said to you, ‘You have found Grace before God.’ Yet, how could you, who were already full of grace, find more grace?  Oh! you were truly worthy to find grace, because you were not satisfied with the fullness which you had, but asked for a superabundance of grace for the salvation of the world!  ‘The Holy Spirit will come up on you,’ said the Angel, and this precious balm was poured over you in such abundance that it flowed from you over the whole earth……If heretofore the Holy Spirit was in you in the fullness of Grace, now He comes upon you, as if to call attention to the superabundant plenitude of Grace which He pours upon you.  If in the past grace was present only in your soul, it now invades Our Lady Queen of Heavenyour breast also…the divine power makes you fruitful and you conceive of the Holy Spirit!”

Oh Mary, faithful Spouse of the Holy Spirit, look upon my wretchedness and my weakness.  God has placed in you the fullness of all his gifts so that I may understand that all hope, all Grace, all salvation come from you! You see how hard my heart is, how dull my mind; help me, therefore, O faithful Virgin, to overcome the resistance of my pride, my selfishness and my cowardice, so that my souls may open itself fully to the invasion of grace, abandoning itself with docility to the action of the Holy Spirit, promptly following His impulses, inspirations, and invitations.

I never get tired of posting this picture

I never get tired of posting this picture



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