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Dallas abortionists settle suit with University General Hospital June 10, 2014

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I asked yesterday for folks to pray for a court decision on the ability of local abortionists to continue to operate their abattoirs.  I am afraid my request was fruitless.

Well, it appears one major portion of the pro-life legislation passed by the Texas state legislature last year is utterly meaningless.  With an older law stating hospitals cannot deny privileges to abortionists just because they perform abortions, a long legal battle loomed for little University General Hospital, and they gave up the fight yesterday:

Two Dallas doctors whose hospital privileges were in jeopardy will be able to continue performing abortions after they settled their lawsuit with University General Hospital in Dallas on Monday.

The hospital revoked the admitting privileges of Dr. Lamar Robinson and Dr. Jasbir Ahluwalia in March because the doctors perform abortions at separate facilities in Dallas. The doctors sued, claiming that the hospital violated a Texas law that forbids hospitals from discriminating against doctors for their willingness or refusal to perform abortions. [so the case would have evolved into a long legal battle on the part of the hospital trying to prove it did not revoke the privileges solely or primarily on the basis of these baby murderers performing abortions.  The abortionists had some heavy legal firepower on their side via the Center for Reproductive Rights and NARAL, so it would have been an uphill fight]

Dallas County Judge Ken Molberg signed the agreement Monday afternoon. The settlement marks the latest development in the controversy over a new provision in the law that requires doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital in order to perform abortions.

Neither the doctors nor their attorney could be reached for comment Monday.

The hospital released the following statement……

…….He said the hospital based its decision to revoke admitting privileges on the fact that it does not have the equipment or staff to perform abortions. The doctors did not perform abortions at the hospital, but rather at their own clinics, according to the lawsuit.

“We don’t believe we discriminated then,” Sapaugh said. “We don’t discriminate against any physician.”

My wife, pro-life warrior that she is, observed that this matter has actually played out to UGH’s advantage.  Last March, area pro-lifers were gearing up for a major program of protests outside UGH over their granting of privileges to abortionists.  UGH then revoked the privileges.  But now, the privileges are reinstated and UGH can claim they did their best.  My wife wondered if that could have been the plan all along.  That’s a bit Machiavellian for me, but who knows?

What we do know is that this matter of obtaining privileges in order to satisfy the 30 mile requirement appears to be nothing more than a pro forma exercise and will have no impact on the availability of abortion.  Did the legislators know that, or were they ignorant of this older law that demands there be no “discrimination” against baby murderers in the granting of privileges?  Apparently, very few knew of this law until the pro-abort New York lawyers found it.


1. discipleofthedumbox - June 10, 2014

This does not surprise me in the least. We either over turn Roe v. Wade which is doubtful since we have already had over 40 years attempting this, or we leave the Union and thus instantly render this decision and a great many others null and void.

2. Don - June 10, 2014

It is surprising that the new law does not have precedence over the older one. This may not be the end of the matter, just the end of this lawsuit.

Leaving the union will have no effect as this is Texas law; Texas judge applying that Texas law.

discipleofthedumbox - June 10, 2014

I call B.S. on your assertion that nothing will change. Once Roe v. Wade gets in our rear view mirror, other related law will be trampled under our tires as well. Nothing will change unless your support can be realized in the Texas Nationalist Movement.

3. maggycast - June 11, 2014

So which law trumps the other? Who makes the law…the judges or the legislature? What happens when they bang heads? What’s the point of passing these abortion laws if they can’t be enforced? Very sad indeed:+( God bless~

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