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Fr. Carota on St. John the Baptist and traddy bloggers June 24, 2014

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I have to say, I’m unworthy of the comparison!  But I really like this post by Fr. Peter Carota on St. John the Baptist, and the role Catholics labeled as traditional (but who are, in reality, just Catholics as Catholics have always been) have to play in the Church.

Great stuff (emphasis in original, my comments)!

Every time we say the Holy Latin Mass, every day, over and over again, we repeat the Last Gospel, (The prologue to John’s Gospel).  In it we read about the important role of St. John the Baptist.  He was a witness to give testimony of the Light so that all men might believe.  And that is precisely what we, who are blogging or writing or in apologetics, should only be doing and nothing more.  [Good point.  But sometimes to defend the Faith we might feel a need to say things that some might find uncomfortable or difficult.]

And while I am at it, I am sure St. John the Baptist did not charge any fees to go and preach about the coming Kingdom of Jesus.  I am sure he did not have any ads on his camel skin to make a little more money on the side.  He lived poverty and ate only locust and wild honey.  In other words, he allowed God to provide for him. [And that requires enormous faith!  I think the dig at professional Catholics appropriate.  It is well deserved.  I hope ads don’t show on my blog, if they do, I have nothing to do with them and receive no money.  I intend no ads, but can’t control them in all situations]

His humility is so important for us who are well known on TV, internet or talking circuits.  He did not fall, like some of the famous speakers on EWTN, because of his humility and love of God rather than money and fame. [And sometimes, entire networks fall, almost imperceptibly at first, but then increasingly obviously]

What I especially admire about St. John, is his courage to say the truth.  And, like Jesus, it cost him his life and his head.  All of us traditional Catholics have lost parishes, friends, jobs and love, just for standing up for traditional Catholic Biblical truth and modest dress codes.  We have gained hatred, enemies, degradation, ostracization and titles like “extremest”. [Thank God for priests like Fr. Carota and Fr. Rodriguez who are willing to put their necks on the line and speak the Truth to us!  I pray the institutional wrath never falls on them in order to silence their prophetic voices!  BTW, we haven’t heard much from Fr. Rodriguez lately, I hope that changes soon!  I do understand Fr. Rodriguez was able to assist at the Requiem Mass of Fr. Walker, who he knew.  I was gratified to learn that. Bad report. My apologies.]

But so far, who ever is reading this, we have not yet lost our lives or our heads for speaking the truth.  St. John the Baptist is most known for condemning King Herod for living with his brother’s wife, Herodias.  Each one of us should be willing to speak the truth like he did.  And as it has already been said, you will earn powerful enemies within the Church and in the government.  The church leaders of St. John’s times claimed he was possessed and crazy.  Sound familiar?  That is what they said of Jesus too. [We all make mistakes.  All of us are sinners. So we may make mistakes in our poor attempts to defend the Faith.  May God have mercy on us!  But we also must realize that many times faithful Catholics are penalized not for their mistakes, but for their truth-telling.  Too many truths, on salvation outside the Church, on the right structure of authority in the Church, on consistency in belief and practice, have become inconvenient.  Lord, please let that end!]

The Vatican’s Extraordinary Synod on pastoral ministry to divorced and remarried couples and homosexual couples goes against what Jesus said; “Let no man divide what God has united” and what John the Baptist said to king Herod when he told him that he could not remarry his brother’s wife.  We need to follow their example, not the world’s. [Well, I don’t think the Synod has occurred yet, and nothing definitive has been said, but I think the concern is very well placed. I share it.  But it is gratifying to see Cardinal Kasper less in the news, and there was some delicious irony when Cardinal Kasper had to express his extreme dismay when the Lutheran sect in Germany undid 40 years of supposed ecumenical advances overnight when they chunked the “joint statement on justification” verbiage and returned to a more consistent Lutheran position in time for the 500th anniversary celebrations of their revolution against the Faith.]

We have been given the mission to go and spread what Jesus taught; “Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.”  Matt. 28: 20.  May we never forget, that Jesus will be with us traditional Catholics all days, no matter how badly we are treated in and outside the Church.  Only He matters, and absolutely no one else. [Thank you for the reminder.  And, in fact, persecution may be a sign both of our faithfulness and an opportunity Our Blessed Lord gives us to advance in virtue and the practice of charity for Him and for all.]

Just a side note.  I hope, by this poor simple blog, I can inspire many more traditional Catholics, especially young ones, to have a blog or produce videos for YouTube…….

…..We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and continue Jesus’ commission to spread the Gospel to all the ends of the world.

————-End Quote———–

I pray so, too!  I pray more and more people will get involved with defending and proclaiming the Faith on the internet and in every possible environment!

Many readers may have already read this post by Fr. Carota.  I am sorry if this is repetitive, but I am going to be hard pressed for time to blog for the foreseeable future.  I will do the best I can.

I must add, Fr. Carota also has a very substantial post on the Franciscans of the Immaculate.  A brief quote:

Then, once Pope Benedict allowed every priest to say the Latin Mass with the Motu Proprio “Summorum Pontificum”, thousands and thousands of Catholics, including priests, rediscovered the “treasure” of the Latin Mass.   And as you all already know, and especially you priests, once you offer or assist at the Holy Latin Mass while at the same time offer or assist at the Novus Ordo Mass, the scales fall from you eyes and your spiritual blindness is healed.

I so have to agree with that.  Lord, please protect and uphold your servant Fr. Peter Carota. He is such a great blessing for Your Church.  Have mercy on his faults and use Your Grace to guide him into ever greater sanctity.  May he always be Your humble servant.


Pope Francis confirms he is intimately aware of FI situation June 24, 2014

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Rorate Caeli has a very long post regarding the ongoing agony of the Franciscans of the Immaculate.  It seems on June 10, a secret meeting occurred between Pope Francis, the new leadership of the FIs (including the small cabal that forced the ouster of the order’s founder and longtime leadership), and some friars, seminarians, novices, etc.  The meeting enjoyed tight security and was totally unknown until it was leaked by the new FI leadership to a reliable reporter at La Stampa.

The meeting is notable for several reasons.  One is the fact that meeting was apparently held to stem the flood of requests to be released from vows among members of the now hemorrhaging order.  It appears nearly 1/8 of all members/seminarians have asked to be released from their vows.  The meeting also featured a question and answer session in which it was made clear that Pope Francis has not had the wool pulled over his eyes by an overly zealous Congregation for Religious (I know….but the new name is ridiculous) or by Fr. Vicenzo Volpi, but is intimately aware of, and very likely directing, the course of events surrounding the FIs.

There was also apparently an unexpected and potentially embarrassing question from the young friars present: he asked the Holy Father why yet another secret meeting, without much of the order’s formerly most influential members, was being held again.  It seems Pope Francis was rather taken aback by this question.

From the original report in La Stampa, again courtesy Rorate:

The meeting was held on Tuesday 10 June in the chapel of the Santa Marta Residence in the Vatican, despite the fact the Pope had been feeling under the weather and cancelled some appointments the previous day. For an hour and a half, Francis entertained around sixty Franciscans of the Immaculate………Around forty seminarists, novitiates, and theology and philosophy students were present, along with their teachers and the pontifical commissioner, father Fidenzio Volpi.

The Franciscan Friars sang the Ave Maria di Fatima and renewed in the hands of the Pope their vows of total consecration to the Immaculate. Questions were then put to Francis on the most contested themes regarding the internal operations of the institution. Pope Bergoglio proved to be well informed on all issues, following the matter closely, and several times showed his appreciation for father Volpi, quelling rumours that the actions of the government of the commissioner and his collaborators were undertaken without the Pope’s knowledge. [This article reads more like a press release.  In my admittedly jaded opinion, this article is an effort in damage control.  Rorate noted several unusual circumstances concerning its seemingly miraculous appearance in La Stampa.  At this point, though, I think it is clear the actions of Fr. Volpi can be said to be at odds with the desires of Pope F]

Following the assignment of commissioners and restrictions applied to the use of the old missal, which, as opposed to what happens under motu proprio “Summorum Pontificum”, in the case of the Franciscans of the Immaculate it can be used without prior authorisation from superiors, there were defections in the friars and the seminarians. Of 400 members in the world, around 40 have requested to be released from their vows, and around half of these are seminarists and therefor still students who had only made temporary vows. [Forty, in less than a year.  This order is bleeding out on the ground.  Mission accomplished?]

On the motu proprio, Pope Francis said he did not want to deviate from the line of Benedict XVI, and reiterated that the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate remained free to celebrate the old mass,  [wait for it……] even if for the moment, in light of the controversies surrounding the exclusive right to use that missal – an element that did not constitute part of the founding charisma of the institution – they required “a discernment” with the superior and with the bishop if it concerned celebrations in parish churches, sanctuaries and teaching houses.  [The vast vast VAST majority of requests to offer the TLM publicly have been met with stone cold silence. So, yes, you can have your Mass if you want it, “Tridentine,” but keep it to yourself, please.] The Pope explained that there must be freedom, both for those who wish to celebrate with the old rite, and those who wish to celebrate with the new rite, without the rite becoming an ideological banner………[There hasn’t been even a shred of proof put forward to substantiate that the TLM had become an ideological banner, or that there was persecution of NO adherents.]

……Francis also said that he had wanted the closure of the theological institute within the Franciscans of the Immaculate (STIM), so that the seminarists would study in the pontifical theology faculties of Rome. He then explained that the Church guarantees orthodoxy through the Pope. [The idea that the pontifical universities to which the FIs have been sent are of guaranteed orthodoxy is a joke.  Some are better than others, but many are hideously modernist and full of heresy and abuse.  The former theological institute of the FIs, by contrast, was thoroughly orthodox]

————End Quote————-

There is much more at Rorate.  Some had held 0ut pious hope that this draconian intervention against the FIs (male and female) was largely occurring behind Pope Francis’ back.  That view now appears untenable.  The pope seems intimately aware of the situation involving the FIs, and seems willing to exercise an exceedingly heavy hand against them, while he tells progressive religious that falling into outright heresy can sometimes just be a matter of a little accident, easily to be forgiven.  The only real heresy, it appears, is to be a mafioso, a torturer, or someone with a certain drift.

Oh, there was also this interesting matter: Pope Francis is alleged to have misquoted St. Ignatius Loyola to say: ” if the Pope says that black is white then we should believe that it is white.”  IF TRUE, it is a pretty amazing thing for a pope to claim the authority to demand such, and that at least religious should be obedient even to the point of redefining reality according to what a pope says (which gets back to my fear of a creeping, near-totalitarian ultramontanism).  Such a statement seems very difficult to reconcile with a deeply humble character.

It is one thing for a Saint to make such a claim.  It is something entirely different for a pope to make that claim regarding himself, as what he expects from others!  As far as is known, no other pope in the past 400+  years since the statement has made has ever repeated the claim regarding themselves or their office.  Amazing.  As Boney noted:

We are perfectly entitled to believe that black is indeed black and that white is indeed white and that anyone who says any differently is deceiving you, since he can see and knows that black is black and that white is, indeed, white. So if a Pope tells you that the Resurrection of Christ was a physical, historical reality white is indeed white, but if a Pope tells you that the Resurrection of Christ was not a physical, historical reality, white is still white, not black.

Some of the main instigators of this tragedy below:



Continue to pray for the FIs! At this point, the future of this once thriving and pious order is dependent on the Divine Mercy.  May God be pleased to make His own intervention!

Since repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” US military personnel being forced into mandatory “LGBT” diversity propaganda June 24, 2014

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It didn’t even take a year.  In fact, this was rolled out last year, shortly after Obama was safely re-elected and he let his true opinion regarding the destruction of marriage be known.  June is mandatory “LGBT diversity” month in the US military.  There are mandatory requirements that certain items of propaganda, in the form of posters, must be displayed.  So many traditional Catholics are current or former military, but at this point I have to agree with the opinion of several priests I know that serving in the US military is simply no longer a morally acceptable option except perhaps in a few circumstances:

Who is Gilbert? You may be sorry you asked. Gilbert is GLBT: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered. And we just learnt that June is Gilbert Month in the US Army (.pdf), where everyone must attend mandatory Gilbert Indoctrination, display their rainbow flags, and learn of the great contributions of Gilbert Soldiers.

Like, say, Bradley Manning, who hits for two of the four.

At least it’s not Disloyalty and Espionage Month. Yet.

Comments from two individuals, deep underground:

I have been specifically told that, “If you are not on board with this program, there is no place in the military for you.”

Think about that.  There is no room in the military for people who hold to what has been the constant belief of virtually every human society on the face earth (until the last few years), let alone the beliefs of that glorious construct known as Christendom.  Today, the military is primarily for advancing radical social agendas, with mission a distant second.  That is why the radical sodomite lobby was so desperate to get approval for their kind to serve openly.  That opens the door to all kinds of ways to advance their cause, and, yes, even make it mandatory, in the sense that you at least have to publicly agree with those lost in acts of grave perversion.  That, coupled with massive precedent in federal law via military courts provides a veritable 8 lane highway for the advance of the sexular pagan/sodomite agenda.


Question: “What’s the difference between a homosexual and a fighter pilot?”

Answer: “The homosexual has a future in the United States military.”

What’s the over-under on the President’s exit pardons in 2017 including one for Ickle Bwadwey Manning? After all, he/she/it was only following his/her/its own bliss, which is now an Army Value.

here’s a poster, and yes, displaying them is “a date with Amanda” (Amanda Tory, geddit).

If you don’t have your Gilbert Poster up, you may be visited by the Diversity Patrol. You wouldn’t like the Diversity Patrol.

The poster:


So now gross immorality is as American as apple pie and the atom bomb!

You know this agenda is deeply divisive in the military. I have read reports that in the Air Force, at least, retention is plummeting across career fields and rank.  What 10 years of pointless war could not accomplish, the even more ascendant “diversity” agenda is accomplishing in spades (admittedly, there are many factors in play, but this is not a small one).  And the remark about fighter pilots is absolutely true.  One of my former fighter pilot friends left after he determined that out of a 20 year career, he’d be incredibly lucky to spend 8 years in F-16s, and the rest of the time doing things he hated and exposed to a constant barrage of the moral dreck shown above.  More and more of the best are getting out, leaving career-climbers and those with little aptitude for either military service or combat remaining.

I have blogged before about how Christian service members are being cashiered for not acceding to the demands of the diversity of immorality.   As I said back then:

This is how the persecution advances.  Christianity, and militant homosexuality, cannot co-exist.  They are mutually exclusive.  All observant monotheistic faiths have always – ALWAYS – and everywhere condemned homosexuality as the worst of sins, a hideous perversion of God’s intent for human nature and a direct repudiation of His Will…….

….I’ve always said this radical homosexual agenda would be THE vehicle of the persecution.  This is simply a bridge Christians cannot cross.  By a million little ways like the one above, the culture will be made to accept – is accepting – this sodomite agenda.  By a million little cuts, Christians will be persecuted.  We are being boxed in more and more and more, and eventually, they will come into our churches and try to demand that Dogma be formally changed to support their perversions.  And then the martyrdom will begin.

What do you know about Fr. Rene Laurentin? June 24, 2014

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My daughter received a book for her Confirmation on St. Bernadette, written by Fr. Rene Laurentin.  I was intrigued by the subject, but knew nothing of the book. I kind of doubted my daughter would read it, since it is 600+ pages and very adult-oriented.  But my daughter read through the book very quickly.  Since she was only 9 at the time, I have to think much of it went over her head, but then again, she’s very bright.

For various reasons, my wife and I have some concerns about our daughter at present, and we don’t know if this book could have played a part.  The timing is a bit suspicious.

Since I always intended to read the book, I started it a couple of days ago. While I cannot say I have read more than 10% of it, I have been put off – aghast might be a better term – by what I have read.  Numerous snide comments about “post-Tridentine” and “pre-conciliar” piety.  Casting doubts as to whether Bernadette prayed the Rosary, at least prior to the miraculous visitations.  Attacking the use of Latin in the Mass.  Very subtle and potentially devastating arguments regarding the role of the Blessed Mother.  A seeming reduction of the Blessed Mother from Immaculate Mother to “first among equals.”

Now, this book was sold in a reputable Catholic bookstore.  I cannot say I have read all the book.  I’m not sure I will at this point.  The book purports to give the “real, authentic” story of St. Bernadette, and the author attacks what he calls many pious “myths” about the Saint.  The book is very highly reviewed on Amazon, but I’m not sure if that is any guide at all.

I also know that Fr. Laurentin figured in a big way in the Marian controversy at the Second Vatican Council.  He was a prime agent of the Marian “minimalists” who attacked much traditional Marian piety and sought to keep any definitions regarding the Blessed Mother they found offensive to their ecumenical plans from making their way into the conciliar texts.  At the same time, however, he has apparently made some contributions to understanding the apparitions at La Salette and the “secret” messages relayed there.   The SSPX Asia site linked just above seems to be rather indifferent towards him.  He also wrote an enormous multi-volume set of research on Marian phenomenon.

So the picture seems very muddled.  As I said, I have been somewhat aghast at the attacks against traditional piety and what Fr. Laurentin calls “myths” associated with St. Bernadette (which myths are typically just claims people made which he could not substantiate – but he could also not definitively refute them.  He just sort of smugly dismissed them out of hand.)

So I ask you, good readers, if you have any knowledge of Fr. Laurentin’s beliefs and writings and whether or not you recommend him as an author?  I was a bit surprised the book received essentially 5 star ratings across the board on Amazon – it made me wonder if maybe I was missing something, or if I’ve really gone around the bend.  Fr. Laurentin has a strong reputation as a scholar in post-conciliar quarters, but he’s also a big fan of Medj.  He’s heavy on the charismatic side, as well.

All of which makes me think he’s not an author I want to read, but at the same time, I don’t know if this book could be responsible for some of the changes we’ve seen in our daughter of late.  However, St. Alphonsus warned that one bad book could destroy a  monastery.  I pray that is not the case here.  If it is, I will be devastated, because we have tried so hard to keep pernicious influences from making their way into our children’s minds.

Any input or recommendations you have would be most appreciated.