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Portrait of a Church in free fall: poll shows collapse of Faith in Latin America June 27, 2014

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Rorate posted the following image from their twitter account.  It shows the results of a recent study of the state of the Church in Latin America by collating the results of surveys of religious affiliation across that vast, formerly Catholic region.  The results are horrifying.  The Church is in complete free-fall in most of Latin America, with some countries seeing a drop of as large as 1/3 in Church membership in the past 18 years.  Evangelical protestants have made huge inroads among Catholics, as the old pious practices and the teaching of clear doctrine that used to be the core of Catholic edification and spirituality has now been replaced by soft humanism, socialist agitation, and boring, pointless spiritual direction.  I can attest to the explosive growth of evangelical protestantism among Hispanics from my own little corner of the world.  In the part of Irving where we live, there are literally dozens of evangelical churches ranging from very small to very large serving thousands of former Catholics.

This simply shows that socialist humanism is not a replacement for man’s innate need to be close to His Lord.  The hard work of centuries of Saints and dedicated souls, up to the point of giving their very lives, is being undone in decades of heresy and abuse:



It is beyond heartbreaking to see the Church, outside of which there is no salvation, losing tens of millions of souls to error-filled sects because Her children are starving to death for spiritual sustenance. There will be a reckoning for all of this someday.  Lord, have mercy on the servants who have allowed this – or forced this – to come to pass.  I pray the men and women leading the Church down the broad freeway of destruction may be touched by Your Grace, truly converted, and have great horror over what they have done. But as St. Thomas Aquinas said, the sins of intellectual pride are the most difficult of all to overcome.


Then again, She told us this would happen.


1. Mike - June 27, 2014

Nine months ago I posted an analysis of data taken from the Official Catholic Directory and other sources. Among other things, the data showed that 54% of the baptized, K-8 aged children in the nation were receiving no formal instruction in the faith as of 2012. Ten years prior that number was 42%, in 1992 it was 40%, and in 1982 it was 33%.

Over a decade ago Fr. Joseph F. Wilson of the Diocese of Brooklyn wrote,

“Forty years ago, we dismantled an extremely effective method of catechesis, the handing on of the Faith from generation to generation. We replaced it with coloring books, rap sessions, freethinking, freewheeling and finger painting, and that is NOT an exaggeration. At least two generations of Catholics have grown up almost entirely ignorant of Catholic doctrine, and securely in possession of a do-it-yourself morality.”

The data would seem to show the disastrous effect the new and improved catechesis described by Fr. Wilson is having on the Church in America.

BTW, if interested, my post is here: http://cleansingfiredor.com/2013/09/the-catastrophic-failure-of-modern-catechesis/

2. greatpretender51 - June 27, 2014

When you consider that Latin America has been governed by the likes of Bergoglio and his liberation theology fellow travelers for so long, this surely can’t be a surprise. Nor will it be a surprise when one or more of these disgraces tries to portray this collapse as yet more evidence of successful “reform,” and then calls for even more! After all, heresy is so “serene and profound.”

3. Mercy - June 28, 2014

Are you condemning all of the people who connect with Lord Jesus in other houses of worship?

Boniface - June 28, 2014

I do not think he is condemning but clearly stating that they are outside the Church, the one Church, founded by our Lord.

Tantumblogo - June 30, 2014

You’re making a mighty assumption, that they really connect with “Lord Jesus,” and not some creation of other origin.

All non-Catholic Christian religions are disordered to one degree or another. The further you get from the Church, the more disordered the religion. The Eastern Orthodox share the vast majority of Catholic belief, the Sacraments, and valid apostolic succession. They are pretty close, but hold grave errors related to Authority, the Primacy of Peter, the nature of episcopal relations, certain aspects of the Holy Trinity, and a few others.

Protestants are far more deranged. One has no idea what a particular member of a particular protestant sect really believes. People in those sects so pick and choose and define “truth” for themselves it is really an individual experience, and so there are not 100,000 individual protestant churches, but 200,000,000 individual protestants acting as their own church. This is a huge problem. Private interpretation of Scripture and complete lack of doctrinal authority have led to chaos.

That does not mean that many if not most protestants are not acting in good faith. It does not mean that they are not doing the best they can with their deficient understanding. It does not mean that some do not actually stumble onto the Truth, and, hopefully, convert/revert. But it does mean that their pursuit of the Truth in the person of Jesus Christ is much more difficult, much more likely to go awry, and much more likely to result in an experience at their particular judgment that is as horrifying as it is totally surprising to the soul in question.

4. Chris - June 28, 2014

So what do you do with a man who has been the head of the church in a country since 1993 during which time membership in the church has dropped 38%? A man who is the dominant cardinal in the region of central America, where is the church is especially in free fall? Make him vice-pope, of course. And if Pope Francis is really in ill health and is unable to continue as pope for more than a couple of years, I would not be surprised to see this cardinal succeed him.

luis - July 1, 2014

Cardinal Maradiaga is probably widely viewed as vain and a slimeball. I think I have even seen an article on the Onion mocking him, so don’t sweat it.

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