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St. Peter Julian Eymard on Our Blessed Mother July 1, 2014

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Some really lovely spiritual reading from St. Peter Julian Eymard, the great Saint of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, on our Blessed Mother, from Vol. VII of the Eymard Library, Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament:

Mary was the most humble of all creatures, consequently in Heaven she is now the most glorious.  If she is seated on the tumblr_m83rp0dF1U1roniu7o1_500throne nearest to that of her Divine Son, it is because she approached nearer than any other to the perfection of His humility.  In her earthly life she has been looked upon as one of Eve’s sinful daughters – she who had never felt the taint of Original Sin!  She had been regarded as ambitious – she who never said a word in self-justification!

No one was so poor as Mary, and never was poverty so meritorious, for she was the Mother of the King of Heaven and earth.  In order to imitate the poverty of Jesus, she worked in Nazareth, begged in Egypt……..All the graces of salvation, both natural and spiritual, will be given us by Mary; she is rich with the riches of God Himself. [thus we see an example of the sensus fidei that argues for Our Blessed Mother being Mediatrix of All Grace]

And if Divine Justice did not oppose the inclinations of her maternal heart, the very gates of hell would soon be closed. The demon has been forced to acknowledge that he is never sure of victory so long as he whom Mary protects retains a breath of life. She annunciation1supplicates, importunes and snatches, as it were, from God the graces of mercy and pardon for the most hardened sinners.

.if happiness is in proportion to suffering, no one in Heaven is so happy as Mary, for having never loved so much as she, no one could have suffered so much. It was God’s Will that Mary should suffer a continual martyrdom. Simeon’s prophecy poisoned all her joy.  From the moment of its utterance, Mary substituted for Jesus while He was still too young to suffer publicly.  [This is an interesting claim. It is counter to some other saintly descriptions of Jesus’ life.  Take it for what you will]Our_Lady_of_La_Salette_statue

And at the foot of the Cross she is nearest to Jesus in order that she may suffer more.  Because Jesus wished to have her nearest to Him in Heaven, He united her more than any other creature to his sufferings and humiliations while on earth.

In a word, God has crowned Mary with glory and honor as the Masterpiece of His love. He alone is greater than she: “Solor tonante minor!” But in the midst of her glory, Mary never forgets that she is our Mother.  She ascended to Heaven before us to facilitate our entrance there and to conduct us thither.  She herself will come for us at that supreme moment of our lives – the hour of our death – if we only summon her to our aid! 

———End Quote———

I find that last bit such a comforting thought.  I have developed such a tender affection for Our Lady.  I really feel a great closeness to her, in her sinless humanity.  It soothes me to no end to think of Our Lady as advocate for us, and, as noted above, as she who can aid us to Heaven if we call upon her at the end of our life.  Our Lord obviously loves us very much not only to become man to suffer and redeem us, but also to provide us with such an inspiring model in Our Lady and such a great guide.  Our Lord knows that we need both a Father and a mother.

It is so incredible to me how non-Catholics completely miss this enormously important aspect of Christianity.  Orthodox get it to a degree, but certainly not fully.  Such a shame.  They are missing out on such an incredible friend and intercessor!

Our Lady of the Expectation


1. Lynne - July 2, 2014

Of Mary, there is never enough! – St Bernard of Clairvaux

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