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At progressive Katholyc parishes, “all are welcome,” except orthodox Catholics July 2, 2014

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You may think the lede hyperbole, but Michael Voris has found a parish in NYC where that is most precisely the case.  St. Francis of Assisi parish, which prides itself on its inclusiveness, tolerance, and understanding, has no room for orthodox Catholics who say uncomfortable things.  “All are welcome…..”…..so long as your highest concern is serving the sexular pagan indifferentist agenda, rather than that terrible ol’ uninclusive, intolerant, divisive and “hurtful” Catholic Faith.

Why was the early Church persecuted?  It was not persecuted because it posited a new God for the Roman pantheon – new “gods” were admitted every time Rome conquered a new territory.  The Church was not persecuted because it said God was the best of all the “gods” – numerous religions perfectly acceptable to Rome made the same claim.

No, the Church was violently, relentless and cruelly persecuted because She made claims that were totally unacceptable to pagan Rome, just as they are unacceptable to the neo-pagans of today.  The Church said that there was only ONE God, that He had become Incarnate in Jesus Christ, and that ALL the other “gods” were false.  Not just false, but demons.  The Church also said the emperors were not gods, which made the emperors pretty mad, and further the Church made plain that many common Roman behaviors were gravely offensive to the One True God and had to be stopped.  That included the current “America’s Most Popular Sin!!,” sodomy.

So from the very beginning, the Church was not inclusive, She was, from the point of view of the Romans and others, maddeningly exclusive.  How dare a Church claim it alone had ALL the Truth and was established by the only True God in the flesh?!?  What kind of insane cult would make such claims?  And so the persecutions rolled.

We confront a frighteningly similar situation in the culture today.  The vast majority of people in the West, led astray by centuries of endarkenment anti-Church rhetoric and erroneous notions of “rights” and “liberty,” now confront the concept of orthodox Christianity with profound hostility.  “Who are these alien people who really believe this stuff?  Why can’t they just get along with the rest of us?  What is the matter with them?”

It’s the same “matter” that has always existed when the Church exists in a hostile culture.  What is very much different today, is that for the first time in Her history the vast majority of those purporting to be Catholic now think indistinguishably from the anti-Catholic Romans of old.

And those of us who strive to be openly faithful are most manifestly not welcome in their parishes.

 UPDATE:  Quick update to refute a rejoinder which is likely to come.  Some may say, no, this parish just doesn’t like Michael Voris.  They only do not like him because he puts himself out there and is known.  But I can assure you that should they know me, or many of you, and our beliefs – especially if we argue those beliefs publicly – we would be equally unwelcome.

I almost said this in the original post, but I’ll say it now: surveying all the wreckage of the past 50 years, I find it increasingly difficult not to conclude that a new religion was not unleashed on the world about 50 years ago, and that this new religion is implacably hostile to the old.  That’s a very disconcerting thought to have, but it is also an extremely difficult one to put away.


1. JTC - July 2, 2014

Today’s follow-up to this report, titled “Apostate Church,” will inspire thoughts in many chancery offices such as those uttered by Henry II concerning Thomas Becket: “Who will rid me of …” Pray for Michael Voris.

Tantumblogo - July 2, 2014

I look forward to it.

2. Kim - July 2, 2014

A church right after the holy father’s heart!

Tantumblogo - July 2, 2014

Man. That was cold.

greatpretender51 - July 3, 2014

No, it was right on. This parish is merely following the Pope’s [heretical] example. So when is the papolotrist Voris going to have the spine to point that out?

3. Lynne - July 2, 2014

“surveying all the wreckage of the past 50 years, I find it increasingly difficult not to conclude that a new religion was not unleashed on the world about 50 years ago, and that this new religion is implacably hostile to the old.”


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[…] Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, the very antithesis of the kind of creature that inhabits parishes like St. Francis of Assisi and St. Francis Xavier in Manhattan!  How the names of such incredible Saints are sullied by this […]

5. Pseudodionysius - July 2, 2014

Re-reading the Pope and the Antichrist by Cardinal Manning in August.

6. Baseballmom - July 2, 2014

Michael Voris is doing what the Pope requested…is he not? Going out and “making a mess!” Go MV!!!!!!

7. LaGallina - July 3, 2014

Thank God we’ve got Michael Voris saying what needs to be said. There are precious few who dare to speak out like this, and who dare to go out to the street and interview people at these churches and risk being physically assaulted or mocked and ridiculed. God bless you, Mr. Voris.

8. discipleofthedumbox - July 3, 2014

Sorry. I could not help but think of this.

9. Bill Russell - July 3, 2014

Sad to say, my hero Pope Benedict XVI appointed Dolan as archbishop of New York. Dolan has become an unmitigated disaster. This Midwesterner, thought it the height of wit to wear a Cheesehead during Mass and continues to parade his vulgarity to the general embarrassment of New Yorkers. In New York, he thinks he has charmed the people, whereas in fact they, especially the politicians, are laughing at him. A tragedy to see a great archdiocese crumble.

Pseudodionysius - July 3, 2014

As I understand it, he did nothing to clean up after Weakland in Milwaukee. That should have been clue number one, two and three.

10. David - July 4, 2014

One parish I recommend visiting when traveling to New York City is St. Vincent Ferrer. It is on the upper east side of Manhattan at Lexington Avenue at East 66th Street. St. Vincent Ferrer is staffed by a group of good Dominicans.

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