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Our Lord’s Last Prophecy Before his Death…… July 9, 2014

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…..and how it relates to the collapse of Christianity in the United States, especially viz a viz the disastrous Griswold vs. Connecticutt decision.  In that decision, the then incredibly liberal and anti-Christian Supreme Court found, emanating from the penumbras, a supposed “right to privacy” and the right to use contraception.  That was 1965, and the tipping point for the cultural calamity we see around us:

Listen here

As the person who sent this to me said:

“The US fertility rate has hit is all time low.  So American culture is much worse now than when this sermon was given.  8-13 million babies are chemically aborted through abortifacient contraception in the USA.  So over half of American babies are killed by mommy & daddy.  The evil is not overseas but all around us.  We are saturated in immorality.  When God is kicked out of the schools and society, the evil will have no limit.  It will be interesting how bad things will get (morally) in the next few years.

The worst chastisement is when God does nothing, when he just lets us fall.  Hopefully God will act soon to stop all of the child killing and immorality”

Pray for Archbishop Nienstedt July 9, 2014

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The Archdiocese of Minneapolis is one of the most thoroughgoing progressive dioceses in the country.  For several years, the not nearly so progressive Archbishop John C. Nienstedt has been ordinary there.  He has earned numerous enemies for his strong (compared to many other bishops) defense of marriage, his attempts to curtail the influence of the numerous “homosexual” priests and religious in the archdiocese, and generally taking a firmer stand with regard to many moral issues than the progressive katholyc denizens of that locale would prefer.

He’s had a huge target on his back. Late last year, some patently false allegations were posited about feeling up a nine year old boy in a group photo taken after the boy’s First Communion.  At the time, I said: “this reeks of a set up.  Even someone totally lost in sin would have to be pretty stupid or pretty high to try to grope a kid at a public event like is being claimed here.  It seems most likely to me that this is, at best, someone making a radically abusive interpretation of an accidental movement, or at worst an open play to crush another conservative-ish bishop. As happened with Bishop Finn in Kansas City.”

Several months ago, Nienstedt was cleared on this First Communion allegation.  But that has not stopped his enemies from attempting to drive this most inconvenient prelate from their midst.  There are now supposedly more allegations, which have been made as part of an ongoing investigation of how Nienstedt and the Archdiocese dealt with some alleged and convicted boy-abusing priests.  The former top canon lawyer of the Archdiocese has added her voice to the fray, claiming she resigned in April 2013 because Nienstedt was not doing enough to drive the priests from ministry.  But she has a serious note of sour grapes surrounding not just her concerns over handling abuse, but also the Archbishop’s strong stand on moral matters and how he dealt with various personalities (including, one would assume, her own).

I’ll excerpt the article below just to provide some background on some of the key figures involved (there are also others not quoted below, who are playing a big role in this mess and who are long time enemies of Archbishop Nienstedt.  I will say unequivocally that there is a cabal in Minneapolis that is dedicated to destroying him at all costs) and to show how much of the secular and progressive katholyc media is spinning this story, pushing the bounds of libel in strongly implying Nienstedt guilty of something, anything, that will rid them of this meddlesom prelate:

ARTICLE STARTS BELOW. Format fixed.  Whatever format that dumb “mintnews” site uses is the most toxic I’ve ever come across.

[First, I want to lambast the title of this article: “Anti-Gay Archbishop Investigated for Sexual Misconduct with Men”  “Anti-Gay……” so many lies in those 8 characters!]

Nienstedt has denied the allegations, saying they are “a personal attack against me due to my unwavering stance on issues consistent with church teaching, such as opposition to so-called same-sex marriage.” [Look, I am not someone who doubts there are many sodomite priests and bishops. I know there are many.  The above is only part of Nienstedt’s denial.  He is vociferous in proclaiming his innocence.  That, and some other factors, lead me to strongly doubt these latest allegations.  I think everything possible is being thrown at him in order to destroy – in total or in effect – his effectiveness as a bishop. But I find so much of this dubious.  There are probably at least 80-100 bishops about whom such allegations could be made, whose evidence of sodomy is way out in the open, who are almost proud of their role in flaunting the moral law (I’m looking at you Tampa Bay Bishop Lynch).  This guy is only being attacked because he is relatively orthodox.  There is also the matter that the news coverage last week when this broke appeared highly coordinated – dozens of articles appearing within minutes containing virtually verbatim coverage.  This smells like an Alinskyite frame job, and there are many Alinskyites in Minneapolis]   He couldn’t fully explain some of the allegations, but he claims that in at least one instance, the accusations of improper touching concerned a person’s neck — not genitals….

…..Given that priests have historically stepped down while they were being investigated, [no, some have, some haven’t]  some priests such as the Rev. Mike Tegeder, [an extreme leftist, heretic, pro-sodomite and inveterate enemy of +Nienstedt and the entire Church]  pastor of the St. Frances Cabrini Church in Minneapolis, has questioned why Nienstedt has not been asked to step down or opted to do so, like he did during the first investigation. [Who would ask him, Pope Francis? To who else is he accountable?]

“People are just tired and discouraged,’’ Tegeder said. “If he would step down, it would be the most healing thing he could do.’’ [No, it would rid you of an ordinary you despise.  Every interview I have seen on this matter, of priests and others in Minneapolis, has always, in every case, been a progressive enemy of Nienstedt. That also points at a political attack job.  Maybe the people are tired and discouraged because they have lousy, leftist priests?]

[Get this abysmal closing paragraph:] The number [of sodomite priests] was reportedly higher among younger priests, [oh, I believe its incredibly high among priests ordained from ~1980-2000, because that was all the sodomite cabal in charge of almost every seminary, especially in leftist locales like Minneapolis, would ALLOW to be ordained!  So, it that’s what you mean by “young,” OK] possibly because Pope Francis has been much more welcoming to gay people, saying that “if someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge” — a departure from Pope Benedict XVI’s order that men with strong gay tendencies not become priests. [Wow, that Pope Francis, he never ceases working wonders!  Even though seminary generally takes 7 years, already there are scads of young sodomite priests as a result of his 16 month pontificate!  Amazing!]

Rucke - Catholic hater?

Rucke – Catholic hater?



I asked the author, KATIE RUCKE, with regard to the title of her article, why she was such a raging anti-Catholic bigot?

I do that because I think it time we push back against the blithe cultural assertion of many progressives that to believe what essentially everyone believed 10-15 years ago is now to be “anti-gay.”

Archbishop Nienstedt may be guilty, but I doubt it. I don’t think Bishop Finn was really guilty, either.  I am 99.5% certain that these allegations are nothing more than an attempt to destroy a bishop that greatly annoys the Minnesota left.  I do not get the sense that Nienstedt is a sodomite.

And this is just one small forewarning of how the sodomite lobby will behave towards its enemies when its ascendancy is complete.

In any case, he needs many prayers.  As do his enemies, whose conversion is vital.

So do we all, for when the persecution really gets started.

I decided to cover this, because I have seen virtually no coverage among orthodox/faithful Catholic blogs – that I read, anyway.

The necessity of keeping the soul unattached that God’s Holy Will may operate in it July 9, 2014

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From Dom Lorenzo Scupoli’s Treatise on Peace of Soul and Inner Happiness, chapter 5, The necessity of keeping the soul unattached that God’s Holy Will may operate in it:

If we are truly cognizant of the priceless worth of the immortal soul, that sublime temple of God Himself, let us take care that nothing of the world intrude therein. Placing our hope in the Lord, we should wait with a firm confidence for His coming, and realize that He will certainly enter the soul unattached to worldly things and ready to receive Him alone. Alone, having no desire but the presence of God; alone, loving only Him; alone, void of all will but the will of Heaven.

Let us learn to do nothing to please ourselves, that we may merit in the soul of the human the presence of the Divine, the comprehension of Whom is far beyond the horizons of created intellects. [“Nothing to please ourselves.”  That, is incredibly difficult, but with Grace, all things are possible!]

Let us follow exactly the prescriptions of our spiritual father and of those who govern us in the place of God, that every suffering and good work offered to God may be prudent and salutary.

It is sufficient that we keep ourselves ever ready and willing to suffer for love of Him all that He wills and the manner in which He wills it.  Whoever acts solely in conjunction with the dictates of his own will would do much better were he to remain in peace, attentive to what God wills to perform in him.  Therefore, we must always avoid attachments of the will which should ever be free and in perfect harmony with the Divine. 

And since we ought not to act according to our desires, let us not consciously attach our wills to any one thing; but if we should desire something, let it be in such a way as to leave us as unperturbed as if we had desired nothing, should our desire fail to materialize. 

For our desires are our chains, and to be entangled in them is to be a slave. To free ourselves from desires, therefore, is to free ourselves from tyranny. [Our desires are our chains, and even a small attachment is like a bit of string tied around a bird’s foot, keeping it from flying.]

God demands that our souls should be alone and unattached that He may manifest His manifold wonders in them, glorifying them even in this life by His Divine Power.

[Great little prayer……] O Holy Solitude! O desert of happiness!  O glorious hermitage, where a soul may find its God!  Let us not only run to such an exalted place, but beg the wings of a dove that we may fly to it and find there a holy repose. Let us not stop by the wayside; let us not tarry on the way for frivolous conversation; let us leave the dead to bury their dead, forsaking the land of the lifeless for the land of the living!  

———–End Quote———-

I pray you found that useful!  Much to contemplate.  Attachments are what keep us from loving God according to the First Commandment, or, as Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ Himself indicated, with all of our heart, mind, soul, will, and strength!  So many things can be attachments, even blogging!

I need to watch out!  Lord, have mercy on me!


What a laugh – after trying to disprove God for decades, scientists now “disprove” atheists July 9, 2014

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Even though an engineer, my skepticism towards the claims of many publicity-seeking scientists – if indeed they are -grows greater every day.

Bear with me, this takes just a bit of explanation.  Some scientists studying sociological research, elements of the brain, and all the things that go into human behavior, claim to have found that humanity is hard-wired for belief in the metaphysical or supernatural.  Catholics understand this intuitively – we are hard-wired by God to know, love, and serve Him.  A loving God would of course inculcate in His creation the ability to do what He demands of them!  But the scientists go a bit further, they claim that since we seem to be hardwired for supernatural belief, that means, in a sense, God does not create atheists, and true atheists don’t exist.  I think Catholics also know this – atheists are simply people who have, by and large, replaced love for God with hatred for God as the basis of their false, harmful religion.  And leftism in general, far from being the enlightened adherents of strictly rational thinking, are some of the most superstitious, magical-thinking people around.  That is why silliness like belief in astrology, new age, false eastern religions, UFOs, conspiracy theories of all stripes, etc., are rampant on the left.

Anyway, the report, filled with progressive errors and general falsity as it is, below. I have some fun fisking it:

While militant atheists like Richard Dawkins may be convinced that they hate God with a white hot passion God doesn’t exist, God, if He is around, may be amused to find that atheists might not exist.  [There is so much wrong in this sentence it could take me pages to unpack it all.  Just a few: God is omnipotent and omniscient, He knows the most infinitesimal details of each and every soul that has ever been born.  He knows very well why atheism develops in a soul, and it saddens and offends the Lord to no end.  God doesn’t need us puny humans to confirm His existence, He IS existence.  There is no frame of reference we humans can use to fully comprehend what it is to be God.]

Cognitive scientists are becoming increasingly aware that a metaphysical outlook may be so deeply ingrained in human thought processes that it cannot be expunged. [Wow, to a person who wasn’t a confirmed member of the sexular pagan cult, that would sound like incredibly convincing evidence that God does indeed exist, and created very powerful aspects of the human psyche to both recognize His reality and conform to His Law as He has revealed to us, over millenia, both in the flesh and through other means]

While this idea might seem outlandish – after all, it seems easy to decide not to believe in God [Which ease is attributable to our fallen natures and propensity to sin, absent Grace.  There is no limit to the evil to which man can sink absent faith in God and His Church] – evidence from several disciplines indicates that what you actually believe is not a decision you make for yourself. Your fundamental beliefs are decided by much deeper levels of consciousness, and may well be more or less set in stone.  [No, they are not set in stone.  That is ludicrous.  This completely denies free will. My goodness, a Thomist could have an absolute field day with all this.  There are literally so many diabolically wrong and bad assumptions throughout this piece that it boggles the mind. This is how utterly cut off from God, the moral law, and true rational thinking people have become, in their quest to prove to themselves that God doesn’t exist so they can go on sinning.]

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since we are born believers, not atheists, scientists say. [Well duh]  Humans are pattern-seekers from birth, with a belief in karma,  or cosmic justice,  as our default setting. [No, the natural law is intuitive to all and the Law of God is written on all our hearts, even those atheists and sexular pagans who do all in their might to overwrite and expunge that Law] “A slew of cognitive traits predisposes us to faith,” writes Pascal Boyer in Nature, the science journal, adding that people “are only aware of some of their religious ideas.” [Once again, this makes eminent sense, that a loving God would instill in His creation a very strong to be predisposed to love Him and to have faith.  In fact, much of science knew this before the evil of Darwinism and the modern progressive cult became the dominant new religion of “science.”  People believe so many things that aren’t so, and are invincibly convinced of them, even when, in the case of the theory of evolution, there is absolutely no concrete evidence that can be pointed at to prove the theory!  People take so much of what they “know” simply as a matter of faith, on the authority of those they have been very carefully taught to obey unquestioningly.  And that is how the Faith has been driven from the hearts of millions.  Satan is the ultimate author of the modernist progressive sexular pagan cult. ]

……..There is also the notion that the presence of an invisible moralistic presence makes misdemeanors harder to commit. [No, the Law of God is written on our hearts] “People who think they are being watched tend to behave themselves and cooperate more,” says the New Scientist’s Lawton. [But that only keeps them from breaking the law.  There is much immorality that can still occur when bare adherence to the law is the standard.That is why Faith in Jesus Christ and His Church is the absolute necessity for any moral, rightly ordered civil society.  That is why culture and morality flourished under Chirstendom, but is rapidly approaching the nadir of human existence today.]  “Societies that chanced on the idea of supernatural surveillance were likely to have been more successful than those that didn’t, further spreading religious ideas.”   [That is an evolutionist speaking, trying to explain why religious belief would be a successful evolutionary trait.  Please!  So much error…….]

And the original article was very long!  If I fisked the whole thing, it would take days!

Wow are we in trouble.  It’s almost hard to know where to start with such incredible ignorance.  That cultural knowledge of Christendom that sort of continued on for decades after formal Christendom disappeared, appears to fast be expiring, as well.  That will lead to nuovo-barbarism, we can be assured of it.