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Some Catholic pics to enjoy July 10, 2014

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Just some random Catholic art to enjoy.  Is it just me or have we gone through kind of a slow Catholic news period?

Or maybe it’s because I burst into tears every time I hear the name “Francis!”  Francis, Francis…….ohhhhhhhhh!  Waaaaaahhhhh!


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Catholic Mass

That is an awesome pic.

O.L. of Mt. Carmel postcard glaze

What is sweeter than putting one's whole heart into the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary- copy

It is through the Mother of Mercy that we can have access to Jesus Christ St. Bonaventure. Bouasse Jeune

guardian angel wayside shrine gentle mother




Traditional Catholic Priest asks please let only priests bring Communion to sick people….. July 10, 2014

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…..and shows how to make a traditional/orthodox Catholic summer school for children.  Both via Fr. Peter Carota.  First, his exhortation for only consecrated hands to handle the Blessed Sacrament, which I heartily endorse:

I know that many people are Extra Ordinary Ministers to help the priests and are doing it as a ministry.  But I contend, very, very strongly, that only priests have consecrated hands to touch Jesus in the Holy Communion.  So I want to ask all of you reading this to not touch the Holy Host.  Let priests take Holy Communion to the sick people.  Also in that way we are able to hear confession and make sure the people are truly prepared to receive Jesus.

I really like how Fr. Carota is so straightforward, sweet, simple, and to the point.  You should read the rest of that post, on a little bit different subject, for his charity to shine through.

His parish has also started up a traditional Catholic Vacation Bible School. They are not using any protestant program.  They are not watering down the Faith or teaching the children the same baby-food pablum over and over.  They are assisting at Holy Mass, learning chant, playing sports, learning about angels and demons, young ladies are learning about modesty, the nature of marriage, how important it is to be chaste, etc.  It sounds like an awesome program, and Father has had several posts here, here and here.  I really like how Father Carota describes some of the aspects of the TCVBS:

The girls also learned about what it means to be a woman, to nurture and to give life.  They also learned about making a home by cooking, cleaning, sowing and loving.  And they learned about a vocation to be a nun who prays or who helps in hospitals or teaches…..


….The boys were shown photos of some of the Cristero Martyrs and a video on the proof of the Resurrection of Jesus.  That is the greatest truth that our Catholic Christianity is founded on.  These Cristeros gave their lives because they believed in the resurrection.

The photo Father included of the Christeros is awesome.  But also horrible at the same time……a stalwart soul murdered, a wife widowed, children fatherless.  Such a lovely woman.  Such tremendous faith and modesty:



“A. Gonzalez Flores and family 4-10-1927 Guadalajara Jalisco”

Jalisco has long been Mexico’s most Catholic state, and was the heart of the Christero effort.  Guadalajara has probably the largest TLM presence in Mexico.  Some things never change!


Father Carota has one of the best collections of Christero photos I’ve found.  Or, he really knows how to dig them up on the net.  Either way, he posts some real gems.  God bless him!

My one quibble with all of the above, and that is all it is, is a quibble, is that I would not use the protestant term “vacation bible school.”  Call it Catholic summer camp.  Or Summer Catechesis School.  But “Bible school” is so American and so protestant.  It leaves out the fact that our Faith is guided by Tradition because our Church has existed since before their was a Bible.  It just conveys slightly the wrong message, to me.

But then again I’m a narrow minded ossified traditionalist with no sense of humor whatsoever!

Flightline Friday Returns! F-84H “Thunderscreech” July 10, 2014

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Most people who have a little knowledge of early vintage US jet fighter aircraft are familiar with the F-80 Shooting Star and F-86 Sabre.  Both were1024px-14fw-f-84-1948 stalwarts of the USAF fighter fleet in the late 40s through much of the 50s, and both served very well in the Korean War.  The F-80 is notable because it was the first US jet fighter to enter service in large numbers, just barely missing out on the end of WWII.  The F-86 is of course sleek and beautiful, and famous for the dogfights it engaged in over Mig Alley in the Korean conflict.

But there was another USAF jet fighter of the same era that has been largely forgotten.  This is the Republic F-84 Thunderjet, a straight-wing fighter bomber intended as a replacement for the WWII-era Republic P-47 Thunderbolt.  Far more Thunderjets saw service than F-80s, and the F-84 actually remained in service longer than the F-86.  But, it was never as famous as its contemporaries.  This could possibly be due to the fact that it was not nearly as handsome an aircraft.  It had straight wings, big tip tanks, and an oddly shaped fuselage.  It was also a maintenance nightmare in its early versions, which is why there were so many.  It wasn’t 800px-F-84E_launchs_rocketsuntil the F-84E, the fifth version, entered service in 1949 that most of the bugs were worked out.  Even then, the plane failed to live up to USAF’s expectations, being about 50-100 mph slower than the F-86.  It was not much of a fighter, either. It didn’t turn very well, and could not fly nearly as high as the MiG-15 or F-86.   But it could carry a bunch of bombs.  So, it was used primarily as a ground-attack aircraft.

In order to improve the aircraft’s performance, Republic started work on the F-84F in 1948 and had the first prototype ready in June 1950.  This version differed from previous variants in having swept wings and a more powerful engine.  Performance increased markedly, so that the F-84F was about as fast as an F-86.  However, there were enormous problems in development and the F-84F did not enter service.  In addition, the early jet engines were very inefficient, which meant that range on the aircraft was still not what USAF wanted.  However, there was an alternative to pure jets that might provide about as much speed, but also much greater range.  That alternative was to put a turbo-prop in the F-84 and equip it with special supersonic propellers.

Whenever you see a propeller driven plane today, the tips of the propeller are turning at much less than supersonic speed.  However, as prop-driven aircraft reached their zenith of performance in WWII, power limitations began to creep in when the propellers turned so fast they were nearing supersonic speeds. As the propellers did so, the then-current designs would begin to fail, with the propeller stalling and power falling off dramatically.  However, after WWII, knowledge of supersonic airflow improved enough that it was thought possible to design supersonic props 91st_Tactical_Fighter_Squadron_-_Republic_F-84F-50-RE_Thunderstreak_-_52-6852that would not stall out or experience power loss.  It was thus decided to equip a new version of the F-84F with a turbo-prop and supersonic propellers.  The Thunderscreech was born.

It was hoped that it would be a simple matter to mate the new turboprop engine and propeller to an F-84F and that a long range fighter-bomber with nearly the speed of the -F model could be turned out quickly.  That did not happen.  Because of the incredibly turbulent airflow expected from the supersonic propellers, the horizontal stabilizer had to be moved to the top of the tail.  Then there were all kinds of problems with the Allison T40 turboprop powerplant.  It never made the advertised power, and had enormous reliability problems.  These problems and more delayed the first flight until mid-1955, by which time more efficient jet engines were XF-84Hcoming online and interest in the project was waning.  Nevertheless, with the prototype complete, it was thought that the aircraft was at least worth examining to see how well it performed.

The engine produced nearly 6000 horsepower. This created massive torque through the propeller, making the Thunderscreech very difficult to handle, even on the ground.  But there were even worse problems with the propellers.  Three tips travelling at Mach 1.18 led to a constant series of sonic bombs that blew out vehicle windows, damaged Republic XF-84Helectronic equipment, and made many people violently ill.  The noise was indescribable – hence, the name, Thunderscreech.  The XF-84H test aircraft is widely acknowledged as the loudest aircraft ever built.  The aircraft could rarely exceed 500 mph, not because of lack of power, but because it became radically uncontrollable.

Back to the noise.  That is what really killed the program.  Even though the aircraft made only 12 flights, with 10 of those requiring forced landings, everything possible on the aircraft broke: hydraulics, landing gear, engines, you name it, it failed. But the noise made the aircraft unserviceable, unapproachable, to all but a few.  Even with ear protection, the vibrations and violent shock patterns created by the supersonic propellers caused nausea, headaches, seizures, and even loss of bowel control.  From the Wikipedia article:

On the ground “run ups,” the prototypes could reportedly be heard 25 miles away………the XF-84H’s propeller traveled faster than the speed of sound even at idle thrust, producing a continuous visible sonic boom that radiated laterally from the propellers for hundreds of yards.  The shock wave was powerful enough to knock a man down; an unfortunate crew chief who was inside a nearby C-47 was severely incapacitated during a 30-minute ground run.

Republic never even got through the basic Phase 1 contractor safety flights.  The aircraft so disrupted other operations at Edwards USAF demanded Republic drag the aircraft miles out on Roger’s Dry Lake for testing.  With the aircraft showing far from expected performance, constant massive reliability problems, and a noise that would wake the dead, the program was cancelled in mid-1956.

Some videos below.  The first one gives an overview of the F-84H program and some test footage.  The video errs substantially in that no one expected the F-84H to be supersonic itself, only the propeller tips would be.  It was hoped the aircraft would match some contemporary aircraft like the F-86 in speed, or nearly so, but with much better range. It also errs in claiming it was developed for the Navy – that was an early impetus for such an aircraft, but the Navy had no interest in the F-84- and in claiming that the aircraft reached 670 mph. That was the target design speed, but the highest it is believed to have ever reached in flight was 520 mph, and the aircraft gave little indication it would reach anywhere near the hoped for top speed:

This video purports to contain a recording of the F-84H’s sound, but at much reduced volume:

Imagine that sucker at 180 decibels.  That’d be enough to mess up my insides.

This video shows many test programs ongoing at Edwards AFB during 1955 and 1956.  The XF-84H is included below:

If you want to know about the F-84 in general, including its many non-H model variants, check this one out.  It also has some of the best video coverage of the little known Bell X-2 I’ve ever seen.  The X-2 was the first aircraft to exceed Mach 3.  I did a post on it some time back.  Zero-length launching also shown.  Back in the Cold War, there was concern that aircraft requiring long runways would be too vulnerable in the expected nuclear environment.  Dedicated STOVL aircraft like the Harrier were one answer, but STOVL, as the F-35 shows, causes huge performance penalties.  Another way around the problem was to mount the aircraft on short launching rails with huge solid fuel boosters to get them into the air.  It worked OK for takeoff, landing remained a problem. Lots of other cool stuff below (CRUSADER @12:34!):

Press uproar over “papal” World Cup final ridiculous in light of Catholic suffering in Mideast July 10, 2014

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UPDATE: Fixed format problems. I am having more and more format problems when I copy text from some sites. It’s getting out of hand.  I spend as much time fixing the format as I do writing the post!

Rorate has a very important post on the ludicrous behavior of the media – including the Catholic media – getting caught up in the uproar over the World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany.  Since those two countries represent the homes of the two most recent popes, much of the media is trying to focus on a Benedict vs. Bergoglio final.

All this attention being paid to the World Cup is beyond silly, especially by Catholic media, when we consider the ongoing plight of the largely Catholic Christian communities of Iraq and Syria being absolutely decimated by repeated atrocities from the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – the new “caliphate.”  The Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church had strong words of condemnation for the Western media, which has never given the coverage the ongoing plight of the Catholics of the Mideast deserves:

In an international competition of a popular sport, the final match will involve the teams of the countries of origin of the Pope and of the Pope Emeritus — and religious correspondents immediately begin the silly season of the “competition” between the popes, what the “mood” between them will be, where will they watch the match, etc.

This is extremely offensive, especially considering the strong words of the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch specifically about this point, a plea ignored by the Western media, as Christians are expelled, executed, and victimized by genocide all through Iraq and Syria. It was not a coincidence that Patriarch Sako (not us!), the main Catholic cleric in Mesopotamia, chose to put his attention specifically on this amazing contrast: he knows how ridiculous and embarrassing the Church looks before the Muslims who terrorize them when Christians in the West put more attention on games than on the martyrdom of their brothers and sisters:

…. most Christians have already been forced to flee Syria and Iraq, where the head of the Chaldean-Catholic Church, Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako, fears Christian life will eventually come to an end in the region.

“In ten years there will perhaps be 50,000 Christians left” in Iraq, he said in a statement released by Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need and obtained by BosNewsLife. “Prior to 2003, this figure was about 1.2 million. Within ten years we have shrunk to a community of perhaps four to five hundred thousand faithful,” he added. [I recently did a post on the ongoing sufferings and struggles of the Chaldean Catholics in Iraq.  We have to note that the United States bears direct responsibility for unleashing the forces that have led to the destruction of ancient Catholic churches and other Christian communities throughout the Mideast. From the inept Iraq war to Obama’s speech in Cairo undermining the status quo in Egypt, the US has played a direct role in bringing about the destruction of Christianity in its ancient home.  The effect has been so severe, so drastic, one must wonder if it was not at least somewhat intentional.]

Sako fears Iraq will soon fall apart. “At present there are three fragments of Iraq, a Sunni one, a Kurdish one and a Shiite one. The Kurds already enjoy autonomy anyway. The Shiites do as well in a sense. Now the Sunnis are following suit. Iraq will therefore be divided up.” [I would say Iraq has already fallen apart. The best hope for the Christians, who are too spread out and too few in numbers to form a cohesive, defensible country of their own, is to hope they can fall under the Kurdish area of suzerainty.  The Kurds seem to be the least hostile towards Christians]

The bishop condemned Western states who he said “find football” in the current World Cup “more interesting than the situation here or in Syria

He said Western policy only pursues economic interests. “The international community should put pressure on Iraqi politicians to make them find a political solution and form a government of national unity.” [I’m afraid it was too late for that 10 years ago.  Iraq, a fake nation created by French and English bureaucrats during WWI, is doomed.]

Sako views the Sunni oriented ISIL as a global security threat. The group, he added, “intends to found an Islamic state with oil wells in order to Islamize the world. I think this is a danger for all.”

There is more at Rorate, including a statement by the Primate of France Cardinal Barbarin decrying the lack of concern by Western governments for the plight of Christians in the Mideast.

But here is my question, related to the ongoing immigration disaster afflicting the United States.  Where are the US bishops?  Where is the USCCB?  Instead of pandering constantly for totally unconstrained Hispanic immigrations, from regions far more economically stable and enduring far less severe conflict than the Mideast, why are not the US bishops calling on the US government to take ownership of what it’s broken (remember the line from Colin Powell), and allow all persecuted Christians in Syria and Iraq to immigrate to the United States or other Western countries?  Why do Western politicians and so many Catholic bishops fall all over themselves pretending islamic immigration to Europe and North America is a blessed thing, while ignoring the dire needs of Christians from the same region to immigrate, as well?!?  They have even more cause to flee their homes than do most of the muslim immigrants?!?  Must false views of interreligious relations trump all?

RELATED: Holding nothing sacred, even their own religious heritage (because, or so we have been taught, muslims revere many figures of the Old Testament and hold Jesus as the greatest prophet shy of their false Mohammad), the new caliphate destroyed the tomb of the Prophet Jonah yesterday.

And yet this is the great “religion of peace,” from which even the current pope has given no indication one must convert to be saved.  In fact, he has conveyed quite the opposite

Obama administration using Catholics to house immigrant surge? July 10, 2014

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The below is an excerpt of a transcript of a call to the Rush Limbaugh show, sent to me by reader MFG.  There are two salient aspects, to me……the hush hush nature of the effort, and the question it raises – is this effort sort of free lance by the USCCB or various dioceses, or is it being done at the behest of the federal government and under heavy pressure?

I don’t know if this is just an errant report, a rare exception, or just the first instance of what will be a major effort by some in the Church to insure these recent immigrants never leave.  At this point, as far as I know, this report is totally unconfirmed, but it is worth sharing, nonetheless:

Ann: Well, we have some interesting news.  My husband Eddie is on the phone with us.  We live in Southern California, and we’re Catholic, active Catholics in our community, and there was a town hall meeting last evening, emergency meeting called by our local parish priest, ordered by our bishop (unintelligible) and the Archdiocese of San Bernardino. They have made the decision that they’re going to absorb the immigrants that are coming through because the federal government called the bishop’s office on Monday and they’re gonna be busing these immigrants to our communities and asking us to open our homes and to house them for up to a month.  The church will reimburse us for any out-of-pocket expenses and we were told not to talk to anybody about it, especially the media.  I’m not especially happy about it.  My husband is a retired doctor, and he will share his concerns with you regarding this matter.  Eddie, do you want to go ahead and talk about your thoughts?

Eddie: ….I’m very concerned about the health care crisis that we’re facing and these illegal aliens that are coming into the United States. Doctors are being asked not to talk to the media, they’re on gag orders, both doctors and nurses, and we got a big problem because there are a lot of diseases that can come through this border bringing all kinds of stuff –.

RUSH:  Eddie, I just read that in some cases the lice are so bad you can see them crawling down the faces of some of the kids.

ANN:  Yeah, the lice won’t kill you, but Ebola will, and so will gonorrhea and there’s syphilis and AIDS and hepatitis and diphtheria and polio, meningitis, and this new coronavirus coming in from the Middle East, so –…….

……RUSH:  Okay, Eddie, I’ll come back to you in just a second, but, Ann, I want to clarify.  Did you say that it is the Catholic Church that the government called and asked for assistance?

ANN:  Yes.

RUSH:  Okay.  And then the Catholic Church accepted and said, “Okay, we will,” at least the Catholic Church in your town.  You haven’t identified where you’re from.

ANN:  Yes.

As far as diseases associated with this mass wave of immigration – for which there is no real justifiable cause, other than the promise of amnesty – there have been reported cases of scabies, tuberculosis, swine flu, chicken pox, MRSA staph, and other diseases.  A Border Patrol union is claiming the federal government has issued a gag order on Border Patrol agents from revealing information on the health problems of incoming immigrants.

There can be reasonable debate regarding immigration policy.  It is not the Catholic Church’s belief that a country must accept every single immigrant demanding entry, no matter how poor, sick, young, violent, whatever.  Countries have a right to control their borders.  Countries have a right to determine,within just limits, the rate of immigration.  But many in the Church (and the hierarchy) in this country pretend that allowing absolutely unconstrained Hispanic (only Hispanic – they’re not so concerned about muslim or animist Africans!) immigration is an absolute moral imperative, and that disagreeing with that pretension is tantamount to sin (which is, in fact, a wicked calumny).

Whether or not the report is accurate, a few questions for you readers: once the illegal immigrants penetrate the border, how should they be dealt with?  Deportation en masse, deportation on an individual, case-by-case basis, placed in camps for processing and entry, simply allowed to roam free…….?  And how should the Church respond to those already here?  Should the position of the hierarchy of welcoming all and allowing all to stay be the default position?  Or is there grounds for a more selective, or even opposing, approach?

For an overview of the very harmful effects of unconstrained illegal immigration, you could read The Immorality of Illegal Immigration by Fr. Patrick Bascio.  One factor Fr. Bascio notes is how often immigration breaks apart families, leaving spouses and children abandoned in the native country.  The immigrants often get involved with other parties once here.  I know of one such case here locally.  A mom left her husband and children in Honduras and has since remarried, at least common-law, since coming here.  But she is not divorced as far as I know.