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Press uproar over “papal” World Cup final ridiculous in light of Catholic suffering in Mideast July 10, 2014

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UPDATE: Fixed format problems. I am having more and more format problems when I copy text from some sites. It’s getting out of hand.  I spend as much time fixing the format as I do writing the post!

Rorate has a very important post on the ludicrous behavior of the media – including the Catholic media – getting caught up in the uproar over the World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany.  Since those two countries represent the homes of the two most recent popes, much of the media is trying to focus on a Benedict vs. Bergoglio final.

All this attention being paid to the World Cup is beyond silly, especially by Catholic media, when we consider the ongoing plight of the largely Catholic Christian communities of Iraq and Syria being absolutely decimated by repeated atrocities from the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – the new “caliphate.”  The Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church had strong words of condemnation for the Western media, which has never given the coverage the ongoing plight of the Catholics of the Mideast deserves:

In an international competition of a popular sport, the final match will involve the teams of the countries of origin of the Pope and of the Pope Emeritus — and religious correspondents immediately begin the silly season of the “competition” between the popes, what the “mood” between them will be, where will they watch the match, etc.

This is extremely offensive, especially considering the strong words of the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch specifically about this point, a plea ignored by the Western media, as Christians are expelled, executed, and victimized by genocide all through Iraq and Syria. It was not a coincidence that Patriarch Sako (not us!), the main Catholic cleric in Mesopotamia, chose to put his attention specifically on this amazing contrast: he knows how ridiculous and embarrassing the Church looks before the Muslims who terrorize them when Christians in the West put more attention on games than on the martyrdom of their brothers and sisters:

…. most Christians have already been forced to flee Syria and Iraq, where the head of the Chaldean-Catholic Church, Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako, fears Christian life will eventually come to an end in the region.

“In ten years there will perhaps be 50,000 Christians left” in Iraq, he said in a statement released by Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need and obtained by BosNewsLife. “Prior to 2003, this figure was about 1.2 million. Within ten years we have shrunk to a community of perhaps four to five hundred thousand faithful,” he added. [I recently did a post on the ongoing sufferings and struggles of the Chaldean Catholics in Iraq.  We have to note that the United States bears direct responsibility for unleashing the forces that have led to the destruction of ancient Catholic churches and other Christian communities throughout the Mideast. From the inept Iraq war to Obama’s speech in Cairo undermining the status quo in Egypt, the US has played a direct role in bringing about the destruction of Christianity in its ancient home.  The effect has been so severe, so drastic, one must wonder if it was not at least somewhat intentional.]

Sako fears Iraq will soon fall apart. “At present there are three fragments of Iraq, a Sunni one, a Kurdish one and a Shiite one. The Kurds already enjoy autonomy anyway. The Shiites do as well in a sense. Now the Sunnis are following suit. Iraq will therefore be divided up.” [I would say Iraq has already fallen apart. The best hope for the Christians, who are too spread out and too few in numbers to form a cohesive, defensible country of their own, is to hope they can fall under the Kurdish area of suzerainty.  The Kurds seem to be the least hostile towards Christians]

The bishop condemned Western states who he said “find football” in the current World Cup “more interesting than the situation here or in Syria

He said Western policy only pursues economic interests. “The international community should put pressure on Iraqi politicians to make them find a political solution and form a government of national unity.” [I’m afraid it was too late for that 10 years ago.  Iraq, a fake nation created by French and English bureaucrats during WWI, is doomed.]

Sako views the Sunni oriented ISIL as a global security threat. The group, he added, “intends to found an Islamic state with oil wells in order to Islamize the world. I think this is a danger for all.”

There is more at Rorate, including a statement by the Primate of France Cardinal Barbarin decrying the lack of concern by Western governments for the plight of Christians in the Mideast.

But here is my question, related to the ongoing immigration disaster afflicting the United States.  Where are the US bishops?  Where is the USCCB?  Instead of pandering constantly for totally unconstrained Hispanic immigrations, from regions far more economically stable and enduring far less severe conflict than the Mideast, why are not the US bishops calling on the US government to take ownership of what it’s broken (remember the line from Colin Powell), and allow all persecuted Christians in Syria and Iraq to immigrate to the United States or other Western countries?  Why do Western politicians and so many Catholic bishops fall all over themselves pretending islamic immigration to Europe and North America is a blessed thing, while ignoring the dire needs of Christians from the same region to immigrate, as well?!?  They have even more cause to flee their homes than do most of the muslim immigrants?!?  Must false views of interreligious relations trump all?

RELATED: Holding nothing sacred, even their own religious heritage (because, or so we have been taught, muslims revere many figures of the Old Testament and hold Jesus as the greatest prophet shy of their false Mohammad), the new caliphate destroyed the tomb of the Prophet Jonah yesterday.

And yet this is the great “religion of peace,” from which even the current pope has given no indication one must convert to be saved.  In fact, he has conveyed quite the opposite


1. TG - July 10, 2014

Totally agree.

2. Baseballmom - July 10, 2014

Bishops who support illegal immigration must immediately shut down all their RCIA. programs. Anyone desiring to become a Catholic should simply walk into their local parish and demand the sacraments and to be recognized as a Catholic…. Oh, and don’t bother sending these new Catholics those pesky envelopes… The rest of us must continue to support the parish so that these new Catholics can continue to enjoy the benefits of being parishioners.

Tantumblogo - July 10, 2014

Good point. Great points, actually.

Baseballmom - July 10, 2014

Just one of those hypocrisies that has always annoyed the heck out of me…

3. Steve - July 10, 2014

In 1999 A.D., Pope Saint John XXIII convoked the Special Synod of Bishops for Europe.

At that time, Italian-born Giuseppe Bernardini served as Archbishop of Izmir, Turkey.

Ro that time, Archbishop Bernardini had lived 42 years in Turkey.

Archbishop Bernardini took the floor during the Synod to discuss Islam in, shall we say, non-politically-correct terms.

Go to the Internet and search Archbishop Bernardini and the 1999 Synod of Bishops for Europe.

The Archbishop’s attitude toward Islam was opposed tremendously to the manner in which Vatican II Era Popes have treated Islam.

Decide for yourself as to who is realistic in regard to Islam…Archbishop Bernardini or our recent Popes and Cardinals and bishops.

4. Steve - July 10, 2014

A few months ago, Patriarch Sako declared that Western nations during the past 10 or so years had accomplished that which Islam had failed to accomplish during the past 1,500 years…

…that is, for all practical purposed, destroy the Catholic Church in Iraq.

Patriarch Sako declared at that time that in Iraq, “we are a ruined Church.”

To the West…to it’s leaders and power elite…you have smashed the Catholics of Iraq.

Some 10 years ago, then-Chaldean Patriarch Bidawid declared that the West’s invasion of Iraq would lead to the smashing of the Catholic Church in Iraq which, he said, was a major part of power elite’s plan.

Many knowledgeable folks knew exactly what said invasion would accomplish.

Mission Accomplished.

5. LaGallina - July 11, 2014

Oh my gosh, I had not even realized that it was a Benedict vs Francis World Cup! I admit, I have been hoping to see Argentina lose because of Pope Francis. My prediction is that Argentina will win, not because they have the stronger team (they clearly don’t) but because everything is coming up roses for Francis. I also predicted to my husband that if Argentina wins, it’s a sign that the world is about to go up in flames. No one in his right mind expects Argentina to win…

Update: My husband just came home and showed me the photo captions making the rounds in the soccer world. Photo of Francis with the caption, “We have a pope praying for us.” Below that is a photo of Benedict with the caption, “So do we.”

6. Steve - July 11, 2014

That should have been Pope Saint John Paul II in 1999 A.D.

7. David - July 11, 2014

Even Fox News this morning casually mentioned that Pope Francis I and Pope Benedict XVI would not be watching the World Cup together, recalling that one pope is from Germany and the other is from Argentina.

Although this news brief lasted 30 seconds, I said to myself, “why is this news?”

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