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Pope Francis: I don’t know what to say July 14, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, disaster, disconcerting, episcopate, General Catholic, Papa, priests, sadness, scandals, self-serving, shocking, the return.

……I was supposed to not talk about Pope Francis anymore, at least until some news developed.  I don’t know if the recent scandals are really “new” information, or not. To some degree I think yes, but it mostly just confirms what I think informed Catholics already know.  One thing that certainly seems confirmed, is thatPope Francis is extremely clever about how he gets his message out in the Church, yet frequently keeping plausible deniability.

None of my family is Catholic.  Shall I, then, just give up evangelizing them and praying for their conversion?  I almost find refreshing the statement that we’ll never overcome our doctrinal differences, because I think that is almost entirely true.  The ecumenism that tries to paper over vast doctrinal differences -that is, the ecumenism that has been practiced for the past 50 years – is a total falsehood. Statements like the 1999 joint statement on justification between the Church and the Lutherans (or really, just one of many Lutheran branches, each believing different things) don’t satisfy anyone and are just exercises in indifference and lack of clarity.

But I don’t think the fact that this false ecumenism is pointless (which I have always said) means we should just say to heck with it and try to g0 along to get along.  That makes  a mockery of so much of what Our Blessed Lord said, it is difficult to know even where to begin.  For one thing, Matt XXVIII:19, all of John VI, and so much more.

It is profoundly demoralizing for people fighting in the trenches to see their general suddenly seem to wave the white flag.  What, on earth, did so many Saints struggle and die for, if 100, 200, or 500 years later a Pope can make a travesty of their efforts?  How can people holding what the Church has always believed to be such wildly disordered  understandings of the Faith even “find Jesus?”  And how on earth can the head of any organization, religious or no, say such a thing to the very groups who are absolutely destroying his own in his home region?  It is just such a sign of surrender.

I cannot imagine how so many priests must feel right now. Stabbed in the back, I am certain, is the least of it.  It is not fun to be called a potential pedophile, even if a certain number of priests are (as are all men, but priests at much lower rates than the general population, I think).  This matter of claiming there is little or no justification for celibacy is more troubling, since there is ample support in Scripture and celibacy was a strong characteristic of the priesthood from the beginning.  Our Lord said those who could take it, should take it, and St. Paul more than once indicated that celibacy for the Lord was a most wondrous thing.  He also indicated widowed women should strive not to remarry, especially if they were of a certain age.  Celibacy only became the universal discipline in the west a thousand or so years ago, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t very common in the priesthood and, certainly, among religious priests.

I don’t know.  Pat Archbold has a post juxtaposing statements from previous popes (egad, sorry, fixed error) with those of Pope Francis.  And that is where the trouble really begins, because how are simple lay people to understand what to believe when we see today’s Pope say things seemingly completely at odds with the Tradition?  So many people have fallen into the error of just saying and doing whatever the current Pope does, no matter how wildly one pope swings to another.  But those who have studied the Faith a bit deeper and see the enormous contrast in word, deed, style, emphasis, you name it between this pope and so many of his predecessors are left in a very troubling place.  Unfortunately, few of those of us who have studied are theologians capable of really fine distinctions.  I have to wonder, though, what kind of Church proclaiming to be the repository of Truth would  have constant recourse to double-speak (apparently, canonizations are infallible, except when they’re not), hair’s breadth distinction and seeming contradictions?

But the question that really troubles is, where does all this lead?  Pope Francis has shown he is a  man with a plan to rebuild the Church in his image.  He wants to “make a mess.”  He has taken some shockingly violent actions against a religious order.  He appointed an extremely outspoken and seemingly highly radical cardinal to lead his advisory body.  There are big plans for this upcoming Synod.

I guess the question is, what happens if the actions begin to match the rhetoric?  What happens when the mess starts to get made, in earnest?

I cannot counsel anything but to pray.  I probably shouldn’t post this, I know some won’t like it, but it’s just too much.  Lord, protect Your Church!  Have mercy on us poor, weak, confused souls!



1. Visitor - July 15, 2014

In the US, the number is 0.5%.
I don’t know what he’s doing. Basically, I ignore him except to include him in my prayers.

Lynne - July 15, 2014

“Basically, I ignore him except to include him in my prayers.” – this. We have the Faith. That is what will get us to Heaven. Having this pope is a great lesson in charity.

2. LaGallina - July 15, 2014

Pope Francis is the main reason I finally decided to delve into “Tradition” (despite now feeling like the red-headed stepchild), and I am clinging to Tradition with every ounce of strength I’ve got. I don’t think I could survive this enormous disappointment that the Holy Father has turned out to be if it weren’t for the realization that the Faith is absolutely unchanging, despite Vatican 2, despite the new mass, despite every priest I know who understands more about college football than he does the Catholic Faith, despite even the pope himself.

3. D.O.T.C.O.M. (@DOTCOM_MOM) - July 15, 2014

My heart is heavy for the seminarians who were inspired to enter during Pope Benedict’s Pontiff. I pray they don’t lose courage. I will
also pray you don’t lose yours, either, Tantum. Our “Fathers” are letting us down. Countless souls depend on soldiers for Christ like you. Pax!

4. Christopher - July 15, 2014

Take heart, Friend.

I can’t remember which came first: me finding the TLM (and in that, I include all of the traditional Faith and the benefits of being part of a TLM parish) or Pope Francis, but they occurred somewhat close together, and I thank God for that.

I just know that when I found the TLM, I found that so many of my hunches and questions were not in vain, but that I have been, indeed, on the right track for a very long time. Having said that, it couldn’t have come at a more interesting time, since now who knows what is going to come of the Church in the next few years?

What we know, as I heard preached a while ago, is that whatever happens to the Church is willed by God, both the good and the “bad.” Notice how, although the Church seems to be descending into chaos, the TLM also seems to be gaining traction all over–so much so that it is even apparently being attacked by some in the Church.

I have this image in my mind of a light and a cloud. The light represents the TLM and shines golden-white. The cloud is large and gray, and represents the “main stream” (NO). The light and the cloud are swirling around slowly together in a dark space. Although the large, dense cloud maneuvers to overshadow the small light, the light shines brightly through the dark-gray cloud, so that I can still see the golden-white light piercing the clefts of the cloud that attempts to darken it.

I feel like this image has been coming into my mind in a very limited, back-of-my-mind sort of way until this post. Now it is quite clear. Certainly, as one of our priests recently indicated, God was not sitting on the sidelines when the incident in Phoenix occurred. He certainly is not sitting idly by while the TLM is being suppressed by his Vicar. He will not be merely observing, uninvolved, when the upcoming Synod decides something ghastly. He has a plan, and I am very excited deep down because I feel confident that the TLM will have an integral role to play in our future, ESPECIALLY near the end, and so will those who place their faith in it. To those to whom much is given…

O Salutaris Hostia
Quae coeli pandis ostium
Bella premunt hostilia
Da robur fer auxilium

Uni trinoque Domino
Sit sempi terna gloria
Qui vitam sine termino
Nobis donet in patria. Amen.

5. jvati - July 15, 2014

I became a Catholic a few years ago and I am the only Catholic in my family also. The way things are in the Church, both locally and on the world stage, are making it hard for me to hold on, much less evangelize others, even my family. Knowing that the Church is Christ’s Church is what keeps me going.

Tereze Avila - July 15, 2014

Javati… God bless you… We are starting a very bumpy road now in Catholic Church and you have to know about this. If you do not want to loose your just gain TRUTH, go and read: http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com Then you will know wha tto do in the next very difficult years…

Daniel Brooks - July 15, 2014

Don’t lead them to that false prophet who was ordered to be silent.

Daniel Brooks - July 15, 2014

I hear ya. Hold on tight, because there’s no where else to go. God will give us the fortitude we need to weather the storm.

6. Tereze Avila - July 15, 2014

Can you finally believe that he is an apocalyptic false prophet? Wait for OCTOBER and his Family Synod… This man is going to destroy CHURCH…

7. camper15 - July 15, 2014

Dear Tantum,
Would like to talk to you over the phone sometime soon. Do you remember me? We have talked a few times in the last couple of weeks. Would you please email me your phone number and a good time?

8. Steve - July 15, 2014

Imagine if during the past 16 months Pope Francis had done the following:

Continued to have expressed great concern for the poor, environment and world’s financial situation while having also…

1. Offered the Traditional Roman Mass frequently.

2. Exhorted bishops to implement Summorum Pontificum.

3. Aware that the Novus Ordo is not going away, exhorted priests to offer the Novus Ordo ad orientem.

4. Exhorted Latin Church bishops to take a step-by-step approach to acquaint the Latin Church Faithful to Latin prayers in the Ordinary of the Mass.

5. Exhorted Latin Church bishops to promote Gregorian Chant within their dioceses.

6. Exhorted Latin Church bishops to, over time, acquaint the Faithful to the reception of Holy Communion on the tongue (along with kneeling).

7. Restored the practice of Friday abstinence.

8. Written an Encyclical similar to Pope Saint John XXIII’s initial Encyclical which declared in clear terms that the Catholic Church is the one and only true Church of God.

9. In line with Pope Saint John XXIII’s initial Encyclical, exhorted non-Catholics to enter into the True Church, which, in turn, would please God.

10. Exhorted lapsed Catholics to safeguard their salvation via their return to Holy Mother Church.

Pope Francis could very easily have done all of the above while having continued with his determination to help the poor.

In other words, return to that which pre-Vatican II Popes had done day after day for century upon century.

That is, having worked on behalf of the poor while having promoted Holy Tradition.

Why is that such a difficult thing for post-Vatican II Popes, Cardinals and bishops to accomplish?

Why cannot a Pope, for example, live in a guest house while also promoting Holy Tradition?

Why cannot a Pope remain humble while also offering the Traditional Roman Mass?

Why cannot a Pope wear his old shoes while restoring Friday abstinence?

Why cannot a Pope urge compassion for sinners while also promoting Communion in the hand and Gregorian Chant?

Why cannot a Pope restore any number of Traditional Catholic practices?

Why cannot a Pope speak to an atheist while also declaring in clear terms to the world that the Catholic Church is a loving Mother, established by God as the one True Church?

Why? Why? Why?

Woody - July 15, 2014

Ignorance. Poor catechism. Misguided priorities.

9. Elizabeth - July 15, 2014

Thanks for that post. Well said, and I feel exactly the same way. Of course you should post this!! 🙂

10. TG - July 15, 2014

I didn’t find anything wrong with saying we should show the love of Jesus to others but as Pope he should at least say we need to bring evangelicals into the fullness of truth. Maybe he doesn’t want to aggratvate evangelicals since they are the only Christians who are still agaist abortion, homosexuality, etc.

Tantumblogo - July 15, 2014

He also said we shouldn’t worry about converting evangelicals and ignore doctrinal differences. That’s the rebuke to generations of martyrs who died doing exactly that.

tm30 - July 15, 2014

It’s very simple: Either the sacraments are the life source of grace instituted by Christ, or they are not. If they are, then to express indifference toward bringing these incredible gifts to others seems odd to me. I can’t process that. It’s like we’re a football team that prefers to take a sack so we can be in a better position to punt.

11. Steve - July 15, 2014

The following illustrates the depth to which monumental confusion flows from Rome:

1. La Repubblica reported Sunday that Pope Fancis said “X” to the atheist Scalfari.

2. Father Lombardi then issued a….what? A denial? Did he deny the
controversial statements attributed to Pope Francis?

One news source and Catholic blogger after another has read and reported upon Father Lombardi’s statement in question.

Source A says…yep, denial…well, kind of. Pretty much…uhhh, yeah denial…kind of…ummm…

Source B says…nope…well, pretty much nope…well, no, it’s not a denial-denial…yeah, well, it’s a bit of a denial, but it’s not a denial-denial…ummm…

I have read Father Lomabardi’s “denial” or “non-denial”…whatever that was…and I don’t know what to make of the denial…or non-denial denial. I guess that it’s a denial…I think it is, but then again…

3. The bottom line is that nobody can statement with certainty as to what it was that Father Lombardi had issue.

It appears to be a denial. But it also appears not to be a denial.

Incredible. Simply incredible.

Tantumblogo - July 15, 2014

That is the way modernists operate. Pope St. Pius X stressed this constantly in Pascendi. He stated that modernists sow confusion about the truth, constantly varying their own statements, pretending one moment to be orthodox and the next heterodox, spinning up the confusion so much so they can work their errors with impunity. That is how Pope Sarto defined it, anyway.

Is that what we are seeing today? Is that why there is such a huge lack of clarity? That’s why I fear the Pope is seeking plausible deniability in these strange interviews and non-denial denials. I pray I am wrong. But it could be a way to communicate a message that if communicated more clearly would lead to a clear and sharp reaction, but in this case everyone kind of hunts around being unsure what to do.

Bah! I didn’t want to talk about him again, but this, to me, was pretty big news.

12. Maggie - July 15, 2014

It is most disappointing. And although I have read that we get the leaders we deserve, I beg the Lord to send us holy shepherds as so many now know so little about the faith. Over the weekend I attended a seminar with a lovely lady who was so sweet and wanted so much to learn about the faith. She lives in a bad diocese. She had not been to confession in 30 years. She did not know the rosary or chaplet. She was asked to teach in her parish though. It is NOT the fault of these good faithful that they are ignorant of tradition or many teachings.

The stuff (garbage) coming from Rome is a scandal. The confusion and the condoning of sin in essence is a travesty. The pope will meet numerous times with atheists, and pagans, etc. but has no time for traditional Catholics who are the ones praying for him. I know the world seems to ‘love’ him as they think he will capitulate to its demands. I pray for him but I do not like him and do not trust him. I believe the Holy Spirit will, in the end, protect the holy Church but all this garbage is only sending more souls away or keeping them from the Sacramental life instituted by Christ.

13. Kim - July 15, 2014

He is both an antipope and an ass. Pope Emeritus Benedict is still the pope according to Fatima Apostolate priest Father Paul Kramer and other remnant clergy. Don’t be fooled. Francis could well be the false prophet of Revelation. Be wary and on guard at all times.

barbarajensen - July 18, 2014

Thanks for saying it, Kim. His disregard of orthodox doctrine is becoming more and more blatant. Soon those with their heads in the sand will be forced t look at reality.

14. Observer - July 16, 2014

Pope Francis is in for a bit of a surprise. He thinks he is soo cool and hip but doesn’t realize the same worldly forces who are now praising him, will in an instant turn on him.
Pius IX had a similar experience. He had a ‘liberal’ reputation and thought he could discard his shield while engaging in ‘dialog’. Big mistake! When his guard was down the revolutionary forces of 1848 (said by some authorities to have been orchestrated by Britain’s Lord Palmerston) invaded the Papal Palace and forced him to flee for fear of his life.

Tantumblogo - July 16, 2014

Even more, he saw the secular/lay head of the Papal States murdered right in front of him, getting some of the blood on his white cassock.

After that, Pius IX became a much different, very orthodox pope.

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