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Modernist to the core: Kasper found distorting Church Fathers, making up quotes to support divorce gambit July 15, 2014

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Rorate and other sources already cited a scholarly destruction of some of the false claims of modernist “researchers” attempting to find a justification for divorce in the Church Fathers.  I have written on that matter myself.  This is a common action among modernists, who, not finding support for their novelties among the Church Fathers, simply make up garbage quotes they then misattribute to the Fathers, or take statements on completely different subjects and then claim the Father was speaking support of whatever modernist pet cause is being pursued at the moment.  Fr. Dominic Bourmaud, SSPX, documented this fact in his book, as did Roberto de Mattei in his history of the 2nd Vatican Council.  Congar was notorious for making up quotes out of whole cloth.

As Eponymous Flower reports, German David Letterman Cardinal Kasper’s claims have been deconstructed again and again, by several other cardinals, no less, and most recently by a respected Australian theologian.  The only question really remaining is not the veracity of the claims, but whether these refutations will make any difference at the upcoming Extraordinary Synod on the Family:

According to the Prefect of the CDF, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, according to the former President of the Pontifical Committee of Historical Sciences, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, according questions about marriage that John Paul II’s most esteemed theologian on matters of marriage and the family, Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, according to a leading canonist of the Roman Curia, Cardinal Velasio De Paolis and according to Cardinal Thomas Collins, a “rising star in the College of Cardinals,” says Vatican expert Sandro Magister, and now also took one of the most important voices of the Australian theology, Adam G. Cooper, member of the International Association for Patristic Studies even made a statement.  [I apologize for the terrible German-lish.  But the refutations of the Kasperite false theorem include very important personages in the Church: CDF head Cardinal Muller, Cardinal Brandmuller, Cardinal Caffarra, Cardinal de Paolis, 
Cooper dismantled Kasper’s “Theorem” and disagreed with the assertion of the German emeritus Cardinal that there is a possibility to allow remarried divorcees to receive Communion. A thesis advanced by Kasper at Cardinal Consistory from privileged position allowed by Pope Francis  with a view to the October 2014 and 2015 Synods on the family. 
In a lengthy essay in a respectful, but unambiguous tone that was published by the Catholic World Report , the patristics expert examined the  Cardinal Kasper’s claims that the following Church Fathers supported divorce and remarriage: Origen, Basil, Gregory of Nazianzus and the Canon 8 of the Council of Nicea.
Cooper can prove that none of the references cited by Kasper’s points can infer admission to  Communion for remarried divorcees. Cooper’s conclusion reads: “It is unfortunate that Cardinal Kasper has distorted the testimony of the early Church to this extent for a pastoral solution he seems to represent”.
————End Quote————–
That’s none, zero, totally false, unsubstantiated, groundless, made up, fake, prevaricating, lying……..etc.  Cardinal Kasper has tarnished the reputation of many good Saints, at least committed grievous scholarly error if not sin, and has led millions astray with his wicked falsehoods. I use these strong terms, because Cardinal Kasper has been rebuked and corrected in public and private and yet he rejects the corrections and continues to stand by his errors.  At this piont, one may openly fear that he basically does not care what the truth is of what the Father’s said, he has his precious goal to remake the Church and he’s not going to let a little thing like the truth get in his way.

A novel cure for marital strife from St. Vincent Ferrer July 15, 2014

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I found this pretty entertaining, and edifying.  To my many lady readers, please do not take the below the wrong way.  It can apply to men, as well.  But I have to wonder how it might apply to blogging?  Keep hands tied behind back?

From St. Vincent Ferrer: The Angel of the Judgment by Fr. Andrew Pradel, OP:th

One day a woman came to him complaining bitterly of the bad treatment she had to endure from her husband.  “Teach me, good Father,” said she, “an efficacious method of preserving peace at home, in order that my husband may cease to ill-use me both by word and deed.”  The Saint allowed her uninterrupted speech, well knowing the cause of the evil for which she sought a remedy; it was only her talkativeness and petulance; she irritated her husband by her chattering and provoking answers.  Then the Saint said quietly to her: “If you wish to put an end to these disagreeable scenes, go tot he Brother Porter of our convent and bid him give you a jug of water from the well which is in the middle of the cloister.  When your husband returns home, take at once a mouthful of this water without swallowing it and retain it for a considerable time in your mouth. thCADYAQXZ If you do this, I assure you that your husband will no more be angry with you and will become as meek as a lamb.”

The woman immediately hastened to execute the Saint’s advice, seeing that the remedy was by no means a difficult one. When the husband returned home and began to show symptoms of irritation, she ran to the jug and filled her mouth with water, which she retained as long as she was able, the result being that meeting with no reply, the husband himself was silent.  He wondered at this, but said nothing, and thanked God for having changed the heart and closed the mouth from which proceeded all their disputes.  Having put this advice into practice many times, and always with the same success, the woman returned to St. Vincent overflowing with thanks to him for having taught her so excellent a remedy.  Then the Saint, speaking to her with sweetness, plainly told her: “The remedy I have taught you, my daughter, is not the water from the well, as you suppose, but silence. By holding your tongue, you have preserved peace between yourself and  your husband……..Be silent in future, and you will always live in peace with your husband.”

———-End Quote———-

That is wonderfully salutary advice for both spouses.  I may just emulate St. Vincent’s recommendation in my own life!  I tend to think in most marital relations, the fault lies a bit more equally than described above. How often have I responded in a less than sterling manner and thus provoked a response!   Learning to hold our tongues could preserve peace in many situations.

But at the same time, we should all be aware that the cultural influences serve to undermine the right ordering and conduct of Catholic family life.  The culture tells people to be dissatisfied, to demand more or perfection, to expect others to do for them, and to assert disordered  understandings of “rights,” duties, and responsibilities among all family members.  Thus spouses rebel against spouse, children against parents, parents fail children, and the whole thing falls apart.  We should all try to be conscious of this most pernicious influence and do all we can to check its finding a place in our own conduct.


Much news on the abortion front July 15, 2014

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There has been a great deal of news on the abortion front.  A former Planned Parenthood worker who has converted to the pro-life cause gave a speech recently in which she described her mill on baby-killing days.  It is chilling, to say the least:

Former Planned Parenthood worker Judith Fetrow spoke at a conference sponsored by The Pro-Life Action League which was recorded in a series of videos entitled Abortion: The Inside Story.The video series can be found here.

Judith Fetrow first discusses how legal abortion is not as safe as many believe:

It is difficult work at abortion for any length of time and continue to believe that it is a safe procedure. Even with the best doctors, abortion days are filled with minor and sometimes major complications. I watched Dr. William P perforate a woman’s uterus and then lie about the severity of the perforation. The most horrifying complication that I witnessed was a woman who stopped breathing during the abortion. Dr. Michael Sussman just walked out of the room when he was finished. Despite my telling him that our client was not breathing, he left me alone with her. When Dr. Sussman was forced to return we didn’t even follow emergency protocol for that situation. It was a miracle that this woman didn’t die.

I began to wonder if we were really caring for these women, or if we were just working for another corporation whose only interest was the bottom line.  [I don’t have any wonder.  But even more, Planned Barrenhood is a completely diabolical organization that is utterly wedded to the idea of child sacrifice to the demonic gods of sexular paganism.  That’s not how they think about it, consciously, but they regard abortion as the most sacred and inviolable shibboleth they hold, the thing with which they would not part if pushed to the last extreme.  That it is demonic is apparent to faithful souls, but they pretend it is liberating. I think they do know that abortion is the necessary and vital backstop for the entire sexular pagan ethos of free love and all that, and they are wedded to that ethos above all else.  They would rather shut down than stop abortin’ and contraceptin’.]

Although workers can be protected from seeing the babies’ butchered bodies, there is no inoculation to make clinic workers immune to the smell of blood, and the smell of blood permeates the clinic on killing days. Generally there is one clinic worker in charge of the babies. No one at Planned Parenthood wanted this job. I did not particularly want this job. However, I did not want to see the babies treated disrespectfully. I did not want to hear Janice [another clinic worker] callously say she was taking the kids and putting them into daycare….

There is much more at the link.  Truly satanic.  Those poor workers.  Do they have any idea of the evil they are committing on a daily basis?  I can say from experience that they universally live in a state of complete denial, often aided by alcohol or other substances to keep their consciences good and dead.

In other news from Live Action, they have another video exposing Planned Barrenhood’s ongoing (and all too often successful) attempts to instill the most perverse practices of the sexular pagan culture in children.  I won’t post the video in this case, as I’ve done in the past, but just link to it.  There is apparently nothing to bizarre or extreme for a Banned Parenthood staffer to communicate to a child as “normal” sexual practice.  But what would one expect from women who participate in the murder of babies all day, or work for such a ghoulish organization?  Mary Poppins?

Finally, with numerous state laws slowly (too slowly) but steadily eroding the “right to choose” (to murder your baby), Senate Majority Leader and all around thug Harry Reid is trying to push what is being called the most radical pro-abort bill in history through the Senate.  Hearings are ongoing in the Judiciary committee, but this bill could pass the demonrat controlled Senate.  I don’t think it will go anywhere from there – and maybe there will be enough dems in touch re-election bids to keep this thing from passing – but it nevertheless is not good.  Some of the details, via CatholicVote:

…..the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act.” The bill was introduced in response to the Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case.

What would happen to the numerous pro-woman and pro-child protections passed in the states all across the country if this mega abortion bill became law?

  • Informed consent laws? Eliminated.
  • Laws that protect pain-capable children after 20 weeks? Gone.
  • Clinic regulations? All of them wiped away.
  • Conscience protections? Nearly all such protections would be decimated.
  • Ultrasounds for vulnerable women? Banned.

My friend summed it up well: “This bill is the Freedom of Choice Act on steroids.”

The democrat party is once again communicating to its base and to the country at large that they hold no more cherished belief than the false right of women to kill their children.  Dems are in a near-panic over advancing state pro-life laws, and would certainly overturn them if they could find the votes.  This demonstrates to this Catholic the utter demonic immorality of that party and highlights why I have never, in my life, voted for a demonrat, and certainly never will.  Not that Repubniks are Catholic all-stars, they are far from it, but in many respects still less offensive to conscience than the dems.  Nevertheless, I continue to seek alternatives to both that are more acceptable from the Catholic standpoint.

The war continues. But we’ll only be fighting rear-guard actions at best, and nibbling away here and there, until we convince at least a large minority of Americans that we’ll never be rid of abortion until people become willing to give up their “sacred” contraception.

But we all know what a chore it is to be punished with a baby, so I won’t hold my breath.

Baptist preacher – prepare for severe persecution July 15, 2014

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Thanks to reader D for sending this in.  I have to say there is much good, if terrifying, counsel in this brief talk given by Paul Washer, a man I’ve covered on this blog before.  Washer is interesting, he seems very confused as to what the Church believes.  He has decried “once saved always saved” as unbiblical (he’s right) and has stressed the need for evangelicals to practice virtue and have an ongoing conversion (not a one time altar call), with complete avoidance of sin, but at the same time decried the Catholic Church for believing the opposite.  Which is like…….zuh?  Do you have any idea what Luther and Zwinglii railed against?  It was exactly what you preach, Mr. Washer.

But irrespective, some frightening descriptions of potential things to come in the video below, but probably very good advice in terms of how things will go if a persecution really gets ginned up.  And I think it is absolutely key to stress that if a sexular pagan persecution does begin (to many, it already has), we won’t get to die for Jesus Christ. That is to say, the state who persecutes us will find some other reason other than our Faith in Jesus Christ to lead us to the robotic lions. No, they will charge us with crimes of bigotry, or completely false charges (child molestation is always useful to destroy someone’s credibility), they will say that we are heretics, that we have Christianity all wrong (we can expect to hear that from many of our religious confrere’s), etc.  We will need incredible faith.

Heh, I use the term “we” loosely.  I should not be so bold as to include myself.  Absent Grace, which I pray I cooperate with!, I would knuckle under at the first tap on the door.

What do you think?  Is it premature to spread such talk?  Will things not be that bad?  Will there be a mass moral miracle involving the conversion of hundreds of millions to stave off this persecution?

As for me, I see the above as inevitable, save some great intervention by God, in His mercy.

PS – I don’t really believe in things like the Illuminati.  We don’t need some diabolical controlling organization to make these kinds of things come about.  It’s happening on its own, in the the bad decisions and sins of billions of fallen people every day.  That doesn’t mean the Church and Her faithful do not have enemies, but I don’t think there is one central organization controlling and directing all.