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Baptist preacher – prepare for severe persecution July 15, 2014

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Thanks to reader D for sending this in.  I have to say there is much good, if terrifying, counsel in this brief talk given by Paul Washer, a man I’ve covered on this blog before.  Washer is interesting, he seems very confused as to what the Church believes.  He has decried “once saved always saved” as unbiblical (he’s right) and has stressed the need for evangelicals to practice virtue and have an ongoing conversion (not a one time altar call), with complete avoidance of sin, but at the same time decried the Catholic Church for believing the opposite.  Which is like…….zuh?  Do you have any idea what Luther and Zwinglii railed against?  It was exactly what you preach, Mr. Washer.

But irrespective, some frightening descriptions of potential things to come in the video below, but probably very good advice in terms of how things will go if a persecution really gets ginned up.  And I think it is absolutely key to stress that if a sexular pagan persecution does begin (to many, it already has), we won’t get to die for Jesus Christ. That is to say, the state who persecutes us will find some other reason other than our Faith in Jesus Christ to lead us to the robotic lions. No, they will charge us with crimes of bigotry, or completely false charges (child molestation is always useful to destroy someone’s credibility), they will say that we are heretics, that we have Christianity all wrong (we can expect to hear that from many of our religious confrere’s), etc.  We will need incredible faith.

Heh, I use the term “we” loosely.  I should not be so bold as to include myself.  Absent Grace, which I pray I cooperate with!, I would knuckle under at the first tap on the door.

What do you think?  Is it premature to spread such talk?  Will things not be that bad?  Will there be a mass moral miracle involving the conversion of hundreds of millions to stave off this persecution?

As for me, I see the above as inevitable, save some great intervention by God, in His mercy.

PS – I don’t really believe in things like the Illuminati.  We don’t need some diabolical controlling organization to make these kinds of things come about.  It’s happening on its own, in the the bad decisions and sins of billions of fallen people every day.  That doesn’t mean the Church and Her faithful do not have enemies, but I don’t think there is one central organization controlling and directing all.


1. Baseballmom - July 15, 2014

He is dead on ***** accurate… I will pray that he receives the Fullness of the Holy Faith… He will need the Sacraments…

2. skeinster - July 15, 2014

Prior to the election of the current president, I would have considered this crazy talk, but not any more. But even so, I still feel as if we’re living in bizarro land, and that it can’t possible be as bad as it is. This is very difficult to explain to the children.

Supertradmum, over at Etheldreda’s place has been talking about this for a long time. A lot of good material over there, under the label “persecution”. Her main points: perfection, b/c otherwise we won’t have the wherewithal to resist and the formation of small communities for survival and support.

3. Visitor - July 15, 2014

He believe is correct. I pray for God’s mercy.

Visitor - July 15, 2014

typo – I believe he is correct. Sorry!

4. Larry Betson - July 15, 2014

It’s funny you posted this. I saw this on Youtube a couple of weeks ago when I was doing a search for something else and decided to listen to it. I think this man is dead on we need men like this in the Catholic Church. Persecution is coming, sadly I think even within our own Church. After all wasn’t St. John of the Cross locked up and beaten by his own community of friars. I think we are living through the minor chastisement right now. Stay very close to Jesus and Mary!

5. MFG - July 15, 2014

His talk echos the Papal Nuncio’s remarks at Notre Dame in Nov. 2012:

Today, in western democracies, torture and death may not be a threat. However, “the objective of those who desire to harm the faith may choose the path of ridiculing the believers so that they become outcasts from mainstream society and are marginalized from meaningful participation in public life,”

Click to access religious_freedom_persecution_martyrdom_nd_vigano.pdf

The Baptist preacher’s comments seem directed toward conservative Christians who seem content in their suburban enclave and sending their kids to public schools. Aside from lack of resources, why do conservatives still send their kids to public schools?

Separately, when we think of past persecutions, I wonder if we today, imagine it more dramatic or theatrical (as we read or saw in movies) than what it will actually be. I’m not saying it won’t be bad, but has our TV culture effected us in such a way that when the persecution does come, we won’t notice it as much (to others) because its quite routine or ordinary?

6. discipleofthedumbox - July 15, 2014

Reblogged this on The Unfinished Tales of a Hunt County Catholic and commented:
Words to heed…

7. Observer - July 15, 2014

Call me paranoid, but all the historical evidence points to what we observe taking place in contemporary society is actually planned and prepared. The globalists and others of that ilk know they will have to defeat Christianity if they are to push forward their evil plans.
The present crisis doesn’t just go back 40 or 50 years but at least to 1914 and more likely a lot longer.
It is said that Pius X died of a broken heart in 1914 when he became aware of the power of the ‘hidden hand’ behind that war.

8. Woody - July 15, 2014

Interesting declaration. Reminds me of how packed the churches were right after 9/11.

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