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Planned Barrenhood to open new super mill in South Dallas July 16, 2014

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Naturally, that’s where most of the minorities are.

The below just goes to show you can’t trust a pro-abort. People who kill for a living are unlikely to bat an eye over a “little” thing like lying to someone’s face.  I say that because some time ago, I had a conversation with an area abortion mill worker who told me most of the mills would be closing when the state’s ambulatory surgery requirements went into effect.  This individual told me directly that Planned Barrenhood would be closing their mill and leaving only their Fort Worth abattoir open. They also said almost every other mill would close, too.

Well, either that was just bold-faced lying or it plans have changed, but shrill Cecile Richards was in town recently to tell us how wonderful it is that PB will be open a new megamill in South Dallas soon (they will close their other mill on Greenville Ave):

Planned Parenthood will open a new abortion clinic in Dallas in August that meets the structural standards of
an ambulatory surgical center, as required by the state’s new law.

In September, all abortion clinics will have to meet the structural requirments — such as specific room and doorway sizes, air sterilization systems, backup generators, blood supplies and male and female locker rooms.

Including the new Dallas clinic, seven of the 21 abortion clinics operating in the state meet the requirements.

The Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit on behalf of several abortion providers in Texas challenging the structural requirements.

Planned Parenthood purchased and renovated an existing surgical center with donations from the Building our Futures Fund.

“Our board and some of our donors and supporters put together a campaign to meet the needs of our patients over the coming years,” said Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas spokeswoman Sarah Wheat. Aside from funding the new clinic, the donations will go towards patient assistance and renovating family planning clinics in North Texas.

All abortion procedures will be transferred to the new facility beginning in August.

Some of the other mills – Robinson’s, Routh Street – are incapable of meeting the new requirements in their present locations, which are little more than hovels.  The pro-abort I spoke with indicated they would close, but Robinson has given no indication he plans to quit.  Maybe he’ll move to Planned Barrenhood.  This new facility will be large enough to have several killing rooms.

In other Banned Parenthood related news, Planned Parenthood in Colorado is being sued for failing to report the rape of a 13 year old girl and returning her to her abuser:

Planned Parenthood faces a legal challenge in Colorado after Cary Smith, of Federal Heights, discovered that clinic staff failed to inquire or report about suspected sexual abuse of her thirteen-year-old daughter after giving her an abortion……

…….Throughout the visit, four staff members spoke with and observed R.Z. and her step-father. All of them had opportunity to see that R.Z.’s birth date indicated she was only thirteen—well below the age of consent. Yet, none of them asked R.Z. about their relationship. None of them asked why their last names were different. None of them asked about potential sex abuse. And none of them reported anything to the state

After the abortion, R.Z. walked back out to the parking lot, got into her step-father’s car, and went back home. And the abuse continued…….[What an unmitigated nightmare. This child was abused by her step-father.  I read somewhere that rates of abuse by step-fathers are much higher than those of biological fathers.  Another wonderful result of no-fault divorce.]

……The first medical professionals who had seen R.Z.—the four Planned Parenthood staff members—must have known that her daughter was a potential victim of sexual abuse. These were professionals who had the information to do something. They had opportunity to ask R.Z. before her mother even knew.

And they had the responsibility to act—to report suspected child sex abuse—under Colorado law.

But these professionals did nothing. Worse, they performed a dangerous, legally-restricted procedure on a minor child, without informing her mother, and turned R.Z. back over to her rapist following the abortion.

At Planned Parenthood, they don’t want to know how old girls are.  They don’t want to know how old their partners are. They do everything they can to remain deliberately ignorant so they can avoid the mandatory reporter laws.  They do all they can, in essence, to allow the abuse to continue, even if they know it is rape.

And as former Kansas Attorney Phil Kline and the Live Action crew have found out, this attitude is systematic within Planned Parenthood.

Yet they remain one of the most sacred allies of the demonrat party.  Catholics don’t need to know anything else to know that voting democrat is gravely immoral.

Someone posited to me that the bishops should make clear that voting democrat is an act that incurs automatic excommunication.  I’m sure that would go over real well at the secret sessions of the USCCB!  But it’s an interesting thought.  I think it could be argued that the democrat party has become so thoroughly committed to advancing  evil in the last few years that voting for a democrat candidate, even one that pretends to be pro-life, is tantamount to a rejection of the Faith and grounds for excommunication.  What do you think?

Not that the Repubniks are any great shakes.  They have their own massive problems, like loving usury and being far more “Christian” in word than in deed.



1. Baseballmom - July 16, 2014

Well, considering that the bishops are in collusion with the dems on this phony “crisis” of illegal immigrants coming over the border I guess that would mean that they all would be excommunicated? Just wondering….

Tantumblogo - July 16, 2014

heh. No comment.

2. Luis - July 16, 2014

The argument is like this. St. Thomas condemns the graduated income tax in I-II Q. 96 Art. 4 of the Summa when he writes that the burdens gov’t puts on society must be “equal” and “proportionate”. Another translation writes “equal in proportion” so there can be no question that the graduated income tax, which is neither proportionate nor equal, can be just. It constitutes oppression of the rich.

I know that the graduated income tax is wildly popular and deeply ingrained into the culture, but just consider… we wouldn’t allow Stalin or Fidel Castro to take communion, and we have to decide at what point big government is too big. There has to be a rule that comes from tradition, and St. Thomas, the Universal Doctor, provides it.

It would seem that if anyone votes for a left-of-center party, one is voting for the oppression of the rich (and therefore, partly, the Church, since some rich are Catholic.) It is unjust to use the gov’t to take the property of the rich, which is what one does when voting to increase the spending that comes from the graduated income tax. Since voting for a left-of-center party means voting, on a per-capita basis, for, based on a rough estimate, $12,000 worth of gov’t spending, it is a mortal sin analogous to stealing, even if you or your immediate friends don’t benefit. Stealing huge sums of money is mortal sin, and there shouldn’t be any difference simply because it can be done legally through elections. Bastiat was not a doctor of the Church, of course, but he was right when he wrote that this type of behavior is “legalized plunder”. We don’t need a doctor of the Church to reconfirm this, because St. Thomas has already spoken against it in related terms. So, democrats should be automatically excommunicated because of #1, abortion, but also, #2, because a vote for the democrats is economically tyrannical. The behavior of Cardinals like Wuerl and Mahoney can be explained by their obvious, if unstated, belief that Catholics must vote for democrats.

Voting for a Republican cannot be analogously criticized unless a Republican vote is obviously for an unjust war or torture. (Maybe there is some evil Republican position I am forgetting.) The Fraternity teaches that Iraq II was an unjust war, so arguably in 2004, all serious Catholics were obligated to vote for the Constitution Party’s candidate for President. I won’t insist on this position, just throwing it out there, since I know that, in a way, it is “throwing away a vote.” But I do insist that voting for a left-of-center candidate, given the tax code, is always intrinsically evil, and that barring some objectively evil Republican position such as torture, the Republicans are to be favored over the Democrats. This naturally follows throughout the world. The Fraternity teaches that in case of dire necessity one can accept a gov’t handout, but voting for it always crosses a line.

Maybe one might ask “Why so much concern over big government?” Mainly because democracy is the road to socialism. We could become, and in fact are becoming, the Soviet Union forever, right now.

And YES the bishops would be excommunicated. I know this is going to sound looney, but the Pope is teaching or at least implying error. Popes are capable of this because not everything they say about faith and morals is ex Cathedra. I believe (and I need to back this, I know) that the overwhelming majority of what Popes say is not ex Cathedra. Does the current Pope come off as reckless to anyone? A little bit foolish? Just a teensy, weensy bit irresponsible, maybe, somewhere, in a parallel universe? For all the greatness of his office, he seems to love the sound of his own voice and he seems to be a demagogue If this system were enforced rigorously, he never would have made it to bishop, much less the Papacy. Then there are those from Argentina that wrote that it took the Jesuit province of Argentina twenty years to recover from the damage HH did to them.

3. Luis - July 16, 2014

Sorry to dominate the comment box, but there is more to it. The Church is dying, slowly or not, to great degree because its schools have been taken away from it. It should be obvious to anyone that Catholics will get their schools back only when the country is about as conservative as it was when… ready for it… McKinley was in office. So never. But unless you are voting for a return to that state, you are voting, whatever you might say, for Catholic schools to be robbed from the Church and more or less forcibly secularized. These movements all come out of democracy, which the Fraternity teaches is a bad form of government.

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