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Perry describes moral catastrophe from illegal immigration July 24, 2014

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Texas Governor Rick Perry gave an interview last night in which he outlined some truly calamitous results from absolutely unconstrained illegal immigration over the southern border of the United States.  Perry claimed some 3000 murders and 8000 sexual assaults were directly attributable to illegal immigrants – and just since 2008!  He also said 203,000 immigrants over that period had been jailed for one crime or another:

This is an absolute catastrophe on so many levels. Catastrophic for the victims, for the moral integrity of the state and nation, and even catastrophic for the perpetrators, who perhaps would not have found themselves in the circumstances to commit such crimes had they remain at home.  I don’t know how these figures were arrived at, or how accurate they are (or what they leave out – like how many people have been maimed for life due to the drunken driving that is epidemic among many Hispanic immigrants), but they point to just one “small” problem area with unconstrained immigration.

A local priest related a tale during a sermon some time back. It seemed a young Mexican man had wanted to come to the US.  He had even prayed to the Blessed Virgin to help him come here.  He tried this for months, but still he was unable to immigrate.  Then he tried praying to the demon “santa muerte,” and, what do you know, he made it to the US!  But then everything went horribly wrong.  He fell into gangs and drugs, committed many terrible crimes, and was sentenced to life in prison – a life ruined and a huge burden on this nation’s taxpayers.  He confessed to the priest that he did not know why things had gone so wrong.  The priest told him it was not God’s Will that he come to the US, that the Blessed Virgin had been protecting him by keeping him in Mexico, and that the demon lured him here and to ultimate destruction.

How many similar tales are there?!?  Perhaps not involving santa muerte, but who knows, it’s very popular in Mexico and Central America.

There is a good post here discussing a proper, non-ideological and unbiased (that is, not self-serving) Catholic approach to immigration, as outlined by Saint Thomas Aquinas.  Yes, there is a Christian duty to care for the less fortunate in our midst and even welcome strangers in certain regards, but a nation has a primary duty to safeguard its own citizens, promote the greater good, preserve morals, and prevent fractious spirits or those who refuse to assimilate the nation’s values into its midst.  There is also a reasonable limit – a nation does not have to permit itself to be overrun by huge numbers of immigrants in a short period of time, because doing so would pose a threat to the nation’s unity and the security and well-being of the existing citizenry.  Reasonable laws can be set, and no, not everyone has a “right” to come to this nation or any other.

All these things are eminently logical and clearly discernible from the natural law and human reason.  This ain’t rocket science.  And yet such reasonable and sensical policies seem utterly missing from the current debate, and, it must sadly be said, from the leadership (ahem) we’ve seen from our bishops on this matter.  Self-serving arguments are rarely convincing, but in this case it is sad to see self-interest cause reason and even what could be considered by many the greatest good, of all involved (citizen and non-citizen alike), to be cast aside.  It is also most dismaying to see the leadership of the Church in this country using the manipulative language and blatant emotionalism of the Left in this debate.  All of this is very far from the classical or traditional Catholic approach.

Build a fence.  Build a minefield.  Keep heavy patrols.  Use airborne sensors.  Whatever it takes. Israel has managed to cut illegal crossings along its own long border by 99% through fences and patrols. There is no reason this nation cannot do the same. Then we can talk about what to do with those here. Then we can talk about revising the broken immigration system. Then we can set reasonable limits and argue about them like mad, because reasonable people can disagree on such things.  But the present disastrous and immoral situation must end, before any other step can be taken.

And there is nothing injurious to Faith and Morals in saying so, in spite of all the rhetoric you hear to the contrary.


1. Dismas - July 24, 2014

Regarding Perry, one need only research his acquiescence to the Trans-Texas Corridor (part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership) to see just how strong he is on sovereignty. The guy has zero credibility. This is opportune political posturing. All of this, of course, does not mean that what he might say about the situation before us is in error.

If this is resolved in a legal manner, the impetus for that resolution is not about to come from fedgov, since they have invested a lot in bringing these individuals to the border in the first place. Try to impose the rule of law here and see how quickly you are shut down.

I can think of no reason to disbelieve them when they promise that they will radically transform this country. I think that they are making good on the promise.

Tantumblogo - July 24, 2014

I didn’t say he was my hero. I said he quoted some statistics.

This is obvious posturing. That doesn’t mean there can’t be bits of truth revealed in the act.

I don’t know, I rather like SH130 and SH45. They make travel through central Texas a lot faster.

2. Dismas - July 24, 2014

There was a reason the Oklahoma legislature ruled that the Trans-Texas Corridor stops at the Red River. That put a temporary hold on the project, but like Hillarycare, it will be back.

The TTC and the SPP represent a whole lot more than just fast highways. And Perry is all about it.

Agree…as I said, the fact that he is a traitor and a political prostitute does not mean that all of his utterances are in error.

3. greatpretender51 - July 24, 2014

The USCCB (i.e. the “Democratic Party at prayer”) has been on the wrong side of this issue for years, and thus is also in the pocket of the New World Order, which is carrying out the dismembering of the USA step by step. As for “current debate,” I would hardly call allegedly opposing sides reading their prefabricated scripts a “debate.” There is no public square in America anymore, just sound-byte propaganda outbursts.

Dismas - July 24, 2014

This person gets it.

Luis - July 24, 2014

Can I get an Amen? Sorry, can’t help myself!! So can we work now for their excommunication?

4. Kurt - July 24, 2014

And then there was this news item today: “House Democrats hold a meeting with officials from the Rio Grande Valley and the Brownsville, Texas office of Catholic Charities to discuss the surge in unaccompanied children crossing the border.”

Tantumblogo - July 24, 2014

Somehow all part of the picture, no doubt. We are mortal enemies on some matters, but best of friends on others.

Another instance of charade?

5. Branch - July 25, 2014

I recall the “Border Mass.” What was that bit about airport bishops?

6. David - July 25, 2014

A few years back, Jesse Romero did a radio show on the dangers of illegal immigration. I will have to do some research and find the broadcast. I thought it was well done.

I know several people who immigrated legally to the United States from one of the South American countries, Central America, and I know a few who came here from the Philippines.

7. discipleofthedumbox - July 25, 2014

How long are you folks going to take this abuse by our complicit federal overlords? This is just another way to effect a bankruptcy of our fair state and force reliance on a tyrannical system we have in place in Washington, Devil City. The U.S. constitution is dead. The idea that the states are sovereign entities is dead because the people have been lulled into believing that we are just one ‘blob’ of America. The sheeple believe in great numbers now that whatever issues forth from the power hungry three ring circus of our corrupted federal system is ‘the law of the land’ so tough luck, serfs!

This current matter will not be solved unless it is met with resistance by us, the Texas citizen and our modern day militia, the National Guard to secure the $%@# border.

Better still? Secede from the de facto tyranny we enable every day with our unholy complacency and with our hard earned money. The oligarchs in government don’t care about you. The care about power. They care about the money that they can continue to rob from us to support their diabolical aims, endless war overseas, abortion at home and abroad, sexular pagan activities without conscience, big business, public indoctrination..er..education, etc. ad infinitem. As far as they are concerned, Christians can go to the hell they purport to believe in and they are more than happy to arrange a ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting. This won’t change no matter how many votes we cast. Our votes are irrelevant. How long will it be before you realize this? The longer that it takes the worse our situation will become.

It is time to draw a line in the sand. Will you cross that border? Join me and help to restore sanity in our country, that is the great state of Texas, before it is too late even for the Lone Star State. The hero of San Jacinto Sam Houston once said that “Texas will again lift its head and stand among the nations.”

That time is now or never.

discipleofthedumbox - July 25, 2014

See further, http://texnat.org

guiseppi - July 25, 2014

Wow. While that might sound good, think for a moment about the reason Texas joined the union…….Mexico. If you think we have an immigration problem now, just imagine what it will be along with the outright support of the Mexican government if Texas were to secede. I’m sure Mexico wouldn’t waste the opportunity to grab Texas for her corrupt self. This certainly isn’t the time, too many people are not educated in the facts, are too comfortable, and not willing to make the sacrifices necessary. You can’t get people to get to Mass, or miss football (or baseball, or soccer for that matter) and you think they will fight and possibly lose their lives over something that really doesn’t directly affect them? Not going to happen. Pray, fast, make reparation.

Tantumblogo - July 25, 2014

I am very sympathetic to the sentiments DOTDO expresses. I can understand the desire to recommend secession. But I have not embraced that cause with the fervor he has because I haven’t seen a clear plan put forward to demonstrate how secession could be achieved, nor what the government and culture of this state might look like afterwards. Very few secessionists are orthodox Catholics. Most are either radical libertarians or protestants of various ilk. That gives me concern over what a nation of Texas might look like.

Giuseppi raises an interesting point. I have another one. I do not believe any state, let alone one as critical as Texas, would be allowed to secede from the Union without armed confrontation. That means a long and bloody war. There is also the aspect that an armed uprising would constitute rebellion against the national power. Can we do so, morally? Aquinas says yes, but only under very narrow circumstances. I think it is possible to argue at this point that the national government is becoming sufficiently depraved and tyrannical to justify that sort of revolt. But the other dictum Aquinas gives is that there must be a reasonable chance of success. And this I have a harder time seeing. Even with millions of small arms and at least somewhat trained users, those small arms count for little on the modern battlefield. We would be bombed to smithereens and have nothing to stop it. We could wage a very bloody and costly guerrilla war, but, as Giuseppe points out, what percentage of people are ready at this point to die for Texas independence, or any independence from the national government. I get that is kind of DOTDO’s point, to move people to that point, but we are a very, very long way off. Most people are frankly moving in the other direction, towards more sloth and indifference, lulled by bread and circuses.

It’s a tough situation. I really understand DOTDO’s frustration and his desire to do something about it. It’s a long row to hoe, to be sure. I think for most of us, at present, Giuseppe’s recommendation is probably the right one for helping bring about some kind of change – be it secession, reform, collapse and rebuilding, whatever be in God’s Will. Perhaps after much prayer and sacrifice enough souls will be touched to make some positive change, and maybe that will include secession. We’ll see.

discipleofthedumbox - July 25, 2014

Your questions have largely been answered.

If Texas gains its independence won’t the U.S. invade?

Maybe. That’s up to the Federal Government. But we suggest that the Federal Government think long and hard about the ramifications of such an action.

First, Texas independence will be gained through a recognized, legally-obtained, popular vote of the people. This process has been recognized by the United States Federal Government world-wide for over 60 years and was, most recently, given to the people of Puerto Rico. Any attempt to interfere with or violently suppress this referendum strips the Federal Government of any moral authority on the issue and places them on par with Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, Communist China and a whole string of autocratic, dictatorial regimes throughout history which would serve to completely destroy the Union and finally end the pretense of a Constitutional Republic.

Next, there is a doubt whether the Federal Government can gain enough support within the military to carry out the invasion or suppression of any state that chooses independence. A 2009 poll showed that nearly half of active duty troops support the right of any state to leave the Union. There is every indication that this percentage is significantly higher now. Military personnel will be faced with the unfortunate choice of having to support the rights of the people or a policy of aggression.

Finally, the possible reaction of other states to such an action is an important factor in this decision. When Texans decide on independence, other states will line up to support the decision. A military invasion of Texas risks pushing the supporting states into outright declaring independence and could be the deciding factor in states that are undecided about the action. This would rapidly fracture what’s left of the Union and would make prosecuting any further military action virtually impossible.

discipleofthedumbox - July 25, 2014

What is the process (plan) to assert our political independence?

First of all, there is no manual for independence. There is no set process. Even though the world has grown from 54 recognized countries at the end of World War 2 to 192 at the end of the 20th century, each took its own unique path. However, there are some guidestones that must be met. The most important is that there must be a fair vote on the issue of independence by the people of Texas. No matter what happens before or after, there must be a legitimately recognized vote of the people. In Texas, the road to that vote leads through the Legislature in Austin. There it can be obtained by a simple bill calling for the vote or an amendment to the Texas Constitution. Either way, the support of ½ or ⅔ of the Legislature and possibly the Governor will be required. That support is obtained by pressuring existing elected officials or replacing them. Pressuring or replacing them is done by the people. Which brings us full-circle. The people that pressure or replace will be the same ones voting for independence. No matter where you are in the process, the people are the ultimate deciding factor in getting it done.

discipleofthedumbox - July 25, 2014

Has Texas independence been thought out?

Yes. For well over a decade. And we are realistic about it. By studying other successful independence movements from the last 30 years, we understand the size and complexity of the task ahead. Consequently, through these modern-day comparisons, we know that it is not nearly as big or as complex as some make it out to be. There are many issues that will have to be addressed. Based on the study of the independence successes, all issues arising from asserting independence can be classified in one or more of three categories: Negotiated, Constitutional, Legislative.

Issues such as Social Security payments to those who have earned them, disposition of Federally-owned property, how we handle Texas portion of the national debt, the status of Texas citizens in the service of the US military and other issues such as these will be up for negotiation.

Issues such as national defense, the structure of the new government, our monetary system, raising government revenue, citizenship and more will be part of the new Constitution.

Issues such as immigration policy, border control, education and more will decided legislatively in the framework of the new Constitution.

The resolution to many of these issues is obvious due to the very nature of national self-governance. Some are obvious because of the extension of established principles and existing policies and structures within the U.S. and Texas governments. The answers to some are not so obvious and require the input and diligence of the people in their outcomes.

discipleofthedumbox - July 25, 2014

How will Texas defend itself?

Texas will defend itself just like every other nation on the globe – with a well-armed, well-trained, highly prepared military. Texas already has the Texas Military Forces, a three-branch military of which the Governor is the Commander-In-Chief. This will serve as the backbone for the development of a full military force to protect Texas during the transition period. The question then becomes how Texas will pay for it. The global average of military spending as a percentage of GDP is 4%. This would give Texas one of the most well-funded defense budgets in the world with which we can recruit, equip, train and deploy to meet any challenge to our nation. With the wealth of Texas no longer being siphoned off to Washington, we can afford it. Additionally, Texas can participate in regional defense pacts with the United States, other independent states and countries in the region further guaranteeing our security.

discipleofthedumbox - July 25, 2014

Will we have a new government?

Yes. A transitional plan will be created based on the negotiation process, a new Constitution will be drafted and voted on by the people and elections under that Constitutional will be held.

Of course, this is dependent on the desires of the Texan people. We will have to ask ourselves just what form of government do we want to have at that point?

For more answers to your questions concerning Texas independence I encourage you to read Line in the Sand by Daniel Miller. http://texnat.org/index.php/intro-to-texas-independence/read-the-book

In the mean time, keep an eye on Scotland! http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-28365453

discipleofthedumbox - July 25, 2014

We can argue ‘what ifs’ all day long and it won’t get us one step closer to independence. My crystal ball is broken anyway. Get on board or don’t. That is your affair. I would rather do something about it than to just hope and pray. Remember St. Benedict’s words “Ora et labora”. I pray that you re-consider your position and fight for Texas independence.

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