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Good Catholic links! July 28, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in Art and Architecture, awesomeness, Basics, Dallas Diocese, Four Last Things, fun, General Catholic, Glory, Grace, Latin Mass, Tradition, Virtue.

Shifting modes from my preferred method of brutally honest, no-holds barred “interreligious dialogue,” some good Catholic links for you. I think one is a repost, but it’s good enough to post again.

First, I blogged about the Requiem Mass of Jaime Leano, God rest his soul. His widow has had a business for a while selling hand-made Rosaries and other Catholic jewelry, hand-painted Nativity sets, Confirmation gifts, Chaplets, and much more.  Again, that business is jmjtcards.com.  My wife really likes the Rosaries, they are very well made and durable, which is really hand when you have a lot of kids, who tend to destroy more flimsy Rosaries in no time no matter how much you counsel them to be gentle and respectful.  There are also rose earrings, pendants, rings, and many other times. Maybe you have an anniversary or birthday coming up, or just need something for yourself?  Go check it out, I think you’ll like what you find!   A few samples below:




Just a quick note on buying items, due to the recent tragedy, orders may be processed a bit more slowly while things are sorted out. I don’t know that for sure, it just seems reasonable. I’m sure you can get all details at the website.

Next, this site has a huge number of Catholic books uploaded on line in .pdf and other formats.  There are books ranging from the famous, like The Imitation of Christ, to the rather unknown, and everything in between.  There are books on lives of the Saints, books on Catholic Doctrine, some historical, famous spiritual writings by Saints and others – many really good books are available, for free.

So go check that out, too.

Dominus vobiscum!



1. Noah Moerbeek - July 28, 2014

That second site links to the Diamond Brothers biography of St Padre Pio?

Tantumblogo - July 28, 2014

Well that’s a shame, and something to avoid. I didn’t see that before or I would have mentioned it. The vast majority is very good and totally reliable. Some might carp about Taylor Marshall or Archbishop Lefebvre being included. I don’t know why they have that one odd item. Then again, even individuals as wayward as the Dimond brothers could, possibly, write a good bio of a Saint. I wouldn’t read it, just to be sure, but it doesn’t mean it’s a garbage bio.

Where there is a little danger is if people were to then follow other Dimond materials. That must be avoided, their position is fully erroneous and untenable and their behavior at times highly problematic.

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