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MUST SEE: Chilling vision of Purgatory and Hell July 29, 2014

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I was sent the below by a reader Michael M.  It is the testimony of Marino Restrepo, of whom I knew nothing before watching the video.  I have done a bit of research on him and it seems his testimony and overall theology/eschatology are quite solid if a bit novel on some of the particulars (I am not saying these novelties are bad, they are simply things I hadn’t heard before, on topics that are not doctrinal).  It’s a fascinating and moving account.  I came away wanting to do a very thorough examination of conscience and general Confession.  There is an article from Spirit Daily on him here.  Some excerpts regarding what Mr. Restrepo was told by the Lord regarding the future of the Church:

“Religions are going to be a private activity that can not be  publicly exhibited and will be watched and controlled by the governments,” he claims. “The true Church will live practically as in the beginning of Christianity. He told me that the conversion of Israel has to take place before Jesus will come again.

“That conversion will happen overnight and there is going to be much confusion among the Jews. Many of them will kill each other once the conversion starts. The Lord said that the same way the Berlin Wall fell, so it will be the conversion of the Israelites. He said that the time was not very far. But I learned something about His time: It has absolutely nothing to do with human time at all.”

As for Christians, says Marino: 

“Many will fall away from the faith within the next years. The Lord is cleaning up the house. A lot of dirt is going to be uncovered. All that was hidden is going to come to light. Many will lose their faith. Our Church may become smaller, but it will become a Church of real believers. The times we are facing will not be possible to endure without a faith that is radically centered [as with the apostles; praise God!] in perfect obedience.”

Nothing really radical there. I think many pious souls believe we are headed towards a great reduction in the Church in many regards – in public role and scope, size, etc.  But I think, as Pope Benedict alluded, the smaller Church will be much purer, more fervent, and holy.  Aside from the revelations regarding Israel’s conversion, which are fascinating if certainly not doctrinal, all of the above is pretty much obvious to anyone with eyes to see.

Before I post the video, I will say Mr. Restrepo does talk about his life before his miraculous experience and conversion.  He was lost in many of the same sins many of us have fallen into – drug use, fornication, the whole rock n’ roll debacle.  I wouldn’t say there is really any problematic content, morally, but it is straight and to the point, so caution is advised for children or viewing near children:


I found the descriptions of spiritual warfare, and the amassing of “backing” from either demons or angels depending on our sins or virtues, quite compelling.  It speaks to my sensus fidei, you could say.

Mr. Restrepo’s book, upon which this talk is based, is pretty highly recommended in Catholic mystical circles.  That’s not my main cup of tea, although I do read such things on occasion, but I wonder if readers have any comments or thoughts on this man and his experience?


1. quinersdiner - July 29, 2014

I heard him speak at our Christ our Life Catholic Conference 4 years ago. He was riveting. My catechism group still talks about him. Specifically, he always thought of himself as a “good man”, but in his mystical encounter with Christ, realized he was heading for Hell. He gave everyone a wake up call to draw nearer to Mother Church.

2. Christopher - July 29, 2014

I thank God for allowing my to discover the TLM and the more traditional values that really force me to consider my spiritual state. I definitely wasn’t being motivated to do so by N.O. theology and the homilies and other forms of instruction based on it.

Consequently, this makes me wonder just how many N.O. Catholics would remain faithful to the Church after such a sweeping revelation versus how many TLM Catholics will remain faithful. Finally, following this line of thought, it makes me think that maybe the Lord is preparing the Church for the tough times ahead through the apparent rise in popularity of the TLM and the extra attention it is receiving.

3. Visitor - July 29, 2014

Thank you for posting this.

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