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St. Alphonsus’ Spiritual Maxims for Christians part II July 31, 2014

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I’m finishing what I started yesterday, St. Alphonsus de Liguori’s Spiritual Maxims for Christians:

He who thinks of hell, which he has deserved, finds every trouble easy to bear.

He who loves poverty possesses all things. In the things of this world we must choose the worst; in the things of God we must choose the best.

An obedient soul is the delight of God.

True charity consists in doing good to those who do us evil, and in thus gaining them over.

It is a great Grace of God to be called to his Holy Love.

God does not leave a single good desire unrewarded.

All attachment, even to good things (except to God), is bad.

Let us be grateful, and first of all to God. Let us therefore resolve to deny him nothing, making choice of those things which are most pleasing to him.

The most beautiful prayer is when in sickness we unite ourselves to the Will of God.

A holy life and sensual pleasures cannot agree together.

He who trusts in himself is lost; he who trusts in God can do all things.

And what greater delight can a soul have than to know that it is pleasing God.

God is ready to give Himself to those who leave all for His love.

The only way by which we can become Saints is the way of suffering.

It is by aridity and temptations that God tries those who love Him.

No one can be lost who loves God and trusts in Him.

Let us beg of God to give us a tender devotion to His Divine Mother.

He who looks on Jesus crucified suffers everything in peace.

He who loves God most in this world is the happiest. All that is not done for God, turns to pain.

No kind of disquietude, although for a good end, comes from God. [We should consider this with regard to things that upset us, even when we may learn a good deal in the process. And, yes, that regards reporting on affairs in the Church. That is the sad reason some souls have decided in the past year to stop blogging, or to avoid assiduously any coverage of this papacy.  That is a tragic comment on how bad things are]

It is enough that we do not stand still; we shall arrive in the end.

He who desires only God is rich and happy; he is in want of nothing, and may laugh at all the world.

Nothing can satisfy one whom God does not satisfy.

God, God, and nothing more.

We must overcome all to gain all.

———–End Quote———-

Oh, Lord, if your Church in this country only had one bishop like Saint Alphonsus!  Please send us one such great, saintly bishop!  So many souls would be edified!  So many would have their faith strengthened!  Have mercy on us, we are weak and pitiful and need help to be strong!  Send us helpers!  We will love you as best we can even amidst all the present difficulties, but great Saints would help us so much!


1. discipleofthedumbox - August 1, 2014

“The only way by which we can become Saints is the way of suffering.”

How very Frodo-like, this is.

2. TG - August 1, 2014

“The only way by which we can become Saints is the way of suffering.”
I guess all your readers are on the way to sainthood since we’re all suffering for what is going on in the church. I haven’t been on the internet and I was catching up. Did you see that hideous video of the priest dancing with a woman in a scantily top? Creative Minirity Report had a post on it.

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