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What could he be thinking? Pope Apologizes to evangelicals for the Church not collapsing enough August 1, 2014

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I have avoided over the past week or more the incredibly damaging and scandalous actions and statements by Pope Francis with regard to his evangelical buddies in the hopes these scandals might go away. But eventually it  became too much to avoid. Apparently, TFG has been meeting and cavorting with these hucksters all summer.  Scandal has piled on scandal. This is not a matter of translations, or spin. The statements are too cohesive, too similar, and repetitious to be mere accidents of one kind or another.  And the worst of all just occurred.

In a truly incredible statement reported by Sandro Magister in La Repubblica and picked up by Rorate, TFG has apologized for the Church blocking the growth of pentecostal sects:

For example, Bergoglio has spent weeks behind the scenes cultivating relationships with the heads of the powerful “Evangelical” communities of the United States. He has spent hour after hour in their company at his residence in Santa Marta. He has invited them for lunch. He immortalized one of these convivial moments by giving a high five, amid raucous laughter, to Pastor James Robinson, one of the most successful American televangelists.

When no one knew anything about it yet, it was Francis who alerted them about his intention to go visit their Italian colleague in Caserta, and explained the reason: “To extend the apologies of the Catholic Church for the damage that has been done to them by obstructing the growth of their communities.

Bear in mind, these are the very sects that are absolutely GUTTING the Church in Central and South America!  These are the sects that have seen explosive growth in exclusively Catholic areas over the past several decades of liberal heresy.  And we are to apologize to them?  How about they apologize for all the false lies they spread about the Church and what She believes, for all the souls they have lured away under false pretenses, for all the immense damage they have done to the Body of Christ?

One must ask how any Catholic could even think to apologize for these aggressively hostile and even rapacious sects?  But the Pope?  How mammoth the indifference to say such………

At some point one has to ask in dismayed wonder, what could he possibly be thinking?  He seems to have such an ideologically indifferentist understanding of Christianity and all the horribly erroneous sects that he feels they are fully equivalent to the Church – or maybe quite a bit better.  This is, of course, the highly erroneous and incredibly damaging view the radical progressive wing of the Church (if they can be called part of the Church) has been advancing for the past several decades.  But it also raises so many stark question as to beggar the imagination:

  • What is the Holy Father’s view regarding the Blessed Sacrament?  These sects don’t have it, Christ said it was necessary for salvation.  Does the Holy Father believe such?
  • Pope Francis claims to be very Marian.  But the sects hate, attack, besmirch, and revile Our Blessed Mother.  How Marian can you be if you so adore these false sects?
  • What about Authority?  These sects don’t have it, they are beyond the nice TV veneer a nest of frequently vicious squabbling and mutual loathing.  They divide against each other daily into endlessly multiplying and exclusive groups. They are the entire opposite of the Church Christ founded.  How can anyone pretend otherwise?
  • What about virtue?  Are all these millionaire evangelists like Copeland and Robinson virtuous, selling false “prosperity gospels” to desperate people in exchange for their donations, donations often wrangled from poor lost souls after extensive manipulation?
  • What on earth does the Church have to gain from pretending these shysters are anything but what they are, enemies of the Faith growing rich by stealing deluded souls from the One True Church?
  • How far divorced from reality does a South American prelate have to be to believe the Church has done anything but provide the richest feeding ground for the sects imaginable with all the liberal indifferentism and the trashing of our Ancient Rite and moral code?  What opposition?  My God, what does TFG want? Nothing left?

What can one say at this point?  This is simply a period in the Church’s history that will have to be endured, praying and fasting as best we can to ameliorate this catastrophe.  God must be sorely displeased with us to inflict us with TFG.  I do not know what will be left in 4 or 5 years, but millions of souls will fall away absent one of the greatest miracles in Church history.

Let us forego, however, judgments of the Holy Father’s soul or claims of heresy. That is not for us to make. We can look at objective prudential and semi-official acts and express disagreement and dismay, but not go into formal claims.  That is not for us to do.



1. Maggie - August 1, 2014

Lord, have mercy!

People get the leaders they deserve, or so it is said. It was always a great comfort to know you could depend on the ‘rock’ of Pope Benedict; you knew he would stand up for Christ and for the Church and her true teachings. Now everything is shredded. Confusion rampant. Many are condoned in their sins. More attention given to those outside the Church than faithful inside. Doctrines apparently under review now. Shifting sand. We must pray for this pope…is he leading souls to Christ and to His holy Church? To the Sacraments? Does he mention God or the Name of the Lord in his statements? Or is he secular and given to relativism? Never thought this could happen (again). But we have had some, uh, interesting popes in the past.

2. Larry Betson - August 1, 2014

I want to thank you for your clarity. I’m not in the Dallas area I am from NJ and have been reading your blog for a few months now. OH what times we live in now not just in the Church but our own country. Sister Luccia was right on point when she said we are living in times of diabolical disorientation within the Church.

3. TG - August 1, 2014

I was aware of the story before I went on vacation. Have you read the latest interview on the 10 things to make us happy? That was also disappointing, At first I thought PF was devoted to our Lady but I haven’t seen any evidence lately of that. I really don’t like reading anything he says but at the same time I want to know what is going on. St. Alphonsus Liguori, pray for us.

4. c matt - August 1, 2014

Bergie absolutely owes an apology – to faithful Catholics. But I won’t hold my breath.

5. maggycast - August 1, 2014

From what I read the apology was due to supposed “violence” from Catholics toward the Pentecostals b/c they were taking away people from their parishes. I don’t know the whole story…South and Central America are not my back yard. However, even if there were Catholics who used violence in response to their taking souls from our Church, then apologize for the violence…that’s it…but denounce them taking souls from Christ’s true Church. God bless~

6. Luis - August 1, 2014

This amounts to a rumor, since I can’t locate the source, but I remember reading the testimony of an Argentine Jesuit who said Francis’ rule as Provincial in Argentina was deeply divisive and that it took them twenty years to recover. According to this, the Pope uses an aura of holiness to advance his agenda. I think it was on Rorate.

7. ebb tide - August 2, 2014

What does TFG stand for? Thanks.

Elizabeth - August 2, 2014

I’ve been trying to figure that out too!

8. Observer - August 2, 2014

I suspect Pope Francis is taking his title of ‘pontifex maximus’ very literally and sees himself as a great bridge builder crossing chasms of disbelief between sects and religions. Expect his next set of guests at the Casa Marta to be jihadist Muslims.

9. Baseballmom - August 2, 2014

Aaaarrrrggghh! I promised myself I would not read anything about this Pope…. Padre Pio was sooooo right…. The most dangerous sin is CURIOSITY!!!!

10. Elizabeth - August 2, 2014

I see many, many lost souls resulting from this pontificate. I also see a drastic increase in the SSPX in the coming years.

Lorra - August 2, 2014

The SSPX isn’t the answer. What are we going to do in the Church is all the devout Catholics jump ship for their spiritual comfort?

LaGallina - August 2, 2014

How is going to the SSPX jumping ship? It is possible that the SSPX is all we’ve got left of the ship.

11. maggycast - August 2, 2014

What is so sinful in refusing to be starved to death and spiritual beaten by our spiritual leaders? The SSPX is the ONLY true Catholic sanctuary at this point. And I’m not even SSPX. We are blessed to have FSSP and ICK however they are muzzled from speaking the truth about what the Holy Father is doing…and hold back from unleashing the full brunt of Traditionalism. This isn’t about “spiritual comfort” this is about spiritual survival and getting strong enough to fight back. They did the same at Cluny when Rome was infected. And from the constant attacks against the SSPX that I hear from the modernist, sodomite, NuChurch, it’s not sunshine and rainbows to be a member. More and more I see SSPX as another Athanasius. Oh and for the other commenters: TFG stands for “The Francis Guy”. God bless~

12. Lorra - August 2, 2014

Yes, it is about spiritual comfort. Are you telling me that Our Lord wouldn’t give you the graces necessary to stay with the Church during this crisis?

But thanks for the memo. The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic church has transferred from the Vatican to Menzigen.

13. Joseph D'Hippolito - August 2, 2014

I read the original link and it has to do with the Pope apologizing for the way the Catholic Church mistreated Pentecostals during the time of Mussolini — when, because of the 1929 Concordat concluded between the Vatican and Italy, the Catholic Church effectively became an arm of the Fascist state (The Concordat recognized Catholicism as Italy’s state religion)..

I see absolutely nothing wrong with such an apology.

Whether you care to admit it or not, Protestants and Eastern Orthodox believe in the same Christ that Catholics believe in. Of course, substantial differences in theology exist. Nevertheless,Christ’s blood does not cleanse Catholics more thoroughly from sin than either Protestants or Orthodox.

I am aware of Protestant bigotry against Catholics, both in Europe and in the United States. Nevertheless, those of you who find this offensive demonstrate the kind of bigotry that all-too-many Catholics practice toward Protestants.

The real punch line to Magister’s story is the fact that Francis says nothing about the persecution of Christians by Muslims. Magister is absolutely right. For far too long, notably since the days of Pope John Paul II The Great (Fraud), the Catholic Church has encouraged what Catholic historian Alain Besancon called an “indulgent ecumenism” toward Islam. If Francis doesn’t express the ultimate expression of that attitude, then he’s pretty darn close.

Let’s get real: Our real enemies are not Protestantism or Eastern Orthodoxy. Our real enemy is Islam, which can be diplomatically described as religious Nazism — if not as a satanic death cult. If you’re going to fight, then fight your own priests and bishops who manifest the kind of indulgent ecumenism I’m talking about.

senrex - August 4, 2014

“Nevertheless,Christ’s blood does not cleanse Catholics more thoroughly from sin than either Protestants or Orthodox.”

Actually, Christ’s blood does not cleanse Protestants at all (until they embrace the Faith). As for the Orthodox — that a stickier wicket.

14. Daniel Gilson - August 3, 2014

Joseph D’Hippolito,

Let’s not minimize the threat of Protestantism. Protestantism is fostering not just a spiritually dangerous and deficient worldview but a dysfunctional society. Please do not fail to recognize their ever-increasing acceptance of divorce and of sexual acts against the natural law. This is a threat to human happiness on a basic level.

15. Daniel Brooks - August 3, 2014

Does Pope Francis the [second] Great[est] not want Protestants to come to Christ, who is present with us Body and Soul in the Most Holy Eucharist?
Surely Evangelicals’ Gnostic-like faith isn’t sufficient in our earthly shepherd’s eyes.

my subjective questions end here.

16. Joseph D'Hippolito - August 3, 2014

Daniel Gilson, there’s a big difference between mainline and liberal Protestantism, on the one hand, and evangelical and conservative Protestantism, on the other. The former is infatuated with intellectual fashion and most definitely fits your criticisms. The latter is one of the few remaining bulwarks against the kind of social decay you describe.

But even the damage you cite cannot compare to the damage that Islam is inflicting as we speak. Unfortunately, too many Catholics fail to realize that threat — not only to the Church, not only to the wider Christian world but to civilization, as a whole. Thanks to “Saint” JPII “The Great” (Fraud) and Pope Dhimmi the Argentine, Rome has the same kind of relationship to Mecca that Vichy had to Berlin more than 70 years ago.

17. Joseph D'Hippolito - August 3, 2014

“Are all these millionaire evangelists like Copeland and Robinson virtuous, selling false “prosperity gospels” to desperate people in exchange for their donations, donations often wrangled from poor lost souls after extensive manipulation?”

How virtuous has been a Catholic hierarchy that refuses to confront the evil within its midst (whether clerical sex abuse or financial malfeasance) or a Magisterium that arbitrarily revises centuries of teaching from Scripture and Tradition concerning the moral necessity of capital punishment for murder [thank you, JPII The Great (Fraud)]?

Glass houses. Stones. Rinse and repeat.

senrex - August 4, 2014

Mr. D’H: we’d agree on so much; I just don’t understand your softness on Protestantism — of ANY stripe.

18. LaGallina - August 4, 2014

Many in the Catholic hierarchy have not been virtuous. That’s very true. But that is not the debate. This is not a question of “my leaders are nicer than your leaders.” It’s all a matter of — who teaches the true Faith.

The Protestants make it up as they go along. If they don’t like the way this pastor teaches a certain aspect of the Gospel, they start their own church and teach it the way they want to. The Catholic Church teaches the ancient and everlasting truths taught by Christ as they have been passed down for 2000 years, which is why we must cling to Tradition.

Robinson and Copeland are actually lovely people and even generous. I went to university with Robinson’s son and Copeland is a friend of my dads. They really aren’t intentionally trying to cheat people. They think they are spreading the true faith when they say, “God wants you to be rich.” They believe that God blesses us when we love him and “claim” his “promises” for earthly wealth. They have absolutely no concept of holy suffering. In their book, if you are poor and sick, you just don’t have enough faith.

They are probably much more “virtuous” than many in the Catholic hierarchy. But they are teaching their own made up religion.

Tantumblogo - August 4, 2014

Great comment. And I agree to some extent, but there are just as many shysters and charlatans among this group as there are those truly trying to do well. And there is the powerful temptation to interpret and teach “the gospel” according to what just happens to make one very rich and comfortable.

But there are others, like Tilton, Jimmy Swagart, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, a good number of the hacks on Trinity Broadcasting, Joel Osteen, etc, that are plainly in it for the money. They may conveniently claim to believe they think they are giving a true interpretation of the Gospel, but I think any dispassionate analysis of these types indicates their purported belief is self-serving and destructive, at best.

I’m trying to think of the name of a silver-haired guy who does a show with his wife and always talks about the end times. I watched him once in 1991 and heard him quote some Scripture, then heard him again 22 years later quoting the exact same thing, predicting “rapture” in a month or two. How these guys keep a following after being so wrong so often I cannot comprehend.

LaGallina - August 5, 2014

I was trying to reply to Joseph D’H’s comments, but I messed up. And I was trying, perhaps unsuccessfully, to make the point that just because they are nice guys doesn’t make Protestants right. Also, not saying that there aren’t plenty of charlatans out there, just that those two I happened to have personal experience with.

But charlatans or not, all of those Protestant pastors are “rejoicing” that the pope finally “sees the light.” The pope’s flirtation with evangelicals is going to keep a lot of Protestants from crossing the Tiber. It makes me literally feel ill.

19. senrex - August 4, 2014

Jack Van Impe?

Tantumblogo - August 4, 2014

That’s the one! Thanks!

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