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Awesome sermon – we know not the day, nor the hour August 4, 2014

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We never know when God will call us to our particular judgment.  Many souls in this lost and terribly confused time live their lives as if they will never die, or at least, never be judged. Increasing numbers of people are either so completely convinced their is no God, or that at least no one goes to hell, that they opt for suicide over facing a potentially long and difficult illness.  More and more souls pray for a quick and painless death, a sudden death, without recourse to the last Sacraments.  And that is certainly the right mentality, if you are worldly and have no thought of God, judgment, Heaven, or hell.

But Catholics are blessed to know better. We know that we will face a Judge, and that we may have to face Him at any time, day or night. Or, at least, we should know that. Sadly, Catholics are among the most confused around on these critical topics.  So many priests and theologians have convinced Catholics that even if hell exists, God certainly would never condemn anyone but a Hitler or Stalin there, and certainly not YOU.  And so we have mass indifference even within the Church, even against all the evidence from Scripture and Tradition, regarding the four last things.  In so believing, these priests, theologians, and lay people make Our Blessed Lord to be a liar, for He Himself spoke more of hell, judgment, and damnation than all the law and prophets combined.

You could say, it was rather an important topic to the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.  He seemed to stress it quite a bit.  And woe to those blind guides and whitewashed sepulchers that tell people differently!

A very good sermon from a traditional priest below.  At least in traditional parishes, the reality of death, judgment, Heaven, and hell, is something that is clearly highlighted, as it very much should be.  And as it was for the first 1932 years (1965-33) of the Church’s existence.


Pro-abort communists touring Texas in opposition to HB2 August 4, 2014

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As has been covered extensively on this blog, House Bill 2 was a major pro-life measure that imposed several very reasonable restrictions on abortionists.  The first of these was that all baby murderers had to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles.  Another key measure Bloody_Coat_Hangers_Texas_Abortionrequired abortion facilities to meet the same health and safety standards as other ambulatory surgery centers.  Abortion is a messy, bloody process – anyone who sees the poor women wheeled out of abortionist’s abattoirs, the women pale and shaken, often with visible blood stains, knows this to be true.  But it is this restriction that most rankles the abortion industry because it is likely to be the most effective – most abortion mills are dingy, run down, ill-maintained, and come nowhere close to passing the minimum health and safety requirements. To do so would cut too deeply into the abortionists real goal, his profits.  So many mills are shutting down or scheduled to do so in advance of the implementation of this measure Sept 1.

In light of that, there is an ongoing lawsuit against the State of Texas being heard in an Austin courtroom right now.  A number of pro-life warriors from Dallas actually went down to Austin to witness for life during this critical fight.  Of course, the pro-aborts were there, too.  They have been “touring” Texas in a bus for the past few days [I cannot recommend going to that link.  There is unfortunate use of language].  And as usual, they are getting outside funding to cover their very comfortable little trip through this great State.  In fact, $30,000 to cover about a dozen radical communist abortion lovers, as RS McCain reports:

“Stop Patriarchy” (@StopPatriarchy) is a front group for theRevolutionary Communist Party (RCP), a Maoist cult led by Bob Avakian, a septuagenarian leftover of 1960s Berkeley radicalism. (For background on these deranged freaks, read the entries “Robert Avakian”and “Revolutionary Communist Party” at Discover the Networks.)

The commies held a protest Thursday in Houston, Texas:

If the War Against Women is a national battle, Texas is ground zero.
That’s according to Sunsara Taylor, a leader of Stop Patriarchy, a movement that is attempting end to the enslavement and degradation of women — notably when it comes to the right to an abortion and the production of pornography.
“Roe v. Wade began in Texas, and the (pro-life constituency) plan(s) on ending it in Texas,” Taylor said. “We came here to stand up against that.”
Thursday, Stop Patriarchy held the first protest of its 2014 abortion rights freedom ride, outside the Harris County Republican Party Offices. Protesters chanted, “fetuses are not babies,”  [an utter demonic lie. This is the fundamental philosophical flaw at the heart of the pro-abort lie.  If a fetus is not a baby, when does it become one?  Barbara Boxer, IDIOT-CA, famously could not even remotely answer this question on the floor of the US Senate.] “abortion is not murder” and “women are not incubators.”  They also held up faux-bloodied coat hangers and held photos of women who died from illegal abortions, an homage to the commonality of the practice during the early 20th century. [It was never common. Abortion was not 1/100th as common prior to Roe v. Wade as it became afterwards. Statistics claiming deaths of women from abortion prior to Roe were completely made up.  The real data shows that perhaps a handful – 5 or 6 – women died a year from complications from botched, illegal abortions, not much different from the number who die with botched, legal abortions today.  Abortion is a very dangerous procedure and complications are extremely common. Which underscores the necessity of the state law for these mills to meet at least some minimum health and safety requirements.  But you cannot say that to a demonic communist pro-abort]
Taylor said that, under the guidance of Texas’s Republican Party, women could be forced back to the practices of those dangerous days to deal with unwanted pregnancies. [Are these feminists admitting that abortion, far from being the empowering and liberating experience they purport it to be, is something often foisted on women without their choice or consent?  That seems to be what they are saying]  On Sept. 1, as part of legislation under Texas House Bill 2, there are projected to be six abortion clinics in the state.
Stop Patriarchy will make other stops in Austin, San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley as part of its crowdfunded trip until Aug. 21. [This is a great victory and blessing, the closure of 2/3 of the baby murder mills in Texas]

…….You might think that a self-described revolutionary communist like Taylor, if interviewed by the mainstream media, would at least use that as an opportunity to mention, y’know, communism and revolution. But no, there seems to be some kind of tacit agreement that these subjects won’t be mentioned in the mainstream press.  [Of course not, the media is filled with progressive allies of commies if not outright



communists themselves, and they will do nothing that will hurt their cause.  The media is utterly lost, and with it, the Republic, or very nearly so]

Texas Right for Life does mention the RCP, pointing out that some pro-abortion activists in Texas are angry because Stop Patriarchy managed to raise more than $30,000 for their Texas tour……..[That’s what I mean by comfort. 32 large for ten women for a week. Very comfortable.  These pro-aborts are paid professional communist out of state agitators.  They have absolutely no valid voice in this matter]

[McCain goes on to note that even the whole wire coat hanger business is nothing but a prop for political theater] “The wire hanger is indeed a powerful symbol — the symbol of a lie engineered with malice aforethought. . . .“The wire hanger . . . is not an accurate symbol of a bloody and regrettable past, but is rather . . . a fund-raising tool. “[I]t is a grotesque fund-raising tool, but then abortion is a grotesque business. The wire hanger is a way to change the subject from the reality of abortion in these United States, which is that it exists mainly as a tool for enabling sexual convenience at the cost of a human life.”  [Dang straight.  Good qoute]

—————–End Quote—————-

But communists have always loved abortion, because it, along with contraception and divorce, are the key enablers of the destruction of the

12 wk

12 wk

family. Absent family, the communist state can more readily assume its totalitarian nature.  That is why Lenin and his cohort instituted all three in the formerly very conservative society of Russia after their victory in the Bolshevik Revolution.  The damage to Russian culture and the psyche of millions of individual Russians has been immense – the Russian population is in free fall and their birth rate, in spite of recent government incentives to improve it, remains catastrophically low.

And these pro-abort communists, who are the very core of the pro-abort demondustry, want to keep this evil forever in this state!  They don’t have any one’s interest at heart save for their own, and their own sick lust for power and “revolution.”

What is really sad is how much these women have accepted a monstrously evil ideology that goes completely against feminine nature and every higher instinct of women.  I cannot imagine the gaping wounds that led them into such a nightmarish belief system.  That is to say, they are profoundly screwed up.  It is very easy to be angry at such people, because their ideas hurt so many others, but what they really are is sad, pathetic. They have been sold a lie of titanic proportions and bought it entirely.  And that lie will only cause they themselves to be miserable throughout their life.  It’s a tragedy all around, while satan laughs.

Feeling impatient?! Get humility! August 4, 2014

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From a very good treatise on humility by Father Cajetan Mary de Bergamo, Humility of Heart:

The proof of true humility is patience: neither meekness of speech, nor humbleness of bearing, nor the giving up of oneself to lowly works, is a sufficient indication by which to judge if a soul is truly humble. There are many who bear all the appearance of exterior humility, but who are angered at every slight adversity and resent any little vexation which they may encounter.

If under certain circumstances we show toleration and patience in bearing an insult, in suffering a wrong in silence without indignation and anger or resentment, it is a good sign, and we may begin to conclude that we have some humility; but even then, patience can only be an infallible sign of true humility when it proceeds from the recognition of our own unworthiness and when we tolerate the wrong because we know that we ourselves are full of faults and are deserving of it.

And how do we stand, O my soul, in regard to this patience?  O my God, how much pride I find, even in my patience!  Sometimes I suffer a wrong, but at the same time I feel that I am wronged. I suffer an insult, but consider that I do not deserve it. And if others do not esteem me, yet I esteem myself.  Is there humility here?  Not a vestige of it!

The Holy Fathers attribute to Jesus Christ the words which the prophet says of himself: “For I am ready for scourges,” (Ps XXXVII:18), because by reason of our iniquities which He had taken upon Himself, He considered Himself deserving of all the penalties and opprobrium of the world. Here is the pattern of true humility.

Very different is the patience of the philosophers and stoics and the patience of worldly people, from that of true Christians.  The stoics taught great patience in their writings and by their example, but ti was a patience that was the outcome of pride, self-esteem, and contempt for others. The worldly-minded, may bear some anxieties and afflictions of their state of life….but it is a patience that proceeds from interested motives, or the necessity of worldly prudence.  Christians alone possess that patience united to humility which receives every adversity with submission to the Divine Will, and this is the patience which is pleasing to God.  For, as Saint Augustine says: “That which a man does from pride is not pleasing to God, but that which he does from humility is acceptable to Him.”

—————End Quote————–

I have recited the following a few times before on this blog, but it bears much repetition in this profoundly disordered age of ours: suffering leads to meekness, meekness leads to humility, humility leads to charity, charity to sanctity, sanctity to salvation.  Humility is the vital prerequisite, according to many Saints, especially Carmelites, for charity.  If you want to really love God, you must learn to become humble. And tendency towards patience is a very strong indicator of possessing humility.

I fear we are going to need enormous patience in the near future, so perhaps I should get busy working on humility!  But I whine if I kneel for a couple of hours, or miss a meal!

Our culture/upbringings did not prepare many of us well to be good sufferers!  Lord give us strength!

What is not being reported in the recent spate of black masses August 4, 2014

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I think we can readily discern how perverse the culture has become, and how empowered satan is feeling right now, by this recent spate of highly publicized black masses.  Of course, the sacrilege in Massachusetts last spring may not have gone off as planned, it may not have happened at all, but the one set for next month in Oklahoma City, of all places, appears to still be a potential reality.

I don’t know exactly how these satanists plan to conduct their particular public black mass, but there is much to be gravely concerned about, even strictly on a natural level. I want to explore some of those concerns in this post.

Obviously a black mass is an entirely evil event.  It is the total perversion of the Mass, with all the goodness, light, love, and holiness of the Mass replaced with evil, darkness, cruelty, and more evil.  But there is an aspect of these masses that many miss.  The satanists, even in this fallen age, will not be able to conduct a true black mass, with the rituals of pain (involving the horrific death of a small animal) and the gang rape of a virgin child, publicly.  But they don’t have to.  There is a long precedent for black masses to be twinned together, with the purported “main” debacle occurring in one place with only limited elements of the evil, with the full-on nightmare occurring at another, hidden location, where all the demonic evils that are intrinsically associated with this act can take place.

A black mass simply is not a black mass without the ritual sacrifice of life, typically a puppy or some other small animal, and the ritualistic rape of a virgin, standing, of course, in for the Blessed Mother.  So what I fear, is that whenever these “black masses” occur, even in public, there is a twinned black mass occurring simultaneously at a hidden locale where these abominations really do take place.  It is from these abominations of cruelty and savage rapine that the black mass gets its perverse (and ostensible) power.

Given that the man conducting this black mass is a registered sex offender, is this the type of person to be permitted to lead such a nightmare of evil, when the strong possibility exists that there will be a “real” black mass in private somewhere that does include the “required” elements?  I don’t think I can stress enough that a “black mass” without the ritual animal sacrifice and rape of a virgin is like a Catholic Mass without the Consecration, or with no presence of the Blessed Sacrament at all.  It is simply a near-pointless ritual at that point, devoid of its main power and purpose.  I do not think it can be assumed that these satanists, people who make a pathological focus of their lives in engaging in evil and contravening societal standards (such as they are), will simply be satisfied with that.

There is precedent for this “twinning” of satanic ceremonies.  Read The Windswept House, for one.

In a related note, the Bishop of Tulsa Edward Slattery has issued a formal response to this planned depravity.  While I think spiritual efforts must always be the first recourse of Catholics, if we are not to see repeated blasphemy and further descent into evil, at some point more concrete action may be requried.  However, I am somewhat heartened to see the below, even if I wish some of the below had been commands, and not requests:

Since the Civic Center has not responded positively to the pleas of the Archbishop of Oklahoma City not to host this event in a tax-payer supported public venue, I am asking the faithful Catholics in the Diocese of Tulsa to fight this blasphemy through prayer and fasting:

  1. Please keep the nine days prior to the Feast of the Assumption as an extraordinary period of prayer and penance. I am asking every Catholic to abstain from all meat and meat products from August 6 through the 14th. I am also asking that you consecrate your hunger with a daily recitation of a decade of the rosary and the familiar Prayer to Saint Michael. Printed copies of these prayers are available in the bulletin and at the entrances of the church. Be strong and encourage your friends to also be strong. [Lord it is sad that copies of the prayer to Saint Michael have to be printed out for people to follow!]
  2. On Assumption Day, August 15th, we will ask Our Lady on her Feast, to intercede for us and protect us. On that day I in the Cathedral, and every priest in his own parish, will pray a special prayer written by Pope Leo XIII for the defense of the Church against the attack of the Enemy and his apostate angels. [Is it this one? See important note below]
  3. Should these prayers and this period of fasting not effect the cancellation of this event, then I will ask every priest in the Diocese to conduct a Eucharistic Holy Hour on September 21 at the same time (7:00 p.m.) as this profanity is being celebrated in Oklahoma City. Wherever possible, I ask that Eucharistic Processions – especially outdoor processions – be arranged as part of these holy hours. Let us give a public witness to our faith in the Eucharist which is being so profoundly mocked and ridiculed by this event.

I think much of the above is very good.  A Novena of fasting is a great spiritual work.  And the exorcism prayer from Pope Leo XIII is very powerful.  Much good will come from both, I am certain, especially if a large number of people take part in both, uniting their prayers and sufferings to block this event.

Should these efforts fail, and the craven government of Oklahoma City not block this blasphemous sacrilege in a public venue, perhaps stronger measures will be needed.  We shall see.

On that exorcism prayer that Fr. Carota posted from Pope Leo XIII, there is apparently some sturm and drang in some quarters as to whether it is really intended for lay people to use.  I do not see a particular problem in lay people offering such, provided they understand that for them it is simply a prayer with a certain purpose, and that they should not go thinking they could exorcise a demon or anything like that.  Such thoughts never even passed my mind when I read the prayer, I simply thought it was a long but beautiful prayer against the influence of the demonic in our lives.  Fr. Carota has responded, in a fashion, to some of this, clarifying that lay people cannot perform exorcisms (of course), but he did not seem to caution against using the prayer.

So do what you will. You can probably research the topic yourself if you are interested or concerned. From what I have been able to gather, while the prohibition against lay people trying to involve themselves directly in exorcisms is absolute and very appropriate, there is greatly divided opinion on whether lay people can “use” the prayer at all.

It’s pretty long so I doubt many people made it an instant item in their regular prayer rotation, but there you go.